How to make custom frames for Facebook stories to promote your business

In this blog, we will be telling about the significance of Facebook camera effects and its frame studio. We have curated guidelines of how to create custom frames for your Facebook stories to promote your business as well as Facebook profile.

Custom Facebook frame: Promoting is the key factor for the business either it is a big business or a small business. Promotion is the backbone of the success of the business.

Can we promote our business by just promoting Facebook stories and profile photos on Facebook? Can we make our customers from this too?

How To Use a custom Facebook frame?

The answer is yes! By using Facebook and it is custom Facebook stories and effects, we can do that. Facebook Frame studio feature is used to design the Facebook content, which includes videos, photos, and profile photos too.

Facebook frame stories are a unique way to promote the business and get successful. The Facebook stories are a wonderful way for the customers to show love and support for the business.

custom Facebook frame

Facebook story frames are there to use it in a Facebook story as well as in the Facebook pages and Facebook profile pictures, which you can create using the Facebook camera itself.

Steps for Creating a Facebook Story Frame

  1. Select one particular frame and assign it to the owner, which will help you share the Facebook story frame later.
  2. Select one frame from the drop-down menu and click choose.
  3. Click next
  4. Now click on upload art.
  5. Select one or more images or photos in the png. Format according to your needs.
  6. Use different options and change the size of the images.
  7. Choose the correct position for your picture.

Facebook story frame is a very easy thing to do. We will talk about the steps of creating a Facebook story frame and Facebook camera effects as well.

Creating, designing and present it to the world is very easy and convenient. A Facebook story frame allows you to add text in the stories and designs as well. People, to show creativity, and innovation in this world, full of promotions, use a Facebook story frame.

Facebook story frames are somewhat similar to snap chat frames and filters. Facebook story frame allows us to make visual stories, with the text written as well as graphics, photos, and videos included to promote the business.

There is a unique difference between the snap chat filters and frames and Facebook filters and frames. Facebook story frame does not vanish itself. Facebook story frame will be there on the page until you will remove it or you delete it. This is not the same as the snap chat filters and frames.


Some Important Tips for Creating a Facebook Story Frame

  • Use an image editor like Photoshop and using it make some new elements of your frame. Elements should have transparent backgrounds.
  •  Keep your frames sweet and simple.
  •  Always keep one thing in mind that most of the viewers are most likely viewing the Facebook story frames on their mobile phones instead of laptops or computers so choose your Facebook story frames accordingly.
  • Choose the frame that makes your picture more beautiful and not makes it worse. In other words, choose the Facebook story frame that compliments the picture.
  • Upload and clicks pictures according to the mobile phones viewing options. For example, the frame should give soothing effects on the pictures to the people.
  • Once you choose the frame for your Facebook story and the picture just click next.
  • After clicking the option next, you have to give it a name so that the viewer can search your stories by that name.
  • You can also choose a location while posting a Facebook story. The location feature is given by Facebook just to trigger the audience when they are in a particular location, which you kept in the Facebook story.location in facebook story
  • Now after all this you have to select the date or the time on which you are going to upload it. Right at the time of approving or you want to save it for later and use the frame in the near future.
  • If you select that you are going to publish it at the time of approving the design of the frame you have the last chance on clicking next to preview it for the last time before publishing.
  • All set. Done selecting and editing. Nothing more to do just click the publish option shown on the screen.
  • You can also share the same with your followers on your page at the same time if you want to do that.
  • You now also have access to a hub where you can manage all your frames of Facebook stories anytime, anywhere.

Facebook Story Frame with a Link

Facebook Story Frame with a Link

You can also share the Facebook story frame with a link, which will help you in sending the push notification to the people or you can simply share it on your page.

When you decide to share the Facebook story frame on your Facebook page, you can also add some text or written messages to promote it more intensely. You can also add a picture or a video along with the Facebook story frame to promote it more beautifully.

This was the Facebook story frame creating a thing. All this you can do directly from your Facebook page. Just by clicking on the create post with your frame option. By clicking on this option you can now choose the new and different frame for your Facebook story frame for uploading.

Tips For Desktop Users

facebook frames for Desktop

  1. Viewers have to visit
  2. Click on your DP of the Facebook given in the bottom left corner of the page.
  3. Choose any frame and enter a friend’s name in it.
  4. Choose the frame.
  5. Select the option to use this as a profile picture on Facebook.
However, if you do not want that others can use your frame at your business. You can stop that as well.

You just have to follow some important steps, which are mentioned below:

facebook frames for business

  1. Go to your settings on your Facebook page. Settings are available in the top right corner of the Facebook page.
  2. After that go to the option given as general.
  3. Now click on Facebook page location for frames.
  4. Select next and choose who can use the frames at your business. Who you want to give access to the frames.
  5. Click on save the changes.
  6. You are done!

Some Points for Creating the Facebook Story Frames

  1. You cannot use illegal or banned products, weapons, or anything to promote the business.
  2. You cannot go beyond the copyrights and privacy of other persons.
  3. Don’t use photographs in the Facebook story frames.
  4. You cannot feature your advertisements and promos commercially.
  5. You cannot use the logos or watermarks of other people without taking their permission. Permission should be in writing if possible.
  6. Don’t use low-resolution pictures.
  7. You cannot add links in the Facebook story frames.
  8. You cannot add QR codes in the Facebook story frames.

In Conclusion

Facebook Frames are a great way to spread your brand’s reach. The main purpose for marketers to use Facebook Frames is to create a frame that represents their branding or to design a frame to promote an event their business is hosting.

Facebook Frames gives your customers the opportunity to use your frame in their Facebook Stories, photos or profile image, building awareness for your business.

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