Facebook Business Suite: An all-in-one Management Tool for Facebook & Instagram

Facebook Business Suite lets you manage all of your connected accounts across Facebook and Instagram in one place. Here, in this guide you will get to know about how to access business suite, advantages and overview of Facebook business suite. Read on to learn more!

Facebook is considering every possible action to make the journey convenient for businesses and organizations. A recent addition to this is Facebook Business Suite.

So, if you haven’t heard about it yet, you are missing out on something huge for your business. Facebook Business Suite is a better way to manage your Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

It offers tools that businesses can make use of to thrive across Facebook and Instagram from a single place and across mobiles and desktops.

In this article, we aim to discuss everything you need to know about Facebook Business Suite, right from what it is to how it can benefit you and steps to access it. So, keep reading to know about it all.

What Is Facebook Business Suite?

facebook business suit

Back in 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram and since then marketers and businesses have been looking for ways to make both platforms work together smoothly. Of course, you have an option to cross-promote your posts but at times, it becomes daunting to manage both accounts.

It was in September 2020 when Facebook announced a management platform to ease the load of its users. With Facebook Business Suite, businesses can manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts both at the same time.

It offers tools to post, send/receive messages, manage notifications and insights all in one place, thereby giving businesses more time to focus on their other main aspects for productivity.

How To Access Business Suite?

How To Access Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite has a lot to offer and we will talk about it in detail in the upcoming section but to avail of the benefits, you first need to access the Business Suite.

To do so, first, log in to the Facebook account associated with your business. Now, if your account is valid, you would automatically be redirected to Business Suite, when you visit business.facebook.com on desktop.

Secondly, you should check whether you are using the Pages Manager app on mobile or not. If you are using, you will automatically get an option to opt for Business Suite and if you are not using the Pages Manager app, you should download the Facebook Business Suite app from iOS or Android stores.

Connecting Facebook and Instagram

To connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: First, open your Facebook page.
Step 2: You will see “Settings” on the top menu, click on it.

Step 3: A menu will appear with “Instagram” as an option. Click on it.


Step 4:  Now, to add an Instagram account to your Page, select “Connect Account”.

Connect Account
Step 5: Lastly, enter your Instagram login credentials and click on “Log in”. You are good to go.


Having completed these steps, you can now access the full range of tools in Facebook Business Suite.

Overview Of Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite makes it easy for you to access every information you need from Facebook and Instagram. It helps you build a stronger presence on both apps simultaneously.

Here, have a look at the sections you can manage with Facebook Business Suite:


home Facebook Business Suite
The Homepage dashboard allows you to have a better idea of the insights, latest updates from both the apps, notifications, glances of the messages, new comments, likes, etc. It shows you any recent activity that happens in your apps.


activity section of business suite

Similar to the home dashboard, the activity sections let you have a view of the interactions and mentions that happened in your Facebook and Instagram accounts, like who liked or commented on your posts.


inbok facebook business suite

The unified Inbox feature of Facebook Business Suite allows you to manage all the messages that you received via Facebook page or messenger, and Instagram. You don’t have to maintain separate inboxes, instead, you can manage both inboxes as one through this app.

You can also set up automated responses, therefore, allowing your account to easily connect with the visitors. This way you can respond and share information quickly about your page, paving a way for better communication and client building.

You can set automated responses as per your choice. Just click on the Automated Response tab present in the left-hand sidebar, then choose your response type and fill in the necessary details.

Posts & Stories

post and story facebook business suit
This feature lets you schedule multiple posts and stories in advance for both Facebook and Instagram, thereby reducing your load a bit. You also get access to Content Calendar which helps manage your posting schedule easily.

Another plus point is that you get a detailed insight into each of your posts. So, you can have a better understanding of which posts performed the best and you can plan your strategy accordingly.



The ad section takes you back to the Ad Manager option. Here, you can design ads, boost posts, and check out ad metrics as well.


facebook business suit insights

As you know, Insights lets you have an analysis of your post’s demographic. Similarly, here you can get a detailed analysis of your account’s performance, post’s success, and detailed reports of other latest trends.


more tools

By now, we have told you about all the tools that Facebook Business Suite has to offer you. Apart from all these tools, there is a section named “More Tools” through which you can have an access to other Facebook products like events, ads manager and reporting, Business settings, and more.

Advantages of Facebook Business Suite

Advantages of Facebook Business Suite

Now that you have an idea about the overview of Facebook Business Suite, let’s talk about its advantages:

No More Missing The Updates:

No More Missing The Updates

As we said above, Facebook Business Suite keeps all your notifications and updates in a single place, therefore, there is little chance for you to miss any update.

You can see all the message alerts, comments, mentions, and other activities across Facebook and Instagram from the Facebook Business Suite App only.

Share On Both Apps Simultaneously

Share On Both Apps Simultaneously

Now, you don’t have to worry about posting on Instagram and Facebook separately. You can schedule your posts and share on both the apps as per your choice and that too in advance.

Understand How Your Account Is Performing

Understand How Your Account Is Performing

The Insights feature lets you have a complete idea of how your account is performing. You can plan your strategy according to the analysis of different posts that you share there.

Grow Your Audience

Grow Your Audience

With a feature like boosting a post or creating an ad, you can expose your posts to a greater section of the audience, ultimately driving more people towards your account.

Facebook Business Suite vs. Facebook Creator Studio and Facebook Business Manager

The main difference between Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Creator studio lies in the focus with which they were developed.

While Facebook Business Suite was developed to streamline business management and simplify communication across various platforms, Facebook Creator Studio was developed for creating and managing content across feed posts, stories, and videos.

Facebook Business Suite

In Facebook Business Suite, there are certain limitations on creating content, however, reading and responding to community interactions are made easy here.

Facebook Creator Studio

And when talking about Facebook Creator Studio, more focus has been put on video analytics, since videos attract more attention.

There are some other advantages that you get with Facebook Creator Studio over Facebook Business Suite, that is, access to Brand Collaboration tools, Live Dashboard, Sound Collection, and more.

It’s not clear yet whether these features would be added to Facebook Business Suite any soon or not.

You can still make use of both Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Creator Studio to create content and manage the notifications, thereby not missing the features of any of these.

Facebook Business Manager

Besides, no update has been made on Facebook Business Manager as to whether it will be shed away or it would be merged with Facebook Business Suite only.

However, both Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Business Manager were developed to help small businesses manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts with more ease using a simplified interface.

Though with Facebook Business Suite, you get additional benefits like a unified inbox. So, we believe switching to Facebook Business Suite is way far better than Facebook Creator Studio and Facebook Business Manager.

To Conclude

Facebook Business Suite is the secret sauce that every business must know. Including it in your marketing strategy saves your time, so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Facebook Business Suite is rolling out slowly- initially for the small businesses and then for the large businesses.

As the app is free to use, you can easily streamline your social media marketing strategy for both Facebook and Instagram. And if you are using any other social media tool to manage your accounts, we recommend you to switch to a better version that is Facebook Business Suite.

It might be a bit tricky to understand in the beginning but once you get it, you can make use of all the features of the tool to save your time and energy.

Hopefully, by now you would have understood the importance of the Facebook Business Suite. Still having queries or doubts, reach us in the comments section below.

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