Complete Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads

New to Facebook Ads? This blog brings you a complete guide on using Facebook advertising for your brands. In this blog you will learn everything about advertising on facebook from method to tips for running successful facebook ad campaigns and gain more engagement on your feed.

Advertise on Facebook: Do you want to post an Ad on Facebook that gets the most views? Only the most appealing and interesting ad of yours is going to get that type of result, don’t you think? How do you create an ad on Facebook so that it gets the most views?

Know everything About Advertise on Facebook

Well, you are not just the only person who is asking this question these days. With the formation of Facebook ads, there is no doubt that creating amazing ads on Facebook has become a very important thing.

There are about 2.32 billion people on Facebook these days. Amongst them, 74% are daily active users.

Advertise on Facebook

So, making your ad reach to these people is going to be a beneficial thing for your brand, don’t you think? However, doing that is not so easy. Facebook Ads is certainly a very popular platform for sure.

However, with so many different businesses out there, it can be a bit intimidating for you as well. We don’t really blame you here. With such complicated features, anyone would get a bit confused, right? The more research you seem to do, you will get more and more overwhelmed.

For example: When I first took a look at the Power Editor option on a Facebook ad, I was confused. It took me a while to understand what it did and how it helped. Same was the case with a few of the other features of Facebook ads as well.

So, don’t worry people. We are here to help you out. We will help you create the best Facebook ad campaigns that your viewers are going to love for sure.

There are options to choose from, tips to help and so much more to do. So, buckle up as we take you through this interesting and amazing ride right here. Make sure that you read all of it carefully if you want to know more about Facebook ads.

Here is a fact for you. Facebook accounts for more than 9% of global digital ad spending.

With that information in hand, let us get started with Facebook ads.

Why Should You Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads

Now you might be wondering, why do I need to use Facebook ads in the first place? Well, there are so many different reasons why you should do it for sure. We are here to tell you that you need to spend your money and time into the production of Facebook ads.

All of the amazing options offered by them are just too good to ignore for sure. Well, you might get a little bit overwhelmed at first but then you always get to enjoy every bit of customization. Not to mention the creative control that you have over the ads of yours.

Now, who would want to miss an opportunity like that right?

Do you wish to target children or older people? You can choose your target individuals very easily for sure.

Did you know? About 1.15 billion people log in to Facebook on a daily basis. That is a very large group to target your Facebook ads.

Not just that but amongst the Facebook users, 43% are female and 57% are male.

43% are female and 57% are male

So, your target audience can be anyone from these groups for sure. There is no doubt that you can actually use the amazing targeting as well as the retargeting options that are available.

These things are the reasons why people all over the world want to use Facebook ads for their brand promotions. You need to use it as well if you want to have the best results.

You might be a bit surprised to know this. Facebook ads are connected with Instagram ads as well. We all know how popular Instagram ads are right? Now you don’t have to choose between two platforms to post your ads. Doesn’t that sound amazing, people?

Yes, you can easily make your ad posts in a particular campaign. You will be connected to both the platforms and have an even bigger audience for sure.

Fun Fact: After Facebook, Instagram is the most popular social media site. The total user count on a monthly basis for Instagram is 1 billion in total.

So, with the combined followers on Facebook and Instagram, you can get better results. There is no doubt that you will be able to present the content of yours in the best way with more people. Now that is what we call an advantage, right?

Now we know what you are thinking here. It is about the cost of the creation of Facebook ads, right? Worry not people when we are here to help you out. Here is a piece of good news for you.

The cost of creating Facebook ads is pretty much affordable. We mean, it is cheaper than the other alternatives for sure. It is even more affordable than Google AdWords. What more do you need?

All you have to do is make sure that your ads have some pretty high relevance score. This way Facebook will be able to believe the worth of your ads. So, you will get a better target audience as well. Now, why don’t you go ahead and try that?

Oh but wait? How are you going to create an ad in the first place? Here we are to help.

Tips To Help You Use Facebook Ads To Create Your Ad Campaign

Facebook Ads To Create Your Ad Campaign

We know how tough it can be to create an ad with the help of Facebook ads. So, we are going to provide you with some tips to help you out.

Make sure to follow these tips so that you can have the best results of all time. From creating campaigns to knowing about navigation, you can do everything here.

Create A Mind-blowing Strategy

One of the most important things that you need to do is create a strategy for you. Without that, there is no chance that you are going to b able to get the best results.

The end result will be an ad campaign that doesn’t really appeal or attract anyone. Surely you don’t want that to happen to you. So, you need to consider a few things.

For example, You need to think about the product and services that you offer. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the audience type and product use as well. There are some other important considerations that you need to make as well.

Get An Objective

The next thing that you need to do is make your objective straight. Yes, what is the purpose of your ad creation? Why do you want to use Facebook ads? What benefit would this ad provide to your brand? Well, these are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

Facebook Ads Objective

Do you know that 1.5 million businesses spend their money on Facebook ads? Well, they all have some objectives for doing that.

You need to ensure that you are choosing the right goal or objective. While there are some companies that want to have brand awareness.

Then there are some others who look for more traffic or reach. Engagement for the posts is also another one of the most common objectives for the companies out there.

Target The Audience

The next thing that you need to do is to target the audience in the best way to get the results that you want to have. Who are the people who should be seeing this ad of yours? This is something that you need to decide first in order to have the best results with the Facebook ad

After all, you don’t want the wrong sort of people to see your ads right? The people who will be able to benefit from the product that you are trying to promote should be your target audience.

So, one of the most important things to do here would be to target the audience. This way you can make sure that the right type of people is seeing your advertisement of yours.

Choose The Right Time For Displaying The Ad

You can’t just display your ad at any time of the day and expect people to just leave everything to look at it. Yes, you need to figure out the timings of the ad as well in order to make sure that the ads are posted at the right time. You need to make sure that people are actually able to see the ads that you create.

Otherwise, what is the use of creating one, right? If you post the ad at the wrong time then there is a chance people won’t see it. This is because it might get lost in the News Feed of people. So, choosing the right time is very important.


There you have it, people. These are some of the things you need to know about Facebook ads. We hope this article will be a guide to you in understanding all about the concept of Facebook ads.

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