10 Top URL Shortener (Alternatives to Google URL Shortener)

Posting a blog’s link on any social media platform may appear as spammy. Here, in this blog, we are exclusively going to discuss the ten top URL alternatives. We are also going to read about increasing CTR, reducing advertising costs, and many more. Let’s begin.

A URL Shortener is a technique in which a URL is shorter in length and still direct you to the required page. The short URL links to the webpage that has a long URL. Most of these URL Shorteners are free and easy to use but it comes with limitations.

Top 10 URL shorteners of 2021

  1. Tiny
  2. Rebrandly
  3. Bitly
  4. Live Chat URL shortener
  5. Is.gd
  6. Lnnkln
  7. T2M
  8. Umuly
  9. Poplink
  10. BL.INK

Tiny: shorten long URL into a tiny URL


It has two versions. Tiny URL and Tiny.cc, wherein the Tiny.cc is the premium version.

A simple shortener that requires no sign-up and allows users to customize the keyword. The service is free to use, but there is no such analytics.

Tiny.cc is a popular and offers free service that can log basic statistics for each short URL. Tiny.cc also allows you to create a customized URL.

Rebrandly: Custom URL Shortener


Rebrandly does much more than shorten URLs. It is the leader in link branding. It is the most complete and reliable link management platform available. They provide solutions that are the easiest way to create, measure, and manage short URLs with a custom domain name. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee option that allows a full refund.

No penalty or termination fee is charged if you decide to cancel the plan. There are free plans and a premium plan for $499/month. The QR codes are available, 5 custom domain names are also offered in the free plan. 5000 clicks can be tracked per month. You can also edit the destination for URLs.

Bitly: Create perfect URLs for your business


Bitly offers both free and enterprise versions of its URL shortening service, which can be used accordingly. You need to create an account that allows you to manage links quickly and change the URL. Sign-up is not necessary.

You can use the keywords that other people have taken for your application. The enterprise version of bitly costs around $995/month. This version offers you to use your domain like The New York Times’ nyt.ms. The other features include are in-depth analytics, better mobile experience, and also user management.

Live Chat URL shortener: Tag your links

Live Chat URL shortener is a free link shortener that offers a unique feature. It is a built-in URL builder that allows you to tag your links with parameters. It also allows you to customize your short URL string, save the links you have shortened and track the number of clicks they have generated.

Is.gd: Tasty URLs!


Is.gd organizes the long URL into a few characters. The pricing is free and it allows you to customize the short link as per your requirement. The shortened link is permanent so that it cannot be disabled. Is.gd supports both characters and numbers in the link.

Lnnkin: Creating highly customizable short links


Lnnkln a URL shortening tool that allows the user to add a password to secure the link. These short links can be analyzed for free with filter options of device, country, referrer, city, operation system, and browser. The pricing is both free and paid plans available that start from $9.99/month to 299.99/month.

The features include the shortened links support any device. There are options to delete, disable and enable links anytime. You also get browser extensions or Chrome and Mozilla Firefox along with unlimited short links generation with life-time free validity.

T2M: All-in-one Link Management Platform

urls shortner

T2M is a link management platform that is used for Universities, Businesses, and Survey Agencies. You need to register for which you will be charged a $5 on-time account verification fee. Then you can access all the related features within the free plan.

The free features include unlimited shorten URLs, with QR code facility, analytics by yearly, monthly, daily clicks, and browsers, etc. There are no advertisements and no spams.

The paid features include password-protected URLs, edit and delete links, and bulk URL support and unlimited report generation.

Umuly: Create custom domains


Umuly is a particular website that allows you to create a short or customized URL for your domain. Premium users can create custom domains. It has both a free plan and an enterprise plan of $145.93/month. The features include web API services, link domain analytics, blockage of ads before redirecting, custom brand domain, and created link counter.

Poplink: URL shortener that improves click


Poplink tool allows you to customize the long URL to a desired short link, so it can improve your CTR. it is available as a chrome-extension. The link preview is editable and the short link can include an image, title, and description. It also allows for adding retargeting pixels and tracking metrics. Automatically pulls out content from RSS feeds.

BL.INK: For small business owners


BL.INK is a URL shortener tool that allows you to customize the URLs into sensible small links of your choice. The features include access to the links from any device, view the clicks by countries and click analysis is available up to the last 30 days. The URLs can be customized according to the choices available. This particular tool is integrated with Google Analytics, Adobe, etc. Both free and paid plans available.

What Are The Benefits of URL Shortener?

benefits of URL Shortener

Many free URL shorteners are available online for shortening the URLs. Such URL shorteners are highly recommended as they have various benefits, that are mentioned below –

Increased Click-through Rate (CTR)

The benefit of using a URL shortener is that you’re Click through Rate Increases. Many people are addicted to social media, and so they use short links as compared to clicking on normal or longer URLs. These shortened links increase your CTR that results in increased traffic on your social media page and website.

Performance Tracking and Analysis

Many URL shortener services if used along with Google URL builder, helps in tracking the clicks on your website in measuring the traffic of your website. This analysis of the website traffic will help you in improving your website’s performance.

Reduced Advertising Costs

URL shortener helps in reducing the characters in your URL that also reduces your advertising and marketing costs. If long URLs are there, then the higher number of characters will make you pay more marketing messages.


It is extremely important that the short link which has been customized conveys the actual meaning of the original URL. These short links prove helpful as they are easy to remember and sharing becomes easier.

To attract more audiences you can customize the URL by using funky short URLs with emoji.

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