52 Trending Social Media Post Ideas and Examples to Fill your Calendar

Nothing can be more irritating than struggling with a creative block. Whether you are the owner or the marketer of a brand, we all sometimes get trapped in it. In this blog, we have discussed some effective social media post ideas and examples that you can use in your content calendar. Dive in to know more.

Are you into business or a part of an organization? Are you struggling to write something creative and be updated on a day-to-day basis on social media? At times the brain is stuck and is not able to think something out of the box for a post or a campaign. You need inspiration or some mind-boggling ideas that could shake your brain and help you come up with really awesome stuff. 

So, Let’s look at some creative and effective social media post ideas and examples to fill your calendar.

52 Creative Social media Post Ideas

Effective Social Media Post Ideas and Examples to Fill your Calendar

Creating creative content is no easy job, but like any other challenge, you must take this challenge also step-by-step. Let’s start by choosing which social media channel to focus on, next is our target audience, and then comes the content targeting it. The blog mentions a few points that will give you good ideas for your social media posts. 

Make your audience connect with your ideas. If they like it, then there is no harm trying the same idea twice. But it is very necessary to understand your audience; then it gets way easier to create content. 

1. Curtain Raiser

Curtain Raiser

Show your customers your workspace, upload a picture to build trust, and tell them what goes behind the scenes. It will help build a repo, and your customers would know your business better. 

2. Resolving Queries

You must answer questions of your customers daily. Then there comes a chance when the audience picks an interesting question, and you answer it on social media. There must be a lot of other customers who must be following you on Facebook, Twitter, etc, would also read. 

3. Introduce your Employees

Introduce your Employees

Customers at times are very inquisitive and it excites them to know who has been working behind a particular project or business. So, one must upload the picture of their new employee or can also show the picture of an employee or the team behind the success of a particular product. 

4. Appreciate for being Viral

Surely, there is something that is known amongst the fans regarding your brand or on your web page or store and it is creating its own space in the internet and social media world. You must upload it on social media, appreciating and thanking your customer.

5. Customer Review

Customer Review

It is easy to relate to common people or someone from next door. So, make one of your customers talk about your product and services and upload that on social media. It will build more trust amongst people.

6. One-word Posts

One-word posts are like a game. Write a sentence giving a hint about something and then involve your audience in it. Engage them and let them write the answer. Such posts have been quite popular and would be very interesting. 

7. Get involved in a Community Event

Get involved in a Community Event

If you are the owner of a small business organization and you can be a part of the social event in the community, then you must be vocal about it and make it viral. Do not forget to upload it on Facebook’s event calendar so that the majority knows about it.  

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8. Entertain People

Why do people visit social media so much? It is because they are looking for some entertainment. So, let your fans and customers enjoy and have some fun. 

9. The story behind your Business

story behind your Business

There is a story behind everything, some have a long story, and some others have a short one. Take this chance and share a part of the story with your audience and give them an insight into why you do what you do?

10. Share other Content

It is not necessary to create something new every time. You can also share other’s content and have friendly terms with them. This would be a good source of information for the audience. 

11. Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

This is quite a popular trend on social media, especially on Instagram, where people upload an old image on Thursdays to recall early times. You can do the same and upload an old image to be a part of the trend and be more connected to people

12. Post according to the Season

To be different, you must post something ongoing. If summers are coming, you must suggest different ways to live through the scorching heat in relevance to your products. 

13. Share your Progress

Share your Progress

You can talk to people about your progress and what inspires you. You are on the path of success because of a person, a story, your team, or it could simply be a quote; something that can relate you to your customers too.  It could be a milestone worth celebrating. 

14. Make it Customer-centric

Once a month, instead of talking about your brand, you may talk about one of your biggest supporters or a fan. Tag that customer, and he/she would know that you are featuring them in your story. Just celebrate the customer in the post. 

15. Share the Statistics

If you have come across some interesting facts and statistics that are related to your business, then you must share them with your customers. Stats interest the audience and gain attention. 

16. Customer Feedback / Questionnaire

Customer Feedback

You can take your customer’s feedback through multiple-choice questions, and you can make it interesting by adding riddles or puzzles in it. Let your customers give true feedback about your services, your products and add some fun questions in between. 

17. Creating Videos

Videos leave a greater impact, and making a video with the help of smartphones has been such a delight. Upload a video through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, or any other platform and create memories. You could share a video from the office or start a live stream. People enjoy watching videos.

18. Second Shot

Check if any of your posts have gone viral or have generated a lot of likes and shares. Do not feel shy to repost your content and make it viral. Be innovative and add a creative edge to it. 

repost content on social media

19. Newsletter

Are you one of those who send newsletters and announcements regularly on customers’ mail? If yes, then you are already doing a great job. But this time, post a newsletter on social media and let your fans know what they are missing. 

20. Sharing Image

You must share an image not just a simple click, but you can make it interesting by editing it or by adding text, filters through some apps, or directly through the social media features. It is an interesting way of promoting yourself out to the audience. 

21. Educational Post

Educational Post

Imparting and sharing a good informatory piece, like busting a misconception about your industry or some facts that the customers have never known, would be a nice way to start a conversation with fans and followers. This can also help you to talk about your expertise in the field. 

22. Start a Conversation

If you have come across something interesting, then share it on your post and involve your customers in it. Urge them to share their views and opinions on the matter and thereby open a channel for smooth communication.

23. Tricks and Tips

How about sharing some tips and tricks? You must be knowing tricks and tips about a particular product that you sell and might want to share it with your customers. 

The customers would love to read it, and on the other hand, you can also ask them to give in their input and tricks if they have tried anything. Do share the tricks given by the customer and mention their name with it. 

Tricks and Tips

24. Celebrate with your Customers

Celebrate the company’s birthday or a milestone achieved. Your followers are your fans, and they care to know everything about you. They would love to celebrate your success. 

25. Social Media Channels

If you have recently logged into a new social media channel, then post it across your other channels to gather your audience and to let your fans know. This will help you post multiple pieces of content at once as you can post the link of one social media on the other platforms. 

Social Media Channels

26. Connect to your Customers Personally

It is one of the best ideas to post on social media, and you get connected to a huge audience at one go. But you can also ask your customers to connect to your mailing list to be more effective. Make sure you tell them the frequency of emails you send so that they know what they are getting into. 

27. Review of a Product

The majority of the customers read reviews for a product online before finalizing it. No wonder; these reviews are verified sales drivers. It is a wonderful approach if you are dealing with e-commerce.

28. Twitter Chat Sessions

twitter chat sessions

Definitely, Twitter chats are a great way to interact with the audience. However, the topic needs to be specific, and in this way, the audience can come up with a variety of questions they have in their mind. When the audience gets their answers, they are more convinced about your products.

29. Company’s Achievement

Make sure to share your accomplishments on social platforms and celebrate with your followers. 

30. Post a Spotify Playlist

Sharing music with the viewers is the best way to reveal new brand names and learn more about the brands you love. Yes, Spotify has entertaining and valuable playlist features.

You get an option to build a playlist of your favourite music. You can share the Spotify link with the audience and get them inspired.

Post a Spotify Playlist

31. Company’s News Declaration

Buying a new space? Introducing a new product? Or have amazing news to share with the audience? Nothing can be better than sharing the word with your customers who care. Make it big and happening by letting your customers know!

32. Live Videos

Yes, live videos are trending on social media platforms. The best way is to plan a talk show and invite a guest every week. 

Live Videos

33. Drive Blog Graphics

Generating new content for social media posts is really helpful. What about creating blog graphics? For this, you need to generate versions of blog graphics appropriately proportioned for your preferred social network. 

34. Share Company’s Financial Incomes

Generally, large-scale companies share their financial earnings to let their interested fans know how they are performing financially. This can be done by creating a blog post proclaiming the quarterly earnings of the company.

35. Question Stakes

Not every time blogs or articles must be shared on social platforms. Engage your audience by talking to them or by asking some interesting questions. This is a great tactic to know what exactly they want to read.

Question Stakes

36. GIFs or Memes

Apart from using images, you can use GIFs and memes while publishing the content. It adds an exciting spin to the plain post and motivates the audience to scroll the entire post.

37. Holiday Posts

No matter what, holidays are special for all. Share a holiday-related post, may it be an image or a video. The followers will be happy to see that your business has genuine people.

38. Images of Company’s Event

Images of Company’s Event

Show the work culture of your company by sharing images of the events happening there. It may be any charity event or fundraiser; it is the best way to inform the audience about the company on social media. 

39. Answer the most Frequently Asked Question

If some questions are being repeated raised by the audience on your social media, make sure to answer them. It is better to answer it at once by sharing a post with the relevant answer.

40. Communicate with the Front-runner of the Industry

Promote yourself by start conversing with someone known in your niche. For this, Twitter is the best platform to start the conversation.

41. Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

At times, reading the entire content becomes time-consuming. So, you can start the own podcast and cover the topics/challenges the audience faces.

42. Post new Incomings for your Industry

Let the audience know about the team expansion. Maybe a fan follower can suggest it to a friend or an acquaintance someone who is best suited for the new position.

43. Hire New Members

After posting the job listing, you will look for the right candidate for your company. As soon as you get the candidate(s) for your company, you can share information with the audience. Sharing this good news with them will make them feel happy and valued.

44. Distribute Something for Free

Distribute Something for Free

Offering incentives to take some action to grab free stuff is the best way to allure the audience. This way, you can promote your products. Anything free is always welcomed by different audiences. 

45. Be innovative with Emojis

Emojis can add fun to social media posts. Just ensure that you are using them appropriately and under the guidelines of the company by following the infographic.

46. Promote your Partners

Positivity is very important! Add some to your audience’s feed and share a lovely post promoting your partner. For instance, “Thank you Mr. Rahul Chandra for everything you shared with us. We really appreciate it”.

47. Post a Case Study of your known Customer

Case Study of your known Customer


If you have a customer who is really thankful to your company and its products, then get him/her involved in the case study. After this, you can share the case study on social media.

48. Share How-to Videos

Instead of going live, make a short and sweet how-to video to explain the product’s feature. Such videos can motivate the viewers to try the product after witnessing how it works. 

49. Inspiring Quotations

If inspirational quotes are done correctly, they can turn out to be very effective. Always relate the quotes with the product the company is offering.

Inspiring Quotations

50. Reshare the most Popular Posts

You do not have to reinvent the posts every time. If any of the posts did well in the past, you can re-post them. You never know that the same post can do better in the second round.

51. Share History Posts

‘On this day,’ history posts are the best way to approach your social platforms. You may come across something exciting that happened in the past and you wish to share it with your fans. 

52. Share Infographics

Share Infographics

You can share infographics (DIY, FIY), especially on Pinterest. It facilitates you to share too much information along with the visuals. They can make the boring statistics look interesting!


Phew! That was a very long list! You may execute these strategies for your social media platforms. If you have something else to share, you are free to reach out to us.

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