10 Brands Using Facebook Messenger Bots for Business

Facebook Messenger Bots have gained much popularity in recent times. Some big brands have already included them and are taking benefits of it. Let’s watch out who are those brands who have already incorporated it. Here we bring you the list of 10 such brands who are using Facebook Messenger Bots for business.

Facebook Messenger Bots: Have you come across the news about the Facebook F8 Conference that happened recently? Well, if you are an avid internet user, then there is a chance that you have already heard about it. To be honest, the F8 conference has brought with it some of the best news.

After all, where else would you find so many great changes? Facebook groups, Whatsapp business options, and so many more opportunities are in line for you? Don’t you think that is just amazing to use? With so many changes, the experience of the users is going to increase in the best way for sure.

However, perhaps the best chance of it all would be the use of Messenger Bots on the platform of Facebook. Yes, this was an announcement that was made in the F8 conference as well. So, there is no doubt that having Messenger Bots are going to be a great thing for sure. This change was brought in order to reach more people on the Facebook platform.

Did you know? There are about 900 million people who are present on the platform of Facebook. These users are for marketing, customer services, and sales for sure.

Now that Messenger bots are a thing, you would want to use them in the best way for sure. Don’t you think it would be a great idea to use bots for businesses?

We are here to talk to you about it a little bit. When it comes to the use of bots, there are certain things that you might have to know about. We are going to tell you all about it here. Not just that but we are able going to provide you with some top examples of brands that are currently using the Facebook Messenger bots.

Did you know this? Messenger is known to be the 2nd most popular iOS application on the internet these days.

So, using it should definitely be your priority for sure. How about we help you out with it a little bit?

Which Brands are Using Facebook Messenger Bots?


There is simply no doubt that Messenger is one of the most popular platforms that people have these days. You have probably exchanged a lot of messages on this platform for sure. So, why wouldn’t you want to use it in the best way to gain some results?

We are pretty sure that you should and that is why this new feature of Facebook Messenger is created.

Food for thought: Every single month, there are about 20 billion messages that are sent in this platform of Messenger. These messages are sent between the users as well as the businesses.

Hence, using this amazing platform with the help of the Bots is something that you need to try out. How about we prepare you with some inspiration right here? We are going to tell you all about the brands which are using the Facebook Messenger bots for their amazing benefits.

Make sure that you are listening to us properly if you want to have better results.



Hyatt is one of the brands that is currently using the power of Facebook Messenger bots for the best outcomes. This hotel chain is one of the very first brands that are using this amazing feature.

These bots are being used for the improvement of the customer service in the hotel. So, this means the clients will have more and more privacy when they are in the hotel. Doesn’t that seem all cleaver and amazing, people? We are pretty sure that you would want to use it as well.

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Here we have another great example of the amazing brands which are currently using the Facebook Messenger bots. All you have to do is type the question into the platform of Messenger and you are all set.

The best thing that we like about the platform is that it is completely free of cost. Not to mention you will be able to use the services any time of the day. Like HealthTap, you will also be able to provide answers to your clients using Messenger bots.

We bet you didn’t know this: There are about 100,000 US physicians having 141 specialties in the company of HealthTap who provide advice via Messenger bots.



Who doesn’t love Disney, right? If you do then you are just one of the too many people who have had Disney in their childhood. Well, here is news that will make you love Disney even more.

Yes, you guessed it absolutely right, people. Disney is also one of the brands which are currently using Messenger bots in the best way.

For Example: If you are a fan of Muppets and you want to talk to the ‘Miss Piggy’ character, Messenger bots can allow that to happen without any trouble for sure. Now wouldn’t you want that to happen?



CNN is basically the poster child when we talk about Messenger. The bots are used in the platform of Messenger for CNN as well.

Now you will be able to chat with CNN professionals with the help of these amazing chatbots. So when you need to get the latest news exclusively, this is worth a shot for sure. Doesn’t that seem like something that you would want to try out in the first place?



When it comes to Messenger Bots, Commerce is the sector that is finding out some pretty creative and amazing ways of using these bots in the best way.

Fun Fact for you: There are about 300 million bots which are active on the platform of Facebook Messenger.

So, it is not a surprise that e-commerce store Spring is trying to have the best benefits of the Facebook Messenger Bots. This company is using bots in order to make sure that people are able to buy clothes after consulting the professionals in the best way.



Well, you can get the boarding pass of yours in the best way with the help of the Messenger bots which are currently being used by the amazing KLM company for sure.

This is one of the main reasons why the company is using bots in the first place. Yes, you heard it right, people. The Messenger bots are definitely being used by the KLM Company in the best way.

You can ask questions any time you want the answers and there will be no trouble at all. Don’t you think it is an amazing thing for sure, people?



This might not surprise you at all but Uber is also using the amazing power of the Messenger bots this time. Now you might wonder what the reasons are why this company for using these bots. Well, to be honest, this company has been using the platform of Facebook for a very long period of time for sure.

Not just that but the passengers will also be provided with a free ride for using this feature when they are using it for the first time.



Here are another one of the companies that are using the Messenger bots for their benefits. The users will be able to receive some updates with the help of this amazing feature. So, in a way, it can be said that the company is using the feature for the betterment of customer experience.

That is something which can be considered as a pretty good thing. You have to try it out once to know what we are talking about.

Burger King

burger king

We all love Burger King, don’t we? Those amazing burgers are just to die for. However, it is not just the food that keeps the customers glued to the company. There are some other amazing things that the company is offering. This is one of the main reasons why people want to use bots in the first place.

For example, People can now order their Whoppers with the help of this amazing Messenger bot feature. Use it right now and you will not have any regrets.



HP will allow the users to have numerous benefits. You can easily print the documents and photos with the help of this feature as well.

Now HP has a Messenger bot that would allow the customers to add their preferences for printing out the documents that they want. Doesn’t that seem like something that you would want to use for sure? What are you waiting for then, people?

Go ahead and start using the Messenger bots to have amazing benefits offered to you right now.


So, these are some companies that are currently using the features of the Messenger bots. Make sure that you are using them as well to see how amazing it is.

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