Best Time to Post on Instagram “Complete guide”

Best Time to Post on Instagram: Many people in this big world do childish things like posting their posts (pictures or videos) at different times in a day and jotting down the number of likes they got, listing down the likes per minute and all.

After doing all the stuff they come to know which time is more preferable or perfect to post something on Instagram and get increasingly more likes. This is the world of digital technology. Why do not we use that simply?

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram itself provides every statistic of the post uploaded. Just work on that and you will get to know your best time to post on Instagram because it feels very bad that your amazing and creative stuff getting no importance in the digital world.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, which is used by almost the whole world for posting pictures and stories and getting it liked. It is also used for chatting with friends. It is very much changed now compared to the time when it was launched.

Now you can send pictures, videos, gifs, stickers, audio, and many more things to a particular person in a personal chat option. You can now make groups too.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Best Time to Post on Instagram

First of all, make it very clear in your mind that only timing does not make your post famous and help to get it more likes. Yes! You can consider time an important factor on Instagram but not the sole factor.

You have to post something which your audience wants to see or watch and if you do not post it at the right time might the right audience will never see it. By this, we can understand the timing thing and the content quality thing both of them go hand in hand.

Every Instagram account has a unique audience and it is very important to know the personalized best time for posting on Instagram and therefore, for knowing your best time to post on Instagram you have to do some homework.

Keep an eye on all your posts and jot down some important points but if you do not have that much time and resources you can simply go to the Instagram app and see details there. Because Instagram too provides each detail about the audience on which time your post is been seen, when they are online, which age group uses Instagram on which time, which city users use Instagram on which time etc. etc.

According to research, it is concluded that CDT (central daylight time) is much more ideal for posting and engaging audiences on Instagram. Engagement of the audience also depends on the day of the week on which you are posting on Instagram.

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What’s the Best Time of Day to Post on Instagram?

What’s the Best Time of Day to Post on Instagram?

According to research, it is also concluded that 2 pm to 3 pm is the most engaging post on Instagram and be liked by the audience.

As we all know everybody has different moods and routine, therefore, it is necessary, to understand that the day of the week also matters and every day has different ideal timing to post on Instagram. Just like:-

  1. Monday – 6 am and 10 pm EST is ideal timings.
  2. Tuesday – 2 – 4 am and 9 am EST are ideal timings.
  3. Wednesday – 7 – 8 am EST are ideal timings.
  4. Thursday – 12 pm EST is ideal timing.
  5. Friday – 1 – 3 pm EST are ideal timings.
  6. Saturday – 7 – 8 pm EST is ideal timing.
  7. Sunday – 7 – 8 am and 4 – 5 pm EST are ideal timings.

Classification of the Ideal Time

Ideal time to post on Instagram

There is another classification of best time too for different types of organizations Like professional & unprofessional industries, media, education, food, etc. etc. let’s talk about this in detail

  1. Entertainment and media industry: On Thursday and Tuesday 12 – 3 pm EST is ideal timing.
  2. Education department: on Thursday around 4 – 6 pm, EST is ideal timing.
  3. Medical and pharmaceuticals: on Wednesday around 9 – 11 am, EST is ideal timing.
  4. Food items industry: on Fridays mostly around 12 – 2 pm EST is ideal timing.
  5. Travel industry: on Friday, around 9 am and 1 pm EST is ideal timing.
  6. Technological industries: on Monday around 12 – 2 pm, EST is ideal timing.
  7. Personal care and health care industries: on Friday around 1 pm to 4 pm EST is ideal timing.

Once in one of the press releases Instagram told to its audience “With these changes, your feed will feel fresher, and you won’t miss the moments you care about”.

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Ways to Find the Unique Best Time to Post on Instagram and Get More Likes

Best Time to Post on Instagram and Get More Likes

  1. Do some research in which particular time your audience is online.
  2. Do post your pictures at different times and do some homework.
  3. Jot down some important points and work on it if necessary.
  4. Post with proper time zones. Maybe some of your audience is located in other time zones and they are missing your posts due to timing problem.
  5. Do not post on Instagram in working hours.
  6. Keep your business posts aside for weekdays.
  7. Use Instagram insights feature to track your post and progress and likes.
  8. Do not post irrelevant stuff. Post-fresh stuff.
  9. Post what the audience wants to see.
  10. Be real and try to get engage with your followers.

Is the timing that important? Should we consider timing before posting on Instagram? Does it matter?

The answer is a big yes! It is important! Timing on Instagram matters a lot!


The timing was important earlier also but when the Instagram algorithm updates its timing becomes more important. And many people saw changes also when they posted on Instagram according to the ideal timings discovered in the research done previously.

How Instagram show us the posts of other people? Do not worry if you do not know the answer. Here is the answer.

It shows the posts in our feeds by the IRT process. IRT process is nothing but “INTEREST OF THE PERSON, RELATIONSHIPS OF THE PERSON, and TIMINGS OF THE PERSON”

In other words, it means that it will show your interests on top of your feed then it will show posts of the person who you have contacted continuously or searched for them on the Instagram app and lastly, it will show you the post according to the timing (fresh first).

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