Instagram Hashtag Research: The Only Guide to Find Hashtags with top 8 Tools

Instagram hashtags are the most effective way of getting eyeballs on the posts, they help a brand in reaching their targeted audience and increase engagement. Here in this article, we have curated a list of the most useful tools that can be used by a brand for searching the correct hashtag that can help them to reach their audiences.

Instagram Hashtags Research Tools:- Hashtags are important. There is no debate here! But, why is every marketer going nuts over hashtags?

The reason is quite simple- it makes you earn a whopping number of followers! The competition between brands has increased so much that many profiles go unseen. Hence, placing strategies has become a necessity.

Ask yourself what do you want from a post? Do you want likes, comments, and engagements? Utilise relevant hashtags! To get the most out of it, you need to keep experimenting and trying different words for each post.

If you intend to stay ahead of the game, a blend of old and new hashtags can help you.

Scratching your brain to find new hashtags every time can be knotty if you are not a professional in this field. However, nothing is impossible. Through this guide, you will find eight easy tools that can generate the best hashtags for your brand. Read on and find out what your favorite is!

Sked Social

Sked Social

It is an automatic publish platform, where you can post content and share it on other social media platforms. Interestingly, you can use scheduling tools to create a story, post, tags, hashtags, and more to boost engagement.

What more? You can visually plan your feed and then adjust it accordingly. But, when it comes to hashtags, SkedSocial lists out a bunch of recommended hashtags based on your searches. 

Additionally, you can see which hashtags are performing well and which are not. You get more and more suggestions with the indication of ‘good’, ‘OK’, or ‘great’ to use when you type different words.

Instagram Hashtags Research Tools

Do not wait further; start exploring these incredible features and save time. You can get a free trial for a week and pay $25 to enjoy the features every month.

Display Purposes

It is one such fun platform that lets you discover a wide range of hashtags. Type a word in the search bar and see relevant hashtags appearing. The best feature of this tool is to locate the banned hashtags, especially, if your account is shadow banned.

For instance, you are into the home-cooking and online-delivery business in Ontario, you can type one hashtag and get some related materials like #onlinefooddelivery, #fooddeliveryinOntaria, #homecookedfoodOntario, #homecookedmeals, and more.

Display Purposes

The process is like a child’s play. Take a list of all the suggestions, copy-paste them to your post, see their popularity and choose those with a high percentage.

Overall, it is a valuable tool for marketers and influencers, and it pretty much does the job. If you want to master the art of generating the best hashtags for your Instagram brand, Display Purposes can be an impressive one.


Are you looking for something deep and insightful? Do you want to research hashtags? Try Hashtagify!

It is a powerful tool that will help you find a hashtag’s popularity, week’s trend, month’s trend, spelling variants, top languages, top tweets, top countries, and more. PHEW! In short, you get a complete analysis of a word and understand how it can amplify your brand’s visibility.


Hashtagify has the most advanced search option that highlights the most popular word active on Instagram. It will quickly assist you in identifying the top influencers, tracking competitors, and accelerating business growth.

There are three different categories of pricing- Personal, Business, and Enterprise, along with other add-ons. Try a week’s free trial and boost your hashtag strategy.



Sistrix is yet another IG hashtag generator app that gives you a list of successful hashtags for your post. The coolest part about the portal is that its hashtag generator can get you a combination of more than 15 billion combinations of words or phrases.

With data of more than 7.7 million hashtags, the generator is regularly updated; hence, you will come across a fresh feed every day. The pricing structure varies; choose what suits your requirements.


With Ingramer by your side, you no more have to guess apt hashtags for your Instagram post. It is an AI-based searcher that creates hashtags for online platforms without human intervention.

How does it work? It analyses the image, link, and keywords and comes up with something relevant. You can create up to 5 keywords, which restricts your target audience, thus improving your search.

Separate the keywords by commas and leave the rest to the smart algorithms of Ingramer. With the constantly updated database, you get access to millions of hot and trending phrases per location.


Plus, the hashtag metrics are going to level up your Instagram marketing instantly. You can look at the graphs, statistics, popularity, difficulty, and the best among the lot for every hashtag.

Another exciting feature that you got to play with is image upload. The system will suggest niche hashtags when you upload an image. Undoubtedly, you will not find anything better than this AI platform!

All Hashtag

All Hashtag

You can easily guess by the name All Hashtag that this place is all about generating popular hashtags. Since its birth in 2015, the site expanded and added various features to make the search feasible.

You will find the hashtag generator with three options- top, random, and live. If you are not sure which key phrase to use, you need to type the word and get a list of significant 30 hashtags or more.

The top hashtags may be different from the topic but are in trend. In the case of random hashtags, you find similar words to your chosen keyword. Live hashtags show the key phrases used by other users, influencers, and marketers.

Besides these fantastic features, you can find hashtag creator, hashtag analytics, and top hashtags. The Creator lets you create a variety of hashtags just by typing some simple words. The Analytics gives you an insight into the hashtags scores and the best of all time.

Hashtag Expert for IG

Do you want something on the go? Here you have the hashtag IG app– the most admired app available for iPhone devices. Unfortunately, it comes with one limitation: you cannot conduct serious research on hashtags, but it assists you in finding numerous hashtags quickly.

Once you type your query, you get 30 related key phrases, which you can copy and add to your content. You can also click the advance search results to know if the hashtags are well-liked or not.

Hashtag Expert for IG

However, proceed carefully because it often gives suggestions that have no connection with the significant keywords. For instance, if your post is about makeup, hashtags like #recipe, #brunch, #meals are irrelevant. Take your time, go through the list, and then make a final call.



Are you wondering how to make a living out of social media? Increase your brand’s visibility with RiteTag!

It gives you instant suggestions on hashtags based on texts and images. You can install a Chrome extension or get it directly from the Google Play Store. Though you can sign up for a free trial initially, you need to use it as a paid tool to unlock its fascinating features.

What is the most excellent part? It uses colour codes to display the hottest, long-live, overused, and only for Instagram hashtags. RiteTag makes your social life easy as you no longer have to use your brain to dig deeper and find the correct phrase relevant to your content.

How do hashtags help?

How do hashtags help?

Hashtags aid you to swim through an ocean of mass audiences, yet find the targeted ones. It is not hard for you to imagine the number of pictures, reels, stories, and videos are uploaded daily on Instagram. A lot!

These key phrases help you search and sort different categories and themes so that you get to see the one you relate to. When you place a query using a hashtag, you see posts from a wide range of people apart from your friends- this explains the viewer’s part.

When it comes to the seller part, hashtags assist the brands/businesses enter a market and enrich their visibility. Suppose you sell car parts and accessories all over Canada, and you are searching for a specific set of audiences.

Using hashtags, such as #carpartsincanada, #caraccessoriesincanada, #onlinecarpartscananda, #automobileincanada, #automobilepartscanada, and more can help your business expand and get seen by target masses.

Any hashtag practices that you need to follow?

hashtag practices

Researching is the most favorite part

Hashtags will give a push to your post, but that does not mean that you can use any keywords of your choice. Random words will confuse your audience, and they will fail to understand what you are trying to promote.

Here are three golden rules:

  • Do not make your post appear spammy.
  • Use hashtags relevant to your business, products, and services.
  • Double-check the words before adding them to the captions.

Make the post look clean

Instagram lets you choose 30 hashtags. It can be highly tempting for some, but it is advisable not to fill the space with so many phrases. Excess hashtags may make the space look messy and baffling. 

Here is a quick fix– write the hashtags in the first comment rather than on the caption space. It can be a bit problematic initially, but it will at least save your post from appearing spammy and getting all the wrong attention.

Like this:

hashtags in comments

Go for niche hashtags

If you think that using popular hashtags will give your brand more popularity, you are partly correct. The mass audience will visit your post or Instagram business profile for using popular hashtags, but they are not necessarily from your target base.

They will not linger around to get fresh updates or communicate with you about your service. This is why you need to leverage niche hashtags to pull only those audiences who can stick around. Actually, using less popular ones can help you cut through the noise and reach a targeted section.

Go for niche hashtags

Blend different hashtags

Trying to make a name on social media is not easy because the competition is fierce. This is where a high volume of hashtags comes in handy! However, make sure to shift your focus from the trending ones and try a myriad range of combinations. Blend popular hashtags with the niche ones and create a unique potpourri.

Another point that should be kept in mind is that no repeated use of hashtags. When the same hashtags are used numerous times, you stumble upon the same audience again and again. Hence, variation matters!

Wrapping up!

Using appropriate hashtags makes a great impact on overall Instagram marketing. Of course, many factors matter to make a post successful, and one of them is hashtags! To make things easy, you can use the tools mentioned above and create magic. Take time to understand the platforms and find a suitable solution. Start with the free trial, and then move on to purchasing a plan for your business.

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