Top 8 Facebook Alternatives That Won’t Sell Your Data

Searching for the alternative of Facebook that you can use for social networking? If yes, than you have landed on the right page, here in this blog, you will get to read about some very exciting social media platforms are an alternative of Facebook. Let's begin!

Facebook Alternatives:- Out of the many available and widely-used social media platforms, Facebook is extremely popular on a global scale. Statistically, 2.8 billion users actively use this platform on a monthly basis. Further, 1.84 billion users approximately visit the platform or one of its subsidiaries daily. 

These include the Facebook app version, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp. It automatically raises the total market value and usage rating of Facebook as a social media powerhouse.

All in all, Facebook provides a vast range of feature-centric benefits to users. However, the platform gathers a lot of personal data to operate, and it stores much of this information. While the network is highly efficient in its functionality for users, data security is an issue here. 

Reportedly, many incidents have occurred related to this, such as 267 million Facebook users noticing their profile data breaches in 2020. To avoid this type of situation, opting for other available social media alternatives is more reliable. 

In this context, there are various social networking options available that are user-friendly, and secure. Eight of them are mentioned in this list.



Sociall is one of the newest social media networks available in the market with a high-grade security structure. The system focuses on users’ privacy protection highly. It is one of the most attractive points of this platform among users. 

Sociall involves the standard features of most social media applications, like following other users, publishing content, and discover features.

This decentralized platform runs on blockchain technology and is not under the control of one entity.

To explain, no third-party organizations or firms can access user information and it is not stored in one area. Both these factors ensure that the data users upload while employing this platform is always protected.

Truly, the robust data collection and privacy feature of Sociall is its most notable quality. Other than the user, the accounts are inaccessible to external hacking attempts. Search engines cannot index the profile of users on this platform either. This keeps the personal information safe. 

Notably, this system chiefly adopts a self-governing approach for user-generated content. To simplify, you can post any type of content you desire and the Sociall developers impose no controlling limitations. Here, users have the ability to monitor posts that do not follow community guidelines and spam on their own. 

Notable Mentions:

  • Available on Android and iOS versions 
  • It has a similar interface as Facebook to a great extent. 
  • Robust Privacy Setting and Post Sharing features 
  • Users can share their data easily and safely. 
  • Search engines cannot index the Sociall user profiles. 
  • The social network is private and decentralized. 
  • Users get encryption protection for their multimedia posts and personal data on this platform. 
  • Sociall users have full autonomy over their profile and content here.



Freindica as a social media platform runs in a decentralized framework. It is efficient for users in terms of operational liberty while on this platform. To note, the network that operates here is more advanced. However, non-technical users can access and use Friendica after system updates. 

Developers of this platform intend to produce a more simplified installation process. In addition, there is no single owner of this platform; therefore, users can access GitHub for the open-source software. 

Notably, the platform is still undergoing development and modifications. Here, volunteer developers contribute to the process. To work with Friendica, users have to download and install the open-source software. 

It only suits particular systems; users must verify and choose a compatible option. They can individually use this flexible software as a server to link with other users. Notably, this allows users chance to pick and choose who they wish to follow and share information with. 

Moreover, Friendica allows contact integration from different platforms securely. Similarly, users can post via this platform on separate networks as well. 

Notable Mentions: 

  • It is a distributed app for social networking. 
  • Users can practice Freindica through the pre-installed server at Or, they can install it directly from the free GitHub Community. 
  • It can integrate contacts and data with other social networking platforms. 
  • Users can post their content via Friendica on supported platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Google+, and Libertree. 
  • The commodity hosting platforms that Friendica operates via PHP/MySQL/Apache servers. 
  • Users can integrate their RSS feeds and e-mail contacts. 
  • Allows management features for tasks, events, and memberships 
  • There is an easy-to-use activity dashboard. 
  • Friendica supports top-notch data backup/restore and data security features. 



Among the available Facebook alternatives, Ello is one of the most popular choices for users. In the general context, this platform gained the moniker of “Facebook killer social network” after its launch in 2014. One of the main benefits of this platform among users is the unavailability of ads. 

Indeed, this is a safe and user-friendly alternative for customers. 

The platform safeguards the usage data and personal information of users, too. As a result, third-party entities cannot gain access to these, either via hacking attempts or malware attacks. Currently, this platform is one of the most notable social media applications that specialize in data security. 

Therefore, Ello users can safely create, save, and share their posts via the social network. Typically, artists and similar users opt for this platform. However, it is accessible for all user types; thus, the target audience reach is high via Ello. 

Notable Mentions:

  • Mainly available on iOS devices.
  • Users can use simple features for posting their content and sharing them with followers.
  • Ello users do not have to worry about data breaches; the security function here is impenetrable.
  • It has a user-friendly user interface. 
  • The platform feeds filters accurately. 
  • Signing up to Ello is mainly on an invitation basis.
  • Users experience an ad-free environment. 



Mastodon is one of the newest alternatives to Facebook available in the market currently, released in 2017. However, compared to most other options in this list, this is an underrated option. The software is open-source and the developers of Mastodon focused on security and user privacy most seriously. 

In terms of layout, Mastodon has a similar structure as Twitter. For example, this applies to the total accepted word limit for each of the posts. Furthermore, users get access to both private and public platform instances as per requirement. 

Two notable reasons why this is a covered platform for social media enthusiasts include its community-management framework and simple interface. The data security feature here is commendable. It operates via a robust decentralized network, and the software does not store personal data. 

The open-source software is free to use. To elaborate, users have full liberty to create and post different types of content. Moreover, they have the option to create customized profiles and follow multiple users. This is a standard feature in most social media platforms. 

In terms of its interface, Mastodon does not have a categorized feed and the elements display chronologically. You can also experience a completely ad-free usage environment. 

Notable Mentions:

  • It has a free open-source infrastructure. 
  • Mastodon allows standardized ActivityPub protocol support. 
  • The system here is decentralized; the data of users are not accessible by any governing organization or outside professionals. 
  • Mastodon has an interoperable system; it integrates well with OStatus, GNUSocial, and ActivityPub platforms. 
  • Users can attach their media within posts easily.
  • Works with REST API and OAuth2 integration. 
  • Mastodon users get timeline updates in real-time. 



Another of the best alternatives of Facebook when it comes to privacy and information safety is Vero. Here, the privacy-related functionality is top-notch. Plus, the developers of Vero have prioritized UI sensibilities at a high spot. Notably, the interface is user-oriented, visible, and easy to navigate. 

In terms of usage guarantee, this platform offers a subscription-based payment model instead of completely free features. Here, data breaches are minimal as well. Moreover, developers have focused on payment gateway safety during development too. 

You would not notice any ads while operating on Vero. For many social media users, this is a highly important deciding factor. Moreover, users have full control over their information, and the system blocks out third parties that the account holders prohibit. 

All the personal data of the user is safely stored, although the system itself does not access or share them. 

Notable Mentions:

  • Users can conduct AB testing without difficulty. 
  • This platform allows features like drip campaigns, CAN-SPAM compliance, and campaign segmentation. 
  • Users can track ROI and analyze the available data efficiently.
  • There is the option of adding customized CTAs with the content. 
  • The auto-responder feature is robust via the Vero platform. 
  • There is an accessible and securely stored image library. 
  • Users can publish and post dynamic content for web forms and landing pages. 
  • The management-centric features for keeping lists and generating leads are beneficial for professional users and regular users alike. 
  • People utilizing Vero can sync their notifications with mobile phones. 


Diaspora: Facebook Alternatives

Among the top social media alternatives of Facebook in the context of data safety, Diaspora is a notable mention. It has three types of beneficial qualities that focus on user safety; a flexible structure, privacy benefits, and decentralized infrastructure. 

Therefore, no other individual or organization can approach, open, or save a user’s information through Diaspora. The privacy features here are high-grade, and its quality of verifying profile authenticity is well-tested during development. During usage, you can expect that your data would not leak or face unwarranted attacks. 

Moreover, while utilizing Diaspora, you can access the system without compromising on your genuine identity. Therefore, there is no chance of user interaction with objectionable third parties/users.

Notable Mentions:

  • Users have the option to choose their audience.
  • Control and host on private servers 
  • The Diaspora users’ content or post is secure and does not leak to third-party sites or networks. 
  • Users can host their own community pods on the platform and operate them in a safe server environment. 
  • There are engagement-related options like Love, Mentions, Hashtags, and Reshares
  • It is free to use and has a simplified interface.
  • Users can search and add any users via this network without excess hassles. 



One of the notable Facebook alternatives to consider seriously is Parler. Since its 2018 launch, this platform is known for its free speech-oriented functionality.

Notably, most of the users of Parler are conspiracy theorists and conservatives. Therefore, privacy is a major concern when it comes to this platform, from both user and developer perspectives.

Users can freely post their views via this platform and are safe from account cancellation possibilities or legal worries. Plus, most of the audience here are like-minded individuals. This allows for a generally lively community space. 

However, it is important to mention that some of the users can get heated during discussions on particular pressing topics. While the platform has many users and is known for its robust security, it has received social criticism from journalists. 

Here, it is important to mention that the content policy on this platform has more restrictions and complicated rules. For best usage, it is important to read the policies carefully first. 

Notable Mentions:

  • Similar interface and usage as Twitter, i.e., uploading media in a parallel manner.
  • Users can attempt actions like a vote (like), echo (retweet), and comment. 
  • Typically used by politicians and conservative activists. 
  • Conspiracy theorists also utilize this platform. 
  • The community is not suitable for casual social media usage. 
  • Users are free to share and convey any type of free speech. 
  • The newest iOS version included blocking and AI filtration tools. 



Rumble was first introduced in 2013 and is a notable alternative to Facebook. Typically, this is available in the Apple App Store for consumers. It is a popular social media platform among iOS users. 

Here, you would get the opportunity to share videos securely with your follower base. Plus, users have the opportunity to monetize the viral videos they share as well. 

Notable Mentions:

  • Rumble holds the full exclusive license for video management. 
  • Users do not get the licensing for the promotion of video content to YouTube
  • Third-party sites do not hold control over the video playing content
  • Users have exclusive rights to their video content. 
  • Advanced features like on-demand mapping, hierarchical mapping, and device auto-discovery.
  • Users get access to color codes and icons. 
  • The maps available here update automatically in real-time.
  • Rumble is most suitable for enterprises, industrial, cloud, legacy, hybrid, clinical, and virtual network environments. 


Facebook has a huge customer base and has multiple connections and associate platforms that are popular as well. However, in terms of data security, there are many other easy-to-use, interoperable, and protected social networks/platforms available. 

To note, some have regional and legal community guidelines to follow. Overall, it is necessary to understand and follow these rules carefully before choosing and accessing one option.  

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