Best Call To Action Phrase Examples That Increase Clicks And Conversions

Marketing copies without a CTA phrase are way less effective than expected. Here we discuss the inside out of Call-to-Action phrases, the 4 types of call-to-action phrases, the benefits of them, and how they help to increase your clicks.

Today digital marketing is thriving due to social media platforms. Who knew that social media content could turn into a potential game-changer for business industries? Having a huge amount of traffic on websites is undoubtedly a positive sign. 

But you need to have good conversion rates to make sales reach maximum profits. Call-to-Action (CTA) plays a vital role in achieving good conversions for your business. CTA increases the chances of turning website visitors into probable customers and leads.

Social media content is limited to catchy slogans or headings, creative blogs, videos, and pictures. Although all of these form an essential aspect of engaging social media content, capturing consumers is the goal. 

You need compelling content that gets visitors to hit those links, fill in forms or queries and eventually associate with your business. For this, you require clear call-to-action content that catches the attention of the audience.

Defining a Call to Action

Call To Action

To put it in simple terms, CTA is any content in the form of a link, button, text, etc., which compels the visitor to finish a task. It is one of the top strategic ideas of digital marketers to turn a potential user into a lead or customer. 

Most websites are now focusing on innovative CTA’s that will fetch them a good number of consumers to boost their profits. There different types of CTA used in websites or social media platforms. Here is a list of frequently used phrases that can be seen on any CTA to give you a better picture.

  • Download now
  • Hit this icon
  • Hurry, it’s free
  • Login
  • Sign in
  • Free to try
  • Call to know more
  • Request a demo

From the above-mentioned examples, it is clear that CTA phrases are explicitly created to give the audience a call to perform some action. Language has a vital role in hitting the target, i.e., audience attention. Substituting a single word with a better word can tremendously enhance the impact on leads or conversions. 

Why is CTA so important?

Why is CTA so important?

Did you know that nearly 90% of people that read your headline are likely to read your CTA phrases?. Facts say that CTAs with a strong, personalized message can increase your conversion rates by over 202%.

A limited span of attention and time are significant factors contributing to building innovating digital marketing strategies that increase conversion rates. 

Call-to-Action has become an essential aspect of any web page that captures more and more consumers. That is why choosing appropriate CTAs for your sites is necessary for promoting your business well.

Most convincing Call to Action phrases

Read through some of the most persuasive Call-to-Action phrases to increase clicks and conversions

Writing a compelling CTA is not easy. It requires a good amount of research, creativity, and language skills, to give you a clear idea of good CTAs that can boost your business sales. We have compiled a list of sample CTAs that can be used for giving an edge to your venture. 

Check out the examples of the best Call-to-Action content that will encourage you to capture your target audience.

Click for a free trial now

Click for a free trial now

It is a reasonably popular call to action that is used commonly with offers and new products. Whenever the term ”free trial” comes up on websites or social media platforms, it instantly attracts the user’s interest. Because people easily relate to this phrase, they completely understand the meaning behind this CTA. 

Words like ‘now’ or ‘click’ carry a lot of benefits. It acts as a preview to build an impression that something new and exciting is available without any risk. It is similar to a test drive, which is offered while visiting car showrooms.

A question or inquiry

question or inquiry

When you create a CTA with a question, or inquire with the consumer for an input, it offers something new to the customers. A CTA doesn’t always need to demand some action from the customer.

The main aim behind using a CTA in websites is to engage the audience to get converted into leads.  It helps in enhancing the brand value of your company and building a loyal consumer base. 



You must be familiar with this often clichéd CTA but it can be used in many permutations and combinations. It is probably the most popular or widely used CTA button for many social media sites. It is also an excellent medium to make your target audience get newsletters and email subscriptions. 

Some of the popular phrases would be ‘subscribe now’ or ‘subscribe to get the free e-book.’ It is always better to make your audience aware of what they are being offered if they hit the subscribe button.

It is a good way of building trust and informing your audience beforehand. Some websites even give exciting offers and deals on subscriptions. 

Learn more

Learn more

Visitors on your websites are more often not clear about their requirements and what they are looking for. As visitors, they aren’t also fully aware of what your products or brand is offering. 

They are just surfing the internet, gathering information, and researching before coming to any conclusion and so the Call-to-Action can encourage people to know more about your service, product, or business. 

Then it will prove to be a good move in deciding to choose you or your competitors. The quality of information you share in your ‘learn more’ call to action will be the deciding factor for getting good conversions.

Join for free

join for free

Free is a phrase that lures almost every person landing on a Call-to-Action with it. Just as the phrase trial, the word ‘free’ also offers the product without any cost.

A CTA with the word free increases the hit rate or click rates of your CTA.  Many OTT platforms offer to view their digital content accessible for one month.

Shop now

Shop now

A common phrase on e-commerce websites that showcases different categories of products for sale. As one of the most direct CTA, it leads consumers to the page displaying the product. To be more specific you can add product names like ‘shop appliances,’ ‘shop now to avail discounts,’ etc.



A frequently used CTA in various businesses, especially in travel enterprises, as it is a great way to explain a product and what it offers. The CTA will engage the visitor to click and learn more about the brand. 

Though it is pretty similar to ‘learn more’ or ‘shop now,’ yet the choice of the word determines the extent to which your CTA will capture the audience’s attention. An excellent example for this CTA would be ‘discover to experience peace’ or ‘discover to get exciting deals.’

Download or Download for free

Download now

Whether it’s an e-guide, PDF manual, or some valuable content, this CTA never fails in making the customer take action. The word free has underestimated power in drawing the visitors and compelling them to take the call. 

If your company gives something useful that too without any cost, it indeed goes in your business’s positive feedback. It helps in spreading the name of your company as a reliable brand that cares for the customers. You can utilize this CTA to place further an offer which will ultimately convert it into a lead.

 X% discount


Discounts and rebate offers are a big success in online marketing. If you aim to increase your sales, then creating CTAs with discount offers will help boost profits. You can rebate on your subscribers’ first purchases or the first time they hit that like and share button. 

Call-to-Actions with digits are found to be more tempting, primarily when these numbers feature discounts. Many e-commerce sites give discounts for customers shopping for the first time.

It is an excellent technique to add to the consumer base. Phrases like getting ‘40% discount on women’s apparel’ or ‘30% off on festive season’ are frequently used CTA’s of these types.

Buy Now

Buy Now

Digital marketers prefer CTA, which directs the visitor to take action instantly.

For instance, the ‘buy now’ call to action is straightforward and direct in making customers buy a product or deal.  When users click on the ‘buy now’ option, it gives an idea of the public’s likes and trends and helps them understand their consumers better.



This particular is a good inspiration for many people out there. Everyone wants to follow and adopt what most of the public likes doing.

The trend survives on followers, so a phrase like ‘joining popular’ fetches increased traffic and potential conversions. It is an excellent marketing tactic to gain loyal customers and boost your business. 

 Start today

 Start today

These kinds of CTA create a feeling of determination and urgency simultaneously. It directs the user to start from now without wasting any more time. It does not ask you to think later or do the action shortly. 

It demands action to be taken immediately, which is a good marketing tactic to endorse your product.  It is an apt CTA engaging, creating interest, and requiring action to be taken right away. Some famous examples would be ‘start today to get started’ or ‘start today and enroll.’

We invite you to…


This type of CTA feeds on the sense of belonging that everyone wants to feel. After all, who doesn’t want to feel special and desired? This kind of CTA voices a personal connection with the audience and creates a bond with your company.

 It does not need a flashy invitation; a simple invite will trigger the same response as expected by the marketers. An invitation could be for a tour of your company, product shipping, company meet, etc. a good example would be ‘we invite you to our free e-tour,’ ‘we invite you to our discussion forum,’ etc.

Please chat with our experts now

Business and branding are all about trust and credibility. If you can gain the consumers’ faith, you are ready to convert your sales into profits. Establishing reliability on your brand will improve your sales and make your name in the market.  

The term ‘experts’ helps in instilling a sense of confidence and security within your customers. Some sites even use phrases such as ‘having doubts? Chat with our experts now’ or ‘Chat with our experts now to get assistance.’ 

Make sure that you don’t just add this CTA for the sake of doing it. You should have an expert on your end to satisfy your consumer base. It will also serve as a medium to interact with your audience. 

Order now

Order now

The sense of urgency in a CTA, as mentioned earlier, is an excellent feature to gain more clicks. Such phrases are critical components for creating impactful Call-to-Action—these CTAs direct the user to instantly place the order for the product without wasting any minute. 

Such terms that instigate a hurry force the consumer to think over the product and consider buying it. Many e-commerce sites use phrases like ‘order now to get discounts’ or ‘to get free merchandise order now,’ etc.

Call for further details

Certain businesses require explaining the details of the business to their customers. It also helps in making the audience realize the value of your brand or business. If there are people to explain any queries of the customers, it helps build trustworthiness for your business. 

If your business requires frequent interaction, then this CTA will come in handy for your venture. It also helps in clearing any doubts and misconceptions that your visitors might have about your company.

This CTA even indicates that either the product is available in limited quantities or for a limited duration. It is better to take advantage of the deal before it is no longer available.  It is an excellent way to pressure your consumers to buy your product or invest in your brand.


Creating engaging CTA phrases is one of the essential elements of your website.  They shouldn’t be all over the place because these creative CTA contents perform best when kept simple and precise. Remember, your CTAs are guiding your audience to take the next step after reading your content. 

Another key takeaway is to keep the CTA related to the content of your website or business. It should match your business aims and strategy and should not deviate from it. Avoid using generic terms like ‘submit’ or ‘click.’ Phrases that fail to engage the audience should be avoided and replaced with catchy, exciting phrases.

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