35 Dos And Don’ts For Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

It is always better to have a good strategy that can be used in the smart execution of a plan, whether you are a social media manager or the owner of a brand who wants to execute a marketing strategy on the social media platform that is Pinterest, here in this blog we are going to read about the 35 Do's and Don'ts for your Pinterest marketing strategy that is surely going to help you in creating the best strategy for your brand.

Do’s And Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Pinterest comes at number three among the most popular social media platforms. Moreover, it is currently enjoying over 47 million active users, making it one of the most significant marketing platforms. In this context, provided below are the dos and don’ts of the Pinterest marketing strategy one should follow

Do’s for Pinterest marketing strategy

Do's for Pinterest marketing strategy

Up-to-date profile picture

Needless to say, the prime factor driving audiences on Pinterest is images over it. Thus, along with maintaining the quality of the images optimal, it is essential to update the profile picture regularly. A nice attention-grabbing profile picture can easily fetch a lot of attention.

Create boards based on content category

It is important to maintain the coordination between the Pinterest boards and its contents with perfection. A visitor might find it irrelevant otherwise and get deflected, which a marketer would never wish for. 

Use the secret board for future content

secret board

Any marketer would wish to keep its audience base thoroughly engaged. It’s an amazing strategy to have a secret board for upcoming content. This keeps the interest level of the prospective customers intact, providing them a reason to visit.   

Set an actionable cover photo

Cover photo of Pinterest gives the first introduction to the visitor and provides the most crucial initial preview of the board. Thus, the marketers need to keep the Pinterest cover actionable and in sync with the concerned brand’s theme and color. 


To keep the visitor or audience base intact, the Pinterest marketer needs to meet the visitors’ anticipation level well. They must thus create engaging content regularly for the best result.  

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Follow your competitors

There always remains a lot for marketers to learn from their competitors. It especially matters if the competitor is successful. The same rule is very much applicable for Pinterest marketers. They must observe the type of content that their competitor posts to get more leads.     

Share blog posts

A well-written blog post is the most intuitive form of content to maintain the engagement level. And, every marketer wants to keep its audience base engaged. From that perspective, it is good to share relevant blog posts on Pinterest to maintain interest levels.    

Join niche community board

niche community board

Advantage of joining a niche community board is that the probability of finding a potential lead is way higher. It makes things easier for the marketer as he/she simply has to take the right product near the right audience.

Use Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics helps marketers in being more strategic with their approach. Starting from the engagement level to the amount of time spent, everything becomes evident through the analytics. Marketers must make most of it for their benefit.

Include Rich Product Pin to Your Site

Rich pins are crucial as they offer real-time detail to the audience. Naturally, it makes more sense for the prospects. It is thus important for the marketer to include Rich product pins to the site that would drive the visitor’s interest to buy from the stock. 

Focus on Image Quality

Using images of higher resolution with the posts makes it more interesting. It’s proven that such posts get pinned by others more than those with ordinary images. Naturally, it boosts the reach of the content, which is exactly what marketers wish for.  

Write result-driven description

A great image without an equally great description may make it worthless on Pinterest. One should spend some time writing a comparatively longer description. It is good to put relevant links as well to make it more productive.  

Use Keyword in Your Descriptions

Keyword in Your Descriptions

Search engine based traffic holds a lot of importance on Pinterest. And the most effective way to drag this traffic is to use keywords within Pinterest profile description. Specifically, the concerned service keyword should be used to let your users know what you offer.

Use Different Images to Link Back to Your Site

Getting backlinks through Pinterest is certainly one of the proven strategies for driving traffic. Probability of getting such a backlink increases when different images from different topics are used. 

Do Pin Regularly and Consistently

Regular pinning creates the much-needed impression that the concerned marketer is active. The probability of lead generation increases through the strategy as it boosts the exposure within the community.   

Cross-Promote across platforms

Cross-promotion is an effective and proven strategy as far as Pinterest is concerned. Biggest advantage of cross-promotion is the immense networking it provides. At the same time, scope of backlink also grows through this strategy.   

Include Pinterest in your e-newsletters

E-newsletters have certainly emerged as the most significant content marketing strategy in modern times. Including Pinterest within an e-newsletter can provide the major marketing boost that every marketer thrives for.  

Use copyright infringement

copyright infringement

An intellectual property right is an important consideration that every marketer must have in mind while planning for Pinterest promotion. It’s cited within terms and conditions that one can’t infringe copyrights of others for promotional purposes.

Don’ts for Pinterest marketing strategy

Do's for Pinterest marketing strategy

Pin Anything and Everything

Pinterest, unlike other platforms, banks on a very loyal creative enthusiastic group audience. They have high expectations of relevant content. Hence, pinning just anything random can immensely cost one’s trust.

Pin All Your Pins into One Board

Marketers should not pin their entire pins within a single board as it doesn’t represent the varieties well. A visitor gets the perception of monotonous contents, which might lead him/her to get deflected. Best option would be to categorize boards as per contents.     

Post Low-Quality Image

Don’t Post Low-Quality Image

Images are the prime visitor driving factors for Pinterest. After all, a visitor tends to see the image on Pinterest before anything else. Posting low-quality images with the post can deviate the visitor’s attention, no matter how qualitatively good the content is.   

Use jargon in your pin

Pin description should be enriched with strategically placed keywords rather than irrelevant jargon. Instead of bombastic words, the description should be written in an easy and user-friendly manner to bring greater clarity.

Ignore Group Board

Group boards are considered the most prolific places to find potential customers. These are like one-stop destinations for finding loyal customers. Ignoring group boards can turn out to be a blunder. Group boards work incredibly towards boosting marketing networks.     

Just Pin Your Own Content

Pinning only own content creates a greedy impression about the marketer among the target audience. It also lacks diversity, which affects the engagement level. As Pinterest audiences are creative enthusiasts, they would never wish for monotonous stuff.   

Be Inconsistent

Everyone knows that the Pinterest audience base is the most loyal. They ardently follow the profiles they are interested in. Hence, they naturally expect both consistency and regularity from the profile owner. Being inconsistent can thus be repenting for a marketer. 

Make Your Profile Hard to Find

To grab the attention of an immense 300 million+ audience base, the marketers must make it search-engine friendly. In this context, one should use the same profile name across all social media platforms. There should be proper website details and rich pins to make it relevant.

Leave Empty or Incomplete Boards

Incomplete Boards

It’s utterly unimpressive, especially for the marketers, to keep boards incomplete or empty. The attitudes of such give the impression of lack of seriousness among its follower base. Most importantly, your competitors might take this as an advantage to get the concerned audience.     

Forget to Add Pin-it Button to Your Site

Pin-it Button to Your Site

Adding the Pin-it button to a site certainly can be a prominent traffic-driving strategy for a site. And, being a marketer, anyone would wish to have as much traffic as possible. Moreover, this is quite a proven strategy as far as Pinterest marketing is concerned.       

Use Too Many Hashtags

Extraneous usage of hashtags, especially those that are not relevant to the content, drives too many not-so potential visitors or customers. It also creates the impression of being spammy. 2-4 relevant hashtags should be used within a profile description for best result.      

Accept All Group Board Invites

Accepting invites of just any and every board invite is a strategy often tried by the spammers. It signifies that the content creator is too greedy and desperate about traffic rather than on qualitative aspects. One should join only those boards relevant to content.    

Forget To Optimize Your Website For Pinterest

Starting from smart usage of Rich Pins, using the right dimension of images as per the platform, right usage of keywords to using meta title of images in contents, one should thoroughly optimize the site for Pinterest.    

Put Pinterest separate

Pinterest marketing should be an integral part of the overall marketing campaign. The contents of it should be shared on other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well. Moreover, one should be as consistent over Pinterest as they are for all other social media platforms.

Try to promote spam

Spams might sound lucrative, but it certainly is the most negative strategy that a marketer could ever employ. Be it for traffic or some kind of commission, the marketers should strictly avoid spam content. Pinterest has the strictest policies for spammers.

Pin the same pin again and again

Prime user base of platforms like Pinterest is quality content enthusiasts. Pinning the same stuff time and again makes it look boring and inconvenient. There remains every possibility of losing a loyal customer base. Even if it is about the same product, one should look for unique content to promote it.   

Forget who your Pinterest audience is

Successful marketers are those who get the nerve of their loyal audience base perfectly. Specifically, about Pinterest, the audiences are highly content enthusiastic, and taste-specific. Hence, the Pinterest marketer should not deliver anything irrelevant to his/her customer.  


Pinterest is very much a proven platform as far as marketing is concerned. Being known as a platform for loyal content enthusiasts provides immense scope to attract potential customers (and turn them into buying clients) through quality content. Upon following the above norms of Do’s And Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing Strategy, one can certainly expect greater outcomes.

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