How to Create Social Media Images with Google Drawings?

Numerous tools can be employed to create an image for social media posts, but do you know that Google too provides such a tool, called Google Drawings for creating lucrative images? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss Google Drawings, that can be used for creating gorgeous images for any social media platform. So, let's start!

Images and graphic representations are a very important part of social media marketing and often one of the central aspects of every campaign and strategy. It is quite natural for and social media marketing professionals to have limited designing capabilities.

In such a scenario, Google Drawings is a very popular and useful social media platform that is being used for creating social media images.

Here, we will talk about making the best use of Google Drawings to create engaging social media images effectively and without any hassles. Whether you are a pro in social media image creation with Google Drawings and other tools, or just a newbie in the field, we will talk about convenient and effective ways of using Google Drawings to create great social media images.

But before we move into creating social media images like an expert, let us take a look at the trending practices in the field of social media image creation.

Basic Idea on Social Media Images With Google Drawings

Social Media Images With Google Drawings

Social media or digital marketers make use of wide various tools and platforms to create social media images. Amongst them, template-based platforms and tools, like Canva, are very popular as they offer a wide assortment of unique templates that can be customized to create social media images.

In fact, customizing such templates with your own texts, designs, and other tools available in the tools’ libraries is a popular way to create social media images.

It cannot be denied that such tools are very convenient and you can create social media images with these tools easily and in a very short span of time. However, when it comes to flexibility and versatility, these tools have limited capabilities.

This is where Google Drawings can be extremely useful, while being equally convenient and time-efficient, like the other tools. That being said, we also understand that people who do not know about Google Drawings completely might find it to be a difficult concept where you might have to draw on the blank drawing canvas.

But in reality, the scenario is quite different. If you are a digital or social media marketer looking to create beautiful and engaging social media images with the help of Google drawings, we have news for you!

With the use of a few free resources and basic knowledge of the design concepts, you can create original, engaging and professional graphics and social media images with Google Drawings for free. We have discussed the most effective ways of doing that and in this article, you can find simple and hassle-free ways to make the best use of Google Drawings to create social media images.

Craft Social Media Images With Google Drawings

How to Create Social Media Images with Google Drawings?

If you are thinking that mastering the art of image creation with Google Drawings is strenuous and time-consuming, you may be very wrong. Not only is it very simple but if you have an understanding of the basics, creating engaging social media images in Google Drawings is as quick and easy as it is with a tool like Canva.

After you have a basic grasp of the platform and learn how to go around it effectively, you can craft a beautiful image in about 20 minutes, which is pretty impressive. Even in a lot of marketing companies that have a dedicated and expert design team, it is not always possible or feasible to prioritize social media image creation over other website design and client assignment.

This is why it is important for every digital marketer to be able to create social media images and graphics on their own.

So, let us take a look at how you can seamlessly craft really good social media images with Google Drawings.

Collect Raw Resources for Your Social Media Images

Ideas are everywhere around you when it comes to social media images. What you need to do is keep an eye out for inspiration and you can literally find it anywhere. You can save these images that you like for the purpose of reference later on. And for that, people make use of a swipe file that stores these images.

When making an image later on Google Drawings, you can use the references from your swipe file, and choose a concept most ideal for the brand you are marketing. You can use any image resource for creating a basic foundation on the platform.

The best part about Google Drawings is that it allows you to use anything from any source, unlike many other tools that limit you to a specific library. Be it stock photos, background illustrations and images or icon resources, you can go for anything you like. These raw resources are crucial for creating a professional-looking social media image.

Create a Blank New Image in Google Drawings

To create a new social media image, you can create a new image based on your own preferences. To start with, you need to select the dimensions for your drawing. For this, you need to follow a few simple steps after you have opened a blank canvas on Google Drawings.

If you do not know how, open Google Drive and click on the ‘New’ option at the top left corner. On the menu that appears, select ‘More’ and then select ‘Google Drawings’ from the list of options.

dimensions google drawing

Select ‘Page Setup’ from the ‘File’ menu. In the dialogue box that appears, you will get both pre-selected size ratios and the option to customise the page dimensions. You can create a custom page size as well, depending on your campaigns.

You Can Add Photos and Shapes

shapes in google drawing

Google Drawings offers versatile tools that can help you to insert photos, draw shapes, align elements, and add texts to the image you are creating. From selecting a background to selecting shapes and repositioning images or icons, you can do anything on the platform to customize your image exactly the way you want it.

Add Text and Format Like a Designer

When talking about texts in your images, the most important factor to consider is the font. And when you are working on Google Drawings, you do not have to worry about fonts. Google Drawings offers over 400 fonts, and Google itself contains over 800 font families that you can conveniently import when you are looking for a perfect style for your text.

add text in google drawing

If you want to add texts to your social media image in Google Drawings, make use of the ‘Text Box’ option to draw text boxes where you can type your text here. It offers a wide range of text formatting options on the toolbar. So, you can customize your texts exactly the way you want it to look, without any hassles or complications.

Choose the Format of Your Image (JPEG, PNG, etc)

selecting format

After you have prepared the image and it is ready to be posted, you have to choose the desired and correct file format to export the image from Google Drawings. JPEG and PNG files are the most popular when it comes to social media images.

Choose ‘File’

Select ‘Download As’

Choose the desired image file format (jpeg, png, etc)

Save and Share Image and Templates with Your Team

After you create an image on Google Drawings, you can access the template for a lifetime. Make a few basic changes or any changes you want, and restyle the template to make a new creation. The best part is, your entire team can access these images and templates. All you need to do is simply share a folder on Google Drive with everyone.

sharing image in google drawing

It is excellent when you are collaborating on a particular concept or design. The ‘Share’ features in Google Drawings help you and your whole team to seamlessly create, edit and make comments on the images.

Be An Expert, With Google Drawings!

Many tools offer a huge library of images and you can make use of these images and templates for later use. However, in the case of Google Drawings, you have to source these from other places. The advantage is, you can do it from anywhere. This makes it a very open-ended and flexible platform.

With so many benefits, Google Drawings is one of the most underrated tools used for social media image creation. Along with flowcharts, website wireframes, mind maps, and various other types of diagrams, the platform has huge potential and offers great features to make really creative and professional social media images and graphics.

After reading this piece, we hope you can get started with Google Drawings to create some really brilliant social media images!

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