Best Twitter Management Tools that Guarantee Growth in 2022

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform among social media users. As it has enormous marketing ability, it cannot be ignored by marketers. On Twitter, numerous people follow brands and interact with them as well. Hence, it is a great platform for establishing authority. This blog talks about some very interesting Twitter Management tools that a brand can use.

Twitter is one of the top-most social networking platforms where people from different fields communicate with each other and express thoughts. It also helps businesses publicize the services and commodities they deal with to a target audience.

As per the stats published by Oberlo, nearly 40% of Twitter users purchase a service or a product after going through it on the platform.

So, you can imagine how your business can grow in 2021 if you manage Twitter properly. Choosing the right Twitter tool for your business can be tricky as the internet is filled with such digital products. You can either choose a free and paid tool to enhance your business growth.

Here, the best Twitter management tools are mentioned with all the details. All these tools fall into a certain class and you need to pick one according to your necessity. Take a look into these tools and the class they fall in.

Chatting Tools on Twitter

Chatting helps to communicate with the leads who are generally like-minded people. These people have a higher chance to change into leads. Chat hosting is quite challenging and you need an excellent tool as support. Here are some chatting tools that can help you carry out chat hosting.


Twubs: Twitter Management Tools

Both, chat hosting and finding new chats can be easier with the help of Twubs. It is a free tool that you can download from the internet. It helps you with personal chat hosting and getting access to all industry-related chat threads.

The interface of Twubs is user-friendly and you can get all notifications as feeds. These feeds are even presented to you as regular ones and host messages. Another advantage that you can get while using Twubs is the speed. It can be regulated based on the pace of your work.

Twubs is best for the Human Resource professionals working in an organization. With this, you can attain guests in a better way on Twitter, turning most of them into prospects.

Drawbacks of Twubs

  • Twubs allows you to add commercial hashtags in its paid version only.



TweetChat is one of the best tools to use in the case of Twitter management. It can help you with chat promotion and the addition of relevant hashtags to all Tweets. It is able to filter the retweets properly and allow you to go through the chat processes perfectly.

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Another benefit that you can enjoy with the TweetChat tool is the blockage of spammers. It is best for the small business owners who are just settling for Twitter management with an expectation of growth in their business.

It is a free tool with a simple interface that you can learn easily. If you are aiming to communicate with your customers directly, TweetChat can provide you the platform to set up an online event.

Drawbacks of TweetChat

  • The TweetChat tool comes with slow-down intervals having time limits.

Analytics Tools on Twitter

Analytics can help a business person get a clear idea about the audience who have shown interest in their products or services. Simply, these people are the visitors of a business-related account on Twitter. There is a process you can get access to the Twitter analytics for your handle.

In case your concern is to check the analytics report of your competitors for competition, you can use the following tools.



As the name goes, you can consider Twitonomy as the anatomy of a Twitter account. It is not just an analytics tracker tool but a platform from which you can download various lists as per your need.

It is a tool for which there are both free and paid packages. You can go through the features of the tool that you can get in the free version. If needed, you can take the paid version.

You can gain access to the Twitter analytics dashboard of any user. The best you can do is visit the accounts of the marketers and other users.

The Twitonomy tool also allows you to search for analytics on usernames, hashtags, and keywords. You can make the best use of this tool if you aim to know the current user trends on Twitter.

Drawbacks of Twitonomy

  • Twitonomy does not allow you to gain custom reports
  • The dashboard remains crowded most of the time
  • You may not be able to compare huge data

Daily 140

Daily 140

When it comes to free and paid packages of the Daily 140 tool for Twitter, you can consider it very unique. It is an analytics tool that sends you emails. These emails are from 3 Twitter profiles with detailed analytics data. This data accounts for all the likes, tweeters, shares done in a specific period of time.

You can pay $5 each for accessing the data from more Twitter handles. As per the responsiveness of the tool, you can get the emails in the early hour of the day. As a result, you can avoid waiting for anything you need.

The tool is best for tracking competitors while managing Twitter for social media marketing. User-friendliness is another most important benefit that you get from the Daily 140 tool. Many business owners prefer this tool as the terms related to the extension are cheaper than any other tool in the market.

Drawbacks of Daily 140

  • The biggest drawback of Daily 140 can be its non-expansive approach.
  • There is only one feature available on the tool, which limits the purpose if you have an established business already.

Tools on Twitter to Discover the Right Content and User

The combination of the right content and entertaining writers on Twitter can lead a business to dramatic growth. High-quality content can boost audience engagement on the Twitter account and the website. So, there are more chances for the business person to ensure sales from the online prospects.

The following tools can help you find fresh content and content manufacturers on Instagram.



With the BuzzSumo tool on Twitter, you will be able to search for the influencers’ tweets, shares, and likes. It also helps you to get access to the set of engaging content on Twitter that relates to the industry.

BuzzSumo makes retweeting easier and you can get a lot of tweets to choose one and publish it on your page. It also helps in exporting data. Another benefit of the tool is that it gives all the users a customizable dashboard. So, it is easier to work on it.

Spam and tweet filtering are also excellent when it comes to BuzzSumo. You need not waste time when it comes to selecting the data. Moreover, you can filter the tweets based on authors and themes.

The tool is not free and the charges are quite pricey. So, it is always advised to check the ultimate necessity of purchasing the tool.

It can be the ideal tool for the professionals who are content specialists and SMM executives. Using a Twitter tool like this, you can expect further growth of an established business.

Drawback of BuzzSumo

  • BuzzSumo might not be compatible with small startup companies.
  • The full package of the tool costs around $99 which can be unaffordable for most companies as it is monthly-based.



Tracking hashtags is one of the vital executions concerning Twitter management when it comes to enhancing business growth. Hashtagify is a paid tool that can act as a big support system in this field.

With Hashtagify, you can gain access to all the relevant hashtags that go with your business and content. You can also get custom suggestions and use the right hashtags when planning for a campaign.

As per the other benefits of Hashtagify, it has an easy interface and can provide you with several features when it comes to finding hashtags. Consider purchasing this tool if you are serious about hashtag marketing.

Drawbacks of Hashtagify

  • Many business owners do not prefer taking the service of the Hashtagify tool as there is no free package.
  • The charge for the full package is $99 and you would not get any added feature from the tool.

Tweet Scheduling Tools

Twitter social networking platform where eminent personalities and high-profile people are active. In such an environment, all business-related profiles should maintain punctuality in case of publishing content or launching an offer. For this, tweet scheduling turns into a vital necessity.

Here are some tools that can help in tweet scheduling on Twitter. Some of these tools even have other features that come as added benefits.



The PromoRepublic tool is present on Twitter that has a paid package and two free packages. It is the top-notch tool when it comes to post-scheduling. You can use it not only on Twitter but other social media platforms too.

As per the benefits, you can save posts even if you are willing to publish them sooner or later. Moreover, you can follow the suggestions from PromoRepublic.

It can act as a support system in processing fresh ideas regarding continent publishing on Twitter. There is a calendar that can help you to save the date and time for a specific post. You can consider it as the actual work of scheduling.

PromoRepublic is compatible with data visualization and analytics tools, so you can save time to get the reports on time that can help you make the business decisions and ensure business growth in the current year.

It can be the best tool for your small business which is just in its startup phase. In case you want to use a multichannel marketing mechanism, the PromoRepublic tool can be ideal.

Drawbacks of  PromoRepublic

  • PromoRepublic does not allow the user to execute direct posting.
  • The tool lacks the power to integrate with many apps found on Twitter.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is yet another free tool for post scheduling on Twitter. However, most people prefer it due to its excellent add-on benefits: life hashtag tracking, URL shortening, track mentioning, and many more.

Automated content generation is another aspect that you can expect from the Social Oomph too. Managing multiple Twitter accounts is also something that you can do with the Social Oomph tool. 

You can schedule unlimited tweets for free with this tool. You can get the best from this tool if you need to deal with huge amounts of digital marketing information for business growth. No matter the size of your business, you can download this tool as it is free to access. 

  • Drawbacks of Social Oomph

The interface is outdated in this tool and it is not updated for a long time from the developers’ end.

The calendar layout is absent in this tool.

Following and Unfollowing Twitter Accounts: Tools on Twitter

When it comes to Twitter management for business growth, you have to be conscious as a businessman for the audience who follows or unfollows your business-related Twitter account.

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When following domain experts who you are unaware of, you should take the support of these tools to avoid any kind of nuisance.

Moreover, you should ensure that you unfollow these domain experts on time to hold up your reputation in the eyes of your target audience. Here are some tools which can help you.



DoesFollow is a free tool that helps you track the profiles of your audience and check whether they are following you or not. DoesFollow is often preferred due to its simplicity as a tool and the way it does the work. There are boxes where you can put the names of specific people and check whether they follow you or not.

The main benefit of DoesFollow is its interface. It can be used by inexperienced management tool observers due to its simplicity.

You can use this tool if you are a beginner in business. Moreover, if you are into content management, this tool can help you understand if an eminent content manager still follows your account or he/she has unfollowed your account.

This tool can be perfect for beginners who are just starting with Twitter management. It can be used as a supporting tool for content management.

Drawbacks of the DoesFollow tool

  • The DoesFollow tool helps only understand the followers and the people who have unfollowed a profile.



Like DoesFollow, Tweepi is another tool for brand communication and follower management. It is a free tool and it is preferred by business owners due to its advanced UI. It can also help in the case of hashtag generation and management. With the help of this tool, you can also make a meaningful data list while carrying out Twitter management.

This tool can be the best for beginners as it is free and it can be used to get the most of Brand focus.

Drawbacks of Tweepi

  • As per the cons of Tweepi, it cannot be used on other platforms
  • The free version is full of restrictions

So, if you are sure about starting Twitter management, these are some great tools that you can rely on.

Final Words

Twitter management is something that all small or medium-scale businesses might not need. You can take the suggestions of a business expert in terms of the right social media platforms you should choose as per the services or commodity you deal with.

If you are about to take the paid version of a tool, make sure you have a complete idea regarding the features it can provide. The best you can do is check with your competitors and take the primary decisions regarding your business. Give importance to the analytics data in taking further decisions.

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