How to Create a Facebook Event Frame, Instagram Event, and Snapchat Event

If you like to do events on your social media, we have some tools to make your event better engaging. Go through our article and explore how you can use frame, geotag, and filter to make your events more attractive to your audience.

Event Frame: To upgrade your business – host live events! It would be great if you turn event guests or attendees into brand ambassadors.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the emerging tools in social media that can let your attendees promote your brand on their account.

How to Create Events on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat?

How to Create Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat Events?

Facebook Event Frame

Facebook provides users to post their profile photos, page photos, and even stories. With this kind of visibility, businesses and brands can create event frames that the attendees can use. This will inform their Facebook connections to know where they are posting certain stories, updating their images, etc.

Facebook: Design an Event Frame

For the Facebook event frame, you use Facebook Frame Studio in the camera effects platform. This is followed by Manage Effects, where options are seen, create your business’s Facebook page. Create a new frame with the help of Open Frame Studio.

Facebook event frame


Upload the art you want that your attendees must use on their profile photos/stories. After all the design work, fill all the additional details, like event location, start/end times for the frame, keywords. Publish your frame. You can easily preview it on your mobile and also post it.

For attendees – share the link to your frame along with the additional directions on how to find and use the frame on profile pics and stories.

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Instagram Event Geotag

how to promote

Attendees can promote your event on Instagram if you create Geotag! They will add your event in their post location. Now, people who are your influencers, followers will get the event location. They can browse all the Instagram posts, which is also tagged with your event Geotag.

Instagram: Set up an Event Geotag

to create Geotag, log into the Facebook app, create a post and follow the Check in a tab. Then search for your event and specify your event’s location, category, and other additional information.

Now your event will appear as a Geotag for Instagram posts. Request your attendees to use it and search the event location when they are posting from your event.

Snapchat Event

snapchat event filters


Snapchat allows their users to apply certain graphics to stories. The attendees get an option to add custom graphics over their Snapchat stories from your event. But here, you have to pay to create a filter for your event on Snapchat.

Snapchat: Create an Event Filter

Create your own desired filters on Snapchat by logging into your account. Then choose ‘Create Filter’. Upload your artwork through Snapchat’s tools, transparent background images can also be created with the help of premium design software.

Finally, you can decide on the dates and the area in which the filter must be, enter the payment details and submit. Snapchat approves your filter and then it is available for your attendees to use it during the event.

Guide the Attendees to Use Frames, Geotags and Filters

It is important to guide attendees on how to use frames, geotags and filters for your events. Provide an instruction page, guidance slides to them online or offline. To further encourage attendees, you can offer prizes or tokens which will get them interested in using them. Make sure they use the event’s hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for getting the prize.


These regarded tools help in building a strong business community. It is also active in generating word-of-mouth marketing for the brand/business. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are profound social media tools for your upcoming brand, where the attendees can share the event through their profile photos, public photos, and stories.

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