11 Amazing LinkedIn Features That You Must Use in 2020

LinkedIn Features: LinkedIn is a professional and one of the most popular social media platform that allows bridging the gap between employees and employers. It enables all the professional users to create a profile where they can describe their previous work experience, education, skills, training, and along with this, they can also share a professional photo and their curriculum vitae.

This platform is not just limited to professional users, but it is also structured to help employers describe their recruitment needs, job description, and company format. 

This site builds professional relationships by enabling their users to make connections with each other.

Overview of LinkedIn

Overview of LinkedIn

  • It was founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003.
  • It is a professional interface network where employers post their job requirements, and employees post their CVs. Along with this, people share their professional achievements, give updates about new technologies, share useful guides, and blog posts as well. 
  • It is now wholly owned by “Microsoft” from December 2016 onwards.
  • The headquarters of LinkedIn is in Sunnyvale, California.
  • LinkedIn has 1500 employees in 2019.
  • LinkedIn has 630 million registered users in 200 countries in June 2019.

When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, they introduced an updated version of LinkedIn in a new desktop format and made any other changes as per the feedback received by users. They also removed some irrelevant features like contact tagging, filtering, and so on. 

Among all such changes and upgradation, there are a lot of valuable features that are provided on LinkedIn, but most of us hardly know some of them.

Thus, this guide will unlock some of its features that are hidden or hardly famous. This detailed guide also throws light on how useful these features are in reality.

Below is a list of some useful features you might not know:

11 Useful LinkedIn Features You Might Not Know About

Useful LinkedIn Features

Blogging Interface

Drafting creative content and publishing it on your web account is the most influencing way to create a powerful presence of your brand.

Earlier, brands used LinkedIn for sharing their posts and other content. But now, the easy-to-use LinkedIn editor allows users to create a blog post and articles on its interface.

Creating original content and posting it on your profile is more worthy than just posting a status and comment. It could get more users’ attention and make you steadier. Also, such a form of content likes by the mass audience which enhances creativity and results in engagements.

Boolean Search

Boolean Search

As per recent changes in LinkedIn, they removed some advanced search filters where users need to choose one section to conduct searches, but now users do not need to categories there searches. They can search for anything which is based explicitly on keywords.

You can also conduct a boolean search by combining your search keywords with certain operators like AND, NOT, and OR while searching.

NOT operator

It can be put between the keywords when you want to exclude something in your searches.

For Example Community manager, NOT social media manager.

AND operator

It can be used when you want to include both keywords in your search results.

For Example manufacturing AND marketing.

OR operator

It can be used when you want at least one or both items in your search results.

For Example article writing OR blogging.

NOTE: when you are going to use those operators, you must type them in capital letters or uppercase letters.

Messaging Conversation Window

Messaging Conversation Window in linkedin


 Just like chatting, LinkedIn has a feature of messaging conversation windows, which is like a pop-up window situates on the right of every page on the LinkedIn website. You can chat with anyone who is in your connection. 

The conversation window automatically pops up whenever you get a message. All messages you have a type, read, or reply will be sync with LinkedIn messaging. You can mute the conversation if you don’t want to get a notification, you can clear or delete the conversation whenever you want. 

It also gives you an indication of active users. If you are using the LinkedIn mobile app, you can get benefits from this feature.

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LinkedIn Scheduler or Calendar

You can sync your mobile contacts and calendar with the LinkedIn scheduler to get all the information regarding meetings and interviews. After syncing your contacts on LinkedIn, you still have control over your address book; you can decide to whom you should connect or not. You can also make amendments to your imported contact at any time.

With the LinkedIn scheduler, you can schedule interviews of candidates. All you need to do is to create a list of interviews with candidates, scheduled it on a specified time through emails. 



You can also sync with Gmail, Google, and any other third party sources and manage your calendar from your desktop.

This feature of LinkedIn helps in building professional relationships between candidates and recruiters and saves lots of time for recruiters.

Export Connection

LinkedIn provides you the valuable function of exporting your connections to other contact management systems. You can make spreadsheets of your connection directly to LinkedIn, which provide you information regarding connection name, current company name, and email address.

LinkedIn removed this feature for a while, but on the basis of user’s requirements and suggestions, they brought this feature back in the league.

To export your connection, you need to click on connections that are on the top of LinkedIn navigation, after that just click on settings than in the advanced setting option hit Export Connections.

Reply Privately

If you find someone to whom you want to reach, but you don’t have a connection with him, you can find your person and send a message to him to introduce yourself.

To find your person you need to see comments or any posts of him when you find anything similar, just click on the right side of the post and then click on reply privately.



Note: Be aware of getting spam; no one likes to have millions of irrelevant messages and unnecessary contact requests. Just contact the person more valuable for you; otherwise, your account will be suspended by LinkedIn.

Hide Your Identity

Have you ever noticed that when you visited someone’s profile or someone visited your profile, and you found his/her name as anonymous? It happens because they have changed their privacy settings. 

If you want to hide your identity, you need to make some changes in your settings. For this, Find the setting page then click on what others see when you have viewed their profile, then you will get a window. Select your appropriate option and save the changes.

Some LinkedIn users like recruiters and business persons use this private mode while finding candidates, generating leads, and viewing business partners and competitors.

Post or Content Analytics

When you post a status,  publish an article, or share any content on LinkedIn, you would like to see the reach or any other information related to your post. You can get insights into the impact of your shared posts and published articles on your Linked channel.

If you want to get post or article analytics, you will have to click on the Me icon, which will be on the top of your homepage, then in the Manage section, click on  Posts & Activities.

Find your specific post or article, whose details you need and after that click on the Analytics icon, which will be below on your post or article. Your shared post analytics is available for 60 days from creation, whereas your article analytics will be available for 2 years from creation.

LinkedIn Chrome Extension

 LinkedIn chrome extension feature is available for LinkedIn users. This feature enables you to get all-important notification Instantly by blinking the LinkedIn icon on your Google chrome, even if you don’t open your LinkedIn profile on your browser.

linked in extension

When you click on the LinkedIn icon, you will automatically get redirected towards the official website of LinkedIn.

Search Alert for Recruiters

You can save your searches means you can make search criteria that include keywords, phrases, and filters. We can save as many searches which suits your specification. One can edit your saved searches at any point in time.

After searches save, you are allowed to create a search alarm or alert for new candidates that match your search criteria. If you select the option of receiving search alerts, you will get a notification on the Alert icon, which will be at the top of your homepage or via email by the LinkedIn team. LinkedIn runs your search every 24 hours and notifies you. 

Headlines on Smartphone

linkedin Headlines on Smartphone

In this fast-moving world, work is more than time, and you also want to stay updated about new trends and updates. For this, LinkedIn has a feature of speechIn, which is an option for text-to-speech.

It allows you to hear the top headlines of LinkedIn. You just need to visit speechin.linkedinlabs.com from your browser, enter your LinkedIn username and password and start listening.

Isn’t it that easy feature to stay tuned?

With wrapping up

All these features of LinkedIn, we get that there are a number of features provided by LinkedIn, some of them are described above, and some of them are not. Some people may find this feature very useful, and some people find it worthless.

It is all up to your needs, whether you are an employer or employee to use those features effectively and get full use of it.

So let us know which feature caught your attention and also ping us back with any feature that we missed in the above list.

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