Afraid to Use Facebook Login to Access Your Apps? You Shouldn’t Be

Facebook Login to Access Your Apps:- Facebook is a leading social media platform where a huge amount of audience is present. It can be accessed through an application as well as a website.

Smartphone users can access most applications with the help of a Facebook login. It is a time-saving approach as you get a chance to use the application directly with just a tap. 

However, many people fear accessing the applications through Facebook Login. They have a primary thought that personal data becomes vulnerable as the hackers can easily crack the security of Facebook. The reality is different. When you use Facebook for app login, you are logging into Facebook.

Why It Is Safe To Go For  A Facebook Login

Facebook Login

Facebook’s Security Is Reliable

Facebook has outstanding security features and they invest a lot in it. Moreover, Facebook is one of the  leading social networking site that is used by billions of people worldwide, and thus, it is trustworthy. 

Facebook always has granular control over everything and it can keep hackers away. If you make an exclusive password for an app, consider it to be vulnerable as most applications do not have a proper security setup.

No Hackers Can Get Personal Information


If you use the Facebook Login for getting the app access, it will not get your password. Instead, it will only have a token that can cross-check your Facebook profile for your identity. In such a case, the hackers will not get any information about you. 

Unlike, if you create a standalone password for an app, the hackers can easily hack it, breaking its security restrictions. Much of your data like your email address, phone number, etc can reach the hackers easily. 

Removing App Access Becomes Easier

Removing App Access Becomes Easier

No matter which app you are using, it always becomes easier to remove the access if you have accessed it through a Facebook login. In such a case, you can directly uninstall the app and no vital information will be available with them. 

In some apps, you have to enter your email address, date of birth, and even your phone number. You cannot uninstall the app right away. In such cases, you need to ensure that all your personal information is deleted from its database.

Two-factor Authentication Can Be Opted for

Two-factor Authentication

The Facebook login for accessing other apps runs on the theory of Oauth, also known as ‘for an open standard for authorization. According to this theory, you can use dual-factor authentication. This provides you with the added security. 

If you are afraid of using the Facebook login, imagine that you have only one email id that you use for accessing several applications. It leads you to the same situation. Always remember that your email can also be hacked just like your Facebook ID.

You Have Ultimate Control over Data

Control over Data

As you use the Facebook login to access the application, you can have total control over the data you share. In the case of using an app, you might have to give certain data that are vital like the debit/credit card details. 

The Process of Connecting Apps with Facebook

As you have read the previous part of the article, you know why it is safe to access an application with a Facebook login. Here, you can go through the detailed process of connecting applications with Facebook.

Step 1: Install an Application

Install an Application

In the first step, you need to install an application on your smartphone. To ensure that the app is authentic, you should always download it from the Google Play Store. Avoid downloading an independent app as it can be hacked easily due to poor security setup. 

Step 2: Check if the App Allows Facebook Login for Access

Facebook Login for Access

After you download and install the app on your smartphone, you should check if it allows Facebook login. In most cases, you can see two other options namely the google login and the email login.

If you have an active Facebook profile, you can choose Facebook login to access the app.

Step 3: Check for the Notification

Check for the Notification

You should check for notification on your Facebook app once you have logged in to the app. Getting a fresh notification means you have successfully logged in and the app has got the token of your verification through your Facebook profile. 

Applications that Can be Accessed with Facebook Login

Mostly, all kinds of Facebook apps can be accessed through Facebook login. Here is the list with some details:

The Contact Form Apps

Contact Form Apps

The contact form apps are quite similar to the email capture application. These applications are used for making an email capture which makes your Facebook usage more seamless. MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact are some apps that you can access through Facebook.

Custom Tab Apps

Custom Tab Apps

There are several custom tab apps that you can access on Facebook. When it comes to these apps, you can enhance your Facebook usage with an image or a video. Some leading custom tab apps are ShortStack, Heyo, TabSite, LeadPages, etc.

Blog and RSS Feed Apps

RSS feed apps

The RSS feed apps help you to get the RSS feeds while you use Facebook. With these feeds, you can get redirected to a lot of interesting blog sites where you can read the blogs. Some examples are Social RSS,, NetworkedBlog. 

Social Media Integration Apps

Social Media Integration Apps

Most social media applications can be accessed through Facebook login as it saves a lot of time and you need not re-enter a lot of data.

Apart from these apps, some others act as integrations that enhance social media usage. Here are some social media integration apps related to social media applications. 

For Instagram


  • TabSite
  • Pagemodo
  • Iconosquare

These apps can be accessed through Facebook login and they can help you publish Instagram photos on your Facebook.

For Twitter


Facebook has its own Twitter extension app which you can use while logging in to Facebook. It helps you to tweet all the Facebook posts on Twitter. You can also add other content.

e-Commerce apps

e-Commerce apps

All the leading e-commerce apps provide users a chance to access its content by logging in through Facebook. Now, as the app verifies your identity, it can execute the process of social media marketing

Proper social media marketing always improves the sales of an e-commerce website. Moreover, it ensures that a customer keeps on shopping from an e-commerce site and turns loyal. 

Advantages of Facebook Logins to Get App Access

There are a lot of advantages to using Facebook logins for getting app access. Here are some that you must know as an end-user. 

Improvement In The Number of Logins

Improvement In The Number of Logins

The apps which allow Facebook login get more audience at any point in time compared to those which do not provide this feature. It occurs as the users can get clean access to all the features of the app in just one tap. 

Improved Response And Security

As the app starts getting more audience, it can both improve in terms of response and security. 

Outstanding Blank State

All apps need a proper blank slate and it helps them to create the first impression among the end-users. The auto-population technique can be done by the application team as you can know more about it. 

Money-Saving Approach


An app and its control team would always want to use the APIs. As a result, the app can get a lot of online resources. In the case of social platform apps like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, the resources are not limited.  

The Apps Can Make A Proper Users’ Base

A Proper Users’ Base

As mentioned earlier, the views on an app can improve a lot as the users can access it easily. Most of them keep visiting it regularly and the users’ base of the application can dramatically improve. 

The Mobile Conversion Increases

Mobile Conversion Increases

While you get access to an app through Facebook login, mobile conversion improves dramatically. This is another vital necessity for the app. This is the reason many e-commerce websites also allow users to access the app with the help of a Facebook login. 

Skyscanner is the perfect example of an app that has experienced the success of adding the Facebook login option. It deals with the service of suggesting and booking flights, cars, and hotels. The audience visit has increased by 100% as most people chose to access the app with a Facebook login.

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Facebook Login to Access Apps

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while accessing apps through Facebook login. They are:

update facebook

Keeping An Updated Facebook Application

As you use your Facebook account to access the application, your Facebook application should not be out of date. Make sure you have an active Facebook account. 

Changing The Facebook Password in Regular Intervals

Changing The Facebook Password

If you are planning to get multiple app access through Facebook login, try to change the password in regular intervals. If you stick to one Facebook password for a prolonged period, it might turn vulnerable and data theft might occur. 

In no case should you put the same or similar password for your social media profile or websites like Gmail. To ensure the strength of a password, you should try including both uppercase and lowercase alphabets and numerical in your password.   

Facebook Might Face Data Breaches At Times

Although data breaches rarely occur, Facebook has faced them a few times. In case of a data breach, the vital data of millions of users leak out in the cyber market.

This might be your main fear regarding Facebook login to access applications. However, in reality, the dedicated team of Facebook is always keen to check the security setup and ensure that no data leakage occurs. 

Choosing Facebook Login to Access Your Application

If you are an app developer yourself, you can input both Facebook and custom login. Here you can understand why it is safe to add a Facebook login to your app. 

The Authentication Of A person Is Done By Facebook

Authentication Of A person Is Done By Facebook

The authentication process of facebook is outstanding and you can expect your application to get views from the proper audience. 

All The Security Policies Of Facebook Are Present

Security Policies Of Facebook Are Present

As an app developer, you will face a minimum burden to save all vital information of the users from hackers. You can allow a person with the app access with an identity token as all his vital data remains with Facebook.

The Next Move: Merging Other App Accounts to Facebook Login

Merging Other App Accounts to Facebook Login

If you have already logged in to an application with the data like email address and a password and logged out of it, you can further log in with Facebook the next time. 

However, in such a case, you can have two app accounts as the same individual. In such a situation, you need to merge two accounts. The process of app account merging is quite simple and given below:

  • Make sure the app verifies the Facebook login email
  • You need to give a new password along with the other credentials
  • Access the application and check if everything is rightly running

Final Words

Most people consider it risky to access apps through Facebook login but in reality, it is safe. Facebook has a global network and it deals with huge amounts of data. Therefore, it has an advanced security setup. 

If you are afraid to use the Facebook login in case of accessing applications, it is time you can rely on the security setup of Facebook once you access an app with its log-in setup.

With the Facebook login setup, you can get multiple advantages being an app developer too. While designing an app you can get a lot of resources that can help you improve your app’s performance. 

So, next time, while opening an application account, try to simply click the ‘log-in with facebook’ option.

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