Back to Basics: How to Edit Social Media Posts After They’ve Been Published

Social media is an interesting platform for sharing your views, photos, likes, and dislikes. But what if you want to make any changes in your posts after publishing them. Here,in this article, you are going to read about the various method of editing your posts on the social media that will help you in makeing your desired changes in the posts. Read on to learn more!

How to Edit Social Media Posts:- Did you hit the “Post button” before adding an important brand tag or rectifying a misspelled word? Of course, it is frustrating when you make such mistakes with your post, and all you wish to have is an edit option. 

Social media engages an audience of 4.48 billion people, and you would desire to present your best version. After all, in the past, you were what you had. But in the age of social media, you are what you share. And that is why you need to monitor the posts you share on such platforms carefully.

However, sometimes you might make certain mistakes, and all you need is to know how to edit social media posts if they are already published. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to edit social media posts, then this article is the answer to your quest, and it’s time to dive right in!


Facebook is a platform of whooping 1.82 billion daily active users. On such a highly engaging site, you cannot afford to make mistakes with your posts. But even if you made one, don’t worry! There are possible solutions to your problem. 


However, there is an important fact that you need to know about the editing of already published posts on Facebook. On this social media site, you can edit only captions but not images and videos.

If you have published a wrong photo or video on your post, then you are left with only one option. It might sound like a bitter pill to swallow, but you will have to delete the wrong media attached to your post and start everything again. 

On the other hand, if you forgot to attach a link to your caption or hit the “Post button” before you could glide your eyes over misspelled words, then you are most welcome to troubleshoot editing ideas!

Here are the steps to follow to edit your post-

Step 1: Navigate the post window and click on the three dots corner. Select the “Edit Post” option. 

edit post option

Step 2: Make the required changes (for instance, editing a missed comma, correcting a misspelled word, tagging a brand you forgot to tag before publishing, etc.).

Step 3: After making the desired changes in your post, click on “Save”.

Another fact that should be considered about editing already published Facebook ads is that your edits will be visible and can be made by any Page Admin. It is also true for edits performed before publishing the posts.            

The edit history of your post is public as well, and your followers or page visitors can see the edit history while gliding through your page. Although Facebook provides you with a chance to edit your regular posts and tags, it is not true for every post. You cannot edit a Facebook post that has been boosted or is a part of an ad campaign.

Pro Tip- You can add more photos to your post using Facebook’s Page Manager App. And here comes the good news! You can edit your image with the assistance of this tool. Add an extra image, and save it. Later, delete the wrong image by going back to the editing mode. 


Twitter is one of the social media sites that master the digital world, and you would like to present yourself as accurately as possible. Wouldn’t you? Several people desire to edit social media posts but complain of not being able to do so!


Twitter is a platform that does not allow you to rectify your mistakes through an Edit option. However, there were rumors that Twitter is going to introduce an edit feature. In 2016, Jack Dorsey, the CEO, and co-Founder of Twitter, suggested a time-limited edit option.

This feature was supposed to be a time window of a few minutes to rectify the errors in one’s tweet. But in 2020, Dorsey stole away the silver lining by announcing that no edit option is coming up in the near future.

But this doesn’t mean you have to continue to suffer from your tweet errors! Here are some ways to help you out with the errors in your tweet. 

Repost and Delete Method

Reposting refers to making the necessary corrections in the old tweet and tapping the “Tweet button” again. While reposting, you can use any online writing assistant like “Grammarly” to keep a check on grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Now, the time comes to wipe off the evidence of your errors. Take a look at the steps mentioned below to know-how! 

Step 1: Log on to your Twitter account and go to your profile page.

Step 2: Search the tweet you wish to delete.

Search the tweet you wish to delete

Step 3: Click on the icon present at the top of your tweet.

Step 4: Click on the “Delete” option.

delete tweet

Step 5: A confirmation box will appear. If you wish to delete the post permanently, then click on the “Delete button”. 

Now your tweet will be deleted from search results, your account, and from the timeline of users following you. The amazing fact is that even the retweets of deleted posts would disappear. 


Covfefe is a platform developed by Corey Gwin, a programmer from California. Although this platform resembles the conventional “repost and delete” method, it is more effective!

What it does is delay your tweets from going live by 15 seconds. It provides you some time to revise your tweet and rectify any error before it goes live for the world. 

covfefe: edit social media posts

But remember! These 15 seconds cost your retweets. You will lose the retweets and favourites associated with your old tweet. To use this extension, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Download the chrome extension for Coffee.

Step 2: Go to your profile page.

Step 3: Select the tweet you want to edit and click on the Edit button.

Step 4: Now edit the post and make desired changes.

Step 5: Hit the enter key.  



Brizzly is a platform that serves the requirements of Twitter power users. It empowers the users with the following functions. 

  • Undo Tweets – The “Undo button” lets you take down a tweet you just posted. 
  • Tweet Delay – It postpones your tweets and provides you with a short delay between the time you click the tweet button and your tweet going live. The time limit is up to which you want to delay the tweet depending on you.  
  • Auto-Delete – This option allows you to set an “expiry date” for your tweets.
  • Save Well-Liked Tweets – If you have turned on your auto-delete function yet you want to with likes, you can turn on the “Fave to Save” option.

However, unlike Coffee, Brizzly+ comes with a price. Yes! It’s a paid platform where plans begin at $2.49. 


LinkedIn allows you to edit the company page and personal profile but not the images or videos you attach to your post. If you wish to change the media, you will have to delete your original post and repost a new one. Follow the given steps to edit your post on mobile and computer. 

Editing Post On A Computer

Step 1: Log in to

news feed linkedin

Step 2: Navigate the post that you wish to delete.

Step 3: Click on the three dots menu present in the top right corner of your post.

Step 4: Click on the “pencil icon” present in the middle of the drop-down menu. 

pencil icon

Step 5: A window will appear in which you can edit your post.  

save post

Step 6: Click on the Save button present in the lower right corner of your window. 

Editing Post On A Mobile App

Step 1: Open your LinkedIn app.

Step 2: Navigate the post that you wish to edit. 

Step 3: A “three-dot” menu icon or “More” will appear in the top right corner. Click on it and tap on the “Edit Post” option. 

3 dot icon

Step 4: Edit your post by making desirable changes. But remember that you cannot edit the images and videos attached to your posts

edit post option mobile app

Step 5: Click on the “Save” to save the changes made during editing.  

save post

That is how you can edit your post on LinkedIn mobile app or computer. If you want to make changes in the media, consider deleting the post and reposting with desired changes. 


On Pinterest, you can edit a pin created by you and those saved from images you find on the web as well. 

Edit the Pins That You Have Created

You can edit the parts like board, sections, title, description, or website present in the pin you have created by uploading an image. To edit pin created by you, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Open the Pinterest app and log into your Pinterest account.

log into your Pinterest account

Step 2: Click on your profile picture present in the bottom right of your screen. 

Step 3: Tap on the board and then to a section. 

Step 4: Tap on the pin you wish to edit.

tap the pin you need to delete

Step 5: Click on the three dots that appear in the top-right corner.

Step 6: Tap on the “Edit” option. 

delete pin

Step 7: You can now edit the part you desire to change, like your board, section, pin’s title, or description. 

Step 8: Tap on “Done” to save the changes.

Edit The Pins Saved From Images You Find On The Web

If you have created a pin by saving an image from the web, you can only edit the board and section part. Follow the given steps to edit the board or section:

Step 1: Log into your Pinterest account.

Step 2: Click on your profile.

Step 3: Tap on the board, then on the section.

Step 4: Tap on the pin to edit it.

Step 5: Tap on the three dots present in the top-right corner. 

Step 6: Click on the “Edit Pin” option and edit the board or section.

Step 7: Tap on the “Done” option. 



Instagram allows you to edit your captions and add tags, but editing or changing the images or videos attached to your post is not possible on this platform.

Moreover, you can edit your captions on Instagram using your mobile app only. If you want to edit your already published post, explore the steps given below: 

Step 1: Go to the post that you wish to edit.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots present in the top right corner. 

Step 3: Click on the “Edit button”.

edit button instagram

Step 4: Now, you are all set to edit your caption and add tags that you probably forgot before hitting the post button.

Step 5: Click on “DONE” on the upper right-hand side.  

Concluding Remark

In this era, a highly monitored self-presentation is essential in reality and the virtual world. However, you might forget to add something important, or your eyes might skip some errors while hitting the post button.

And this is why it is important to know the procedure to edit social media posts. But, it is always suggested to be careful with the images and videos attached to your post because numerous platforms do not allow editing them. 

We hope that this article will assist you in tackling errors in your already published post and enlighten you with all the edit options you have on several social media platforms. Feel free to express your thoughts and queries in the comment section below.

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