20 Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

Nowadays social media platforms are very popular among people, and when it comes to generating revenues through modern techniques social media have a very important role to play in it. There are numerous benefits that can be availed by a brand through social media. Here in this blog, you going to read about them. Let's start!

Social Media has now become an integral part of our lives. It is not only restricted to personal lives but has extended its importance to our professional lives too. 

Social Media Marketing plays an immense role in boosting a business and enhancing the overall market of a company.

In today’s world, 97% of marketers and 78% of salespersons are employing social media marketing as a means of improving their growth.

However, you need to have a proper strategy and creativity for impactful Social Media Marketing.

But the problem is that many businesses are not aware of the significance of Social media marketing, and consequently 50% of small business owners are not using Social Media for promoting their businesses. 

Not using Social Media for promoting your business can be a major reason for your business to lag. 

Are you one of those who never used Social Media for Marketing their business? Are you not aware of the importance of Social Media Marketing for your business? Do you want to get an idea about the 20 Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing every Business should know

Then, don’t worry. You are at the right place and this article is for you. Just keep on reading and you will get all your answers. 

Let’s talk about 20 Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing every Business should know.

Let’s start with this article and get to know about the benefits of Social Media Marketing.

So, let’s not waste any more minutes and get exactly to the point. 

20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Create Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition is one of the major factors which can boost a company’s market and its performance. 

People are more likely to buy from the company or brand whom they trust or are familiar with. Thus, a well-recognized brand is more successful in the market. 

Social Media Marketing is highly recommended for the Brand Recognition of your company. 

Fortunately, Social Media provides you with an easy and effective way to build your brand’s Recognition. 

Brand Recognition

Social Media Marketing is much more reasonable than the traditional way of Marketing as it markets your products or services more quickly, effectively, and can reach out to a larger audience

In addition, people who are not at all aware of your brand or your products can get a glimpse of it. 

Tips: Try to place the logo of your brand more often but in a planned way. Don’t ever overuse it, it shouldn’t be distracting. Think and strategize before placing your brand’s profile and cover photos.

In order to have a greater impact, the visual elements of your website should be well represented.

Talks about your Brand’s Story

brand story example

Don’t you feel more connected to a person or brand, if you know their stories? 

Well, Social Media Marketing does the same thing for your brand. 

You can share your brand’s mission or stories on social media so that people get to know more about your brand and its purpose. 

Talking about your stories can be an effective way to create your brand’s image. You can share any story you think would create an impact on your customer’s minds. 

Tips: It’s a great idea to share stories about people who used your products or services and then gave you positive feedback. It’ll create a good brand image for your company in people’s minds. 

Generates Conversation around your Brand

Conversation around your Brand

A good Social media strategy should generate conversation around your brand, products or services, and partners. 

When you generate proper conversation around your brand through social media marketing, people talk about your brand and you get better feedback. 

Tips: Try to engage in conversations with your audience, reply to their comments, if you can’t give replies to all comments, at least reply to some of them. While doing so, your audience will get an assurance that there is an actual person behind this brand and not some robots. 

They should get a feeling that they can talk to you and get engaged in a conversation with you. Try to build a good connection with your audience. 

Try to share content that can start a conversation for you or that can make your social media more interactive. 

You can give shout outs to some companies you mostly work with or you can ask for feedback for your products.

You can always ask some open-ended questions in your posts like what you guys think about this and all, those questions are more likely to start a conversation with your audience. 

Make use of Social Listening

Social Listening

Social Listening implies the act of scrutinizing conversation on social media about certain topics.

It assists you by giving you an idea about the trends your audience are following and what are topics that they find engaging enough.

Then, you can address those topics or points in your content. You can also get an idea about the language and tone your audience is using so that you can incorporate it into your posts too. 

Tip: Introduce it in your daily habit to do some social listening, and get an idea about what your audience is interested in. To evolve your content accordingly. 

Gather data from audience research

This method is similar to social listening, but it is more focused on your product and you can get an idea about the keywords your audience is using. 

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all allows you to get an insight into your posts and observe their reach. 

Earn customer loyalty

Earn customer loyalty

Social media marketing lets you build your brand loyalty without spending any money. 

Social media allows your customers to follow and interact with the brands and the plus point is that almost 53% of your social media followers are likely to be your loyal customers in specific. 

It’s obvious that if they are following your brand then for them your brand is above other brands of the same kind of product, and they will choose you over other brands. 

But it’s very important to keep your customers happy and engaged on your social media. Let’s see how you can do that:

  1. You can offer some discount coupons or promo codes to your customers on your social media. 
  2. You can offer them some giveaways related to any competition or something. So that they remember you for a longer time. 
  3. Try to ask open-ended questions on your social media. So, that your audience feels compelled to reply. 

Provide incredible Customer support service

Customer support service

You can offer customer support service to your customers through social media as your customers expect you to do that. 

By investing in social media, you can form a good relationship with your customers. 

Most customers prefer social media for customer support as they are more used to social media and social media allows immediate interaction. 

Therefore, having a social media customer support service is a necessity. 

Tip: If you have a separate team for customer support, you need to make sure that the line of communication between the two remains clear, to avoid any confusion. 

Link Building through Social Media

Link Building through Social Media

Social Media can have an impact on the SEO of your brand. 

For instance, your content gets shared multiple times by different people. Some of your followers write the same content and share it along with the link that leads to your content, as a source.

Then, search engines will notice that your content has linked back several times and will provide your content with a higher ranking. 

Some tweets relevant to trending topics are also shown by Google and Bing in their search engine results. 

Establish your brand as a topical authority

brand as a topical authority

Topical authority implies that your business can be trusted as a source of information on a specific topic. 

Social Media can help you to establish your brand’s topical authority through content marketing. 

If you post good content on a similar topic regularly, then the search engine will consider your authority on that topic. 

This can make you a reliable source of information for a specific topic and would lead to an increment in the traffic to your website. 

Direct traffic to your website

Direct traffic to your website

Social media can help you in increasing traffic to your website. It is a fact that all websites are dynamically fetched from search engines, which may vary from time to time, so you need to try various options like SEO methods. 

Social media provides you with great opportunities to direct traffic to your website. 

Social media is effective in increasing traffic, but you need to have better engagement on social media. For that, you are supposed to take care of what you post and how often you post. As very frequent posts can irritate your audience. 

So, you need to have proper planning of what you post, at what time you post, and after how much interval. 

Social Media is mostly free

You can market your brand for free on social media. You can create an account and start to share organic content related to your brand on that account.

It will help you in reaching out to a larger audience and create a great impact on them through good content that you post on your social media

Tip: It’s not advisable to write content on your social media that sounds like an ad or it will look like spam. If it looks like an advertisement, then you should pay for it. 

Helps your ad to go viral

Helps your ad to go viral

You can create an effective ad related to your brand and then take the help of social media to make it viral. 

Social media can make an ad viral in a few hours if it’s effective and worthy. It’s a great marketing strategy as it can bring lots of attention for a small amount of effort and you can get a good return on investment. 

One thing that you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t force any ad to go viral. 

Tip: You should take care of the fact that making an ad go viral should not be your primary concern, but making it effective should be. 

The second thing is you shouldn’t keep your expectations too high as it’s better to reach out to 5,000 possible customers than 15000 random people. 

Retarget your audience

Retarget your audience

You can retarget your audience through social media. You can keep the recorder of the visitors of your website by introducing anonymous cookies on their browser, and then when they visit a social media site, the same ad will be displayed in front of that visitor by retargeting service. 

This method helps you to stay in the eyes of your customer even when they are not visiting your website or going through your social media. 

Increasing Conversion rate

What’s the benefit of a good amount of traffic which does not increase your website’s conversion rate? 

Getting a substantial amount of traffic is great, but the major concern is whether traffic is converted or not. 

For driving conversions through social media, the first thing you need to do is that you should add a call to action in your posts so that the audience feels compelled to click on that particular link or button and buy your product. 

Increasing Conversion rate

The second thing you can do is you can organise some competition or contests, offering giveaways to the winners. It would lead to a good engagement on your social media

You can always try some Ad to get a good conversion rate, as Ads are highly impactful. 

Tip: You shouldn’t just rely on any one of the above suggestions. You should try all of them to drive more conversions. 

Communicate with your audience on topics that you both like

Communicate with your audience

You can get involved in the groups that are about topics that you love and you can better interact with your audience. 

You can also follow people who are posting content which is relevant to your products. If they like what your company is all about, then they can follow you too. 

There is a higher chance of purchasing by a person who’s already following you on social media. 

Tip:  You can create your group on Facebook and LinkedIn, related to your products or brands and can start a conversation about it there. 

Use Social proof to get connected with a larger audience

Use Social proof

People like to try out products of the brand that already have lots of customers. 

The same goes for a website or social media account. Nobody cares about the account that is not followed by a good number of people.

So, your content should be worthy enough to get a lot of shares and one thing that you can do is add a button to your blog or posts using which people can see how many shares it has got.

These buttons can show the popularity of your content or blog to whoever wants to check it and can also provide an easy way to share it. 

Content Promotion

Content Promotion

Content promotion is not as simple as it sounds but is very effective for marketing your business. 

When writing content for social media you need to be very creative and take care of your headlines, images, and the time of posting your content. 

Promoting your content through a story is an easy and effective way to get a better engagement, rather than putting it like an ad that is more likely to get ignored. 

Tip: Always try to promote your content through interesting stories. 

Use Hashtags for greater reach

Use Hashtags for greater reach

The use of hashtags in your posts is a great way to reach out to similar minded people. You like to read or write about similar topics. 

The use of hashtags on social media is entirely free, so why wouldn’t you use it. 

You need to keep in mind that too many hashtags do not lead to much engagement. 

It often degrades the value of your post and makes it more susceptible to getting lost. 

Try to keep your customers up to date

Try to keep your customers up to date

It’s very important to keep your customers updated about new products or events of your company. You should announce the launching of a new product on your social media, before its launch.

It’ll make your audience excited about that product and will be great regarding the marketing of that particular product or event.

Tip: You should announce a new product, new updates, new services, and new departments or expansion of your company.

Make Use of A/B Testing

AB Testing on social media

You can make use of A/B Testing on social media to get better results.

You can track the conversion rate and check the reach of your posts. This provides you an idea about your effective posts on social media.


Hope this article provides you with a clear idea about the various benefits of social media marketing to your business.

After going through all above mentioned 20 points, we assume that you have realized why social media marketing is necessary for a business to grow more and reach out to a larger audience.

Wish you all the very best.

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