How to Analyze and Track Twitter Followers Effectively: Marketers Guide

Track Twitter Followers:- If you are into social media marketing or influencer marketing or operating a marketing venture for a business, then you must be acquainted with Twitter. People who are using Twitter for marketing purposes often come up with a common question which is: 

“How to Track Twitter followers?”

According to statistics, a whopping 75% of B2B businesses use Twitter for marketing their products and services. This is why Twitter is a very important as well as a highly competitive platform for marketers and influencers across the globe. Monitoring Twitter followers is a key part of growing your Twitter profile.

This is regardless of the kind of marketing campaign you operate, your objectives or your strategies and techniques. Not just that, tracking followers on Twitter is crucial even if you have a few hundreds of them or several thousand. 

When we say the growth of your Twitter profile, it means gaining more Twitter followers over a longer period of time. That being said, tracking of followers on Twitter primarily includes tracking their interests, numbers, and timeline. So, we can now discuss the real question of how we can analyze Twitter followers effectively.  

In the next part of this blog, we have discussed everything you need to know about tracking Twitter followers. From making use of analytics to Twitter follower tracker and similar tools you can use, this guide can help you achieve your goals and succeed with your marketing campaign on Twitter. 

Analyze and Track Twitter Followers: Where to Begin?

Analyze and Track Twitter Followers

The success of any marketing campaign, especially the ones running online and on different social media platforms, essentially depends on analytics, proper sourcing, and utilization of data.

This is why any person marketing on Twitter needs to know how to effectively track Twitter followers. There are a lot of things to look into and analyze. Although, it is important for one to know where to begin when trying to track Twitter followers. 

To begin with, it can be said that there are a variety of Twitter follower tracker tools that you can use. Along with that, there are a range of other variables and factors to take into account when you track Twitter followers.

The analysis of Twitter follower statistics, as well as the frequency in which you track Twitter followers, depends on these variables. This will also depend upon the time you have spent on the platform and your overall experience in the field of Twitter marketing.

For people and marketers who are considerably new to Twitter, a key concern is to track and monitor their daily Twitter follower count. The variables we talked about in the last paragraph include the account’s age, frequency of content, number of followers, and a range of other factors.

Twitter itself offers some analytics and metrics to help users track Twitter followers. The top follower metrics and new followers metrics of a Twitter account are two of the most important Twitter metrics to deal with. Here is what they mean and measure. 

Top Follower Metric on Twitter

Top Follower Metric on Twitter

This metric indicates a new follower of your Twitter account that you got in the last month. Such a follower is chosen on the basis of the fact that they have the highest number of their own followers.

This one is a very important metric for anyone focusing on tracking Twitter followers. It gives you an insight into which of your new followers has the best capabilities to enhance the exposure of your tweets through their own retweets and comments.

Such followers can be useful for Twitter account holders who are focusing on influencer marketing and brand advocacy campaigns.

New Followers Metric on Twitter

New Followers Metric on Twitter

This metric is a simple measurement of the total number of new followers a Twitter account gained within a specific period of time or within a 28-day period. 

This metric is a measurement that indicates the value of your content amongst your target audience. When a Twitter account gets new followers, it indicates that these Twitter users who follow the account have found value in the content and are most probably looking for more of such content.

A follow is basically a long-term Twitter engagement than a simple like or retweet on Twitter. Twitter marketers know that their Twitter strategy is starting to work when the follower count of their Twitter account starts increasing.

How to Track Twitter Followers?

How to Track Twitter Followers?

It is not rocket science and no matter if you are experienced at dealing with the platform or if you are new, there are a variety of methods to track Twitter followers.

That being said, it would obviously depend upon your strategy and preferences as to which method you adopt. In the next part, we have discussed the methods to track Twitter followers. Check them out. 

Using the Twitter App

track followers Using the Twitter App

Twitter has a very functional, utilitarian, and easy-to-use analytics platform that you can use for follower tracking. This analytics tool on Twitter itself can help you get useful insights, follower information, and statistics. 

You can easily access the Twitter Analytics feature.  Simply log in to the Twitter account through the Twitter app. After this, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen with the “Analytics” option.

If you cannot see the statistics on this menu, simply scroll down to the bottom of the list. Click on the “triple-dot” (…) icon here. This will then show you the “Analytics” feature. 

Twitter Analytics feature

The Twitter Analytics homepage offers comprehensive data of various activities and statistics associated with your account for the last 28 days. 

The homepage of Twitter analytics has a complete analysis of the Twitter profile. You will find all necessary information and data about your profile for a span of the past 28 days in this section. The section includes the following statistics and data:

  • Twitter views
  • Follower information and statistics 
  • Profile mentions
  • Profile visits

Using the Tweet Tab

Tweet Tab in twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics comes with a designated Tweet tab that you can use to monitor the engagement of your Tweets over a certain period of time. 

This tab also consists of data and statistics of the last 28 days. You can also find data from a specific time frame when you select a certain number of days from the calendar option visible at the top right corner of the screen. This data is exportable.

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Conversion Tracking with Twitter Analytics

Conversion Tracking with Twitter Analytics

The Analytics feature also has a designated tab for tracking as well as monitoring Twitter conversions. The feature can be used by marketers, businesses, and influencers for monitoring their website traffic. The tab enables you to monitor web traffic as well as other information and feedback. You can also create tags and further embed them into your own website.

Other features of Twitter Analytics that you can also use for better tracking of data associated with your Twitter account are: 

  • Top tweet
  • Top mention
  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Engagement Rate
  • Link clicks
  • Cost per result
  • Conversions

Easy and Efficient Twitter Follower Tracker Tools

Easy and Efficient Twitter Follower Tracker Tools

Twitter Analytics is a great feature that offers comprehensive data and statistics about your Twitter account, activities, impressions, and a variety of other Twitter follower statistics, engagement data, etc.

Although it is limited in certain aspects, especially when it comes to getting a better understanding of the target audience. This can be based on factors like demographics, interest areas, gender, and other aspects. 

This is when Twitter follower tracker tools and specialized analytics tools can be useful. Here are some of the best ones any marketer, influencer, or Twitter user can make use of. 



This is a Twitter analytic tool for follower tracking. It is focused on data about your audience. With Tweepi, you can easily find the right users to engage with, which may include industry leaders, influencers, and other Twitter accounts based on a single keyword.

Tweepi is a great tool for Twitter users who are aiming to incorporate influencer marketing. It can also help you connect with brands for co-promotions in the future.



Klear has both a free and premium version. The tool gives you detailed and specific account analytics. It makes use of advanced algorithms that can efficiently identify and segregate fake influencers from real ones with actual impact on your target audience.

The tool also offers an influence score, shows the top-performing posts, and offers insights and data on your followers. 



Twitonomy is slightly different from most other Twitter Analytics tools. It does not only offer you insights on your own account and followers but also on an analysis of accounts of your closest competitors



TweetReach offers you detailed data and insight on the reach of your tweets. It includes how far your Tweets have reached both on and off Twitter. It is simple, free, and very easy to use as well making it a great choice for beginners on the platform. All you need to do is simply insert the URL of the page or article that you want to analyze.

As soon as you do that, it will offer you a detailed breakdown of the last 50 Tweets that you have come across. It will also consist of your Twitter handle, as well as relevant keywords or hashtags.

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Final Thoughts

To track Twitter followers is essential. If you want to succeed with your marketing campaigns on the platform, you definitely need to track Twitter followers and make use of these analytics mentioned above.

The tools we have mentioned are the best and most useful when it comes to tracking Twitter followers. It is suitable for professionals and marketers with all ranges of experience. So no matter what your goals and objectives are, and no matter how you have strategized the campaign, do keep a check on the numbers.

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