Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups (2022 Update)

Facebook groups are very popular among people. It is a platform that provides space for group communication. In this article, we will discuss the difference between Facebook groups and Facebook pages, how to create a Facebook group: Step by step by step guide, and many more.

With rapid changes in technology and vast choices of product availability, markets are no more local and have gone international. This also requires the adoption of such marketing strategies that reach out to a large part of the population. One such approach adopted by various businesses is the creation of Facebook Groups. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups help to build a community for the business that will make products more valuable for the customers. This will help you to showcase your expertise to the customers and answer all the essential queries they have regarding the product. 

By answering questions and maintaining communication with your present and potential customers, you will be able to build strong personal relations with them. Personal connections result in building brand loyalty.

Difference Between Facebook Groups and Facebook Page

Facebook Groups and Facebook Page


While creating a Facebook Page is a touchpoint for the business, allowing customers to have full information about your brand and products. You can run campaigns, get product reviews, provide valuable information like address map, contact information, etc. on Facebook Page.

A Facebook Group focuses more on community building. Customers can have more frequent interactions here, and they are quite comfortable to post about their queries. This will ensure customer engagement and brand loyalty. 

A Facebook group limits the audience to members of any particular network; on the other hand, the Facebook page can accommodate as many likes as possible.

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How to Create a Facebook Group: Step By Step Guide

Steps to create Facebook Group are as follow:

1. Click “Create Group” Tab on top of the page

Facebook Create Group tab


2. Choose an Appropriate Name for the Group

In the case of a Business Group, makes sure to select a name that it becomes easy for existing and potential customers to locate you. 

3. Invite the Audience

Invite as many friends you can, by selecting them from your current friends’ list or any other friends by typing their name inbox. You must keep in mind that sending bulk invitation looks spammy, so take measures accordingly.

4. Description

Be clear about the page objective and add a unique story about your group along with filling up your contact information. You need to add all the information such as Location, Group Icon, Cover Photo, etc.

5. Be Careful About Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings


Choose appropriate Facebook Privacy Settings as per your need and choice. You can select from the following:

6. Add Group Description

This should precisely state the purpose of creating a group. Also, the group policies, if any, should be stated here. 

7. Add Tags

Add tags that will act as keywords and will help customers to locate you.  

8. Save

Click “Save” to save all the settings or modifications.

Types of Groups on Facebook

1. Closed Facebook Groups

Closed Facebook Groups

In closed Facebook Groups, only those who are invited to the group will have an option to post and see the content shared in the group. 

You can create such a group for all the members of the team who are working on a specific school assignment. This will create a private forum for the members to share their ideas.

2. Public Facebook Groups

The public group allows anyone on Facebook to see the group, its members, and posts. Only the members of the group are authorized to post in the group. This type of group created by business organizations helps to build effective customer relations.

3. Secret Facebook Groups

Secret Facebook Groups

Facebook Secret Group, where only the members can search and find such a group. This will not appear anywhere in the profile of the group members. Only group members can see the post and other members of the group.

How can Facebook Group Help Your Business?

Facebook has modified its algorithm to maximize the reach of groups and publications. This means that groups now have more visibility than regular posts on your page.

Facebook provides users what they are looking for based on community and mutual interest. So if a person follows many pages, there are fewer chances that your simple post will be visible to them. This is not the case with group posts.

It is vital to make sure that all the clients receive information that is valuable and relevant to them. If you create a group with clients and potential customers, it is essential to keep them updated with your products, services, and new launches.

This is also a good source of communication with people to understand their needs and demands better. You should ensure to be active and answer all the doubts and questions as soon as possible.

5  New Facebook Groups Features in 2021

Various new features were introduced for the Facebook Group in 2021. We have listed some of them.

1. Customer Support for Group Admin

Customer Support for Group Admin


It allows group admins to raise queries or report any issues directly to Facebook. Also, they have set a target to answer all the questions within one business day. 

2. Pre-approval of Posts

You need to make such a setting that only those posts will be added, which the admins approver before being published in the group.

This will avoid any controversial posts and save the enormous time of admins. Being able to approve posts from selected, trustworthy members will save a lot of time and will make a Facebook Group a more pleasant experience for both you and your audience.

3. Educational resources for Group Admin

This is quite a valuable tool for business group admins as Facebook is compiling various tutorials and studies on how to run a group effectively. This will give information about various other admins who are managing their groups successfully. 

4. Group Rules

Group Rules


This will fix specific rules of the group and notify the members when they break any rules. 

To create rules, click on the “Moderate Group” Tab and then “Create Rules.” A pop-up window will appear in which you can select from the pre-existing rules for the group. You can custom your own rules by clicking the “Write your own rule” tab.

5. Watch Party

This is the most underused feature and allows you to share public videos to your group. Members can view and react to it at the same time as other members. This will foster a sense of community and build better relationships.

Creating a Watch Party is quite easy. Go to “Create Post,” and you will see the option “Watch Party.” The next step is to select a video. You can also select multiple videos. Once you are done, you can start a Watch Party and invite other people to view the video. 

This feature is important for Business Facebook Groups to share industry news and related content.

Watch Party

Roles of Facebook Groups Members

1. Admin

Admin is responsible for leading the group. He manages the content of the group and has access to all the settings. A group can have multiple admins. The number could go as high as many as the creator of the group desires. 

2. Group Moderator

Facebook group moderator


He has a similar role as that of an admin in the sense that he can share posts and manage the group to a certain extent. He can change the settings of the group neither can he remove admins of the groups. 

3. Group Member

They are the viewers of the content and participate in the group.

Facebook Groups Moderation

This is an important feature that requires attention and responsibility. Roles of a moderator include:

  • Making sure that no member violates group policies, everyone follows the group rules.
  • Adding new members to the groups and removing the members that violate group rules.
  • Reviewing content and deleting inappropriate content
  • Quickly respond to the queries posted by members.

How Can You Add Admin and Moderators to Facebook Groups?

Moderators have the ability to add or remove any member and review the post and comments within the group. However, admin can do more than a moderator and can change group settings and add or remove other admins or moderators.

How can you add Admin and Moderators to Facebook Groups


To make a member admin or moderator, you can follow the following steps.”

Select the Group

  • Click Members on the Left Side
  • Search for the person you want to make admin or moderator
  • Select three horizontal dots beside their name
  • Click on the “Make Admin” or “Make Moderator” option.

Make Moderator


Facebook Groups Insights

Group insights are a vital tool to see metrics about the group and also check member activity and engagement within the group. This feature can be utilized to do the following:

  • To understand member engagement within the group.
  • See the most active members in the group.
  • See the posts which have maximum member engagement.

To see group insights, go to the group and click on the “Group Insights” tab on the left.

Facebook Groups Insights


You will be able to see an overview of Growth Details, member engagement, and Member details. This will also show the top contributors of the group, therefore you can publicly acknowledge them for their contribution. 

  • Under the growth tab, you will be able to see how many members have joined the group over a while. You can also keep track of how many requests you have accepted or rejected.
  • Under the Engagement Tab, you can see important information like the number of posts shared in the group, comments on that post, likes, and reaction on the job post. Therefore, you can see the active members in your group. There is also an option to see the group’s top post, who posted them etc.
  • Under Members Tab, you can have a better insight into who your members actually are by getting information like Age, gender, country living, and city. This will allow you to choose content as per the audience and deliver quality content to them.

Ways to Increase Member Activity in Facebook Groups

To maintain the membership and value of the group, it is essential to increase activity and engagement within the group. There are several ways to increase member activity which include:

1. Use Diverse Types of Media

Toss between video and images to increase visibility and engagement.

2. Use Polling Feature and ask for Feedbacks

facebook Polling Feature


People love giving their feedbacks and opinions, and asking for the same will show that you really care about the same. Creating polls could be a fantastic way to do this. This will enhance engagement within the group. 

3. Be Responsive

You should be quick to answer all the queries posted by members. Other users will understand that you are excited to be a part of the group, and they will interact too.


The Facebook group has plenty of potentials, therefore, a business can use to gain an advantageous position, and now, with the introduction of new features, because it will prove to be more useful than ever before.

The group’s personal interactions will help you to encourage customer engagement and build a positive brand environment. So let us know how Facebook Group is most important to you in business?

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