Best Alternatives to Instagress You need to Look upon

Are you looking for some alternatives to Instagress? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we are going to discuss the six alternatives that you can use in place of Instagress. We are also going to read about the common ways to grow a business with real followers. Let’s dive in to know more.

Alternatives to Instagress:– With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the top ruling social media sites today. From celebrities to athletes, politicians to the common man; everyone is attracted to this magnificent platform. There are thousands and thousands of business or fund-raising pages running on the platform which can turn into feeling intimidating – how to make your business 

stand out from the crowd? 

What is Instagress?

Alternatives to Instagress

In the present times, there are thousands of companies across the world rushing to get maximum attention on Instagram by engaging customers with their services. Therefore, it can be a little tough to validate your particular brand or company on Instagram where there are already 8 million other business accounts competing with each other.

Particular to this, if you’re a small business then you might know the hassle of growing a wide base of audience and effective engagement with your followers. If you start putting more time and effort into creating your own Instagram identity by curating to the best, it can be a little irritating when you do not see any results on an instant basis.

To the rescue, you can buy followers from third-party tools or use a growth service that can help to get desired results on an immediate basis. One such fastest automation growth – Instagress was the favorite tool for digital marketers.

It was specially designed for Instagram marketers to help raise their brands across the world by engaging with potential customers. The tool helps to follow or unfollow your account targets automatically thereby doing the automated activities of liking, direct messaging and commenting too. 

Contradict to this, Instagram has already designed a set of Terms of Use for its platform which clearly states how automated processes or bots can lead to banning any business account permanently.

Since Instagress used to perform everything using bots, it somehow opposed the Instagram terms and therefore Instagress had to witness a huge number of business accounts that were permanently blocked by the platform.


Furthermore, with the request of Instagram, the decisions turned up to shut down the web services of Instagress thereby leaving the marketing professionals in utter stress. All in all, marketers started to look out for different alternatives with a bit of suspicion to decide where they should continue with any more Instagram services or not. 

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Top Instagress Alternatives You Need to Know

Here, in this article, we will be taking a look at the safest alternatives to Instagress along with their price matrix for your Instagram account to start gaining more followers with maximum engagement in budget-friendly ways. 



Combin is a web-friendly app that can be downloaded on Windows, Mac OS or Linux for maximum engagement. The app offers an easy to use set of tools for boosting your following organically. It is focused more on growing your followers and building relationships.

With the help of search tools and machine learning, you can find users who are already engaged with similar accounts and further prioritize them who are more likely to become your new loyal follower.

The tools allow a user-friendly interface and are more of a self-management app rather than a growth service. It does not come up with any bot or a person to do the job for you and therefore you need to have brand knowledge and time to input searches and discover real followers.

Price Matrix

  1. Starter plan: It is one of the best plans to try out their functionalities free of cost before making any purchase.
  2. Personal plan: The app provides account management and up to 1000 instant search results for users, posts and in-app actions.
  3. Business plan: This plan can help you manage up to five different accounts along with the services offered in the Personal plan at $30 every month.

Magic Social

Magic Social

Magic Social helps your account to connect with a dedicated growth manager who further helps in engaging more people on Instagram for you. The tools use targeting to connect you with potential followers. Being a low-risk alternative to Instagress; it comes with the great reviews for their unexceptional services, plans and pricing. 

Price Matrix

  1. Regular Plan: Provides a range of targeted audience along with the guaranteed real followers at a maintained service of $15/week or $38 every month.
  2. Professional Plan: This plan includes all the services of the regular plan along with the priority support and utter engagement at a sum of $25 per week or $99/month. You can even go for their annual plan at $420 to enjoy the maximum benefits.



Kicksta is different from other tools as it uses human outreach for connecting with Instagram users i.e. through comments, follows and lies. If you wish to attract your followers from your account then Kicksta can come to the rescue.

The tool likes pictures from your account via those individual users to increase engagement. It works on the mechanism of following similar accounts that show interest to your page thereby increasing the chances that they will follow your business.

The tool has an Instagram Community Manager who is busy liking your pictures all day with such an affordable price of $1.65 per day.

Kicksta is only useful to provide more likes from your account and does not contribute to any sort of discussions via comments or messages which is considered to be a vital point of the inbound marketing strategy

Price Matrix

Kicksta services come up with moderate and maximum growth plans for their users.

  1. Moderate Growth Plan: This plan is designed to offer a maximum of 1000 a day likes along with video onboarding and 10 unique targets for reaching towards savvy influencers and entrepreneurs. You can use the plan at a small sum of $49 every month.
  2. Maximum Growth Plan: The plan covers the entire features of moderate one and also includes up to 1500 daily engagements along with the premium support to 40 different targets with just $99 per month.


Gramista is a machine learning growth tool that helps you to engage followers by targeting their accounts using usernames, hashtags and demographics. The tools help to assign you a dedicated account manager for building growth in terms of engagement and increasing followers over a period of time.

As there is a real human working behind this growth tool, it duly abides by the Terms of Service defined by Instagram and reduces the risk of deactivating your account.

Price Matrix:

  1. Regular plan: Offers a wide range of services like targeting audiences and guaranteeing real followers for just $15/week or $38 for a month.
  2. Elite plan: The plan comes with all the services of the regular plan along with the superior support and twice the engagement at $25/week or $99 per month. You can also purchase a one-time payment annually of $449 to avail all these services.




Upleap is a growth service that connects you with an account manager specially dedicated for growing your account. You can even sign up for a trial period to test whether this suits your Instagram goals or not.

The tool uses targeting for searching users who are going to engage with your content. It also guarantees to interact with the real users that will help you at a long-pace. 

Price Matrix:

  1. Lite Plan: This plan suits best for personal accounts and amateur influencers with a suitable price of $39 per month or $349/year.
  2. Standard Plan: If you are looking forward to rapid growth then this plan is definitely for you at the standard price of $69/month or $579 on a yearly basis. The plan is most suited for larger influencers and businesses.
  3. Premium Plan: This plan is one of the safest and fastest one for influencers and businesses to gain maximum benefits in a short time at just $99/month or $709/year.



Jarvee is an Instagram marketing automation software which can automate responses such as likes, comments and direct messages to new followers thereby increasing engagement with your audience. Instead of wasting hours interacting with your users all by yourself; Jarvee tool helps to automate this process.

The software offers audience targeting based on hashtags and geographic locations. It also works on multiple platforms apart from Instagram and can set various automation settings for every individual account along with interaction time and message scheduling.

Using this software, you can manage your accounts instead of giving access to any third-person. You can even schedule posts as per the different time zones. Currently, it is only available on Windows but we can expect it to land on Linux and Mac OS very soon.

Price Matrix:

  1. Starter Plan: The plan includes all scheduling and automation features which allow you to connect other 10 accounts at only $29.95 per month with premium customer support.
  2. Personal Plan: This plan supports over 70 social accounts along with the scheduling and automation features for $69.95/month.

Common ways to grow your business with real followers

grow your business with real followers

Here, we came across different alternatives to Instagress that can help you achieve desired results. But what if someday, Instagram bans all such growth services for future security? 

Seems frightening right? Well, here are some common ways to grow your business with real followers without using any third-party services.

Take help from Instagram Ad Campaign

Instagram Ad CampaignIf your startup or business has a decent amount of money for marketing; it is better advised to go for paid promotions rather than spending it on followers who anyway do not increase your engagement in the long term.

Initiate a campaign with the intention of brand awareness and target your potential audience that seems to be interested in your account. You are required to create a high-value advertisement to ensure it performs well.

For instance- have a look at other ads from competitive brands that are followed by your targeted audience. Today, Instagram ads are becoming widely known and so you need to maintain a balance between advertised content and regular content that helps to interact with your audience. 

For creating your campaign, you are going to need Facebook Ads Manager. The tool lets you select your targeted audience using ad motto and demographics to analyze your campaign’s performance.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

When it comes to Instagram posts, you need to keep an eye on hashtags by sticking to an aesthetic that can branch out. If you’re posting at the same time daily then there are higher chances of losing your interaction with the target audience.

To avoid this, Instagram has recommended best time practices to be followed before scheduling your posts for all businesses and influencers. Try and test different posting times to check your engagement level increases or decreases. Another crucial aspect of Instagram posts is the type of content you’re marketing.

If your account is based on product marketing; try using graphic quotes or memes along with the photos. Generally, the posts that stand out from the usual content attracts much attention. This way you can even find a new content execution which you’ve never considered before. 

Interaction with Followers

Interaction with Followers

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your brand is by interacting with your followers on a regular basis.

This may sound simple but takes a lot of efforts for business accounts to set up an equal pace with the audience. By interacting with your followers, you not only care about what they have to say but also makes them stick around more.

Also, if someone uploads a photo and tags your account, always make sure to like and drop a comment on it. Try to reply to your posts. There’s no need to reply to everything but your customers will notice the efforts and make your brand feel easier to engage with.

Go with the Story Telling

Story Telling

As we can see how wider Instagram stories are driving engagement and value for connecting with audiences on a daily basis. Also, people are curious to see stories rather than long IGTV videos and hence you can use stories for growing brand awareness. 

Along with this, try to increase traffic on your account through blogs and newsletter or sponsored content. 

A study reports that most viewed Instagram stories carry one-third of their businesses and therefore you cannot ignore the power of this engagement tool.

Try to post about relevant industry news and make use of engagement tactics such as questions or polls with a good mixture of promotional and entertaining content.

If possible, add hashtags along with location tag to increase your story discoverability. Users are known to search for stories using location and hashtag; therefore if your engagement is high you may end up on the Explore page which can further bring new users to your content.

In the End

Here, we come to the end of this article by witnessing a wide alternative to the Instagress. It is better to research more and opt for the best alternatives to Instagress that complies with Instagram’s Terms of Use to avoid any future consequences. 

Eventually, in case you’re not dealing with your brand and engaging with users straightforwardly, you’re not going to have the option to transform those users into long haul clients. Settling on more natural techniques, even though it doesn’t ensure a specific number of following, it improves engagements.

Brands need key moves that will improve their commitment, however, these sites just bombarded the brands and the influencers with a huge load of the fake following.

Instagrammers ought to put efforts into genuine Instagram growth services that will support their commitment and will look genuine so Instagram affirms of it. In the article, we introduced different choices that will acquire your followers naturally.

Every option has its legitimacy, every option can be applied independently or in connection, the decision is yours, however, these choices manage job competently and give results. If you wish to engage your page with real followers using third-party services, try connecting with our marketing team and stay trending among your target audience

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