How Much Do Ads Cost on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in 2022?

Social media platforms have a great potential of grabbing audiences' attention. Many brands are using them and getting benefited from these platforms by running ads and getting more and more engagements. But how much do these ads cost to them? Here in this blog, we are going to read about the factors that determine the cost of these ads on social media platforms. Let's begin!

Ads Cost:- Social media has emerged as a great platform to enable businesses to connect with maximum target audiences. According to studies, about 74 percent of consumers trust social media while making their buying decisions. It shows the importance of promoting your brand on different social media platforms.

While using social media platforms, you must ensure that you are just paying a fair amount for every impression or click. This is where the cost of ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn comes in.

In order to determine the right price, you will first have to get an idea of what all aspects are included in the advertising cost. So, let’s dive in.

Factors that determine the Ads Cost

The ad sales on the social media platforms are mainly based on targeting options and auctions. So, there are a number of factors involved in determining the ad cost for your campaign.

Here is a list of common variables that will increase or decrease the ad costs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Factors that determine the Ad Cost

  • Demographics of your target audience
  • The industry you operate in
  • Number of users you want to target
  • Target location
  • Season
  • Time of the day
  • Day of the week
  • Relevancy of advertisement for the target customers
  • The desired quality of the ad

Now that you know about the important factors for determining the social media advertising cost let’s go into the details of ad costs on individual platforms.

Cost of Facebook Ads

Cost of Facebook Ads

With active monthly users of about 2.74 billion, Facebook provides you with the largest opportunity to promote your brand and reach out to more people worldwide. Advertising on Facebook can increase your chances of connecting better with your target audience. You can easily create a business account on the platform without any charges.

However, when you want to reach more customers, opting for paid advertisements on Facebook is a must. Different types of paid ads are available on social media platforms. You can easily optimize your Facebook paid ads based on the goal you want to achieve. 

Some of the common goals are increasing page likes, better website conversions, more app installations, and increased clicks to the business website.

Other factors that may impact your Facebook ad cost are competition in your industry, your target audience, time of advertising, marketing objective, relevance score, and ad placement. 

On Facebook, the ad costs are determined depending on the price per thousand impressions (CPM) model or price per click (CPC) model. The average CPC for ads on Facebook is $0.97, while the average CPM is $7.19. 


In the CPM model, you will have to pay for every 1000 views on your advertisement. This means whenever 1000 users on Facebook view your business ad, you will have to make a payment.

In this case, even if the Facebook users click on the ad, you will have to pay. In the CPC model, you only have to pay whenever a user on Facebook clicks on your business ad. 

Several businesses create paid advertisements on Facebook in order to increase the number of likes on their business page. The average cost of ads for every Facebook like is $0.57. So, if you want to increase your page likes, this can be a great option to achieve your core objective.

On the other hand, some businesses invest in Facebook paid ads to boost their existing posts and reach out to more audiences. The ad cost of boosted posts on Facebook is based on the CPM model.

However, the cost will also highly depend on the target audience of the business. The average cost of boosted Facebook posts is $6.35 for every 1000 views.

average cost of boosted Facebook posts

By now, you must have a good idea about how the ad costs are determined on Facebook. As the main goal of every business is to gain more profit, you might be looking for ways to bring down your Facebook Ad cost. In that case, here is a quick tip for you.

Make sure to cap your Facebook bids. When bidding, avoid bidding so high that you are left with a negative ROI. Keep your CPM or CPC bid as low as possible. Facebook can find cost-effective impressions and clicks for your brand and ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

Cost of Instagram Ads

Cost of Instagram Ads

In today’s digital era, the Instagram platform is highly trending, and maximum people worldwide have their accounts on Instagram.

The importance of having a business page on Instagram cannot be overlooked. If you want to precisely target your market audience, paid advertisements on Instagram is the best option for you. 

Instagram has higher engagement rates and more active users in comparison to that of the Facebook platform. Owing to the greater competitive advantages it provides to the businesses, the ad costs are comparatively higher. 

Similar to Facebook, the Instagram advertising costs are calculated on the basis of CPM or CPC. As per the CPC model, you will have to pay an amount whenever a user on Instagram clicks on the ad.

In the CPM model, you will have to make a payment every time 1000 users on Instagram just view the business ad posted on your page. 

Other bidding options offered by Instagram are cost per like (CPL) and cost per action (CPA). If you choose CPL, you will have to pay whenever a user on Instagram likes your business post.

In the case of CPA, you will only make a payment whenever a user makes the desired action, such as a purchase. 

The average ad cost on Instagram on the basis of the CPC model is $3.56. On the other hand, the average Instagram ad cost on a CPM basis is $7.91 for every 1000 impressions. 

ad pricing on Instagram

The ad pricing on Instagram depends on a number of factors. One of the important facts that can increase or decrease your advertising cost is the objective of your business campaign.

For instance, if your objective is only to create brand awareness, the cost of advertising on Instagram is likely to be less than that for conversions.

Another important variable that affects the Instagram ad cost is the size of your target audience. If you are targeting a broader audience, the advertising cost is likely to be lower.

However, if you are targeting a smaller group of audiences with specific locations of other characteristics, your ad cost will be higher. 

Now that you are well aware of the ad costs on Instagram, you must gain some idea on how to keep the ad costs low and ensure more profits for your business. One of the best ways to reduce Instagram ad costs is to replace the daily budget with a lifetime budget. This will help in effectively lowering the CPM or CPC and enable you to save more.

Setting a lifetime budget will also enable the advert engine of Instagram to look for cost-effective days and occasions to display your ad. Another relevant way to minimize the Instagram ad cost is by selecting the automatic placements option. It will help in making the best utilization of your budget and showing your business advertisement to more people. 

Cost of Twitter Ads

Cost of Twitter Ads

The social media platform of Twitter is often considered as one of the most invaluable resources to get faster responses for businesses. Creating a business account on Twitter can work wonders for you. It will help you get an idea of what’s trending. In addition to finding out positive and negative trends, you can also discover the trends your competitor follows

Getting started with the paid advertisements on the Twitter platform will not only help you showcase your brand but also ensure instant engagement and impressive message reach. Twitter also follows the CPC model and CPM model for ads on the platform. 

The average CPC on Twitter is $0.38. Twitter offers the lowest cost per click in comparison to the other social media platforms. On the other hand, the average CPM on Twitter is $6.46. This is also less as compared to the other platforms. Other bidding models that Twitter advertising offers are CPF, CPE, and CPD.

average CPC on Twitter

In the cost per engagement (CPE) model, you need to pay when a user interacts with your business ad on Twitter. As per the cost per download (CPD) model, you pay whenever a user downloads something such as an app. In the cost per follow model, you will have to pay whenever a user makes use of your business advertisement to follow you. 

On Twitter, a number of businesses create paid ads to promote their tweets and ensure that more people are able to see them. For promoting a tweet on Twitter, the average cost is $1.35. This means you will have to pay $1.35 every time a user on Twitter replies, clicks, or retweets the tweet. 

Businesses also promote their Twitter accounts through paid advertisements. It helps businesses in gaining more followers while creating better brand awareness. The cost of Twitter ads for promoting accounts will largely depend on your target. On average, you will have to pay between $2.50 and $4 for every new follower.

Some businesses even choose to promote Twitter trends. However, for this type of paid ad, your business needs to have a significantly high budget. If you want to reach more audiences on Twitter, you can try using the combination of tweets, trends, as well as accounts promotion.

While the CPC model is suitable for most business ads on Twitter, CPE can also provide you with greater value. Depending on the core objective of your business, you can select the best model for advertising on Twitter. 

Now that you know all about the advertising price on Twitter, here is a quick suggestion to help you save more on your advertising cost. In order to reduce ad costs on Twitter, you can try creating a handbook bid. When you opt for computerized bidding, you are likely to pay a higher amount for your business ads.

However, through handbook bidding, you can create a lower bid and gradually increase it in case you are not able to get the advertisement delivered. So, start leveraging the paid ads on Twitter, grow your brand, and enjoy more profits for your business.

Cost of LinkedIn Ads

Cost of LinkedIn Ads

If you are willing to connect with a more serious and professional audience, nothing can be better than LinkedIn. It is known as a leading and reputed professional social networking site. LinkedIn can assist you in successfully attaining the marketing goals of your business. 

When planning to leverage LinkedIn for the growth of your business, having an idea of the advertising cost is highly important. The amount that you have to pay for advertising on LinkedIn mainly depends on your preferred activity type. 

While deciding to go for paid ads on LinkedIn, the most popular payment models are cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM). However, the LinkedIn platform also offers two more options. They are cost per send (CPS) and cost per open (CPO).

If you go for CPS, you will have to pay whenever sponsored emails are sent by your business to the users on LinkedIn. On the other hand, in the CPO model, you will make a payment whenever a user opens the sponsored email that you have sent. The average CPC on LinkedIn is $5.26. This is significantly higher than the other three social media platforms. 

average CPC on LinkedIn


The average CPM on LinkedIn is $6.59. Through LinkedIn advertising, you can target ads on the basis of the industry, category, job title, seniority, as well as company size of the users on the platform. 

A sponsored update is an interesting feature offered by the professional networking platform. Through this feature, you can sponsor an already existing update on LinkedIn.

For sponsored posts, you will have to make similar payments as the regular ads on LinkedIn. However, you must have a minimum daily budget of $10 for the sponsored posts.

Now that you know everything relating to the ad pricing on LinkedIn, you must gain a fair idea of how to keep the ad cost low. So, the trick is to leverage the matched audiences. It will enable you to target customers who are already present in your contact list or previously worked with your firm, or have been to your site before.

When you start targeting the matched audiences, it can greatly help you in creating cost-effective advertisements. 

Winding Up

Advertising on social media can open up great opportunities for your business. It is important for you to stay well informed about the cost of advertising on different platforms. By now you must have gained a detailed and comprehensive idea of how much the ads cost on the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

However, the ad cost will differ depending on the industry you are operating and the business you do. Make sure to advertise your brand wisely on social media and get the best returns on your investment. Making use of the paid ads of the social media platforms will help you reach out better to your target audience. Good luck with your upcoming social media campaigns! 

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