10 Facebook Live Tips to Follow Before, During & After Your Broadcast

Anyone using Facebook can simply just click the LIVE button on the app and go Live, but there are some tips that can make your LIVE better than others. Here, this blog will take you through some tips that can make your FB Live more attractive than others. Follow the steps.

Facebook Live Tips: Facebook Live is one of the better ways to display your brand to customers. Many people use live streaming, with Facebook video posts which are increasing day by day.

Millions of users are tuning in around the world Facebook Live videos that are shared on famous social media platforms. Since Facebook is a growing social media watch, it is also generating more watch times.

How To Go Live on Facebook?

livestream on facebook

Now, with this help, you can take advantage of that engagement for your brand promotion. Go live on Facebook is free and thus easy to use. It is important to ensure that your video strategy is in place before, during and after the broadcast.

Amazing Facebook Live Tips to follow

1. Promote Before You Broadcast

Content and promotion go hand in hand. Live videos are more like an event than any ordinary blog post. It is important to generate interest of the viewers before they view your updating. The good news is that Facebook lets you target certain events and groups with your promotions. This is exactly what is needed for a focused advertising campaign.

Promote Before You Broadcast

Therefore, sharing daily updates about your broadcast increases via upcoming announcements through your Facebook account.

It’s not necessary to share something, again and again, instead, share something new of value. For example, share a tip or any kind of information!

2. Prepare Yourself By Limiting Distractions

Never be afraid to cross-promote your blog or additional social networks. Facebook Live streaming is a more laid-back experience, therefore it’s important to plan. Your activities represent your brand, so you cannot give a bad impression. This is true because live users watch videos much more as compared to its other parts.

Prepare Yourself By Limiting Distractions

Before you broadcast your video, take time to prepare. Remember to perform the other activities related to it, testing, testing the sound, lighting and other surrounding elements.

When it comes to Facebook Live streaming tips for preparation, a strong broadband connection is very important.

3. Timing Is A Priority

Timing Is A priority

Timing helps in making an impression on your audience. During a Facebook live-streaming event, the last thing you want is to schedule your video to appear when everyone is busy in other related work. Make sure to think carefully about your target audience. It’s important to know when your audience interacts with you the most.

4. Offer Context Constantly

viewers on Facebook live

Your main aim is to convince people to stick around. It’s a good idea to introduce yourself or any other speaker at the beginning of the video broadcast. Facebook Live allows visitors to join the Facebook live stream at any moment. As more people come in, let your audience know what’s happening. Facebook Live stream always keeps its viewers on track.

5. Always Be Responsive

The live comments and reactions are part that makes the experience so engaging to customers. It upgrades the conversation when you are responding directly to their questions in person. One of the most powerful ways to increase engagement online is to address the comments that appear live on air.

This helps in more incoming opinions and thoughts as you go further. Always it must be kept in mind, go live on Facebook is a window into your brand experience.

6. Make Formatting Decisions

facebook live formatting


This is one of the important aspects to decide, about how you’ll shoot your video and when you’ll stream it. You can use broadcasting horizontally or vertically depending on what gives you the best view.

7. Make Sure You Are Liked

make sure you are liked

Facebook Live streaming tips to remember is to connect with your audience. You need to build relationships that lead to longer-lasting impressions. When you’re ready to broadcast, make sure that you are relaxed, smiling and feeling confident.

Always try to draw attention to your products or services from time to time by adding a call to action or references at the end.

8. Give Your Viewers A Shout Out

If you want attention back again, then share additional value with your audience. For boosting your viewership, thank people for watching the live show. You can ask new questions and comments to generate additional engagement. Appreciate your viewers.

9. Use Other Channels To Promote

Link of facebook live video


You can easily promote across your other social media business channels to get users to see your video on Facebook. Provide a link to the video to make it easier.

10. Analyze Your Results

Finally, you should always learn from what you accomplish. You can reach out to how many viewers you have reached. The impact on your audience will show the final result of your live video and thus can be improved.


Facebook Live broadcast tips will certainly help out in fruitful Facebook live streaming. The customers prefer where they are provided with full info shared for their favorite brand.

Facebook live broadcast if done on the right track, does help out positively.

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