22 of the Best Mobile Video Editing Apps in 2021

Videos are the most engaging kind of posts that can be used by a brand to garner a steady audience. Maintaining consistency in the creation of captivating videos is the most challenging task for a marketer. If you are looking for some effective and helpful mobile video editing apps, then you have landed on the right page, here in this blog, we have shared some useful mobile video editing apps that can be used to promote a brand. Want to know more, Let’s start!

Video Editing Apps: Nowadays, the most abundant form of content seen on the internet is in the form of videos. Videos are an essential component for brands to garner a steady audience.

According to statistics, 96% of viewers prefer video content from brands and creators as of 2020. Most marketers nowadays use videos as a tool to exponentially increase their reach. Marketing and advertising companies also consider short video platforms as the most profitable space for business growth. 

It can be a tough job to sit with hours of footage and edit it into an eye-catching video, but creators are putting in the work to keep up with the growing demand. 

One of the greatest boons for video content creators is the availability of video editing apps that are free or have a minimal subscription rate. These applications are available on mobile phones and tablets. 

Best Video Editing Apps for Mobiles and Tablets

Video Editing Apps

This article will talk about some of the best mobile video editing apps available across Android and iOS platforms. We aim to introduce you to the best video editing apps on mobile so that you can avoid the hassle of sitting with your laptop every time. 

The apps that we will discuss in this article will have both free and paid versions. So you must test out each of these applications before going in for a subscription. We hope this comprehensive list of applications will help you discover some hidden gems in the world of video editing!

Quik App

Quik App

Quik App is the first mobile video editing apps on our list. This application is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms. The developers of GoPro are behind the making of this app. 

The ultimate selling point of the Quik App interface is that it is fast and concise. Quik App is meant to help you edit videos on the go. They are lesser features, but every feature on this app is robust and works without hassle.

Quik App has its own contemporary that goes by the name of Splice. Although Splice has a more significant number of features, it is only available on the iOS platform. 

Quik app has a host of impressive features, and most of them, the app can perform automatically. The application can select the best footages from your video, edit and trim them, and even add transitions between them. All these features also have the option of being manually operated.

So, if what you need is an application with powerful features and quick editing, then this is the one you should go for. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush 

This application is a free video editing apps available on both Android as well as iOS platforms. The app provides powerful editing using a range of Adobe’s editing software. 

Adobe Premiere Rush provides a whole range of editing features ranging from cropping to creative overlays. The software even has the option to let users edit its animation overlays. An impressive feature of this app is its ability to work with multiple videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush also gives you an option to set any aspect ratio for your video footage. This feature allows you to post your content on any platform. 

Even more impressive is the fact that you can add thumbnails to your videos, schedule the time of their posting, and post your video on any social media platform directly from your app. 

Adobe Premiere Rush has both a free as well as paid version. The paid version has some extra features that will enhance your video editing skills even further. 

Inshot App

Inshot App

Inshot App is a multipurpose editing app that can edit both videos as well as pictures. Using the Inshot App, you can make creative videos, photo collages, etc. The app is available across both Android and iOS platforms. 

The app serves a variety of features that let you crop, trim, change the speed of the video, add filters, add music, add additional effects, play around with sounds, and much more. There is another feature that allows you to rotate your videos 360°. 

The only annoying part of this application is the intrusive ads and the watermark. However, you can get rid of both the features if you choose to pay for a premium account. 



KineMaster is a mobile video editor with a simple and interactive user interface. You can find KineMaster on both the Android well as iOS platforms. The application is much like desktop editors and allows the editing of several clips together. 

Along with the general effects of filters and text, the app allows the user to record audio to add to the video. Pre-installed sound effects are also available on the app. The only disadvantage of using this app is that videos get saved with a watermark when you use the app’s free version. 

KineMaster is one of the best video editing apps available for editors on Android platforms. 



WeVideo has made its niche in the world of cloud-based video editors. Cloud-based means that the editor’s software is hosted online and does not use your device’s hard drive.

The free version of this app has all the basic video editing features, but it allows you only 10 GB of cloud space for your videos and adds a watermark to your videos.

The premium version of this app has fantastic features with options of adding licensed music to downloading videos in 4K Ultra HD. 



PicPlayPost is one of the best video editing apps available on both Android as well as iOS. If you do not pay a subscription fee, then PicPlayPost is just an app with a few basic features and does not stand out as an editor.

However, the premium version has an exciting feature known as video college. You need to subscribe to premium to access this feature, but it is worth the price. The video collage feature allows you to play two videos side by side. 



Horizon is a simple yet brilliant app that helps you capture the perfect videos. Often, when we are randomly trying to film a moment, we do not pay attention to how our phone is tilted. 

The ultimate selling point of Horizon is that it always captures videos horizontally, irrespective of the orientation of the phone. A demonstration of this feature is available on Horizon’s official website. 

Video Shop

Video Shop

Video Shop is an all-in-one video editor app available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app hosts many features that let you trim, skip, mute, and merge videos. 

This app has all the features you can expect from a mobile video editing app, and it lets you finish your work fast. This app is perfect for people who require a lot of editing in their videos and prefer the work to be done swiftly. 



VivaVideo is one of the top-rated video editing apps. It has a lot of features and an easy-to-use interface. The app had a storyboard-style editing interface that gives you a lot of options for video. Editing videos on this app is super easy and straightforward.

This app has over two hundred filters and many sound effects, trimming options, merging options, etc. The free version of VivaVideo comes with a watermark that can be removed by paying a monthly fee.



VideoShow is straightforward to use video editor available across platforms that help you edit videos with pictures, stickers, GIFs, etc. The most sought-after features in this editing application include a large number of in-built stickers, GIFs, built-in music, transitions, live dubbing, and so on. 

The application lets you add beautifying filters to your videos and also lets you doodle on your videos. 

Splice App

Splice App

This application is an iOS-only video editor. It has a host of features that allows you to merge several videos and make creative outcomes. The app is free for all iPhone and iPad users. The interface of this application is simple and interactive.

 The app also contains a built-in library with a vast collection of music. Transitions between video clips are seamlessly customizable using Splice



iMovie is a mobile video editor available for only iOS users that hosts a clean and straightforward user interface. This application is also 100% free to use. 

iMovie has a plethora of options for basic video editing, and the selling point of this application is its drag and drop interface that positively boosts its usability. Apart from all the features of cropping, trimming, and adding music, the application also supports 4K quality videos. iMovie can be your go-to application if you want to start with video editing.



LumaFusion is an iOS app that lets you make compelling videos with dramatic edits. The editing expertise is such that anyone from filmmakers to journalists can use this app. 

LumaFusion enjoys acclaim as one of the best video editor apps available on iPhones. The application is packed with features and simple to use. The creators of the Pinnacle Studio App take the credit for this beautiful video editor, and it makes sense as they are developers of film-editing technology. 

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is a very technical video editor available on iPhones. The app has features to control depth, saturation, gradient, etc. 

You can work with numerous clips, animations, voiceovers, and much more. The free version is pretty solid, but a monthly subscription can offer you the entire range of features and eliminate the watermark. 



Magisto is a brilliant video editing apps that uses artificial intelligence to edit your videos automatically. The app can help you edit your videos in three easy and simple steps. Magisto is especially suited for social media apps such as Instagram

The first step is to choose the theme of the video, say, travel or fashion. The next step is to select the photo or video footage you would like to see in your video. And then, you get to choose a music track from the built-in library that comes with the Magisto app.

Magisto then automatically edits your videos and does it with a professional finish. The premium and professional subscription for this app have additional features which let you advertise your videos on platforms such as Facebook



Boomerang is a quick video creation app that Instagram owns. This application lets you make small and entertaining videos. The application has a particular purpose, but the videos you can capture using Boomerang can help you boost your social media profile

Boomerang takes a quick sequence of ten photos and then plays them in a loop to make a small video.



Hyperlapse is a handy video creation app that allows you to make timelapse videos. You can take hours of video footage and turn it into a small clip. This application has a brilliant stabilization feature that lets you do away with the need for a tripod stand. 

After recording the video, you can also set the speed and duration of your final clip. The app is available for iOS only. 

Anchor Videos

Anchor Videos 

Anchor is a podcast creation app that lets you use your audio files to make beautifully synced videos. The app video creation technology automatically syncs your audio with a video that is shareable on social media. 

Apple Clips

Apple Clips

Apple Clips is an iOS-only app that lets you stitch your videos together, add music, and do a lot more with your content. 

A captivating feature of Apple Clips is that this application lets you edit the background of your video. Apple Clips also has a feature that automatically enables you to put live captions in sync with the clip’s audio. 



FilmoraGo is a free application available on both iOS and Android, and this does not have any watermark for any paid version. It has all the features that you can expect in a mobile video editor, from parts that let you add music to overlays, animations, and transitions. 

Filmora does have a paid desktop version. 



Mojo is a popular app for making Instagram stories, especially if you do not have any video clippings to work with. The interface of this app lets you work with still pictures and lets you add text, background edits, and music. 

The app can schedule your post for sharing on Instagram. 



Over is a helpful app for creating social media content. It lets you choose a template and edits your videos accordingly. You can add graphics and customize your video with text, logos, and images. 

The application has several useful features for Instagram story creation. 


Consistently creating captivating and moving videos for your brand can be a challenging task. However, it is the most consumed form of content seen on the internet nowadays. 

This task can be made a lot easier by employing the best editing apps available at our disposal. You can try out all the apps we mentioned in this article and figure out which one works the best for you. 

With enough practice, editing becomes an easy task. You will impress yourself when you discover the amount of quality content that you can create in a short period. We are sure that these apps will be highly beneficial in your video editing endeavors. 

What are you waiting for? Use the right tools and conquer the art of video making!

7 Must-Have Free Virtual Assistants Tools

A virtual assistant has some of the most broad-ranging and comprehensive job descriptions out there. They have a nearly infinite number of tasks, and if you’re working as a virtual assistant, you must have the best productivity tools. Here in this blog, we have shared some useful tools with you, that can be used for increasing work productivity.

Virtual Assistants Tools: As a business or organization, you have so much to do in so little time. Since you can’t add more hours to the day, you have to keep yourself updated with technologies that can save your time and increase your productivity. And what better way than having a virtual assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?

virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is not an in-house employee and works from a remote location. He or she is efficient in providing different services to a business by accessing their data and tools to perform the job virtually.

Virtual assistants are specialized in a range of tasks and can help your business with services like,

  • Administrative tasks
  • Customer support
  • Data entry and management
  • Social media marketing
  • Accounting and bookkeeping,
  • And much more 

What is the need of virtual assistant Tools?

What is the need of virtual assistants Tools

Your virtual assistant is a full-time remote employee and a good choice if you don’t have the budget or resources for a dedicated assistant. For being a successful virtual assistant, just having strong skills is not enough.

The main point is to free up your time so that you can focus more on your priorities. And to save your time, you can take the help of the various tools available out there. By using these finest tools, you can step up your professionalism and workflow and streamline your processes.

The right virtual assistant tool can:

  • Help in accomplishing tasks more efficiently.
  • Help in automating repetitive work.
  • Help in tracking your assistant’s work time and activity.
  • Help in organizing communication.

If you are keen on the idea of using a virtual assistant tool but don’t exactly know from where to start, this article is for you. Let’s dive into some of the best free tools for virtual assistants available in the market.

We have prepared a categorized list of must-have free tools to make sure you start in the right direction:

1. Communication Tools

Being able to reach your virtual assistants when you need them is important. Of course, an email is an option but it’s not effective always. You need something faster, quicker in replies. The following tools can help:



Slack is the most commonly used communication tool by businesses. It replaces the time and efforts used in email communication with essential group conversations that revolve around a set topic.

Slack also offers video calls and file sharing.



Zoom is a video conferencing tool. The popularity of which boomed in the coronavirus pandemic. Zoom is used worldwide to hold meetings, host virtual events, and collaborate with other people.

Zoom has a lot of features that include group chats, virtual conference rooms, video webinars, HD audio, and video, recording, screen sharing, and enterprise phone systems, and more. This platform is equipped with an enhanced security and privacy features, making it safe for you to discuss confidential things over calls.



Skype is another video conferencing tool that is free to use. You can do both audio and video calling here. It also supports the feature of one on one chat, group chats, and file sharing.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing tool. It was launched to replace Google hangouts. The scheduling and calls are easy here. You can record, share your screen, send files or links when you are connected on a call.

An additional feature here is that it allows you to add real-time captions while on call. This feature makes the conversation even more clear.

2. Graphic Designing tool

As a virtual assistant, one of your work will be to create graphics for your clients, especially for social media. That’s why it’s important to have an efficient graphic designing tool to save your time and increase your creativity.



Canva is the most versatile graphic designing tool for virtual assistants. It’s an all-in-one tool that can help you in creating numerous graphics based on thousands of templates and in many formats. Be it an Instagram post, or Facebook post, Logo or Business cards, or Infographics, Canva can easily help you.

The additional benefit is that you don’t have to struggle with choosing the dimensions for different platforms, everything is pre-defined in it. 

3. Time tracking Softwares

If you are paying your clients on an hourly basis, they are going to ask you for the justification of bills. It’s better to stay on the safe side from day one and track your time- You can set up an online time clock to track how much time you are spending on each task. This way you will not just be more productive but also be able to serve more clients, and experience better customer satisfaction.  



Toggl is a free online time clock that can easily help you with tracking your time. You can set timers and save your time being spent working on particular tasks, for particular projects, and particular clients. Toggl is free software, super easy to use, and perfect for a self-employed virtual assistant. 

4. Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools

While bookkeeping is not enjoyed by many business owners, but it is an essential part of running a business. The traditional old method of keeping a physical record book might not help. Instead, you can take the help of online accounting and bookkeeping tools to efficiently manage the income and expenses.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting

As a free online accounting tool, Wave accounting allows you to perform multiple activities including, tracking your income and expenses, automatically creating and sending invoices to your saved customers, and even taking credit card payments.



As your business grows, you might need to take care of few more things such as filing VAT returns. And for that, a more upgraded version of the accounting tool is required. Freshbooks is an online accounting tool that allows time-tracking, with automatic checks and balances to ensure maximum accuracy. 

This tool also provides financial information that helps you in making better business decisions.

5. Project Management Softwares

A good project management tool helps you keep everyone in your team on the same page regarding the deadlines and task allocations.

Your project management tool would help you find the answer to these questions:

  • What is the next thing I need to start working on?
  • Whom do I assign this task?
  • Which projects can go over the budget?
  • How can I make my team more productive?

The right project management tool will grow with you as your business grows.



Asana is a free tool that helps you in assigning and managing tasks of your team members. It lets you easily switch between the tasks, move in the different stages of completion, assign the task to your teammates, monitor their work, send email reminders, set a to-do list, etc.

6. File Sharing and Document Management

Are you still emailing files to your team members? That’s both waste of time and effort. There are plenty of file-sharing options that are free and quick too. You can share large files with ease through these virtual assistant tools.

Google Drive

Google Drive

This is a free online tool that helps in keeping your valuable files in one place. It comes with an easy-to-share option. You just have to log in to it with your Google account and you are ready to utilize its features. 

Your team mates and you can work on the same document or spreadsheet and monitor the changes made by each other. Google Drive can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices. It includes:

  • Docs 
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Other specialized apps like Classroom, Drawings, etc.

7. Social Media Management

Social media marketing is one of the most common tasks that you will do as a virtual assistant. If you need to post regularly on social media for different clients, it might become impossible to manage. You need something that can automate the whole process of posting for you so that you can perform your work efficiently. This is where a social media management tool comes into play.

Social media tool can help you with:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Engaging with your followers
  • Analyzing the performance of your social media campaigns



This is a social media scheduler that allows you to schedule posts for main social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can add up to five social media profiles of your clients and schedule up to ten posts per week with the help of this tool.

Benefits of having a virtual assistant

Here are the top reasons to justify the need of hiring a virtual assistant for your business.

Reducing costs

Reducing costs

The main aim to hire a virtual assistant by businesses and entrepreneurs is to reduce their overhead costs. Since the virtual assistants are not full-time employees, so their salary is less. They can be charged on an hourly or work basis.  

Next thing is that you don’t have to spend your time and resources on training them as these virtual assistants are hired for specific tasks that they already excel at.

Increasing your team’s efficiency

Increasing your team’s efficiency

There are many non-core activities that a company has to deal with, like:

  • Handling queries of customers
  • Scheduling the meetings
  • Sending emails and newsletters
  • Data entry
  • Research, etc

When you hire a virtual assistant specifically for these tasks, your team member can focus their time and resources on other things that are the priority of your company.

Scaling of your business operations

Scaling of your business operations

Since virtual assistants are hired on a project-to-project basis, you can easily handle the increase in work demands without having to worry about the rush in hiring a member. 

The sudden increase in workload can be easily solved by hiring a virtual assistant.

Offering 24*7 customer service

customer service


Your customers can be anywhere. It might be that their time zone doesn’t match yours. In such a case, it can be challenging to be available all the time to solve their queries. But, worry not! Since virtual assistants work remotely, they can easily come to your rescue. 

You can hire virtual assistants across the globe to cater to different time zones and help your customers with their queries at any hour of the day.

Enhancing your chance for strategic thinking

Since virtual assistants are hired to perform the non-core activities, this saves a lot of your time which you can invest in making strategies for the growth of your business.

To wrap up

What is the need for tools for virtual assistants?

To save time and streamline the work processes, these free tools are a must for every virtual assistant to stand out amongst the rest.

If you are looking to get complex tasks done in less time and with more accuracy, take the help of these tools that we talked about. The best part is that these are free to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Hopefully, our guide would have helped you in finding the tool you were looking for.

If there is anything more that you need to add, drop it in the comments section below.

How To Promote Your Blog With 108 Content Promotion Tactics

The reach and visibility of a blog are very important to get it noticed by people. In this blog, will have shared some effective tactics that, you can use to get the desired amount of visits on your blog, want to know more? Dive in.

Promote Your Blog: In today’s digital era, blogs have become an important way of connecting with and engaging more target audiences. However, only writing and publishing blogs is not enough. The main purpose of blogs is to increase traffic and gain more visibility for your brand. So, in order to attract more traffic, promoting your blogs is a must.

Now, the question is, “How to promote your blog?” Well, there are several ways to do so. If you are looking for some of the best strategies to promote your blog, take a look at the 108 content promotion tactics given below.

1. Send an Email

Send an Email to Promote Your Blog

The simplest way to promote your blog is to send an email to your target audiences. You can simply write an email and let your readers know that you have recently posted a new blog.

Read More: Free Email Marketing Tools to Save You Time and Money

2. Tell People in-person

This method may sound a bit old, but it still works. You can start by telling your family and friends about the new blog. 

3. Add Blog URL to Email Signature

Add Blog URL to Email Signature

Adding a blog URL to the email signature will allow everyone you contact through email to check it out easily. It is another great way to promote your blog.

4. Announce on Social Media

About 97% of people make use of social media platforms to promote their blogs. It will let all your current connections be aware of the blog post.

social media platforms to promote your blog

5. Ask People to Join Blog Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to update others about your latest blogs. When people join your newsletter, they will automatically receive notifications about your new posts.

6. Ask Others to Share your Blog

Asking your close connections to share your blog online must be a top priority. It can surprisingly increase the number of your visitors.

7. Add Blog URL To Social Media Profiles

It has become a popular way of increasing the reachability of blogs. You can add the blog’s URL to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

8. Add Blog URL to Author Bio

Add Blog URL to Author Bio

Adding a blog URL to the author bio is another effective way of promoting your blog. It helps in attracting the attention of viewers towards your new blog easily. 

9. Start Networking

Networking with others can allow you to pitch your blog. Look for people interested in the subject matter of your blog and let them know more.

10. Add Blog URL to Forum Profiles

Forums are the platforms where you engage in various discussions. Adding the new blog URL to forum profiles can also ensure effective promotion.

11. Leverage Blog Promotion Networks.

There are various sites like Viral Content Bee and Social Buzz Club that help people promote their blogs. Make the best use of such sites. 

12. Use Q&A Websites


You can start answering and asking questions on Q&A websites like Quora. It will give you an opportunity to direct people to your blog for more understanding of the relevant content.

13. Submit Blogs to Directories

Many directories offer blog listing services. Try submitting your blog to the best directories with better reach.

14. Collaborate with Bloggers

Collaborate with bloggers with a strong fan base. Such networking will enhance your reach and promote your blog better.

15. Organize Events

Organize Events

Organizing online or local events is a great idea. In such events, you can announce the launch of your new blog.

16. Start Guest Posting for your Blog

You can request people to guest post on your blog. It has the potential to increase the content quality and attract more readers.

17. Start Groups

You can create Facebook or Slack groups and share the links to your latest blog posts.

18. Leverage social community sites

social community sites

Social voting or bookmarking sites with engaged users can help in increasing the traffic for your blog.

19. Contribute to Different Blogs

Look for blogs in your niche with strong community engagement and social share. Connect with blog owners and try contributing to their websites.

20. Ask Employees to Promote Blogs

You can also ask your employees to share your blogs with their social contacts and grow your reach.

21. Use Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags

While promoting your blog on social media platforms, use relevant hashtags and reach a larger audience.

22. Use Business Cards

Creating temporary business cards and adding the blog URL to them is also a popular blog promotion tactic.

23. Post at the Best Times

Post your blogs on social media at a time when maximum users are active to drive greater engagement.

24. Leverage Web Push

Web Push

Web Push allows sending notifications to the target audience about your new blog post via their internet browser.

25. Connect with Influencers

You can connect with popular influencers through email, social media, and face-to-face contact. They can help in sharing your content with their audiences.

26. Ask Affiliates and Partners to Share Blog

Your business’s affiliates and partners can also act as a great source to promote your blog and grow your reach.

27. Use Remarketing


Use remarketing tools to keep your visitors coming back to your blogs and increasing your traffic. 

28. Promote Blog on Marketing Platform

You can leverage top sites like Taboola, Outbrain, and Zemanta to promote your blog and drive more traffic.

29. Optimize Blog with Right Keywords

Optimize Blog with Right Keywords

Using the right keywords at the right place can help in automatically promoting your blog and driving organic traffic.

30. Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on blogs related to your niche can help in developing connections with popular bloggers. It will, in turn, make them and their audience aware of your blogs.

31. Attend Conferences

Attending the networking events and conferences will give you an opportunity to pitch your blog when asked about what you do.

32. Choose Appropriate Headlines

Choose Appropriate Headlines

Selecting the right headline for your blog can help you get more shares, traffic, and search results. 

33. Post Regularly

Posting interesting blogs that offer valuable information to readers can help promote your brand better and attract more traffic.

34. Use Good Internal Linking

Effective internal linking can enhance the SEO of your website, increase visibility, and drive more traffic. 

35. Send Push Notifications to Non-Subscribers

Not everyone will subscribe to your mailing list. You can consider sending push notifications to non-subscribers to promote your blog before readers.

36. Repurpose your Blogs

To make your content appear in new places, you can repurpose it by transforming the blog into video, infographics, or other interesting formats.

37. Reply to Comments

Reply to Comments

Reply to all comments on your blogs. It helps in building a loyal audience who will view and appreciate your next blogs. 

38. Make Guest Appearance on Popular Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming popular recently. You can try making a guest appearance in podcasts and promoting your blog.

39. Send “In Case You Missed It” Email

In case people don’t respond to your first mail in a week, you can resend the mail with a catchy subject line that compels them to read the blog.

40. Add Share Buttons

Add Share Buttons

While posting blogs on social media, add share buttons to enable people to easily share your content.

41. Series Blogging

Make blogs in series to hook your audience. While posting, ask your audience to go through the next or previous blogs.

42. Place the Blog on Homepage

Displaying the latest blogs on the homepage can draw the attention of more audiences and increase your traffic.

43. Run Giveaways


Giveaways are an excellent way to increase traffic, get more subscribers, and enhance social engagement for your blogs.

44. Add More Visuals

Inserting more eye-catching visuals can help in promoting your blog easily. It helps in capturing the attention of readers and engaging them better.

45. Use Flipboard

Flipboard is a platform that allows you to flip your blog to its website and enables followers to read your blog directly.

46. Write on Trending Topics

Look for the most trending topics in recent times. Writing blogs on such topics helps in creating a buzz and attracting more audience.

47. Leverage Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats enable you to connect with customers and communities directly in real-time. Through Twitter chats, you can ask people to read your latest blog.

48. Use Storytelling

Storytelling is a simple yet effective tactic of promoting your blog in front of your target audience.

49. Instagram Story

Use the story feature of Instagram to make an announcement of your latest blog and attract readers.

50. Cross-Promotion

Promote the content of your fellow bloggers on social media platforms. The chances are high that your fellow bloggers will do the same for you.

51. LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video

The demand for LinkedIn videos is increasing. Make impromptu videos and share your blog link.

52. Post on Subreddits

Posting on Subreddits gives you a chance to share your blog with a ready audience interested in knowing more about the topics.

53. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote enables you to promote your blog by making people share your blog with their audiences.

54. Create an App

Think of creating a dedicated app for your blog. Invite readers to download your app and read blogs.

55. Create Micro-site

With a micro-site, you can easily create posts on relevant topics and promote your blogs better.

56. Translate Blogs

Translate Blogs

Translating blogs into different languages can promote your blog to a larger audience and drive more traffic.

57. Ask for Expert Contribution

Getting pro-opinions for some blogs can be a great idea. It not only enriches and adds value to your content but also increases your reach. 

58. RSS feed account

Creating an RSS feed account will provide you with an opportunity to enable your blog visitors to subscribe to your content in their RSS reader.

59. Use Google News

Getting featured on Google News is one of the simplest tactics of promoting your blog effectively.

60. Go Live on Facebook

Live on Facebook

Host a live video on Facebook and start giving updates about your blog in an engaging manner.

61. Use Different Channels to Advertise your Website

Leverage paid tactics to advertise on social channels and attract more traffic for your blog.

62. Publish on Medium

Creating a post about your blog and publishing it on Medium is another popular way of promoting your blog.

63. Use Earned Media

Earned Media

Make the most of earned media to connect with media persons and influential bloggers and share your blog content.

64. Video Teasers

Create interactive and appealing video teasers related to your blog posts. It will develop an interest among the intended audience to read your latest blog.

65. Focus on Humor

Creating humorous cover pictures can help develop interest among readers to take a dig into your blog.

66. Use Search Engine Ads

Search Engine Ads

Developing search engine ads via Google Adwords can help you reach more audiences for your blog.

67. Create SEO Friendly Blog

Focus on on-page SEO and ensure better rankings of your website. It will automatically promote your blog before a larger audience.

68. Conduct Case Studies

Conducting case studies of popular influencers or brands and adding them to your blog can increase the number of shares and grow your reach.

69. Express Gratitude to Readers

Express Gratitude to Readers

Thank your readers for taking the time to read and share your blog. It may look like a simple gesture but increases the loyalty of readers and ensures better blog promotion.

70. Leverage Content Communities

Look for content communities that accept direct submissions to promote your blog and get the required traffic.

71. Publish Data-driven Content

Making more data-driven content can effectively ensure the better promotion of your blog. It can make you stand out and attract thousands of shares.

72. Use Tumblr

Use Tumblr

As Tumblr possesses a great follower base, posting your blog on the platform can boost your audience reach.

73. Google+ Communities

Become a member of the Google+ communities related to your niche and share your blog content.

74. Convert Blog into YouTube Videos

Transforming your blog content into YouTube Videos can promote your blogs better.

75. Use Pinterest


Make the most of the Pinterest platform to create niche-specific boards with the right tags and catchy images to promote your blog.

76. Know the Preference of Readers

Analyze and gain information about the topics your readers are inclined to. Posting blogs on such topics more often can ensure better blog promotion.

77. Post Blogs as Resources

Well-researched and highly detailed blogs on helpful topics can fetch you more audience than any other post.

78. Submit Blogs to Search Engines

Search Engines

Submitting your latest blogs to popular search engines can easily notify your target audience about your new blog.

79. Develop Comprehensive Blogs

Make sure to include all the relevant information in your blogs to give the readers a complete understanding of the subject matter.

80. Write Multiple Headline

When posting your blog on social media, add multiple headlines to double the number of social shares.

81. Write Powerful Introduction

A powerful introduction with interesting facts and figures will keep your audience hooked to the content.

82. Give Links of Related Blogs

Give Links of Related Blogs

At the end of your latest blog content, you can add links to older blogs to ensure the promotion of your new as well as older blogs.

83. Create Quality Content

Crafting unique, engaging, and high-quality content can help you stand out and drive more traffic.

84. Convert Blog Posts into eBooks

If you have many blog posts on related topics, combine and convert them into an eBook. Publish and sell your eBook and promote your blogs differently.

85. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

With the number of smartphone users on the rise, creating a mobile-friendly website has become a necessity today. Going mobile would help your visitors enjoy a better user experience while engaging with your blog.

86. Schedule your Blogs Consistently

Having a schedule for posting your blogs makes readers aware of the time they can expect your next blog. 

87. Take Advantage of Customer Advocacy

Ask your customers to provide their valuable inputs and feedbacks about your blog. It encourages them to share and talk about your content with their networks.

88. Leverage Long-Form Content

Long-form content can help you avail better results and more traffic compared to short blog content.

89. Use Google Rich Snippet

Google Rich Snippet

Featuring rich snippets of Google will lead to the automatic promotion of your blog.

90. Add Memes and GIFs

Adding memes and GIFs to the posts where you share your blog link can fetch you instant popularity.

91. Create Audiograms

Audiograms are small-sized audios along with images that help in promoting your blogs on social media.

92. Update Old Blog

Update Old Blog

Refreshing your old blog contents is a common tactic for promoting your latest blog better.

93. Frame Emotional Headline

Using emotional headlines or titles for your blogs  can help attract the attention of your audience and enable them to connect more.

94. Use Paid Discovery Feature of Stumbleupon

The paid discovery feature of Stumbleupon is a paid tactic to promote your blog and reach more readers.

Paid Discovery Feature of Stumbleupon

95. Leverage Content Aggregators

Look for content aggregators who can collect blog from your website and publish it on theirs. It will help in promoting your blog and driving more visitors.

96. Add Charts and Graphs

Including relevant charts and graphs in your blog will increase its shareability and promote your blog better.

97. Email Broadcast

Email broadcasting can bring you higher engagement in comparison to tweets.

98. Convert Content to PDF

Convert Content to PDF

Convert your blog content to PDF and allow the readers to download it via signup forms. It helps in promoting your blog while increasing your subscriber list.

99. Use “Click to Tweet” Functionality

This functionality allows the visitors to easily share your blog on Twitter.

100. Leverage Automated Tools for Prescheduling Tweets

Prescheduling tweeting relating to your new blogs will help reach a larger audience and grow your traffic.

101.  Pin Tweet to your Profile

Pin Tweet to your Profile

Pinning your tweets about a blog on the top of your profile will increase the visibility of your blog.

102.  Curate Appropriate Pin Description

While sharing your blog on Pinterest, make sure to use the right keywords and provide helpful details for better engagement.

103. Use Appropriate Permalinks Structure

Make your permalinks SEO and user-friendly for a higher reach of your blog.

Permalinks Structure

104. Get Covered on Local Media

If your blog gets mentioned on local media, the chance of reaching the target audience is quite high.

105. Develop Stop-Motion Animations

Creating stop-motion animations while posting your blog content on a platform like YouTube will certainly increase your audience base.

106. Personalize Outreach Email

Personalize Outreach Email

Personalize all emails that you send to ensure more response from your target audience.

107. Leverage Free PR Sites

Make use of the free PR site to post or promote your new blogs.

108. Get Featured in Newsletters


Getting featured in newsletters will expand your network and help you promote your blog better.

Winding Up

The list of ways to promote your blog is mammoth. However, make sure to choose the tactics that suit your goal the best. Now that you have the complete list of tactics, why wait? Let’s get started! 

90+ Best Marketing Quotes (And Never Seen Before) To Prove Every Point

The ups and downs of a market are very dynamic, due to which most of the time a marketing team may get demotivated. Here in the blog, we have shared some very interesting marketing quotes that can be used by marketing managers to motivate their teams towards a sterling marketing strategy. Let’s dive in.

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate everyday.” Beth Comstock, business executive. 

Marketing is indeed a continual process of learning and unlearning. If you are a marketer trying to find leads, working hard on creating a unique brand image, selling your company’s product, knowing some of the best marketing quotes would definitely keep you sailing towards your goals. 

Here we have compiled some of the best 90+ marketing quotes, that would inspire you and give you insights into the world of marketing. You can use these anywhere: to motivate your team, or to start off a meaningful conversion. You can also use it to sound like a marketing pro among your peers, while having an important discussion about marketing trends

To make quotes easily accessible, we have categorized them so you can pick out the relevant ones from the category of your interest. Let’s start off with some famous marketing quotes and delve into other realms of marketing as we proceed further with the article. 

Famous Marketing quotes

Famous Marketing quotes

It’s always wise to take inspiration from the experienced people. It can be  what they said in an interview, or published in an online journal, or authored a book. Their words of wisdom will always act as strength and guide you in times when you are left clueless about your marketing strategy. 

Get some clarity on the purpose of your marketing or get some inspiration from the bigwigs of the industry. 

  1. “Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.”― Philip Kotler
  2. “Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.”- Steve Jobs on why Apple is such a successful brand?
  3. “If you’re trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.” — Elon Musk
  4. “What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy.” – Jeff Bezos
  5. “I felt strongly that marketing managers, in order to make better marketing decisions, needed to analyze markets and competition in systems terms, explicating the forces at work and their various interdependencies.”-Philip Kotler, Kotler on Marketing
  6.  “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter F. Drucker
  7. “Marketing is not anyone’s job. It’s everyone’s job!” ~ Jack Welch
  8. “It’s not about pop culture, and it’s not about fooling people, and it’s not about convincing people that they want something they don’t. We figure out what we want. And I think we’re pretty good at having the right discipline to think through whether a lot of other people are going to want it, too.”- Steve Jobs Quote
  9.  “Turn Customers Into Evangelists, Not Just Customers.”- Steve Jobs
  10. “Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.” –Milton Hershey

Digital Marketing quotes

Digital Marketing quotes

To stride ahead in this digitally advanced era, every business needs to have a unique online foothold. Digital marketing is the key to create an eccentric online authority as a business and garner leads that eventually turn into loyal customers. 

Here are some of the quotes that are sure to be a catalyst in propelling your digital marketing strategy!

  1. “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” –Wendy Piersall, Author, Blogger and Artist
  2. “Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem.” — Laura Fitton, INBOUND & Influencer Relations, HubSpot
  3. “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” –Chris Brogan, Chief Executive Officer of Owner Media Group
  4. “Digital marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is an art of making people buy the product that you sell.” — Hecate Strategy
  5. “Decide the effect you want to produce in your reader.” —Robert Collier, author
  6. “In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” – Doug Warner
  7. Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.” – Paull Young
  8. “SEO is not something you do anymore, it’s what happens when you do everything else right” – Chad Pollitt
  9. “Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer
  10. “Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.” – Amrita Sahasrabudhe

Content marketing Quotes

Content marketing Quotes

Content is the king, and there’s no two ways about it. Be it social media posts, blogs, your website or even the traditional ways of advertisements like billboards, television commercials, content plays a huge role. 

Leverage these awesome content marketing quotes to create a smart marketing strategy for your business!

  1. “These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” –Brian Clark
  2. “Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.” –Jeff Bullas, digital marketing influencer
  3. “Content, in all its forms, is the single most critical element of any marketing campaign.” — Rebecca Lieb, Founding Partner & Analyst, Kaleido Insights
  4. “If your content isn’t driving conversation, you’re doing it wrong.” –Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s executive editor
  5. “The modern marketer is an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI”. – Kim Walsh
  6. Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” – David Beebe, Founder & CEO, Storified Hospitality Group
  7. “Think like a customer.” –Paul Gillin, B2B & social media strategist
  8. “Never let ads write checks your website can’t cash.” –Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist
  9. “Before you create any more ‘great content,’ figure out how you are going to market it first.” – Joe Pulizzi & Newt Barrett.
  10. Does your content lead readers on a journey, or does it merely stuff them as leads into a pipeline?” –Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs

Social media marketing quotes

Content marketing quotes

The role of social media in creating awareness about your services and products can not be overlooked in the technologically driven era. Use these social marketing quotes to understand the importance and implement some actionable strategies to create a prolific social media presence. 

  1. “90% trust peers on social networks (even strangers); only 15–18% trust brands.” –Danny Brown, Award-Winning Marketer and Author
  2.  “Think like a publisher, not a marketer.” – David Meerman Scott
  3. “The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse
  4. “Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” – Susan Cooper 
  5. “Pushing a company agenda on social media is like throwing water balloons at a porcupine.” – Erik Qualman
  6.  “We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” –  Pierre Omidyar
  7. Going viral is not an outcome; it’s a happening. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t. Just remember, fans are vanity and sales are sanity.” – Lori Taylor 
  8. “If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1-to-1 channel.” – Erik Harbison
  9. “Marketing is about telling good stories. Social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell them “for you.” – Corey Eridon
  10. “The secret to getting results from your social networking is to act like a member, not a marketer.” – Mari Smith

Email Marketing quotes

Email Marketing quotes

E-mail is a crucial part of digital marketing. It’s the best way to reach out to your potential customers and understand the likes of your customers. 

Here’s some of the best quotes that can help you chalk out an effective email marketing plan. 

  1. “A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” – Ramsay Leimenstoll
  2. “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches — at scale”. — David Newman
  3. “Quality over quantity — Emails may best cost efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience”. — Benjamin Murray
  4. “There is no formula for the perfect email — Authentic and honest messaging works.” — Anonymous
  5. “A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed. “— Ramsay Leimenstoll
  6. “Treat your subject line like the movie trailer — give a preview so they know what to expect.” — Anonymous
  7. “Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Send them emails until they do.” – Jordie van Rijn
  8. “Open, click and unsubscribe rates are pretty poor measures for email engagement.” – Jordie van Rijn
  9. “How to write a good email: 1. Write your email. 2. Delete most of it. 3. Send” – Dan Munz
  10. “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.” – Brian Clark

Brand marketing quotes

Brand marketing quotes

Brand marketing is about creating a long lasting impression on your audience. Having a strong and relatable brand voice is absolutely important if you want your business to get global recognition and drive in more customers. 

Have a look at some of the best brand marketing quotes and get some amazing brand marketing ideas for your next venture. 

  1. “Just as you don’t need to be on every single TV channel, I don’t believe a brand needs to be on every single social media in one big way.”– Shiv Singh, marketing author
  2. “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook
  3. “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.” –Elon Musk, 
  4. “The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.” –Simon Mainwaring,
  5. “Your culture is your brand.” –Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos
  6.  “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room – remember that. And more importantly, let’s discover why!” – Chris Ducker, personal brand entrepreneur
  7. “Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” –Jason Hartman, CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network
  8. “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” –Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbuck
  9. “The brands that can connect with the client in a real way will win” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  10. “Stop selling. Start helping.” –Zig Ziglar

Storytelling marketing quotes

Storytelling marketing quotes

To create a connection with your audience and create curiosity among your potential customers, you need to harness the power of storytelling. It creates a deep impact on the readers and is a great way to lure in more customers. 

Here are some actionable quotes to motivate you toward storytelling marketing.

  1. “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” –Jonah Sachs, author & entrepreneur
  2.  “Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley
  3.  “Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” – Rand Fishkin
  4. “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” – Erin Bury
  5. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” –Seth Godin, Bestselling Author and Blogger
  6. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” – Benjamin Franklin
  7. “If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.” — Jay Baer, Content Marketer & Co-Author
  8. “The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” — Brandon Sanderson,
  9. “At its very core, marketing is storytelling. The best advertising campaigns take us on an emotional journey — appealing to our wants, needs, and desires — while at the same time telling us about a product or service.” — Melinda Partin
  10. “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” — Robert McKee

SEO marketing quotes

SEO marketing quotes

When it comes to organic growth of your business, SEO marketing is the go to option you have. Knowing the basics and having the marketing experience to implement the right strategies is the key to business success

Here are some SEO marketing quotes to give you clarity and some innovative ideas to grow your profits manifold, organically. 

  1. “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage, real-life MadMen inspiration
  2. “If great content is the hero, then banners are the villain.” –Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group
  3. “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen
  4. “My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.”– Dave Naylor 
  5.  “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost, Main Street ROI
  6. “Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.” – Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG 
  7. If You’re Going to Post Content on Your Site Anyway, You Might as Well Take the Time to Make Sure Google Takes Notice of Your Effort.” – The Content Factory
  8. “If You Don’t Know the User Intent Behind the Keywords You’re Optimizing for Then You’re Doing It Wrong. Also, If You Are Optimizing for Keywords vs the Needs of the User Then You’re Doing It Wrong.” – Jordan Kasteler
  9. “If You’re Not Meeting Your Visitors’ Needs, It Doesn’t Matter How ‘Optimized’ Your Site Is.” – Stoney Degeyter
  10. “Sadly, much of the content being published is simply not worth linking to. 75% of it is getting zero inbound links. So forget the ‘more is better’ approach to content if you want links. Go with quality instead. Your content will generate links only if it is truly exceptional—’remarkable,’ as Seth Godin would say.” Brian Sutter, Forbes.com

Audience centric marketing quotes

Audience centric marketing quotes

Customer rules! This cardinal rule of business works wonders when applied to your marketing strategy. Let your research team do the work to understand your customer’s interests. This way you can use the results to create an exceptional marketing strategy

  1. “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – David Beebe,
  2. “For people to discover your website, you need to build pathways and big, flashing signs that lead them there. In digital marketing terms, this means you need links, links and more links.” — Luisito Batongbakal
  3. “Quality content means content that is packed with clear utility and is brimming with inspiration, and it has relentless empathy for the audience.” — Ann Handley, CCO, 
  4. “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” — Walt Disney
  5. “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” — Joe Chernov
  6. “Advertising brings in the customers, but it is your job to keep them buying from you.” – Chet Holmes.
  7.  “Your goal should be to own quality time in your customer’s inbox.” – Drew Davis
  8. “Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart.” — Jonathan Lister, VP Global Sales Solutions, LinkedIn
  9. Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” –Bryan Eisenberg
  10.  “Forget about your competitors, just focus on your customers” – Jack Ma 

Spread the word!

You can use these marketing word gems to motivate yourself and your team towards a sterling marketing strategy. Build authority in your next conversion and leave your listeners in awe of your marketing knowledge ! 

The Best 2021 Content Calendar Framework to Organized All Year

Planning a content marketing calendar for the entire year may sound like a very hectic task. But it can save you from the last moment troubles, Here in this blog, you are going to read about content calendars and the steps to organize them, along with the types of these calendars, Dive in to learn more.

Content Calendar Framework: Have you ever heard of a content calendar? It is nothing but a regular calendar to feed in daily tasks related to content writing and marketing.

Those who are into content creating business for a long know how important it is to have a calendar. The novices may not have an idea what this is and how to use it. So, here you go!

What is a content calendar, anyway?

Content Calendar Framework

content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar, is a written schedule that keeps you in tune with your work.

Imagine having a diary where you can organise your plans for a month or the next few months, track the campaigns, and communicate smoothly.

Sounds pretty sorted out, right? Well, this is where all the fun begins.

A well-planned content calendar keeps you focussed on projects, increases your productivity, and consistently helps you meet deadlines. Plus, you can share it with your team members, as well, making them keep abreast with the latest and ongoing projects.

In short, a content calendar becomes a blessing to the whole team. The entire process becomes so easy to follow that there is no turning back.

You can find heaps of content calendars out there, from blog calendars to social media calendars. Nevertheless, they all serve the same purpose- planning, organising, and preparing.

 Here is a clear representation:


You write down the topics you are thinking to publish and other social media works you plan to do

Updating the status of the existing content is also another task. The entire framework urges you to put your content strategy into action. Basically, it is all about setting goals for a week and achieving them without missing the deadlines.

Do you really need one?


Without a content calendar, it seems like you are sailing a ship without a rudder. You definitely need one to reach your targets.

For decades, these have been used by writers, marketers, and publishers. Nowadays, content publication has become complex. Many brands are focusing on using different portals to post content to boost engagement.

Hence, if the content is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, you need a calendar.

Why are content calendars essential?

Why are content calendars essential?

Honestly, there are plenty of reasons that you can imagine. In simple words- it makes your life lucid. If blogging is just your hobby and you find fun posting on Instagram occasionally, this blog is not for you.

But, if you want to grow your or your client’s online business, you need content- the king. Frequent posting and updating will give you the results that you are looking for.

Here are five ways in which a content calendar can help you.

One, it ensures that you are taking the right actions related to content marketing. The more disorganised you are, the more you will mess up the content production schedule. Moreover, some tasks can easily skip your mind like forgetting to upload a video on YouTube or updating old articles on a website.

Two, interactions become easy, not just with team members but also with other partners and freelancers. If your channel needs multiple contributors, you have to make sure that everyone contributes the pieces of content you have asked for. A content calendar confirms that everyone is on the same page.

social sharing schedule

Three, you can see the bigger picture. When you are into content marketing, you mix and match an array of content before publishing everything. For instance, if your company offers online training courses, you cannot post educational blogs five times a week. It would help if you spiced it up a little bit by putting training videos, academic speeches, upcoming events, and more.

A content calendar lets you determine which content you need to publish this week. If you posted some brilliant graphics last week, you can hold some polls or survey this week.

Four, it helps you maintaining consistency. People love to see content that has a consistent tone and time. Some may wait for you to watch mind-blowing videos on your YouTube channel. No matter which medium you choose, consistency is the key. It would be best if you showed up repeatedly to retain your audiences’ interest.

Five, a content calendar is a surefire way to measure success. You can see which content is working in your (or client’s) business’s favour and which is not. It gives you powerful insight into the performance metrics and pushes you to make the right decision.

How to organise a content calendar?

You may become overwhelmed or confused initially, but the truth is organising a calendar is a piece of cake. The steps below will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Download a free template

There are plenty available on the Internet. Download one that is not hard to follow.

Download a free template

Step 2: Take note of a few questions before organising

  • What are your content objectives in 2021?

Planning a content strategy is not easy if you have not outlined any objectives. Goals can vary like, higher engagement, a more significant number of followers, traffic conversion and sales, and more. Once you know what you want to achieve, it becomes facile for you to plan accordingly.

  • Which are the channels you want to focus on?

 A content channel is a portal where you share graphics, videos, and blogs. It can be anything from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to WordPress and Medium. It is recommended not to use more than five channels, or else it would become hard for you to focus.

  • What are the types of content you want to post?

There are so many varieties of content that you may seem a little lost in the first place. These include guest posts, case studies, surveys, interviews, and so on. Check the posting history and find the right content for you.

  • How many times can you post?

You must understand how many times you need to publish each week or month. If you have a proper layout, you can manage the tasks. Like, you will know how many podcasts you need to post a week or the number of live sessions you need to hold a month. Also, you can change the time frame as per your business.

Step 3: Colour the boxes

Colour the boxes

Once you have figured out everything, let us start some colouring.

Filling the cells with colours can serve you with benefits, such as you will know which pieces of write-ups are yet to be approved, which posts got the maximum engagement, which are your targeted channels, how often you publish a blog or upload an image, and more.

Everything will be before your eyes on a grid. For better understanding, use different hues for every action. When you fill the entire sheet, it shows that you are ready to face the next two three months or so.

Step 4: Mix up ideas

It will not be exciting if you keep on posting only blogs. Sure, blogs are a great way to inform your audience about the latest products and launches, but you need to add a bit more fun. 

Imagine your content calendar to be a cocktail glass where you can fuse different things and make it appear tempting. It will also keep your audiences engaged.

From blogs, videos, polls, photos, reviews, testimonials to case studies, news, and infographics- what more do you need?

What are the types of content calendars you can try?

As it is already said that there are plenty of content calendar templates out there, let us check them out!

Google sheet content calendar

Google sheet content calendar

Google sheet calendar is meant for those who cannot handle complicated sheets and look for trouble-free ways to keep things organised.

If you check the above example, you can see how organised the sheet looks. Everything is planned correctly from the month, day, channel, topic to captions, and actions are taken. For each week, you know when to go for IG live, or reply to Tweets, or publish infographics.

Buffer content calendar

Buffer content calendar

Surprisingly, Buffer uses the Trello platform to make a balanced content calendar. On seeing it, you can understand how the work is managed effortlessly- when the publishing dates are, who the authors are and which content has reached which stage of development.

CoSchedule content calendar

CoSchedule content calendar

It is yet another platform that gives you the freedom to make a fantastic content calendar (again, an excellent tool for the novice). The grids are simple, sober, and easy to fill. By incorporating icons and colours, you can make the sheet visually appealing.

If you need to manage several business marketing strategies, the CoSchedule calendar is for you! Managing multiple projects become less cluttered and uncomplicated.

Evernote content calendar

Evernote content calendar

Though it’s not a typical content calendar, you can use one to plan all social media posts. The grid is well-structured, making it uncomplicated for you to outline a month’s plan. The best part about this platform is you can track the dates of publication and set priorities.

Hubspot content calendar

Hubspot content calendar

Do you want something low-key? You can try out free content calendar from Hubspot. The sheet is simple and visually aesthetic, and the plain colour-coding makes it a child’s play. Though you may not find an array of functionalities, it will serve the purpose you need.

ContentCal content calendar

ContentCal content calendar

ContentCal has all the significant elements and functionality. You can see the above image and realise how neat and beautifully designed the template is.

One of the critical aspects of this platform is you can seamlessly work with your team members. You can share ideas, track the process, leave comments, preview posts, and add notes, briefs, and so much more!

Examples of content calendars from eminent brands

The only factor that keeps the leading brands ahead of the game is consistency and a plate of varieties. Irrespective of your business and industry, these examples are surely going to inspire you.

Red Bull

red bull

Red Bull and its slogan have been ruling the market since its inception. Interestingly, they publish a lot of stuff, including blogs, videos, stories, and more. Their content pool proves that they play with different things to keep the audience entertained.



Reverb is an excellent e-commerce website where you can find pretty much every music-related instrument. What makes them the best? They have a reliable and consistent schedule to publish press releases, buying guides, news, deals, price guide sections, and more.



It is an online retail company that sells vintage-inspired clothes. Modcloth’s blog section will help you analyse how their content works. They have catered the page to wedding, beauty, lifestyle, wedding, and BTS, presenting a span of fashion-related ideas to the audiences.

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

Disney posts a lot of content, including stories, blogs on places, and various topics. Plus, you can find an ‘Author’ section where readers can pick their favourite author and study their copies.

If you closely check the blog section, you can see Disney publishes massive, attractive vacation themes and packages that will urge the viewers to book one and fly off! Moreover, they have a video section too that shows what you can expect on your visit.



BMW designs classic, timeless beauties that have been ruling the world for centuries. However, their content marketing is also vital. You can find the latest news, stories, videos, photos, podcasts, and more. Everyone knows that cars are expensive; hence, BMW reinforces their social media marketing to build a community.

Concordia College

Concordia College

Just like any other college, Concordia College maintains its social media presence and reputation to attract prospects. In the ‘News’ section, you can find various featured articles and events that keep the readers updated. It shows what it is to attend college and how it gives the best life to the students.

In a nutshell, the above brands work tirelessly on their content marketing strategy and create a balanced flow of work to keep their visitors, shoppers, readers, and other enthusiastic individuals engaged.

Start using your content calendar now!

content calendar

Getting organised is not easy, but how about keeping things less messy and chaotic? It is where a content calendar works! It can be of immense use while handling multiple brands and channels.

By now, you have already known the most significant reasons to have one and the ideas how to organise it. Without wasting more time, set your content marketing journey and put your plans into action.

How to outshine as a Brand with Unique Brand Voice?

Brand Voice: In this competitive digital age, owning a business that sustains the growing consumer demands and staggering technological changes is a challenge in itself. Therefore, companies, irrespective of their niche and demographic constraints, are now embracing sustainability in their business. 

Around 62% of the corporate executives admit to focusing on creating sustainable strategies to build an enduring business- One that can withstand the test of time and technology.

What makes a business imperishable?

A recurring loyal customer base, of course. However, we live in times where customers are bombarded with a surfeit of choices. The only way you can build a successful business is to become a consumer’s choice, build an image such that your targeted consumer resonates with your brand. 

A survey revealed around 86% of the consumers look for authenticity in brands while purchasing a product. This is where the importance of branding comes into the picture.  

product purchasing

If you own a business in 2021, you need to strike the right chord with your intended customers and create credibility among them to stride ahead of the cut-throat competition. In this article, we talk about one of the most crucial facets of branding- your brand voice and share insights on how you can use a unique brand voice that will help your business shine bright and high.  

But before we introduce you to brand voice, let us understand what branding is and why your business needs to work on it. 

What is Branding?

What is Branding

Branding is more than just creating a logo or choosing a name. In marketing terms, branding is how your customers identify products of your company. This way it helps you distinguish your business and create a true representation of your company ideals, product specifications, and your business process. 

For example, whenever you see a half-eaten apple logo on a laptop or tablet or a mobile phone, you immediately know it is an Apple product. Over the years, the company has established a strong global presence and is an ideal example of why branding matters just like its quality. 

half-eaten apple logo on a laptop

To reiterate the importance of credible branding further, we have listed out a few statistics that reveal consumer behavior towards the same. 

  • 13% of the consumers agree that they can pay around 50% more if your services make a positive first impression. And, your brand has precisely 7 seconds to make an everlasting first impression on your customers. 
  • People love personalized shopping experiences. Around 73% of customers prefer brands that have a personalized touch. 
  • 94% of the people are more likely to be loyal to a brand if they provide complete transparency. 
  • Business can reduce their training cost by around 50% if they have already had a remarkable brand image, as it already creates traction to attract recurring customers. 

Simply put, branding is your portfolio, your identity among your customers. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, describes a brand as “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon

Building a brand cannot happen overnight. It takes meticulously planned strategies that revolve around your company’s ethics and your consumer’s interests. Creating an eccentric brand voice is one of the ways to deeply connect with your customers and boost sales for your business. 

Let us dig a little deeper into branding and understand everything about creating a distinctive yet relatable brand voice. 

What is a brand voice?

What is a brand voice?

Brand voice is how your company communicates with its customer through various channels, be it online or offline. With social media marketing gaining massive popularity, having a brand voice that stands a class apart from the digital chatter of your competitors is a necessity. 

Brand voice is the sailing boat that takes you through the resounding digital noise and gets you near the shore full of sales possibilities. Just like the logo and color of your brand matter, the words you use to communicate your core values and business products have a significant role. 

Most often, brand voice and brand tone are used interchangeably. But are they similar? The answer is no! 

Brand voice is how your brand speaks to your customers and as already mentioned, revolves a lot around what your brand has to offer and how you function your core values, and much more. 

On the other hand, the brand tone is how you want your brand to be perceived.

For example, “McDonald’s” comes across as a jovial brand while “Prada” gives us a luxurious feeling. 


In short, brand voice includes brand tone and the choice of words in creating a company website, newsletters, E-mails, product brochures, social media posts, billboards, and much more. 

Importance of having a unique brand voice

Your years of hard work, research, and money in creating the pitch-perfect product may fail to garner acceptance, and you may eventually start losing out on your business if you fail to develop a connection with your customers. A study revealed that around 64% of consumers say that they trust a brand if they share similar values and perspectives about social issues. 

Your brand voice should not only revolve around you; it should also address your customer’s pain points. It helps in creating a long-term relationship with customers. 

A simple change in Deloitte’s branding strategy helped the company overcome a low phase in terms of consumer acceptance. They shifted their focus on telling their consumers, the ways their brand stands distinct from its competitors. The Deloitte Go campaign was a significant rebranding move from the company that turned out to be a huge success.


The brand voice also lets your customers know what they are investing in. A tech-savvy person would happily invest in a luxury product like Apple. A mother looking for baby creams made with carefully selected ingredients would connect more with a brand that nurtures confidence in them through their branding activities. 

Even when e-commerce sites are mushrooming in the digital space, Amazon is still one of the most preferred e-shopping sites. It is because it promises and delivers an ultimate customer experience. 

So, what are the stepping stones to creating a prolific brand voice? How can you carve out your own brand identity among these cluttering fierce competitive times? We have discussed some prominent points here that you can follow. 

10 Steps To Define Your Brand Voice

Getting your brand voice heard loud and clear to the right audience is quite challenging. You get it wrong, and all your efforts may go in vain. So what is the secret sauce for creating the perfect brand voice? We have listed 10 steps you can follow for the same. 

Find the answer to “Why Us”?


The first and foremost step to create your brand voice is to define what makes your brand unique from others. Understand the core skills that distinguish you from your competitors. 

In short, to create a perfect brand voice and a branding strategy, you have to explore your strengths that will add value to your customers like none other. Jot down your distinctive points and build a brand voice that extrapolates the same. 

Know your target audience

Know your target audience

Once you know how your products or services add value to the customers, you have to be clear about who your customers would be. Will your products be suitable for kids, teenagers, adults, or senior citizens?

Knowing your target audience you can create a brand voice that echoes the language of the customers and hence connect more with them. This will surely attract more sales and boost your company’s growth. 

Understand your customer’s likes

Understand your customer’s likes

It all boils down to creating an emotional connection with your customers. Therefore, you need to get your research mode on and go deep into exploring the social media trends that show how your target audience likes your products and what they are looking for in them. 

You can use the data to run advertisements, social media posts while reviving your products or services to fine-tune to their needs. 

Understand your company’s goals

company’s goals

Your brand voice needs to be your true reflection, what you stand as a brand, your business goals, mission, and vision. It should circumscribe your business ethics which gives you a true vision of how you want to be perceived by your targeted audience. 

How you interact with your audience greatly depends on the intentions behind your business beyond garnering profits. 

Review the existing branding strategy

Review the existing branding strategy

If you are revamping your branding strategy, you need to first go deep roots and analyze your existing branding strategy. Understand what went right and what did not go down well. 

Set up an expert panel and draw a research-backed analytical report detailing the mistakes and ways to mend them. The records can give you a solid start for you to define your brand voice the right way. 

Be original

Undoubtedly, what customers look out for in a brand is authenticity. You need to come out with refreshing ideas that make your brand outshine your competitors while keeping the aforementioned points. 

You can take inspiration from successful brand campaigns but never copy them. Use your creativity and come with a prolific and eccentric brand voice that sums up your brand values perfectly through each of your posts, or any medium you interact with your customers. 

Tell your success stories to foster a powerful connection

success stories

Testimonials work wonders. Foster an in-depth connection with your target audience and lure in more customers and sales through the same. You can use your success stories in creating logos or taglines and social media posts or your online portfolio. 

It could be a story of achieving a remarkable milestone or overcoming the worst phase, storytelling opens doors for actionable deeds from your audience. It adds genuineness and reliability to your brand voice. 

Create brand voice chart

brand voice chart

Your brand voice could be passionate, friendly, casual, formal, empathetic, or any other tone that you associate more with. Creating a brand voice chart helps you to clearly define the dos and don’ts for your copywriters and brand strategists while creating branding campaigns. 

This way, you can be assured that your brand voice is used consistently throughout your communication and marketing funnels effectively. 

Document every single guideline to maintain voice consistency

Once you map out your branding strategy and your brand voice, get some talented copywriters on board. Make sure to give them perfectly documented guidelines that are crystal clear with no room for ambiguity. 

It ensures they use their creative freedom to come up with eccentric ideas for your branding and marketing strategy in a way that echoes your brand voice. When you have documented guidelines, it helps your team of writers and marketers to maintain a voice uniformity to your branding plans. 

Review the final copy, and share it with your team

Once everything is documented and a final draft is ready, you can share it with your team. It can include the brand voice review, the proposal, and the guidelines to impose the brand voice. Your team or your manager will go through each minute detail to point out any inconsistency in the brand voice with respect to the customers and company’s interest. 

Once approved, you can start your journey towards creating your unique brand voice and outshine your competitors. 

In a nutshell…

Building a business and sustaining it requires diligently planned branding techniques. Your brand voice should resonate with your audience and should amplify your business goals. Creating a character to your brand voice makes you distinctive and your customers can easily distinguish your products and services as unique and one among their finest choices. 

34 Marketing Plan Samples and 7 Templates to Build Your Strategy

Whether you are a beginner or a professional marketer, while creating your marketing you will never want to leave out something important in it. In this blog, you will get detailed information about the marketing plan along with some very interesting samples and creative templates. Want to know more, Let’s begin!

In case you are reading this article now, then there are high chances that you are just a beginner in marketing. Maybe you have no idea how to get started with your marketing plan. Otherwise, perhaps you are reading this article to improve further the marketing plan you already created. 

And definitely, you never want to leave behind any essential portions or aspects of a suitable marketing module. Getting the best marketing plan sample templates is pretty tricky if you start searching aimlessly on Google. But to make things a bit easier, we have the 34 best Marketing plan samples for you to start with your marketing journey. 

Marketing Plan Samples

Marketing Plan Samples

The entire article is divided into two sections. Here, the first section consists of the best marketing samples to help you start your marketing plan. The second section enables you to write a proper step-by-step marketing plan using some mastermind techniques and strategies. 

Some of the samples are taken from well-established companies. At the same time, some of them are just mere marketing samples or somewhat hypothetical. You can take a good amount of inspiration from these samples and create your customized plan. Later in the article, you will learn more tricks, ideas, and activities to create an attractive marketing plan.

34 Best Marketing Plan Samples

Kansas State University Marketing Plan Template

  • Palo Alto Software’s instant Sample plan.
  • Marketing Plan Samples for small startups or businesses by Profitworks
  • The marketing plan sample design by a network of small startup development corporations in Massachusetts
  • Houghton Mifflin‘s marketing samples
  • Marketing plan by Nancy and Kiwi for nonprofit organizations 
  • The University of Tennessee has an agricultural section service that has developed a great sample. It is an example of how to develop and create a marketing plan from the start.
  • Gizmo’s marketing plan is also an excellent template
  • UncommonlySocial’s example on content marketing plan sample in one page
  • The personalized Marketing template and design created by David Merman Scott
  • Coschedule’s stepwise detailed analysis on how to create a proper marketing plan with the template. 



marketing plan with the business.com site

Credo's sample

  • Coschedule’s version of the marketing strategy of Nike and how they believe in giving benefits to their customers instead of selling products

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Marketing sample of Red bull

What Do You Mean By Marketing Plan?

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, whether it is small or big. A marketing plan is a document in word format or PDF file. It states in detail how you will carry forward with your company’s marketing strategies and execute them with time. 

The marketing document consists of both your future aspects and present scenario. Generally, it is written keeping a specific period in mind. Hence, it would be best if you kept on updating your marketing plan.

How to Differentiate Between Business Plan and Marketing Plan?

Differentiate Between Business Plan and Marketing Plan

A business plan gives a detailed report about your entire project or company, starting from product description, company description, competitors to marketing plan, operation plan, and more. A marketing plan is a part of a full-proof business plan.

The marketing plan usually speaks of specific actions that should be carried out with time. But without a solid basic foundation of strategy, it becomes useless to a business. The foundation of a primary market plan is shouldered upon its robust market strategies. The marketing plan helps in the execution of specific strategic tasks with time.

What Are the Different Parts of a Marketing Plan?

The different parts of a proper marketing plan include a summary of the company’s executive, vision, and mission, SWOT analysis, and analysis of competitors. Other features include target market analysis, marketing KPIs, growth, pricing, and distribution channels. 

Lastly, the most crucial part of a market plan is the budget. Now let’s look deeper into each of these sections.

Summary of Executive

It is one of the essential parts of a plan, although it might seem a bit too formal to some. Usually, the marketing plan document becomes very lengthy. It is always advisable to create a summary at the beginning itself. The summary should contain all the significant points of your plan.

Summary of Executive

The marketing plan does not have any particular length set. It should highlight all the critical portions of your program and tell your aim about what you are trying to achieve. Include the budget, KPIs, marketing, and distribution channels. A good summary will invoke the investor or reader to read the full document. It should not at all be boring and monotonous.

The Mission of Your Venture

Your company’s mission statement should have an overall vision, followed by your venture’s central values, objectives, and goals. Never use a lot of complex technical words and jargon. Don’t make it lengthy. Try to keep it small and impactful. Maybe your employees can help you in framing the mission. 

If the mission you propose has nothing to do with what your company produces, then that is the worst-case scenario. It would not help your venture grow. The vision is the ultimate goal. The mission statement also proposes the tasks you will carry out, the values you upload to achieve the ultimate goal.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis is a beautiful technique through which you can achieve a proper market analysis. It would be best if you had a qualitative and quantitative survey of your market. The SWOT analysis will help you look into the market size in terms of quantity sold and value or amount gained.

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats of a company. 

Strength will define your unique selling proposition. Other things include what your company excels at, what makes you better than your competitors, and what essential resources you are using. 

Weaknesses include points which can be improved in the company. It also consists of the weakest link of your venture and what you lack compared to competitors.

There are various factors like lifestyle trends, government policies, population patterns, demographic trends, and more. Opportunity is where you can assess whether trends in such factors help you achieve an upper hand over the competitors. 

Threats again are those trends in the market that can restrain your company from achieving success. You need to identify what changes in the market can hurt your venture and how to handle them.

Analysis of Competitors

competitive analysis template

Understanding competitors is essential in any business. First, identify all your competitors. Next, look into the marketing process and strategies they are using. Lastly, carefully understand how they are proceeding to achieve their mission and goal. You can also use any competitive analysis template to figure out the competition in your industry.

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Identifying Target Market

A customer journey map may help you here. You need to identify the various contact points that your venture has with the target customers. 

Identifying Target Market

There are plenty of channels through which buyers can reach your venture. But The ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) concept states the customer’s journey into finding your solution to their problem. Ultimately what affects your marketing and company is the problem statement which you are solving for your buyers.

Defining KPIs

Firstly, you should be sure of what goals you wish to achieve in what period. Secondly, you should have a clear picture of the marketing funnel. And lastly, you should be aware of what KPIs will take you forward to your goal and vision.

Pricing Plan

Your product can be priced at a relatively lower cost than your competitors. In that case, the pricing strategy will be essential and a significant factor. But if you are a big name like Microsoft, then pricing doesn’t require much attention. These bigshots usually focus more on quality trade. There are a few common pricing strategies. Let’s take a look at them.

Pricing Plan

Cost-based strategy solely focuses on product manufacturing cost and add-ons. Again, a Value-Based Strategy is used by brands like Apple, where they price more based on the value they give. Competitive pricing is based on your industry competition and their prices. 

Another new trick is price skimming. Here, initially, the price is kept extremely high, after which companies provide discounts and reduce the cost. The audience is highly attracted to such a tactic. 

The exact opposite of this process is penetration pricing, where the first price is kept low and then gradually increased. Which strategy will suit you depends on your target group, product, competition, and market analysis.

Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget

Usually, huge brands invest more in reputation building. At the same time, small startups invest more in finding new leads and customers. Each marketing channel should have a particular amount allocated for better results. Invest at least 20% of the expected revenue as a marketing budget in kinds of stuff like influencer marketing, content, and social media marketing to increase audience interaction.

Identify all the growth channels that were effective in the past, and also the ones that you want to see in the future. You should align your KPIs with your amount. Check whether anything seasonal affects your business.

Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels

Keeping an authentic brand presence is very important. In the last decade, social media marketing has reached its peak. But always remember that content is king. 60% of marketers create at least one content almost every day. Again, engaging an audience on social media can generate plenty of leads. It will eventually become sales. 

For a B2C company, nothing can be better than email marketing and automation. Sending cheerful and optimistic emails can help build strong customer relationships. Lastly, social advertising on Facebook and Instagram is one of the best ways. We also have Google Ads and retargeting customer options for effective advertising.

Company Growth Strategies4

Company Growth Strategies

The first thing you can go for is paid media interaction and campaigns. You should know about the most efficient marketing channels, remarketing techniques, and advertising procedures. Seasonal promotion and sales are also suitable activities. 

Producing quality content consistently is also essential. Social media marketing will be ineffective if the postings are inconsistent. It will ultimately help the audience to get hooked on your brand. 

Never forget about offline branding while investing time in online strategies. Brochures, handbills, and pamphlets are options that are worth trying. But never forget that whatever method you opt for should align with your company’s motto and goals.

Best Marketing Plan Creating Tools

There are many tools that you can use for market analysis and research. These tools include

Such tools are the best SEO tools to provide engine rankings and more. Basecamp and Slack can be used as tools for collaboration. Again, Canva and Lucidchart are the best options for creating presentations, graphics, and charts.

What Qualities Makes an Excellent Marketing Team?

It would be best if you had an excellent Marketing team who can execute your marketing plan. You should hire people with good leadership and communication skills. Measure and track their work to get the best output. They should have a good performance score and have expertise in their field of work.


Every venture requires a proper marketing plan to create and analyze its goals. It helps you to remain consistent with the brand image you deliver in front of the customers. Also, it improves your focus to become a more prominent brand. 

We are here to help you with those. The marketing plan templates we have provided will give you a great idea of what a perfect marketing plan looks like. In addition to that, now you know about all the parts of a marketing plan and their details. Creating a schedule should now no longer be a problem for you.

How to Write Press Release: 21 Examples and 7 Templates

Being in the marketing field it becomes very important for marketers to have the minimum notion of how to write a useful Press Release. Press Release ensures that the media and public are aware of your latest news. In this blog, we have shared some useful examples and templates that can be used by a brand. Let’s begin!

Every marketer should have the minimum notion of how to write a useful Press Release report. The Press Release reports play a major role in helping the media deliver the latest news stories to the audience or viewers.

Nowadays, Journalists are very preoccupied with their job that they only respond to the best angles. Any poor writings might get eliminated, so you need to make sure that you integrate your article with appropriate information. 

When concentrating on writing an article you should first specify all the angles in a news story that might interest the audience. 

To make sure that your story comes to be a hit and there is no scrap in your writeup, and it’s informational in every sense to its readers.

What is a Press Release?

What is a Press Release

News releases or Press Releases are similar concepts: either a one or two-page document sharing the latest news stories. Renowned journalists usually read these breaking news stories but at times, they might be directly read by the general audience.

These Press Releases have a very typical news format that sticks to the reverse pyramid style of providing information. It is also popular as a news release that shares information that is worthy of being defined as News. Journalists and editors use this general information to write a news article.

Here are certain reasons why you would like to send a Press Release in a very sophisticated way: 

  1. Journalists and media outlets can build the business all alone, making sense sense to use a Press Release to gain more attention and create awareness among people. 
  2. Building relationships is very easy with the help of journalists and media outlets that make a good reach for the business alone. Moreover, journalists need stories, and if you can help them with these stories, it would turn out to be a good relationship with the media industry. 
  3. The incorporation of productive keywords can be highly beneficial for your company’s website. Those rank for your keywords on search engines can contribute for any article or blog to a journalist. These offerings will help you get some backlinks for your company’s website. 
  4. An effective Press Release can help establish the brand image of your business. It is a better way to control your business viewpoint to help build the brand image and help shape public awareness with some official statement. 
  5. The Press Release is more like a feasible outlet that allows you to share content worthy of news and public attention.

Types of Press Release

There are a total of five different types of Press Release that have already nailed the market: 

1. Product Launch Press Release

Product Launch Press Release

For this Press Release, you need to look at the product launch PR Release from Apple. Below mentioned are few elements that made a good Press Release for the giant company Apple

  • Apple gave a Headline that clearly states it’s a point that was kept very simple and concise. It grabbed the attention of many consumers as well as reporters who went through this report. 
  • Apple gave a location just before introducing their first para or lead of the report where the news took place initially. In this context, the location example is New York. 
  • Apple led to their Press Release which was exactly on point and made every journalist aware that this is a new product release. The lead clearly explained all the various features that make this laptop more appealing to its consumers. 
  • Apple gave a body that followed the style of providing information in an inverted pyramid. Moreover, this helped them establish a human element that eventually had a good reach among the audience. 
  • Apple also has a boilerplate, which is used frequently as an example of what it might look like in marketing circles. The boilerplate is very clear and avoids any jargon that lists out what they are offering along with data and notes on what they want to achieve. 
  • Apple also clarifies the media contacts that are its PR agents and the media helpline number of the company.

2. New Research Findings Press Release

Research Findings Press Release

This Press Release has also done a great job in terms of title, lead, and quotations. The main point is that this Press Release also follows the inverted pyramid style of depicting information. It makes its intentions very clear right from the beginning in very clarified terms. 

The end of the article goes into detail about the technical facts and details after it has clarified it’s an idea to the audience. 

3. Emergency Announcement Press Release

Emergency Announcement Press Release

The most significant point about this Press Release is how it exemplifies the urgency of something going on in the present situation. The focus of this Press Release also aims at touching the emotional and social sentiments of a reader. The whole body of this Press Release follows the inverted pyramid style and some quotes that are relevant to the information. 

However, unlike all other Press Releases, the contact details of the official statement have been clearly stated in the body. The break-in structure might not go well with other topics, but with this one, it fits just right and presents all the necessary information on top of the Press Release report. 

4. New Hire Press Release

New Hire Press Release

A New Hire Press Release needs to be created in a very patient way; that is, you need to mention the name of the individual and their designation in the title. The reason being is that it helps in having a clear idea that who is being hired? And what is going to be their role after hiring? You should make effective use of the lead to jot down the qualifications and the achievements of that individual in his past. 

All this information will help the reporters or journalists get a better idea of that individual’s background. 

5. Award Announcement Press Release

Award Announcement Press Release

When writing a Press Release for any Award Announcement, you need to take care of these three aspects:

  • Who won the award?
  • What was the award earned by that individual?
  • Who gave the award to that individual?

You should keep these aspects in the front and centre when writing a Press Release for an Award Announcement. Make sure to answer all these three aspects within the lead, as is the case with the event Press Release.

Guidelines to Write A Press Release

Guidelines to Write A Press Release

Now you are all prepared to write your own Press Release for your company. Just follow the steps given below to get your job done right. Check them out:

Step 1: You need to find your own angle to write a Press Release

The key to great news stories lies in the beauty of finding good news that has a significant angle. An angle clearly means the perspective or lead that the story is supposed to take when it gets evolved. Some of the common angles include:

  • Impact on local people that will have a clear impact on the local people who will read the story.
  • Conflict would be another common angle that might give a turning point to your story. 
  • Progress is also another common yet significant angle in a story for the familiar readers.
  • Drama is also a common angle because you need to make a Press Release that might evoke an emotional response from the readers. 

Make sure to remember the 5 W’s when writing a story that is:

  • Whose story is it?
  • What’s going on in the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • When will the story happen?
  • Why is the story important to the readers?
  • Make sure to follow the angles along with the 5 W’s model to define your story in the best possible way

Step 2: Write a suitable headline

Write a suitable headline

You should give a suitable headline to your Press Release in order to grab the attention of your audience. Headline will help your story grow amongst the readers because that is the first thing that any reader notices before reading any story or Press Release. In order to write good headlines that are relevant to your information, make use of CoSchedule Title Analyser.

Step 3: Write Your Review

Write Your Review

The title of your Press Release is always written in the first para and that also makes an appearance under your summary bullets. Writing the main information in the first para is the basic way of including information from a particular angle or perspective. This angle or perspective should be interesting to your audience or readers. 

The 5Ws are also a great practice that will ensure release of good information. This good information might sound relevant to a journalist or editor as they receive various reports every day. Make sure to put the locations and topic of interest that will sound relevant and interesting to them. 

Template: Follow Bobcat Company

Step 4: Write two or five Paras that are Strong enough with the necessary details.

The two or five strong paras should precisely narrate the whole story and also include necessary support details. 

Template: Médecins sans Frontières

Médecins sans Frontières

Step 5: Do Include Quotations

The best way to increase the depth of your article or news report is by incorporating some relevant quotations in it. Quotations should not be complicated and hard to understand but should be perfect and relevant to the Press Release. 

Template: Example of target boilerplate

Step 6: Include Contact Details

Include Contact Details

The most important step that should be followed is inclusion of contact details when writing a Press Release. The reason why you should include the contact details is for the reader to know where to contact and to whom to contact for this information. 

Template: Example of a theatre baking tray B:

Step 7: Boiler Copy Should be Included

Boiler Copy

The Master key should be included and visible in every version of the Press Release sent by you. Make sure to include all the necessary information such as:

  • Organization Name
  • Mission Statement given by you
  • Date of creation
  • Company strength or size
  • A brief statement of your organization and its aim in future

21 Best Examples of Press Releases

Below are some of the best examples of Press Releases from the web that will help you better understand the concept. Check them out:

  • Apple: ” Apple Add donations from Earth Day to the exchange and recycling program
  • Associated Press: AP and Red Bull Media Collaborate to Provide Premium Content on Sports, Music & Lifestyle
  • Starbucks: Veterans, caregivers find a new direction at the Dog Tag Bakery
  • Fender: Fender celebrates 60 years Jazz master Innovation ears
  • Modcloth: Modcloth Breaks Up with Black Friday
  • Vans: Vans joins forces with the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation to help educate youth communities around the world
  • Amazon: Buckle Up, Prime Members: Amazon launches in-car delivery
  • Barkbox: New Barkbox study reveals that humans rely on their little ones to spend the holidays
  • Goal: ten marks of Emerging Beauty Launch This Year’s Target Takeoff Accelerator Program in Minneapolis
  • New York Public Library: the New York Public Library Announces 2018 Young Lions Fiction Award Finalists
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Build highlights evidence of a new opportunity for Developers, at the edge and in the cloud
  • Adobe: Adobe launches Spark with premium features for every student, free
  • Major League Baseball: MLB Announces ‘Honorary Bat Girls ‘ For All 30 MLB Clubs in Advance of Mother’s Day
  • Salesforce: Dropbox and Salesforce Announce Strategic Partnership
  • Home Depot: Home Depot to hire 1,000 tech professionals
  • NBC Universal: NBC’s Breakout Summer Sensation ‘ World of Dance ‘Glides to a Season 3 Renewal
  • Twitter: Letter to shareholders for the first quarter of 2018
  • United Way: United Way has helped over 2 million young people to prepare for college, Work, Life
  • Electronic Arts: EA and Maxis invite players to play with life in The Sims Mobile
  • Wistia: Wistia Launches Soapbox to facilitate professional communications through video
  • Canva: Canva Raises $ 40 Million Round to Win Unicorn Title


Now you have all the tools and information that will help you in writing an effective Press Release report. This Press Release report will not only give your company better recognition in the market but will also help improve its image. You are now filled and armed with the complete knowledge to guide you in crafting an effective Press Release report. 

The step-by-step guidelines will help you create a better Press Release report that will be interesting for both journalists and readers. Make sure to follow the steps and get your company as well as your Press Release the coverage that they deserve in this market.

How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn to Grow Your Client Base

Ever found yourself wondering how these hashtags work in a Linkedin post or are you using hashtags in your Linkedin posts currently? Well if not, then you should start using it. We will tell you why.

Hashtags are being used on various social media platforms, namely Instagram, Twitter, etc. Even Facebook users have started using it. But while posting any content on Linkedin, you might have wondered if it’s the ideal platform to use hashtags?

Hashtag on Linkedin works exactly as they work on other social media networks. It gives your content the power to reach a large audience base. However, to create the right impression, you must have an idea of using these hashtags correctly.

With this guide, we will share with you how to use the relevant hashtags and optimize them so that your content can be discovered by people outside your immediate network. But first, let’s talk about hashtags and their history in brief.

When did hashtags become a “thing” on Linkedin?

Hashtags on LinkedIn

The journey of hashtags on Linkedin has not been that great. Earlier, hashtags were there, but due to poor user performance, Linkedin took it back.

In 2016, only mobile app users were able to use hashtags. Later in 2017, it reappeared for desktop users but still, nobody had an idea how to use them properly.

After that, some of the users stated that they were forced to use hashtags in their content. But Linkedin confirmed that they were testing the beta version to see the importance of using hashtags in content.

Finally, in today’s scenario, we can say that Linkedin hashtags are back in action and are working in a proper condition. As hashtags in Linkedin are tappable, they can lead you to others’ content with the same hashtags. So, let’s understand how you can make the most of hashtags on Linkedin.

How can the hashtag feature be utilized on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, when you start to create a post, you are asked to type in a text box. Be it sharing a link or a picture of your industry stats or asking your users to take any action on any event or anything; your Linkedin post has a text box to describe the content and to add a link and hashtags.

add hashtag on linkedin

So, what you can do is:

  • Create a Linkedin post.
  • Add the desired caption.
  • Add the suitable hashtags at the end of the text, starting with the symbol “#.”

But remember, whatever words you choose to add in your hashtags must start with the “#” and should not have any spaces in between. You could also know the hashtag feature works when suggested hashtags begin to appear below the text you are typing.

Some key points

  • Hashtags can be put anywhere in the text, be it placing them in between a sentence, or replacing a word with them, or using them at the beginning, but the most common way is to include them at the end of your caption.
  • Some people put hashtags in the comment section. However, it would help if you did not rely on this, as by doing such, your post might not show in the relevant hashtag feeds.
  • The post won’t show in the hashtag feed if you are using a hashtag inside one of your articles.

How do hashtags work on Linkedin?

How do hashtags work on Linkedin?

Like said before, hashtags work similarly on Linkedin as they work on any other social network, i.e., to help categorize your content.

With hashtags, users can find specific content on a particular topic. And when you choose to add hashtags to your content, your post is visible to a more significant number of people searching for that specific hashtag. Besides, you can also follow different hashtags on Linkedin, which means posts containing that particular hashtags will appear in your feed.

If you try to view it from a marketing perspective, this will benefit you a lot as your content is now exposed to a more significant section of the audience.

How hashtags can help in increasing the client base on Linkedin?

How hashtags can help in increasing the client base on Linkedin?

First and foremost, your primary focus should be to use hashtags that are both relevant and popular. Understanding this, do not choose hashtags that are too popular as your content will be then overshadowed by thousands of other posts under that hashtags.

Let’s get started with tips on how to explore useful Linkedin hashtags for your business.

Step 1: Check for what is recommended to you or is already relevant

This is a simple way to start availing of the benefits of hashtags. If you have a Linkedin page, you must know that Linkedin suggests some hashtags to you in your profile.

Even if you have a new profile, you would still get these recommendations based on your past & current positions and your connections.

  • Tap on your profile on the home screen of Linkedin.
  • You will see a module opening.
  • All your recent searches, events, groups, and followed hashtags appear here.

recent searches

  • You can also explore the “Discover more” option to view the longer suggested list of hashtags.


Discover more

These recommended hashtags are a great place, to begin with. You can also find unique and relevant content from these hashtags.

Step 2: Utilize the “Search” option to discover hashtags

Recommended hashtags are no doubt important, some of these won’t render you a useful result. That is why you need to adopt a better way of finding hashtags. The search bar located on the top of your Linkedin feed can help you with this.

In the search bar, start by typing “#,” and you will get a suggestion of all the related hashtags below. Remember, without using “#,” you will get the list of all the posts and people related to that word which is not advantageous to you.

Search option to discover hashtags on linkedin

Next, click on the hashtag you find most beneficial to you and get access to all the posts mentioned under that hashtag.

Step 3: Look into the follower count of the hashtag

The follower count can tell a lot about the hashtag and its popularity. Though there is no rule to find what numbers of followers are a good number, you should go for the ones whose follower count is neither in hundreds nor in millions.

follower count of the hashtag

Step 4: Identify hashtags that can bring you traffic

Just because a hashtag has too many followers doesn’t mean it can show you helpful content. Many of these followers can be spam. But how to identify which hashtags are not spamming? Simple, look at the posts and see whether the posts are getting an appropriate number of likes and comments or not.

Identify hashtags that can bring you traffic

Remember, most of the posts you share on Linkedin are for B2B interactions; therefore, a good number of likes from professionals is significant.

Inspecting the feed for likes and comments

Following a hashtag just for the high number is not beneficial. Get the answer to these questions straight. Only then, you could understand which hashtag is useful for you.

  • Are the followers real?
  • Are the users interacting with the posts?
  • Can posts under these hashtags bring leads to your brand or business?

When you get answers to these valid questions, most of your doubts regarding hashtags will get cleared.

Step 5: Start following the best hashtags to generate content ideas

hashtags to generate content ideas

When you come across a hashtag with significant user interaction, note it down, save it in excel, or you could simply start following it. Click on the “Follow” button at the top of the hashtag feed. And after clicking on it, you would be able to see posts under this hashtag in your feed.

Again, there is no better way than this to learn about the type of content other brands are sharing in your industry.

Furthermore, you can also try connecting with other people and brands following specific hashtags. Just go to their Linkedin page and tap on “Follow” or “Connect.” This way, you are exposed to another unique set of connections.

Step 6: Go through the hashtags recommendation based on your search

  • Look for the button with three dots on the top of your hashtag feed.
  • Click on it, and a drop-down menu with certain options will appear.
  • Then, click on the “Discover new hashtags.”

Discover new hashtags

You will get a list of the suggested hashtags based on your search, interest, past jobs, and overall Linkedin activity.

Manage your hashtags

Further in the menu that appeared on clicking the three dots, you will come across an option “Manage your hashtags.” Click on it to see the list of hashtags that you follow on Linkedin.

Manage your hashtags

This list can also be edited by removing the hashtags which are not of use to you. Most importantly, you should copy these hashtags in a separate document so that you can easily use all these hashtags in your Linkedin posts time and again. Just make sure that the hashtags you are using in your posts are related to your industry.

Additionally, do hashtags work similarly on Linkedin profiles and company pages?

You would have seen people adding hashtags in their Linkedin bio or randomly adding them in between sentences. However, you must know that doing such hashtags are not creating any positive impact on their profiles. These hashtags are not searchable and can’t be clicked, which makes them just a non-tagged keyword.

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How relevant is participating in the trending hashtags topics?

You might have noticed that you are getting suggestions to join in conversations around trending hashtags in your Linkedin profile. But is it beneficial to spend your quality time participating in these trends?

trending hashtags in your Linkedin profile

The algorithm of Linkedin works on two primary objectives- First, to assess your content’s relevancy. Second, to assess the engagement done on your posts. This means relevant posts are more important than the recent ones, while the algorithm also makes engagement an essential factor.

Therefore, participating in these trending hashtag conversations can help you boost your Linkedin ranking and create a name for yourself related to that topic.

Have an idea of the correct hashtags

The correct hashtags will vary from post-to-post. Your aim should be, therefore, to use hashtags that are related to your industry or niche.

You can also select the hashtags that are recommended by Linkedin when you start typing. These hashtags being implemented automatically through the Linkedin algorithm have a greater chance of engagement for your posts.

Just keep in mind, you should not spam your post with too many hashtags.


After your research is done, follow these simple rules to make the most out of the Linkedin hashtags:

  • Focus on selecting niche-related hashtags.
  • Choose the hashtags that are specifically related to your posts. Note that this is different from selecting relevant niche-related hashtags.
  • Hashtags having more than 500 followers but less than 100,000 followers are considered to be the best. This way, your content will not be overshadowed and will be shown to the right audience.
  • You should also save the hashtags you are following at a single place and copy & paste the post-relevant hashtags every time you choose to share a post on Linkedin.

Lastly, people believe hashtags are not ideal for Linkedin posts, but this is wrong. Hashtags on Linkedin can surely help in increasing your reach.

Happy hashtagging!!

The Complete Guide On How To Use Facebook Stories For Pages

In 2018, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, stated the significance of Stories in the future of video sharing. If you are new to the feature of Facebook stories, here you go- it is a feature by which users can share images, videos, and animations that remain for 24 hours only. Post this period; they disappear from your audience’s page.

This particular feature was inspired by the Snapchat story counterpart. Users can also make use of the in-app camera to apply photo filters and lenses similar to those available on Snapchat.

One of the Stories’ key differences with respect to newsfeed posts is that users can’t comment or like them. Although there is the option to respond to them, this operation can be done via the Messenger App.

New features and customizations are getting added to Stories as we speak, and these are good times for marketing via Social Media platforms. Ensure you/your firm utilizes them to the fullest to reap maximum benefits during the times to come.

Why Businesses Should Use Facebook Stories?

Why Businesses Should Use Facebook Stories

In this blog, we will describe a comprehensive guide on how Facebook Stories help business, how to post Stories, what to add as a Story, and many other associated aspects. 

So, without any further delays, let’s get moving.

In 2020, the Social Media giant, Facebook, expected sharing via Stories to overcome that through feed posts. Using it, people could post multiple videos across the day with ease. Clearly, the App wanted people to use Stories for sharing content.

Following a more visualization-led approach in Snapchat and Instagram’s footsteps, Facebook is also putting the impetus on multimedia over textual content.

Increased Customer Reach

increase customer base

Content with a limited viewing time helps garner user attention quickly. This limited availability allows businesses to convey their message to their followers in a quick time.

Attention-Grabbing Feature

The first thing your followers observe when they log in to Facebook App is the rectangular tiles on top depicting your Story. This aspect ensures they do not miss out on your latest updates. The stage is set to showcase the apt content that will help boost your business.

story feature on facebook

In the coming section, we will check out how to use the Stories feature on Facebook using a guided approach.

How to Use Facebook Stories for Sharing Content?

There are two methods to add content using Facebook Stories. Let’s check each of them out.

Method 1: Using the Facebook App

  • Open the App. Go to the timeline of the page for which you’re an admin.
  • Tap on the “Create Story” option.

create a story

  • The following step to be performed is accessing the in-app camera. Tap the camera icon found within your Facebook mobile app.

camera icon

  • Next, select the content you want to appear in the Story. You can choose photos or videos that you require from your camera roll/gallery. Additionally, you can click a photo/video on the go and apply filters/stickers on top of it.

facebook stories filters

For photos, tap once on the click button. For videos, hold down the same button.

  • Once you are done creating your Story’s content, the subsequent step is to share the same. Click on the “Share” button, and you’re good to go.

share button

  • There is also the option of sharing your Story to select friends via direct messaging.

Facebook App does not show the Story as a news feed post by default, but there is always the option to enable the same manually.

Method 2: Sharing Your Instagram Story

  • Open your Instagram App. Go to settings.
  • Select Accounts Center.

account center instagram

  • Under Story and Posts Sharing add the Facebook account through which you would like to share the Instagram Story.
  • The next time you share a Story on Instagram, the same content will appear on your Facebook App as well.

post story on facebook via instagram

Customizations While Creating Facebook Stories

There are several features you can customize while creating your Story. Let’s look at them.

Camera Switch

Camera Switch

Tap the flip-camera button to switch between your smartphone’s front and back camera.

Light Setting

Select the right amount of light for your image or video to be posted as a story. You can toggle between switching on/off the flash. Besides, low-light photography is also supported for bright scenes.

Face Filters

Face Filters

Facebook has done a lot of work in the domain of Augmented Reality (AR) filters in the recent past. Users can choose from a vast list of such filters to make the Story vibrant and attractive. 

Creative Tools

Once you have selected the image/video, you can make the Story more engaging using some in-built creative tools at your disposal. They include user tags, links, stickers, texts, backgrounds, and so on.

Creative Tools

Increase user engagement by tagging other people on your stories and garner their attention. The magic wand option helps you play around with dozens of effects and give Story customization an enhanced scope.

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Call To Action Using Custom Links

After you are done with the above customizations, Facebook provides the option of adding custom links and Call To Action (CTAs).

Upon adding a custom link, users will see a “See more” option at the bottom. Clicking on CTA will take them to your desired link using the Facebook browser. You can also add buttons like “Buy Now,” “Book Now.”

Buy Now CTA

Digital Marketers can use this option to redirect the crowd to their business websites. This step will boost their chances of people purchasing their offered products and services. 

Never forget to add a CTA element at the end of your Story to receive valuable use responses and sales conversions.

Story Sharing

Story Sharing

In addition to the above customization features, users can also save the Story to their devices, add them as posts on Facebook feeds, or share them with your Facebook community members.

Now that we’ve seen the ways to create and share Facebook Stories, let’s look at the available formats in which you can create content.

Facebook Stories Content Formats

At present, there are six content formats supported for Stories. They are as follows:

Create Text-Based Stories

text-based Stories

You can create text-based Stories with different font styles in a colorful background using this option.

Add Music to Stories

Select your favorite music tracks from the Facebook music library. The Stories will display the lyrics as the song renders. Additionally, there are options for including overlays like track name/album names within your Story.


Boomerang is Trending

This feature creates fun animations from a photo burst, such as a GIF file format or video recording. There is also the added option to choose from different filters that make Boomerang pretty trending, especially among the younger generations.


Show your Different Moods

You can showcase your various moods to the community using a vast collection of GIFs. Add stickers, texts, music, weather, timestamps, and many other overlays on top of it to make the visual experience fun and interesting.

Click Selfie and Post

This feature is one of the most commonly used in Facebook Stories. Using the in-app camera, you can click front cam pictures and post them. There is also the option to select snaps present in your camera roll/gallery.

Use Polls for Business Promotions

facebook polls

The poll is a pretty effective tool for business promotions. Using this feature, engage with your target audience by asking questions and making them select an answer from a set of two choices. 

Digital marketers can leverage the Poll option to gauge their followers’ interests, dislikes, and expectations and strategize their marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Gathering Insights From Your Facebook Stories

You can analyze how well your stories performed using a few steps.

Story Views

Story Views

To check the list of viewers of your Stories, select your Facebook Story. Select the icon shaped like an eye at the bottom of the screen. This action will help you keep track of who has seen your content.

Insights Tab

You can make use of Facebook Insights functionality to monitor the performance of your Story. 

  1. Open the Facebook web version, navigate to your particular Facebook page.
  2. Select the “Insights” tab and click on the “Stories” option from the vertical menu on the screen’s left side.
  3. Click on the “Turn On” button.

Insights Tab

Performing these three simple steps enables you to gather insights using metrics such as:

  • Published date and time of your Story
  • Story Item, which is a thumbnail of your Facebook Story
  • The current status that depicts whether the Story is active or not
  • A count of Unique Openings that shows how many different accounts viewed your Story
  • Forward taps that indicate the number of times a viewer skipped a story to see the next one
  • Backward taps which indicate the count of users going back to view the previous Story
  • Exits given the instance count when users skipped watching your Story to get back to their post feeds

Unlike the 24 hours active period of a Story, its insights remain viewable for 14 days.

These features can be meticulously utilized to get an idea of what content grabs your potential customer’s attention and the others that don’t make the cut.

The next most essential question is, “What sort of content should I post using Facebook Stories?” Let’s answer this exact question in the upcoming section.

What Content To Post On Facebook Story?

Facebook Stories has a massive potential to present your business offerings and associated value propositions with your target audience. It is a playground for digital marketing. 

You have a plethora of content options to educate and persuade your viewers to invest in your products/services. Here are some of the content options to post using Facebook Stories:

  • Upcoming product/service launch posters

Upcoming product on Facebook stories

  • Short teaser videos to give a sneak peek into your offerings
  • Tips/Tricks/Hacks to simplify user challenges and specific problems
  • Latest industry updates and news
  • Bloopers and Behind the Scenes video clips
  • Upcoming business events, webinars, conferences, etc
  • Free giveaways, contests, and lucky draws
  • Collaborations with popular celebrities and Social Media influencers
  • Last-minute promotions and hot offers/discounts on products/services
  • Reaction posts to latest trending products and services
  • Client testimonials showcasing why your firm’s offering is the one to get

These are some of the top content ideas that ensure maximum views and engagement. Remember to add GIFs, stickers, emojis, hashtags, music to spark further interest from viewers.

add GIFs on Facebook stories

The result of any digital marketing campaign is dependent on the frequency of posting your content. Perform thorough research on the time intervals where your prospective customers are most likely to use Social Media sites.

There is no clear-cut answer on the time of the day, which brings maximum engagement via Stories. It depends on individual preferences and the type/nature of the business you run.

With respect to the frequency of posting, we highly recommend one Story per day unless necessary. Posting an excessive number of stories will dilute the interest of your viewers. In contrast, strategically posting limited Stories during the week will help retain interest and create a sense of suspense.

Engage regularly (3-4 times a week is a good average) with your target audience using Stories. Focus on improving your content engagement using the Insights feature, as we discussed earlier in the blog. Improving the content quality to suit your customer needs will help accelerate your sales and revenue.

Pro Tip: Maintain the story resolution at 1920X1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9 for the best viewing experience.

story resolution at 1920X1080 pixels

Stories Promote Original Content on Facebook

The rise of ads in the feeds and the reduction of posts from friends and close ones affected the user base of Facebook in the past few years. The inclusion of Stories can bring about a positive change from the content perspective.

Facebook Stories is, therefore, a calculated move to lower the priority of marketing ads on people’s newsfeed. Stories are also a way to bring camera-first communication to the forefront. With more users clicking pictures and posting them as stories on the fly, the camera is dominating the keyboard at present.

People, in general, enjoy in-the-moment content more. Text as captions has become just a supporting feature of the visual content in the form of images, videos, and animation file formats. This scenario pretty much compliments how humans interact on a personal level. The gestures and body language stand out in comparison to the words we are communicating.

Wrapping It Up

The gradual decline in the conventional Facebook posts’ organic reach has prompted the Social Media giant to focus on the concept of Stories. This is an excellent feature for online businesses to fathom quicker and more prominent customer reach, increase brand awareness, and cement their relationship with the existing follower base on Facebook.

Choosing the right content that connects and relates with your target audience, along with identifying the right time intervals and posting frequency, can be a game-changer for your business. We hope this guide on Facebook Stories for your pages gave you some helpful information and insights into leveraging the same for growing your business. 

With experience in usage, you can use Stories to significantly boost your sales conversions and enhance your follower base on Facebook. How else do you think can Digital Marketers use Stories for improving engagement levels? Feel free to share your thoughts on using Facebook Stories for business. 

7 Guaranteed Steps to Get More Followers on Facebook 

Getting popular on social platform, like Facebook is not an easy task. It demands lots of effort, and nowadays people are coming up with new ideas and inventions to boost their social media account. This blog talks about some very interesting and guaranteed steps that a brand can use to get more followers on Facebook. Let’s begin!

The race for garnering more and more likes, followers, reposts, and what not has turned the world of social media into a warzone. People are coming with new ideas and inventions to boost their numbers on social media platforms. 

There might be very few people who aren’t aware of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.   Having a considerable follower base has become one of the prominent standards for measuring social media websites’ popularity and acceptability.

How to Get More Followers on Facebook?

Followers on Facebook

Besides giving you happiness, having a lot of followers carries meaning on social media. So let’s dive into the technicalities of social media and see how having lots of organic followers can help you. The term organic reach implies the unpaid promotion of your posts. 

In other words, it is the number of profiles that have viewed your content on social media platforms. Therefore, if you have a large number of followers, you have a fair share of organic reach. 

But it seems that now the graph of organic reach has somewhat declined. Since for every 1000 followers, only 600 people would be able to see your content. Likewise, for every 10000 followers, 6000 would be able to view your posts.

Social Media can either be a journey for your entrepreneurship or you might use it as an effective business tool or you might be just trying to leave an impact on social media. No matter what your motive is to use social media, here are some definite tips and suggestions that will increase your follower count on social media especially Facebook.

Quality content is a must

Quality content on Facebook


As simple as it sounds, posting great content is required to boost up the follower count. If you do some prior research into what you should post and create engaging content, it will be like icing on the cake. 

Social media users are broadly categorized into two categories. One that posts informational content and the second that posts content related to themselves. The recent trend has proved that posts or content which imparts some knowledge to the user is more appreciated than posts related to you and your activities. 

So, if gaining a good amount of followers is your target, make sure you check what you post on your profile. Sharing good quality content which is creative, engaging, and is informative will surely fetch you a reasonable amount of followers for your account.

Timing of your posts matters

The time of your post on Facebook plays an essential role in determining the number of followers that you will have. According to Sproutsocial, the best time and day to post on Facebook is Wednesday, between 11 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m. 

Best times to post on Facebook

 Therefore ideally, it is said that afternoon is the most appropriate time to post on Facebook. Another way to find out when the target audience is most active is through the analytics tool. Facebook comes with its analytics tool, and apart from it, you can also use Google Analytics and other free or paid tools available in the market.

These tools will give you details about your target audience as to what they are clicking and reading in your posted content. It also collects data about what type of posts are being liked more and, most importantly, when they are the users most active on Facebook. Hence, it is an excellent way to strategize and schedule your content.

Videos fetch more attention

A well-structured article, with good grammar and style, is good to catch the users’ attention, but this is an old-school method. The present time calls for creative and capturing content in the form of shots or videos that are appreciated more by users on Facebook. 

facebook videos gives more attention

As per Hootsuite, the average rate of audience engagement for Facebook video posts is 0.26%. It is quite a huge number because the average engagement rate overall is just 0.18%.

Offering customer support 

Communicating with customers and replying and answering their messages, queries, general comments, or feedback is a good option to increase Facebook followers. 

Facebook customer feedback

When you interact, it leaves an excellent impression on other visitors who read your page and comments. It shows them that you relate with your users and are willing to help. It also indicates that you are active on Facebook and genuinely utilize social media to connect with your customers. 

Customers who had a good experience with your products and services will further recommend and promote your brand. You never know, as they might even go the extra mile and persuade others to support and probably like your page.

Facebook contests are Must

It is one of the easy methods to draw the attention and interest of the users. You can further increase their curiosity and interest by putting a big prize and eventually get them to like and comment on your page and become your follower.

Facebook contests

A contest tries to hold the interest of users, informs them of your page and your business. If they are willing to take in the effort to fill out form details, this means they’re here to engage with you and build a valuable bond.

 If users are taking their time and investing it in your page, that is a good sign of moving in a positive direction. You can even add a gentle reminder every time anyone visits your content or page to like it. This way, you can increase your fan base and your follower count.

Make the most of Facebook groups

Facebook groups are excellent means to give a voice to your thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people. Every group has its own set of goals, themes, and enthusiasts. They can prove to be an excellent opportunity for getting more followers. 

Facebook groups

You have two options when it comes to utilizing Facebook groups for adding your followers. The first option is to join groups that are related to your interests and area of expertise. This is a straightforward approach since you join an already popular group that has made a space for itself. 

Such groups have a lot of followers, which will indirectly help you in gaining that follower count. Make sure you communicate with the group consistently. Though it is a time-consuming process, it can fetch you good results.

As simple as that,  the second option is to create your own group. This requires a lot of creative effort and time from your side. Getting people like and following you initially could be very difficult, but the returns are worth the effort. 

Being the admin of your group gives you a lot of power and control. Building a Facebook group that captures the audience’s interest will go a long way in increasing your acceptance.

Keep a watch on your competitors

Keep a watch on your competitors

It is another great way to increase your follower base without putting strain on your resources. If you plan well then can also try to win over your opponent’s follower base and make them interested in your social media profile. Analyze and observe their moves and how they pitch their products and offers. 

Be watchful of how the consumers react and what type of feedback they receive. You can utilize this information to shape and plan your strategy and can gain more followers. By learning through their mistakes and wins, you can frame a more advanced technique to turn things in your favor. 

Benefit from topics that are trending

When you share, publish, or repost engaging content that exploits the latest trending topics, it gives the audience instant attention and interest.  This is proving to be an excellent way to build your followers and get people’s attention. 

trending topics on facebook

Publishing posts that are relevant to the latest news is more likely to be shared and appreciated. It is natural for people to show a keen interest in topics that carry meaning and are buzzing the internet.

Please ensure that the posts you share are related to the brand or your company beforehand. This way, you will not only engage the users but will also promote your brand.

Share Offers and discounts

Share Offers and discounts

Other than Facebook ads, you can also use social media platforms to share your promotional offers and discounts. The creative technique to do this is by publishing a post with a catchy image or posting short videos. 

You can even use CTA (call to action). CTA encourages users to like your page and directs them to your latest offers and promotions.

Collaborate with influencers

Social media influencers can play an essential role in giving your brand that boost, reflecting your follower count. Influencer marketing is trending in the world of social media. 

Collaborate with influencers

Connecting with influential users will enhance your reach to tap into additional sections of the remaining target audience left untapped. When social media influencers share or repost your content, many people on the platform notice your presence. 

This will also help in building authenticity and acceptance in social media platforms if influencers support your business. 

Hashtags Play an Important Role

They are pretty underrated for the potential they hold in building a loyal follower base. They might seem trivial, especially when you see them being attached to petty things like daily products and stuff. 

But the truth is they are a potent marketing tool to enhance your followers. Whether you want to acquire good visibility, establish your brand, or club relevant information together, hashtags help in achieving them all. 

facebook Hashtags

Whenever people search your Facebook page, they will automatically view relevant hashtags that you are using. In the case of any particular category, they might see your specific brand posts or contents in the results. 

It eventually leads to getting more followers and, in turn, probable consumers. When you have made a mark in the business world, you can even build your unique hashtag. It will act as a trademark or a symbol for your product or service.  

It will lead people to be encouraged to become your followers. They will start using the hashtags every time they make a purchase or use any product.  Creating your hashtag is an opportunity to promote your company and overpower the hashtag with your brand. 

When you consistently use hashtags in your every post or content, it increases your visibility. It also helps in associating users with your business.

And so

There are many success stories of many ventures that got overnight fame and recognition on Facebook. But not every business receives such a response from the social media community. 

Most businesses have to spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing, and promotions to reach their customers. Still, they don’t manage to get the desired results. Leaving a lasting impact on your users takes a lot of time and effort. 

Using the tips mentioned above, you can achieve those targets and increase your follower base considerably. The key is keeping a positive attitude and calmly planning your next move according to the tips mentioned in this article.

Best Twitter Management Tools that Guarantee Growth in 2021

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform among social media users. As it has enormous marketing ability, it cannot be ignored by marketers. On Twitter, numerous people follow brands and interact with them as well. Hence, it is a great platform for establishing authority. This blog talks about some very interesting Twitter Management tools that a brand can use.

Twitter is one of the top-most social networking platforms where people from different fields communicate with each other and express thoughts. It also helps businesses publicize the services and commodities they deal with to a target audience.

As per the stats published by Oberlo, nearly 40% of Twitter users purchase a service or a product after going through it on the platform.

So, you can imagine how your business can grow in 2021 if you manage Twitter properly. Choosing the right Twitter tool for your business can be tricky as the internet is filled with such digital products. You can either choose a free and paid tool to enhance your business growth.

Here, the best Twitter management tools are mentioned with all the details. All these tools fall into a certain class and you need to pick one according to your necessity. Take a look into these tools and the class they fall in.

Chatting Tools on Twitter

Chatting helps to communicate with the leads who are generally like-minded people. These people have a higher chance to change into leads. Chat hosting is quite challenging and you need an excellent tool as support. Here are some chatting tools that can help you carry out chat hosting.


Twubs: Twitter Management Tools

Both, chat hosting and finding new chats can be easier with the help of Twubs. It is a free tool that you can download from the internet. It helps you with personal chat hosting and getting access to all industry-related chat threads.

The interface of Twubs is user-friendly and you can get all notifications as feeds. These feeds are even presented to you as regular ones and host messages. Another advantage that you can get while using Twubs is the speed. It can be regulated based on the pace of your work.

Twubs is best for the Human Resource professionals working in an organization. With this, you can attain guests in a better way on Twitter, turning most of them into prospects.

Drawbacks of Twubs

  • Twubs allows you to add commercial hashtags in its paid version only.



TweetChat is one of the best tools to use in the case of Twitter management. It can help you with chat promotion and the addition of relevant hashtags to all Tweets. It is able to filter the retweets properly and allow you to go through the chat processes perfectly.

Another benefit that you can enjoy with the TweetChat tool is the blockage of spammers. It is best for the small business owners who are just settling for Twitter management with an expectation of growth in their business.

It is a free tool with a simple interface that you can learn easily. If you are aiming to communicate with your customers directly, TweetChat can provide you the platform to set up an online event.

Drawbacks of TweetChat

  • The TweetChat tool comes with slow-down intervals having time limits.

Analytics Tools on Twitter

Analytics can help a business person get a clear idea about the audience who have shown interest in their products or services. Simply, these people are the visitors of a business-related account on Twitter. There is a process you can get access to the Twitter analytics for your handle.

In case your concern is to check the analytics report of your competitors for competition, you can use the following tools.



As the name goes, you can consider Twitonomy as the anatomy of a Twitter account. It is not just an analytics tracker tool but a platform from which you can download various lists as per your need.

It is a tool for which there are both free and paid packages. You can go through the features of the tool that you can get in the free version. If needed, you can take the paid version.

You can gain access to the Twitter analytics dashboard of any user. The best you can do is visit the accounts of the marketers and other users.

The Twitonomy tool also allows you to search for analytics on usernames, hashtags, and keywords. You can make the best use of this tool if you aim to know the current user trends on Twitter.

Drawbacks of Twitonomy

  • Twitonomy does not allow you to gain custom reports
  • The dashboard remains crowded most of the time
  • You may not be able to compare huge data

Daily 140

Daily 140

When it comes to free and paid packages of the Daily 140 tool for Twitter, you can consider it very unique. It is an analytics tool that sends you emails. These emails are from 3 Twitter profiles with detailed analytics data. This data accounts for all the likes, tweeters, shares done in a specific period of time.

You can pay $5 each for accessing the data from more Twitter handles. As per the responsiveness of the tool, you can get the emails in the early hour of the day. As a result, you can avoid waiting for anything you need.

The tool is best for tracking competitors while managing Twitter for social media marketing. User-friendliness is another most important benefit that you get from the Daily 140 tool. Many business owners prefer this tool as the terms related to the extension are cheaper than any other tool in the market.

Drawbacks of Daily 140

  • The biggest drawback of Daily 140 can be its non-expansive approach.
  • There is only one feature available on the tool, which limits the purpose if you have an established business already.

Tools on Twitter to Discover the Right Content and User

The combination of the right content and entertaining writers on Twitter can lead a business to dramatic growth. High-quality content can boost audience engagement on the Twitter account and the website. So, there are more chances for the business person to ensure sales from the online prospects.

The following tools can help you find fresh content and content manufacturers on Instagram.



With the BuzzSumo tool on Twitter, you will be able to search for the influencers’ tweets, shares, and likes. It also helps you to get access to the set of engaging content on Twitter that relates to the industry.

BuzzSumo makes retweeting easier and you can get a lot of tweets to choose one and publish it on your page. It also helps in exporting data. Another benefit of the tool is that it gives all the users a customizable dashboard. So, it is easier to work on it.

Spam and tweet filtering are also excellent when it comes to BuzzSumo. You need not waste time when it comes to selecting the data. Moreover, you can filter the tweets based on authors and themes.

The tool is not free and the charges are quite pricey. So, it is always advised to check the ultimate necessity of purchasing the tool.

It can be the ideal tool for the professionals who are content specialists and SMM executives. Using a Twitter tool like this, you can expect further growth of an established business.

Drawback of BuzzSumo

  • BuzzSumo might not be compatible with small startup companies.
  • The full package of the tool costs around $99 which can be unaffordable for most companies as it is monthly-based.



Tracking hashtags is one of the vital executions concerning Twitter management when it comes to enhancing business growth. Hashtagify is a paid tool that can act as a big support system in this field.

With Hashtagify, you can gain access to all the relevant hashtags that go with your business and content. You can also get custom suggestions and use the right hashtags when planning for a campaign.

As per the other benefits of Hashtagify, it has an easy interface and can provide you with several features when it comes to finding the hashtags. Consider purchasing this tool if you are serious about hashtag marketing.

Drawbacks of Hashtagify

  • Many business owners do not prefer taking the service of the Hashtagify tool as there is no free package.
  • The charge for the full package is $99 and you would not get any added feature from the tool.

Tweet Scheduling Tools

Twitter social networking platform where eminent personalities and high-profile people are active. In such an environment, all business-related profiles should maintain punctuality in case of publishing content or launching an offer. For this, tweet scheduling turns into a vital necessity.

Here are some tools that can help in tweet scheduling on Twitter. Some of these tools even have other features that come as added benefits.



The PromoRepublic tool is present on Twitter that has a paid package and two free packages. It is the top-notch tool when it comes to post-scheduling. You can use it not only on Twitter but other social media platforms too.

As per the benefits, you can save posts even if you are willing to publish them sooner or later. Moreover, you can follow the suggestions from PromoRepublic.

It can act as a support system in processing fresh ideas regarding continent publishing on Twitter. There is a calendar that can help you to save the date and time for a specific post. You can consider it as the actual work of scheduling.

PromoRepublic is compatible with data visualization and analytics tools, so you can save time to get the reports on time that can help you make the business decisions and ensure business growth in the current year.

It can be the best tool for your small business which is just in its startup phase. In case you want to use a multichannel marketing mechanism, the PromoRepublic tool can be ideal.

Drawbacks of  PromoRepublic

  • PromoRepublic does not allow the user to execute direct posting.
  • The tool lacks the power to integrate with many apps found on Twitter.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is yet another free tool for post scheduling on Twitter. However, most people prefer it due to its excellent add-on benefits: life hashtag tracking, URL shortening, track mentioning, and many more.

Automated content generation is another aspect that you can expect from the Social Oomph too. Managing multiple Twitter accounts is also something that you can do with the Social Oomph tool. 

You can schedule unlimited tweets for free with this tool. You can get the best from this tool if you need to deal with huge amounts of digital marketing information for business growth. No matter the size of your business, you can download this tool as it is free to access. 

  • Drawbacks of Social Oomph

The interface is outdated in this tool and it is not updated for a long time from the developers’ end.

The calendar layout is absent in this tool.

Following and Unfollowing Twitter Accounts: Tools on Twitter

When it comes to Twitter management for business growth, you have to be conscious as a businessman for the audience who follows or unfollows your business-related Twitter account.

Interesting read:- Follow-unfollow Strategy for Instagram & Twitter

When following domain experts who you are unaware of, you should take the support of these tools to avoid any kind of nuisance.

Moreover, you should ensure that you unfollow these domain experts on time to hold up your reputation in the eyes of your target audience. Here are some tools which can help you.



DoesFollow is a free tool that helps you track the profiles of your audience and check whether they are following you or not. DoesFollow is often preferred due to its simplicity as a tool and the way it does the work. There are boxes where you can put the names of specific people and check whether they follow you or not.

The main benefit of DoesFollow is its interface. It can be used by inexperienced management tool observers due to its simplicity.

You can use this tool if you are a beginner in business. Moreover, if you are into content management, this tool can help you understand if an eminent content manager still follows your account or he/she has unfollowed your account.

This tool can be perfect for beginners who are just starting with Twitter management. It can be used as a supporting tool for content management.

Drawbacks of the DoesFollow tool

  • The DoesFollow tool helps only understand the followers and the people who have unfollowed a profile.



Like DoesFollow, Tweepi is another tool for brand communication and follower management. It is a free tool and it is preferred by business owners due to its advanced UI. It can also help in the case of hashtag generation and management. With the help of this tool, you can also make a meaningful data list while carrying out Twitter management.

This tool can be the best for beginners as it is free and it can be used to get the most of Brand focus.

Drawbacks of Tweepi

  • As per the cons of Tweepi, it cannot be used on other platforms
  • The free version is full of restrictions

So, if you are sure about starting Twitter management, these are some great tools that you can rely on.

Final Words

Twitter management is something that all small or medium-scale businesses might not need. You can take the suggestions of a business expert in terms of the right social media platforms you should choose as per the services or commodity you deal with.

If you are about to take the paid version of a tool, make sure you have a complete idea regarding the features it can provide. The best you can do is check with your competitors and take the primary decisions regarding your business. Give importance to the analytics data in taking further decisions.