Facebook Finally Lets You See Who Viewed Your Profile

See Who Viewed Your Profile:-Facebook is one of the most used and popular social media platforms these days.  People from all age groups, be it young or old, tend to spend a lot of time scrolling through their Facebook feeds. 

Facebook has become a place where people could freely interact with their “Friends” and this has lots of potential risks. The leakage of personal data via third-party apps and stalking being the most prominent in recent times. 

In order to curb these risks, Facebook finally lets you see the list of the people who have viewed your profile. Facebook has introduced this feature mainly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 

This feature was introduced to keep a check on the stalkers who may utilize the uploaded photos and videos in the wrong way. In this article, we’ll talk about this feature and how to implement it in detail.

What Made Facebook To Incorporate Such A Feature In Its Privacy Policy?

See Who Viewed Your Profile

The Cambridge Analytica scandal can be considered as one of the main reasons for the introduction of this new feature. Few other social media platforms like LinkedIn allow the users to keep a check on the people who viewed their profiles.

But, in the case of Facebook, it’s still a new thing. After the scandal, a lot of users decided to quit Facebook. So, to retain the users after the scandal, Facebook introduced this feature. 

How To Know Who Has Viewed Your Profile?

Who Has Viewed Your Profile

According to the working algorithm of Facebook, you can be a “Friend” to someone by accepting their “Friend Request.” You can also add people to your “Friend list “by sending them friend requests. This is pretty simple. Friends can view your posts and even react and comment on them. 

Certain personal information like date of birth, hobbies, qualifications, photos, etc., is generally available on a person’s profile. As Facebook is relatively easy to operate, its popularity knows no limits.

Facebook exists across both Android and IOS, along with the web version. Due to the difference in the user interface and the design, the process of finding who viewed your profile is a bit different. 

The feature is deep-rooted within the privacy settings. We’ll go through all the functions one by one and cover both Android and IOS. Along with it, we’ll also check up on a few simple hacks, which will help us identify the people who have viewed our profile. 

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile for iPhone / IOS?

Facebook Profile for iPhone

 Facebook has partnered with Apple and developed a simple solution using Apple’s management and privacy settings. This has not only paved the way for implementing this on Android but also improved the user experience. 

Millions of IOS users will benefit from the introduction of this new privacy setting. Now, how to check who has viewed your profile. You can simply follow the steps listed below – 

open Facebook app.

Step1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or IPad.

Step2. Open the “Menu “option. 

open menu option

Step3. You will find an option labelled as “Settings and Privacy. ” Scroll down to that option.

Privacy Shortcuts

Step4. After that, you will find a newly added feature called “Privacy Shortcuts.”

who view my profile

Step5. Now in the Search pane, search for “Who viewed my Facebook”

You’ll find a suitable option. By tapping on that, you will be able to know who has viewed your Facebook profile.

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile for Android?

The android operating system has also incorporated this new feature. As Android is a bit less secure than IOS, it is easier to access such information via third-party apps.

Many such apps could be found on the Google Play Store, but some apps like “Who Viewed My Profile “are pretty decent. Now to check who has viewed your profile, just follow the steps listed below- 

who view my profile app

Step 1. Download the “Who Viewed My Profile “app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Log in to the app by creating your account.

Step 3. Now, this app works not only on Facebook but also on Instagram and WhatsApp. Browse for the Facebook option.

Step 4. Tap on the Facebook option and log in using your credentials.

Step 5. The people who have viewed your profile can now be seen.

At first, this app provides limited usage along with several advertisements. To enjoy an ad-free experience without any usage limits, you have to subscribe to the pro-version. This will require some amount of money. 

It is seen that over 98% of the users prefer the mobile app instead of the web version of Facebook. So, it is essential to reduce the stalking issue to the utmost possible extent. By using these ways, you can obtain decent knowledge about your stalkers. The addition of these new privacy settings can be instrumental in solving the stalking problem.

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile For The Web Version?  


This is a full-proof method for finding out who has viewed your profile. Some simple steps have to be followed, as mentioned below, to execute this method. 

who view my profile on web version

Step 1. Open the web version of Facebook by typing facebook.com. A Google Chrome browser is recommended for this procedure.

Step 2. Log in to your Facebook account using your credentials.

Step 3. Once your timeline or newsfeed pops up, right-click anywhere on the screen.

view page source

Step 4. You will see a ‘View Page Source” option under the right-click menu. Click on that to view the source of your Facebook profile.

Step 5. A Facebook source page will open up.Press the shortcut key CTRL + F in order to open the Search bar. 

Step 6. Now search for “BUDDY_ID” in the search bar and hit the enter key.A list of profiles represented as 15-digit codes will appear after the “BUDDY_ID.”

buddy id

Step 7. Copy those 15 digit codes and generate a custom URL as “facebook.com/15-digit code”.

Paste the custom URL in another tab, and you will find out who has viewed your profile as each 15 digit code corresponds to a unique Facebook ID. 

Using A Google Chrome Extension – Flatbook


This method is also applicable for the web version of Facebook and requires a Google Chrome browser. The technique has a drawback; that is, it shows a list of only 20 people who have viewed your profile. Follow the steps mentioned below to execute this method. 

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome Browser window.

Chrome Extension - Flatbook

Step 2. You will require a Google Chrome extension known as Flatbook. Visit the Chrome Webstore and install the extension.

Step 3.  Log in to your Facebook account after the installation is complete.

Step 4.  A Flatbook extension icon will appear on the top right corner of the webpage. Click on that.

Profile Visitors

Step 5. From the list of available options, select ‘Profile Visitors”

Step 6. Click on that option, and it will return a list of 20 people who have visited your profile. You can also find out the list of people whom you have unfriended using this extension.

Using Super Viewer for the Web Version  

Super Viewer is another extension that can be used to find out people who have viewed your profile. You will need a Google Chrome browser. This method is only applicable for the web version of Facebook. Follow the steps listed below. 

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome browser window.

Super Viewer

Step 2. Search for the Super Viewer extension on the Chrome Web Store and click on Add to Chrome.

Step 3. Log into your Facebook account after the installation process is complete.

Step 4. Once your Facebook timeline pops up, a “Visitor” option should be available on the timeline bar.

Step 5. Click on the “Visitor “option. The people who have viewed your profile will be listed to you.

Google Chrome extensions like Flatbook and Super Viewer are some of the easiest ways to find out who has viewed your profile. These extensions are free and easily available on the Chrome Web Store. Moreover, they are simple and easy to use.

 These are some common ways in which you can find out who has viewed your profile. The methods are different for different operating systems and versions. But, it is confirmed that all the methods produce decent results.

Views On Your Facebook Story?

facebook story


Stories on Facebook are just like stories on Instagram. Stories can be viewed for 24 hours from the time of upload. You can upload texts, photos, and videos as stories on Facebook. You will be able to see the list of people who have viewed your story. 

Also, you can create a list or filter some people who’ll only be able to see your Facebook stories. It’s based on the privacy settings of the user. 

Views On Your Facebook Page?

Views On Your Facebook Page

A Facebook page contains categorized posts based on the nature of the page. The posts may be photos, videos, or status updates. Usually, the admins and the editors can post and edit the contents of the page.

After critical and careful analysis of the reactions, comments, and shares, you can get an idea of the people visiting your page. 

Any above-stated methods cannot immediately prepare a detailed list of people who have visited your page. You can only obtain an idea by analyzing the page reach and other statistics. But, it is possible to create a list of who has viewed a particular post on the page.

What Risks Can Be Reduced By Incorporating This New Feature?

Stalking on social media platforms

In the 21st century, stalking is one of the problems which deserve immediate attention. Stalking on social media platforms like Facebook has become very common nowadays. With the introduction of this new feature, it will be a bit easier to find the stalkers.

Data leaks by third-party apps will considerably be reduced after the implementation of the new privacy setting.

It will be much easier to prevent significant data leaks like the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Personal privacy will also be enhanced quite a fold with this new feature. 

Anyone could be a stalker on Facebook. As it is very easy to create a fake profile on this social media platform, stalking is quite easy. Your facebook profile has a lot of useful personal information such as date of birth, educational qualifications, job or relationship status, etc. 

It is quite possible for some people to determine their personality using these types of information and draw up a psychological profile. Moreover, it is very disturbing to be followed by someone everywhere, isn’t it?

The digital identity and personal information of the users will be under better protection. Also, it will be considerably easier to trace down the point of origin in case of any information leakage. 

The rise in the number of fake profiles on Facebook is also a matter of high risk. With the new feature, it will be easier to track down bogus profiles and reduce this threat of stalking.


After a lot of controversies and fallouts, Facebook finally lets you see who has viewed your profile. As there are various versions of Facebook across different operating systems, the process of using this new feature differs a bit. This will effectively reduce the problem of stalking and fake profiles. 

This privacy setting may be instrumental in preventing major data leaks by third-party apps. The addition of this feature in the privacy setting has levelled up the personal privacy policies of Facebook. In short, this is all about the new feature of Facebook – the King of Social Media.

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