12 Annoying Instagram Problems and How to Fix Them

While surfing on Instagram you probably have encountered some annoying issues, Through this article, we have shared some useful methods of tackling them, Read on to learn more.

Instagram has now caught the attention of millions of marketers and business owners after having captivated millennials’ attention and time for a long time. 

The craze of this social medium in people’s daily lives is known to all. However, people have the misconception that Instagram is an easy-to-use medium. 

When it comes to posting content and privacy, Instagram has strict policies compared to many other social media networks out there. This can be annoying to people who like to post content on Instagram on a regular basis or happen to be an influencer or a newbie marketer.

If this is the case with you, we are here to help. In this article, we will bring to your attention some of the most annoying Instagram problems people face along with their fixes.

1. To Post Content at a Favourable Time is a Struggle

Post Content at a Favorable Time: Instagram problems

One of the best approaches to get attention on Instagram is to post content at a favourable time. It is the time when your ideal audience is more likely to open their Instagram feeds

So, how can one decide this time? It is when you know the power of analytics tools. There are innumerous analytics tools out there like google analytics, Sprout social, Tapinfluencer, Phalanx, and more.

With these apps, you can figure out the best time to post on Instagram. It helps you improve your online presence and saves your valuable time.

2. Multiple Links in Your Bio

Multiple Links in instagram Bio

The one feature that puts Instagram creators in dilemma is the restriction to put only one link in the bio. There will be times when you would want your users to click the link and visit multiple other sources relevant to your brand.

You can fix this with the help of third-party tools like Linktree, Feedlink, Skedlink etc. With the use of any of these apps, you can paste five links on-page, and then put the page’s link on your bio.

When your followers click on the link they get directed to the app page, where all the URLs can be viewed. In addition to links, these applications also allow you to attach images and videos. 

3. The big challenge of commenting

Initially, when you create an Instagram account for your brand, there is a limited number of followers so it becomes easy to respond to their comments.

However, once your brand is able to generate more engagements and gain more followers, it becomes difficult to communicate through comments with your followers. 

iconsquare for instagram problems

These Instagram problems can be best fixed by a tool called Iconosquare. This tool makes it easier for you to view your latest post by displaying them all on a single page. Most importantly, it will update you on followers’ comments which you did not respond to. 

So, you can quickly reply to your audience and save substantial time that you have been utilising in finding unresponded comments. 

4. Photo editing on a small device is tricky

Photo editing on a small device

Mobile phones are quick to access and easy to post content. But when it comes to creating and publishing professional and sleek images, you may feel the necessity of a big screen. 

Although Instagram can be accessed through your computer browser, it cannot be used for posting content.

This one is really annoying but like all the other Instagram problems, there is also a fix for this problem. Thanks to the Iconosquare app that features a full-size keyboard and allows you to use Instagram editing features on the desktop.

5. Hassle of switching account

Earlier, it was quite a hectic task to switch Instagram accounts, one had to log out from one account and then log in to another. But thanks to the new update that made this tiring job so much easier. 

If you aren’t aware of this new update and how it works, here are the solution steps for you:

switching account

  • Sign in to any of your accounts and move straight to your profile. 
  • Click on the mini arrow appearing next to your user name. 
  • You will now see the option to add a new account, by clicking on it you move on to the option of signing in to another account. 

After you sign in to another account, both accounts are activated at the same time. 

You can now easily switch between different accounts, all you have to do is tap on your username and tap again on the other profile. 

Another way is to long-press your profile and then click on another profile. 

6. Video interruption spoils the vibe

Video interruption

Reels and IGTV are new charms of Instagram, which have immensely increased the daily average time of users on the medium. Any kind of interruption may kill the vibe of your viewers.

Many times users face errors while streaming video content on the medium. The most common complaints of users are that after a few seconds, the video stops unexpectedly.   

There can be multiple reasons for the buffering of videos, some of which include the following:

  • Low internet connectivity
  • Enabling Power Saving mode that stops Instagram video to auto-play
  • You have not updated the app
  • Video gets deleted from the source

These common Instagram problems can be resolved through the simplest and quickest way which is phone restart or an update. 

7. Long IGTV video lacks high-quality

Long IGTV video

IGTV is one of the popular and engagement-generating features of Instagram. It permits Instagrammers to post videos of 10 minutes long-form vertical videos. Someone who owns a verified Instagram account can publish videos 60 minutes long.

These videos appear very fine on mobile devices but when viewed on a large desktop, the quality of the video drops down. Although mobile phones are most popular for Instagram, business owners or marketers can not skip considering desktop users for their videos. 

The issue can be resolved by using IGTV on your browser. Did you know that you can upload IGTV videos directly from your desktop? Instagram Video uploaded from a desktop device appears in high quality on both large and small screens. 

This can be easily done through the following steps:

  • Open Instagram.com on your browser and log in
  • Open your profile 
  • Select the IGTV option from your profile which appears below the story highlight section
  • Add cover photo, title, and description

Note: To upload a video on IGTV it must have a 9:16 resolution

8. Downloading Instagram media is a no

download instagram media with fast save

Instagram is no longer limited to images, it now has a lot of other formats like reels, long videos.

Zillions of content on numerous genres gets uploaded in this channel daily, like: entertainment, motivational, education, informational, news, and whatnot. There will be times when you will like to save valuable content on your device.

Instagram media can easily be downloaded on your device through a third-party tool. Applestore and Google play store, consists of a crazy number of Instagram media downloading apps. Some popular and trustworthy applications include Fast Save, Repost, IV saver, etc.

9. Sharing content on other sources

Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook allow us to share posts on other networks. However, that is not the case when it comes to Instagram. Again to get this fixed you will need a third-party tool and a simple procedure to follow.

  • First, open the post you want to share, click on the menu icon at the top right and choose ‘copy’.
  • Next, paste the link to a third-party tool and that’s all. You can also reshare post captions as well as videos following the same method.  

10. Instagram Problems with Facebook permissions

Instagram Problems with Facebook permissions

If you delete Instagram from your Facebook account which was once linked, it will prevent you from posting on Facebook through the Instagram application. If this is something you don’t want, you can reconnect the application again through the following steps:

  • Start by uninstalling both Facebook and Instagram on your device
  • Open Facebook from your browser and head to Setting
  • Remove all Instagram permission from here

Now Install both the application again Facebook as well as Instagram

Connect both the application again

And that’s all, you have troubleshoot the error and are ready to use the platforms again.

11. Unwanted followers affect brand image

Once your Instagram account gains a good reach and popularity, it becomes difficult to find who are the followers and who are not following you yet. 

If you wish to keep your brand image you must make sure you have authentic followers on your account. In order to do that, you will need the help of a third-party tool like.

tools to simplify Unwanted followers on instagram

This tool will help simplify followers data for you, which includes the following:

  • Users who joined your follower list
  • Users that left from your account
  • Users who you follow, but are not following you back

If needed, you can blacklist and whitelist people with the help of the tool. Whitelist people will include your friends while blacklisted people will not have access to view your account.

12. Promoting Instagram posts on other mediums

Instagram creators and business account holders need to share their content on several networks and sources. To post the same content on several media one by one will take too much of your time. 


But what if we say you can automate the process. This is possible with an amazing tool known as IFTTT.  With the help of the tool, you can promote your Instagram connection on other sources like Flick, Reddit, Digg, etc., at once. 

This means when you post content on your Instagram profile, it will also be uploaded on another network you linked on the IFTTT application. 

The tool creates a web link for you, which can be easily shared to your target audience on other channels. To improve your audience reach, you can make use of the Iconosquare application here

Users from other channels will also be able to see post’s comments and likes, same as in the Instagram app. Iconosquare app also allows the users to connect and share your post from the application itself. 


Instagram is a captivating social media platform, which also happens to be highly beneficial for marketers. It has so many great features and usability, but why limit its uses when you can do so much more. The tools we mentioned in the article will take your Instagram game to the next level and allow you to accelerate growth in your business or your follower engagement.

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