14 Of The Best Blogging Platforms For You To Build Your Blog On In 2022

Are you looking for the best blogging platform that's right for you? No need to worry at all. Here, in this blog we will provide list of best 14 blogging platform where you can create your blog within minutes. Let's go through the blog to learn more!

Are you in search of a platform that helps you showcase your writing and share your blogs? Do you wish to engage people with your blogging content? If yes, then this article is the answer to your search!

Using your writing skills to engage with the audience is an excellent idea to increase your reach and strengthen your network. According to the latest statistics, “77% of people read blogs daily.” Therefore, your content is undoubtedly going to add value to the world. 

However, if the confusion in finding the right platform for your blogging site stops you, then this article is your ultimate guide with the top fourteen platforms that will help you start blogging in 2021. But before getting into the list, let us explore why we should start blogging.

Reasons To Start Blogging In 2021

Reasons To Start Blogging In 2021

 It Helps You Showcase Your Niche

Your niche reflects your brand and expertise. Once you start a blog, you can showcase your knowledge and initiative in your forte. When you do not decide your specific area of interest, starting an open-ended blog helps you explore more and makes you more curious. 

Inspire Your Audience

Inspire Your Audience

Inspiring your readers is one of the most satisfying feelings for a writer. Once you start a blog, you can make positive changes in your audience’s life and help them reach their potential.

Also, it helps you to brush up on your writing skills and the way you transform your thoughts into words. That is why; blogging turns into a two-way beneficial activity. You create a positive impact on others and make yourself better.

Learning Diverse Skills

Learning Diverse Skills

Once you put your foot into blogging, a diverse range of options open up for you. You can explore other skills like social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, content management, and a lot more. Once you learn such skills, you can monetize them and gain profit. 

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

The very first step towards a bright decision is to take the first step forward. It’s not an overnight job but always remember!

Once you start posting a blog and sharing your thoughts with the audience, you have already taken that step. Slowly, when your contribution towards your audience increases, you become a dominant online presence for them.            

 To Generate Your Income

 To Generate Your Income

Yes! That’s right. You can earn a living using your blog posts, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You must hone your writing skills, sharpen your content strategy and engage with more audiences to reach the pinnacle.

It’s a long process of experimenting with new things to discover what works for you and what does not! And once you find what works, you can monetize your blog and make your dreams come true. 

Document Your Life

Of course, it is a perfect way to reflect upon your life. You can start a blog and document the important events of your life, write about the travel journals and share prominent experiences. Storing all the memories will surely help you evaluate how far you have come.         

14 Best Blogging Sites For You To Start Blogging In 2021

1. WordPress


If you want to keep your best foot down in the market, WordPress is one of the best platforms to do so! It is among the best warriors on the battlefield of effective blogging sites.

It is a free platform yet; you need to build the website and host the software yourself. If you aim for a long-term content strategy, it is always best to pay some amount for a robust WordPress host.

When you host the site yourself, it comes with added benefits. It provides you with absolute control of what your website looks like, how it functions, and how you make money by utilizing your content on the site. 

Although doing technical pieces of stuff yourself can sometimes be a time-consuming procedure, it will surely pay off. Apart from WordPress.org, you can also go for WordPress.com, which is a free personal blogging site.

But you should consider that it provides limited options to customize your website. Also, the accessible version of WordPress.com can prevent you from monetizing your blog. That is why it’s always better to consider hosting companies like BlueHost or Siteground that help you gain more autonomy with your website.

As a newbie, if you feel confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, explore the difference mentioned below: 

  • The critical difference between both of them lies in the fact that who hosts the site? In WordPress.org, you host your website, whereas, in WordPress.com, it’s the platform that hosts the website.

2. Wix


Wix is a very manageable free website builder. It assists you in creating a website that is fully customized to run on both mobile and desktop. The unique aspect of the Wix platform is the drag and a drop option which helps you smoothly handle the back-end.

It is often considered that ease does not come with quality, but in the case of Wix, this does not hold true! Despite the ease that it offers, the platform does not degrade the quality of the user experience. It offers innovative and modern designs to budding bloggers.

Moreover, the platform provides you with free hosting! So what are you waiting for? Select a fantastic template, arrange a layout, and get started with your blogging site.

The Wix provides you with an excellent collection of premium and free templates, and you must choose the one which serves your purpose at its best. 

Another unique feature of Wix is the Wix ADI which can create an instant website if you fill the questionnaire. You can allow Wix ADI to create a site for you based on the questionnaire you filled, or you can create the site yourself by selecting a fantastic template and customizing everything in the front end according to your choice in a preview mode. 

To create a website on this platform, you can select either of the two options. Also, you can add a wide range of elements to your page like video boxes, backgrounds, typography. When you think your website is ready for the world to see, click on the publish button and start posting your excellent blogs and content there. 

3. LinkedIn  


Are you a business enthusiast who desires to reach your pre-existing audience to enhance your engagement? If yes, then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to start blogging! Most people consider it a platform only meant for job hunting and networking, but blogging on LinkedIn indeed has its benefits. 

The two evident reasons for anyone to start using it as a blogging platform are the ease that the platform provides you and its strategy to target a pre-existing audience. Moreover, the platform offers you an immense scope of engagement. 

Also, the users are highly focused, professional, and business owners. LinkedIn is the gold mine of B2B marketers. According to the latest statistics, “94% of business-to-business marketers use this platform for generating leads.”

Therefore, LinkedIn gives you excellent exposure and helps you boost your online presence. It offers you to target a particular audience that can boost business-to-business marketing, which will surely reward your blogging.

As far as technical aspects are concerned, posting articles on LinkedIn comes with immense ease. To write and publish an article, go to “start a post” present at the top of your LinkedIn feed. Transform your status into a full post by tapping on “write an article on LinkedIn.”

4. Medium


Are you an ardent writer or a voracious reader? Do you wish to have a platform that showcases your excellent writing skills without caring about having your site? If yes, then Medium is the perfect fit for you! It is more of a community-centric platform than a personalized blogging platform.

It is a perfect fit for complete writing that expresses your views about several subjects and is prominently used by professional writers focusing on niche-specific topics. 

The unique characteristic of this platform is that you do not have to get into the nitty-gritty of SEO, and your blog is curated and distributed across the audience based on your topic. 

Moreover, Medium exposes your content to a vast audience of 60 million monthly readers. Also, using Medium is pretty straightforward. You have to sign in, customize your profile and start writing. 

However, the demerit about starting a blog on Medium is that all your content will be on Medium. You are not building your own space like you would on sites like WordPress.

5. Weebly


Weebly is another excellent option that offers you to build a website for blogging as well as assist you in showcasing your products and portfolio. It has provided us with the drag-and-drop elements, which makes it quite similar to Wix.

If you wish to add certain buttons, you only have to drag them to the page and customize it. The same goes for any other multimedia element like slideshow and photo galleries.

Weebly offers several facilities like media boxes, forms, sidebars, social media icons, ad spaces, and a lot more with in-built analytics.

Moreover, if you wish to have your own paid domain, you can surely use it. However, you can access five custom plans, 500 MB storage, ad spaces, and a subdomain when you use a free plan.

6. Ghost 


Are you looking for a platform with a modern vibe and sophisticated technical setup? Then, it’s time for you to start blogging on Ghost. You can download Ghost for free like WordPress, but obviously, you will get the fuel to propel your content through paid hosting.

Are you searching for a hosting company? DigitalOcean is a good idea to start with! It is cost-effective, supports Ghost, and offers you some of the excellent features. Once you set your website on Ghost, creating a post comes with much ease. 

The platform offers a simple and minimalist editor with a preview of your page on the screen’s right side. You can navigate to the settings near the sidebar. There, you can browse through and choose your preference. Also, the front end of the platform will give you beautiful vibes. 

However, the downside appears while installing Ghost. It is not as smooth as in the case of WordPress. Also, you have to get into some server work depending on the host of your blog.

7. Blogger


Blogger is one of the old gems in the field of online blogging platforms. It is an excellent choice for personal blogs though not a perfect one for professional use. The unique feature of Blogger is that it offers us relatively more straightforward themes of different skins and advanced colour filtering. 

The interface appears like Google+, and the editor looks similar to a word page. However, it does not provide anything too fancy or customizable. It strives to keep the appearance simple and focuses on the strength of the content. 

Also, it is easy to work with bloggers. You only need to create an account, pick up a theme and start expressing your thoughts in the form of your excellent writing skills through your blogs. The site offers you ad spaces that allow you to place ads in your article. 

8. Tumblr


If you are searching for a platform for crisp, creative, and image-focused content that gives a social media kind vibe, then Tumblr is your suitable spot.

It appears a milder platform on this list because the others are specifically designed to publish long posts, but Tumblr has more social media or multimedia-oriented content.

It is an impressive option for personal use but is not perfect for executing a business-oriented strategy. Posting content on Tumblr is as easy as on other sites like Blogger. You have signed up, and you are all set to post your creative stuff.

The editor is simple and provides basic customization for your content. However, the platform has ad spaces to display ads on your page, embed affiliate links, and integrate with Google Analytics.

9. Joomla


For all those who wish for a WordPress alternative, Joomla is a platform that would do the best. Same as WordPress, the software on Joomla needs hosting and a domain.

The platform can be used as both a blog and a complex website. In terms of facilities, it provides an old-school Microsoft Word-like editor.

You can select from various colours, font sizes, backgrounds, and tables. The platform is a tabbed editor where the first tab appears like a texting window. Afterwards, it would help change the tabs to reach post categories, meta descriptions, tags, dates, and keywords.

10. Jimdo


Jimdo is a blogging site that comes with essential features and less complexity. You can quickly have your website by submitting responses to the questionnaire about the purpose of your site. After you inform your picks, the site is created accordingly.

On this platform, you can create a post through the front end and not the editor. It means that you have to go to the individual content box on the live page and edit them on the spot.

Jimdo offers a photo gallery, simple text, and text with images, buttons, columns, etc., as content elements. 

11. Quora


Quora is a place where you can share questions and answers regarding a specific topic. Here, the users can edit the questions, comment on the answers, and give upvotes that eventually increase the answers’ credibility. It is a perfect place to engage in discussions, post your articles and increase your network.

12. Gator


It is a blogging platform created by hosting company HostGator. The platform is smooth to work with and has a drag-and-drop option to facilitate the front end. On Gator, it is trouble-free to create a blogging site, and it works wonders, especially if you are a newbie.

13. Drupal


Are you looking for a platform that helps you with your business-related content? Drupal is here to serve your needs! It is altogether a content management system along with blogs using which you can organize web pages and other online content. 

14. Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact Website Builder

It is a blogging site that auto-generates a website and helps you get through a website building procedure step by step in a straightforward way. It offers basic features and helps you create a quick website to post your content. 

Concluding Remarks

Starting a blog not only helps you showcase your writing skills but also assists in building your brand, generating income, and learning multiple skills. Most prominently, it gives you a chance to inspire and add value to your audience’s life.

You can create your website on several platforms and start posting your blogs, but if you are a newbie and find yourself confused and overwhelmed with so many choices, this article will help you to discover excellent options.

We hope this article helps you to start your blog, engage, and inspire your audience in 2021. Let us know your favourite site, and drop your thoughts and queries in the comment section below.   

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