Social Media Promotion – 11 Effective Ways to Boost Your Brand

Mere presence on social media platforms is not enough to grow. You need to effectively promote your brand. That is what this blog deals with. This blog presents you with 11 interesting and effective ways to boost your brand on various social media platforms. Learn more about it.

Social Media Promotion Ideas: Have you ever run out of interesting promotional ideas for social media promotion? Well, join the club! It happens to everyone in the industry! Maintaining the constant hype of the company on social media is a very difficult task. You have to always keep the attention of your audience on the edge. 

There are many other promotional ideas for the betterment of your company on social media platforms. But you must always keep in mind that the audiences are the key components here. Whatever you do, make sure that it will help to increase the traffic at the end. 

Best Ideas For Social Media Promotion

With the variety of people that your company is catering to, the marketing plans also need to be different and interesting at all times. We understand that coming up with such a variety of plans is quite arduous and one can even run out of such ideas. 

But don’t you worry! We are here to help you with that! There are some very simple yet quirky ways to raise the level of your promotions on social media platforms. This article has come up with 11 such great ideas that can completely be a game-changer for brand strategy

Social Media Promotion

But before that, you need to bet accustomed to certain facts regarding social media platforms. 

Did you know this? Facebook has 1.5 million daily active users.

Another random fact: LinkedIn drives 80% of social media B2B leads.

social media marketing statistics clearly give you an idea of how important social media is to the business industries. The revenue of your company can exponentially increase with the rate of popularity on such social media platforms. 

social media marketing statistics

This might be surprising for you: 72% of teenagers use Instagram.

Thus, adequate marketing strategies are highly essential for the high ranking and success of your company on such sites.

Ultimate Promotional Ideas on Social Media

Ideas on Social Media

Here is a list of the 11 best promotional ideas that can give your company the limelight required for its success.

Here is a fact: Facebook has the second-largest video consumption rate.

1. User-Generated Content Must Be Shared with The Fans and Followers

Why do companies even open their accounts on the social media platform? Well, it’s obvious! They do it for increasing their followers. Having fans and followers on the social media platform is the primary goal of any company. 

Fans and Followers

Now the question is how to increase your user base on these sites? The answer lies in the simple fact that any customer would believe more in the perspective of another customer. Thus, user-generated content is gaining much popularity recently for marketing strategies of companies. 

Using the user-generated content gives the other audience a trust that there are other people who trust your company as you do. This not only increases your popularity online but also increases traffic and productivity.

So definitely try out this method if you have not tried it yet!

2. Social Media Contest

Participation is what keeps the site and the audience very active. For any company, it is very necessary to keep their audience constantly interested in their page.


There are reports which suggest that Instagram accounts which host contests on a regular basis expand 70% faster than the other accounts. Thus, if you want your company to have exponential growth then start coming up with contests on a regular basis. This will greatly help with your promotion!

3. Use “Tag A Friend” Option

“Tag a friend” is a new trend on Social Media Promotion Ideas or Facebook to be very specific, where people share content and tag their friends to the post since it is somehow related to their lives. You can take this idea and use it purely for marketing purposes. 

Come up with content that people can relate to and it must also be in connection with your company. Share this content as“tag a friend” content. Now as people keep on tagging other people, the post will keep on getting circulated, and hence the company’s popularity will also increase.

Tag A Friend

4. Give Your Followers Some “Behind the Scene” Stuff

Having an account on social networking sites is more about closure and intimacy. People like it very much when you add your personal touch to the page. The thing that makes social media platforms different from normal websites is personal information.

In order to build a stronger relationship with your fans and followers, you must post “behind the scenes” photographs or videos. This will make your audience feel more connected to the company.

5. The Power of Emojis for Social Media Promotion

Power of Emojis

Emojis are a great and very trendy way to engage with audiences. According to numerous reports, emojis in tweets increase user engagement by 25.4% and 57% on Facebook. This not only adds creativity to your content but also keeps it more interesting and eye-catching. 

This is one of the best and easiest ways to connect to your target audience. An addition of just one emoji can really help elevate your content to another level.

6. “How-To Video”

A big part of the social media platform comprises of educational videos. These platforms have started to provide information in a creative way along with entertainment. All of us using social media has at least once searched for a “how-to video”. 

Thus, making your company release a series of such videos will make the page very popular in social media. You must keep relevant “how-to videos” of course and since these videos can be shared, you can gain a lot of traffic using this technique.

The “How-To Video”

7. Collaboration is the Key to Social media Promotion

Collaborations are always a great way to advertise your company to more audiences and increase the traffic on your site. 

The goal is to choose a company which is not in direct competition with your company. Also, you must keep in mind that the audience of this company has to benefit from your services and products. Only then you can increase your number of users using this technique. 


This idea will not only help you increase the traffic but also will keep your page interesting to the audiences.

8. Repost Blogs and Videos

We can always repost creative blogs and videos on your page to keep your audience engaged with the content. You do not necessarily have to keep on inventing new ideas to grab the attention of the users. 

social media video

We can not only repost the previous content but also the transformation of any related content into different formats. This will give you similar user activity as any new idea. Also, this process will help you keep the page active as well an interesting. 

You should always keep in mind that consistency is the main key here. No matter what, your audience must not get bored with your content. You must remember adding value to these posts and contents by adding some personal touches.

9. Go for The Trending Topics

Trending Topics

One of the most effective ways to keep your company’s page trending is by talking about the trending topic. Try to make the conversation valuable to the audience by adding some relevance to your company. 

Hashtags on Instagram are a great way to connect to people. You can even include the hashtags in your trending content to make it more appealing and popular. Since your post will be on a trending topic.

The chances of the post getting shared and tagged will be a lot more. This way you can enhance your performance and popularity on social media platforms.

10. Sharing Tips

Sharing Tips

As a successful company, it is your duty to not only talk about the product and services of your company on social networking sites but also understand the challenges faced by your customers. 

Thus, along with product description, you must also provide tips and advice to your audience about the usage of these products and services so that they can understand the functioning of the service and your company in a better way.

11. The “Ask Me Anything Series”

Ask Me Anything Series

You can even start an “ask me anything” series on social media to get to know more about the problems faced by your customers. This is a great promotional idea as the audiences will get more engaged in the company. 

Taking care of the user and their issues related to the company’s products are the key factors behind its success. You need to portray the followers that you care about them and their problems. And there is no other better way than this to showcase your care and concern for them.

The Final Note

This is for your knowledge: 37% of consumers find their inspirations for purchase from social media platforms.

The Final Note

You can even come up with audience polls and see what the overall demand of the users is. This will not only keep your page interesting but will also give you more information about your target audience. Based on the results of the audience poll, you can easily decide which of the above promotional ideas will help you create a better connection with your audience. 

We understand that creating an impact on social media is highly necessary. But the most difficult task here is maintaining that impact throughout. The above-mentioned points will surely guide you to maintain that pace. 

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you increase your collection of promotional ideas and marketing strategies for social media!

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