10 Benefits of Using Facebook Business Manager Tool in 2022

This blog discusses the Facebook Business Manager Tool in detail. To know about the tools in detail, you first have to know about Facebook Business Manager. After talking about the Business Manager in detail, we take you through the 10 key features of the Facebook Business Manager. Dive in to know more.

Facebook Business Manager Tool: Facebook has over 2.41 billion monthly active users. It is, therefore, not shocking, that every business is investing in Facebook marketing these days to widen their reach and grow their sales.

The real problem is utilizing personal accounts for managing the business pages or through a fake account linked to a business account, which is not permissible according to Facebook Guidelines.

But what about managing multiple business pages through let’s say 5-10 such accounts? Mind-boggling right?!

Have you heard about Facebook Business Manager yet? If not, you’re definitely lagging behind your competitors on Facebook. It is one of the most powerful tools to gain a competitive advantage over other advertising agencies and business owners.

What is Facebook Business Manager Tool?

Facebook Business manager


Maybe you are new to Facebook Marketing or an established agency handling numerous pages, ads, or accounts; Facebook Business Manager is here for your rescue. It has a relatively short learning curve as compared to some other paid advertising tools. 

Let us first define what Facebook Business Manager is: 

As Facebook defines it: 

“Business Manager serves as a one-stop-shop to manage business tools, business assets, and employee access to these assets.”

Facebook business tools


In simpler terms, Facebook Business Manager is a free tool to centralize all the things to save time and effort, as, over the years, the number of Facebook accounts and pages have grown tremendously to be managed by even a single business. Hence, there was a dire need to introduce a management tool for advertising campaigns. 

It allows agencies and businesses to securely control access to additional resources such as Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts, Product Catalogs, and Instagram account at one go.

This tool reduces the hassle of managing multiple things with respect to various clients, handled by an agency that was tied to an individual account earlier. 

Key Features of Facebook Business Manager Tool

Here are some of the key features and benefits of Facebook Business Manager, which makes it essential for every agency to rely upon:

1. Integrity

Facebook Marketing


Most essential of all, Facebook Business Manager integrates all Facebook Marketing with different clients/partners. It can be utilized for running and tracking ads, manage multiple Facebook accounts, pages, and assets, etc.

Thus, removing the hassle of using several tools for different business objectives. The centralized dashboard streamlines the workflow as well. 

2. Scalability

Facebook Business Manager can be easily scaled, i.e. it can be utilized by small businesses or even large agencies for Facebook marketing.

It helps create and manage Pages or Ads along with the ownership maintained for all different assets, pages & ad accounts. It allows for better business collaboration opportunities.

Facebook pages manager


3. Less Confusing

It helps in keeping personal and professional profiles separate. Thus, the agency need not worry about mistakes such as posting at the wrong account/page. Or, any external vendor/client/partner cannot see personal information.

4. Security

Facebook Business Manager security


Facebook Business Manager allows us to securely provide access to vendors, clients, and partners as it utilizes two-factor authentication. It also provides the business level of reporting to multiple accounts as well. Customized management reports/dashboards are accessible to partners as well. 

5. Accountable

With a number of employees in the marketing team of a business or an agency, it is easy to add, remove, and manage the employees from the account. Logins/Roles can be assigned to employees from the dashboard in a secure manner.

Thus, it is easier to determine who has access to which data and who has a permit to modify or use specific features. Similarly, permissions can be granted to partners as per the business objectives. 

6. Right Targeting

Facebook Business Manager custom audiences


Propel sales with better targeting as Facebook Business Manager allows creating custom audiences for different campaigns. Parallel ads can be created, and A/B testing or split testing can help identify which ad performs better with the target audience and customized settings.

7. Easy to Track

Use of Facebook Ads Manager is a cut above through Facebook Business Manager with detailed reporting to track how ads are performing for a variety of campaigns.

8. Aids all Technical Issues

Facebook business support


A large number of tools are utilized by Facebook, these need to integrate well to work correctly. If any technical issue occurs, Facebook business support will be unable to help in-depth for troubleshooting related issues if, Facebook Business Manager – the recommend tool, isn’t being utilized.

9. Gives the Right Data

Facebook Business Manager allows for accessing valuable Facebook pixel data and product catalog. Product sets can build in a much easier way. It helps to reach the business website to the audience with ads on Facebook, who have visited official websites once.

10. Vendor Management

Vendor Management dashboard


Manage billing details with a centralized dashboard for different clients/vendors and determine spending thresholds quickly for various campaigns.

Final Thoughts 

With all the benefits mentioned above, Facebook Business Manager Tool is the most useful tool for agencies, advertisers, and entrepreneurs looking to push forward their success graph online. It is like a wave of the future to frame and implement better Facebook Marketing strategies.

Thus, mastering the Facebook Business Manager tool is necessary for the better promotion of brands, better targeting, and hence, generating more significant ROI from the same.

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