10 Best Video Hosting Sites for Marketers

We all know that when it comes to attracting people’s attention, video posts work like magic. Here in this blog, we will discuss the ten best video hosting sites that are very useful for marketers to execute their marketing plans. Let’s have a look.

Video Hosting Sites for Marketers: Video content has always been the top-most choice for marketing, since ages. But today, it has become more of a necessity for every business to flourish online, then a mere perk. It is agreed by both marketers and consumers that video content is here to stay in business marketing.

If you’re planning your very own video strategy, then the first thing you need to consider is a video hosting site to upload and store it on the web. Later on, you can share those videos on your website, and social media from the respective video hosting site.

List of Top Video Hosting Site for Business

Video Hosting Site for Business

Many video hosting sites have evolved from being internet real estate for video content to performing a host of futuristic video-enhancing functionalities. This set of new functionalities comprises customizing the look & feel of those videos, ensuring the smooth functioning of your videos on different devices/browsers, and providing marketing options from within your video.

Are you also looking for the best video hosting site for your business website? Does the flood of all those hosting sites in the market confuse you? Well, that’s what we’re here for!

Here we present you 10 best video hosting websites for all you marketers, bloggers and businesses out there. Read it on and pick the platform that best suits your requirements.

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What is Video Hosting?

Before we head towards sharing you the details about the popular-most video hosting sites, let us first give a glimpse of what a video hosting site means. Only then will you be able to decide the best for you!

We all know that video files are large, and need more space, so directly hosting them on any website will invite a lot of glitches and trouble. Especially, the mobile users will find it highly troublesome as such heavy-video files take more time and data to run on a mobile device. It leads to more playback errors and quality problems.

But according to a data survey, over half of all video content online is viewed on mobile. This is made possible only because ample of such hosting sites exist. The hosting site will give you an embed code that needed to add your video to any web. Also, there are ample of options for video hosting sites to choose from.

What makes a Video Hosting Site Recommendable?

Here we share a list of some important features that you need to look-out for before selecting a video hosting sites for you:

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all types of browsers and devices
  • Have some analytics and SEO tools
  • Able to embed your videos on other web pages

Free and Paid Video Hosting Sites

1. YouTube


YouTube is one of the best & most popular video hosting sites, amongst all. It also has a comparatively maximum number of viewers, which is because it lets you upload and watch these videos for free. YouTube was synonymous with a video hosting site before 2018.

This was because, by 2018, it has an audience of about 1.8 billion. This makes YouTube the foremost choice for many business owners to host their video content for marketing.

How to Register on YouTube?

  • Log in with your Google account
  • Create & launch your channel, either under your brand name or personal name
  • Now customize your channel as per your wish
  • Start uploading your video content

2. Vimeo


Vimeo is quite similar to YouTube. However, it does have some additional sharing features for social media. Uploading regular videos on Vimeo is covered under the Free Plan that comes with a storage limit of 5GB.

You can also upgrade your storage limit with the paid plans that prices from $7 to $75.  This range of plans comes with different options of customization and account privacy. One of the most attractive features of this video hosting site is that it allows you to upload your video content ad-free even with free plans.

3. Wistia


Wistia is specifically available for businesses to host their video. It will not allow you to display your videos publicly, but it allows you to host your videos on your business website. All you need to do is copy and paste the embed code.

Available Plans of Wistia

  • Free Plan is for small and startup businesses that are new in video content marketing. Under this plan, you can upload three videos, which will also show Wistia branding.
  • The Pro Plan costs $99/ month, which will also remove the Wistia branding from your video content. You can add the first 10 videos for free and the rest will be charged at $0.25/month.
  • The Advanced Plan of Wistia is largely meant for a well-developed A discussion with the official Wistia team is a prerequisite for getting approval of this plan. This plan comes with 100 videos, A/B testing functionality, and access to priority support.

4. Brightcove


Brightcove offers you a simple option for video player customization. So, that you can change the look and feel of your video content player. You can add your company’s name, logo, and links to your video content. You can also use their various player templates that suit your content. When you customize your video player, you’ll need to enter a player name, a short description, and player dimensions.

Once the customization is done, you’ll move ahead to the Playback option. Here you can choose whether you want the videos to start automatically soon after the player loads or you want the video to be preloaded before playback.

You can also share your videos on various social media platforms, using the ‘Add Sharing’ button. Use the ‘Preview Mode’ to review the made changes and click on ‘Publish’ for publishing the respective video.

You can embed the video content on your website, once your player is live. Brightcove’s prices for subscription starts with a ‘Standard Plan’ of $199/month, which gives you access for 50 videos, up to 100,000 plays and two users.

5. DailyMotion


DailyMotion reports has 300 million active users and more than 3.5 billion video views every month. DailyMotion is quite similar to YouTube and it also comes with stream ads. DailyMotion is a good distribution option especially for media companies that are seeking to monetize content.

Also, if you’re from the top countries of DailyMotion, then it is the best choice for you. If you’re amongst the top countries for using DailyMotion then you must go for it. Though a free video hosting platform, DailyMotion requires you to upload the file within 60 minutes.

6. Vidalytics


Vidalytics provides you with an analytical backend, which makes it one of the best video hosting sites for you. It will notify you about your audience’s behavior in regard to your content. Using it on a mobile device gives you the feature of ‘Auto-play’. It will also share whitelist videos with you, to share your videos on.

Vidalytics has three types of subscription plans to offer you, viz. ‘Starter Plan’ of $25, ‘Pro Plan’ of $67, and ‘Vid Master Plan’ for $129.

7. Jetpack


Jetpack is one of the WordPress plugins, which lets you upload video content without ads. It also loads a high-resolution video on the website at an impressive speed. It will also give a regular update about your site’s traffic, searches, and comments.

Jetpack also allows you to schedule the promotion on social media. The subscription plan of Jetpack starts from $3.5/month. The three different plans that it has to offer are Personal, Premium, and Professional.

8. Panapto


Panapto is an easy-to-use video hosting site, which allows you to record, live stream, and share videos on your websites. Businesses use Panapto as a secure library, streaming live events, providing training, recording meetings-lectures, etc.

9. Uscreen


You can monetize your video content on Uscreen without ads. You can take subscription or membership for selling online courses or programs. You can easily process your subscription payments securely with credit cards, Stripe, and PayPal.

Firstly, you need to create an SEO-optimized video website to upload your video content on Uscreen. You can customize your website with the help of ready-to-use themes of Uscreen.

If you have already bought a domain name, then you must use it. It supports an array of content-type viz. documents, guides, presentations, and images. It provides you with additional support for email marketing, sales reports, and subscriber analytics. These extra features let you create the videos as per video-on-demand service.

The Basic Plan costs $99/month, which includes unlimited streaming, 300 total users, one storefront, and basic analytics.

10. JW Player

JW Player

JW Player is considered an alternative to YouTube. Maybe, because the early-version of YouTube was run by JW Player technology.  It offers technical capabilities at the forefront of socially available video content.

If you do live stream on a regular basis then choose JW Player. Because it can host the original video as well as you can watch it on Facebook Live videos simultaneously. It helps to stay away from the trap of hosting videos on Facebook.

JW Player has real-time audience analytics, on the basis of these three:

  • Geography
  • Domain
  • Device

On JW Player, you can also host your video content by using HTML5 at a superfast downloading speed. The technical features of JW Player definitely turn out to be highly beneficial for the enterprise-level publishers.

At the same time, the starting plan of $12/month is ideal for the small-level business owners. This plan includes a maximum of 50,000 video plays. Any kind of advanced features is included in the business plan that prices at $50/month and has a limit of 1,50,000 plays.

In Conclusion

I hope the detailed-report about the 10 best video hosting sites for bloggers, marketers, and business; helped you in choosing the best one for you. If your purpose is to earn money from these videos then go for a service that encourages advertisements and offers you a subscription plan.

But if your prime focus is the promotion of your business, then the one offering robust marketing and analytics tools is the best one for you. If you still have some queries or maybe some suggestions to offer us, feel free to write back to us. We’re all ears!

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