Facebook SEO- 10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page ranking

Seo is the process of improving the quality of a website so that it gets ranked on the search engine and when it is applied on a Facebook page it increases its organic visibility, which helps a brand in getting the attention of its potential customers. Here in this blog, you are going to read about the Facebook page SEO in detail along with some tips that can be used by a brand for increasing its visibility. Let’s start!

Facebook SEO:- Facebook has a monthly user base of over 2.80 Million and is actively used by 60.6% of the total internet users. It is a multi-million-dollar company that offers a vast ground for businesses to find their dream clients.

 The platform has more than 60 million active business pages that regularly post content to engage with prospective customers and improve brand awareness.

Furthermore, Facebook is a giant search engine where people can search for their queries. How do you think Facebook brings up results in its search page? This concept is similar to Google, where it uses SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to find the most appropriate answer.

 However, Facebook follows its algorithm to rank content on the platform. You can easily amalgamate the concept of SEO to achieve a higher ranking on your business page.

The following article will discuss the Facebook ranking algorithm and how you can achieve it by effectively implementing SEO in your business page.

What is Facebook’s Ranking Algorithm?

Facebook’s Ranking Algorithm

Facebook uses specific machine learning models to filter out content, offering a personalized feed page for every user. Before integrating SEO, you must know the type of content that maximizes reach.

Three hundred fifty million photos are uploaded daily on this platform, making it crucial for Facebook to launch a personalized channel that analyses what content will be most suited for a given user. Facebook uses multiple algorithms to rank posts which decides the content’s reach.

 For pages, it’s essential to attract organic traffic by posting valuable content that directs towards the targeted audience. We have mentioned a few specific criteria that Facebook diligently follows while ranking posts for deeper understanding. 

You will notice that Facebook’s algorithm does not directly support SEO’s framework but majorly follows its fundamentals.

 For people to acknowledge your Facebook page, you need to be all covered; you must rank on the search page and gather traffic by effectively using the Search Engine Optimisation.

Facebook ranking signals

1. Relationship


A relationship is one of the primary factors that affect posts’ ranking on a person’s feed. It proves previous interaction and assumes that the user is interested in knowing the updates of a particular account or page.

Through the Facebook page, you must offer regular information that presents you as an expert in the field. These posts should have specific keywords that will help Facebook recognize the type of content you are promoting, allowing them to direct it to interested users.

 It will ensure high engagement, which is crucial to reach a large audience, and will offer your page a higher rank on the search list.

2. Content type

Content type

Another significant component that affects your page ranking is the type of content people like watching on their Facebook feed. It differs from person to person, whether they want to see videos, photos, links, etc. 

However, the engagement rate of videos is much higher than regular posts. The average engagement rate for video content is over 0.26% than posts with only 0.18%.

Owing to a Facebook page, you need to attract a large audience to create awareness about your content and increase page likes. You must select a content type that people mostly engage in improving your page views. 

While uploading videos or photos, you must integrate effective SEO tactics like keyword insertion, proper hashtags, and backlinks to reach the masses.

3. Popularity


Facebook boosts the reach of content that gains a higher engagement rate within a shorter time. It analyses the number of likes or reactions your post has received.

Fun Fact– Reactions was launched on 24th Feb 2016, and by 2017 it became a significant parameter to rank content on the platform. It was measured more than average likes.

Running a page requires content that conveys meaning and is understandable by your target audience. You need to analyze people’s engagement behavior on your page and understand what type of content they like the most. 

It will give you a fair idea to schedule all your posts accordingly. To increase the engagement rate, you can end the post with a strong CTA, which compels people to like, comment, and share your post.

4. Recency


Recency is one of the significant factors that Facebook considers while ranking a post. The platform rarely boosts content posted long ago. Along with recency, Facebook also sees the regularity of your post. 

If you are posting content regularly, it signals Facebook that you are an active user, improving your post reach.

The platform also offers an insight page where it displays the best time to post content according to your followers’ activity. Page owners should take such insights seriously and provide valuable information to the audience. 

Regularity and recency are factors that run on almost all social media platforms. Posting content at an appropriate time along with integrating effective SEO tactics can increase your content reach10X. 

How can SEO boost your Facebook page Ranking?

boost your Facebook SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an effective way to optimize your website or social media to gather organic, un-paid traffic to your page. 

Facebook experiences 1.5 Billion searches every day, and more than 600 Million visitors look through business pages daily. It indicates that your audience is looking for your page in the search box, but you need to integrate specific tactics that make you visible in front of your target people.

Various parameters exhibit great responses when adequately added to your Facebook page. One of them is Keyword insertion, which means that your page must include certain words that match your content’s essence. 

For instance, if you own a pasta place, your keyword could be “Best pasta restaurant in the UK.” If you rank, the page content must talk about Pasta or different food recipes in general. There are still many ways you can adopt SEO in your Facebook page and excel in its engagement; some of them are mentioned below.

Actionable tips to improve your Facebook SEO

1. Carve an appropriate page name

Facebook page name

Your page name is a representation of what your brand does. You must choose a name that matches the content you post. The platform offers a range of 5-75 characters to write your page name. Make sure you double-check the name before clicking OK to ensure no grammatical errors.

Integrating direct keywords into your page name will help your target audience find you easily. So, whenever a person searches for a query on Facebook, there are high chances that your page will pop up on the screen.

 However, this doesn’t mean that you overstuff keywords, making the page look spammy. Facebook follows a strict user security policy, where it can shadowban your Facebook page if they find the name or content inappropriate. 

Your page name must look professional, including the right keywords in the right amount.    

2. Integrate niche-specific keywords

specific keywords

If you aren’t aware of the term we have just mentioned, then there is a high chance that you might be losing a ton of customers. A niche is your area of expertise; it is a term that can effectively describe the working of your business. 

The narrower the niche will be, the higher is your chance to cut out excess competitors. You can easily define your niche by analyzing your target customer’s demographics, behavior, and interest.

So, whenever you post something on Facebook, you must integrate the correct keywords in your posts, video caption, page name, section, or almost anything related to your page.

 It will ensure that your potential customer reaches your page while searching on the platform. Another tip would be to use long-tail keywords than short or one word.

 For instance, instead of just using ‘restaurant’ as a keyword, you can use an Indian-based restaurant in the UK. It increases your chances of ranking on the search page’s first page. 

3. Update all relevant information

local google search

While creating a Facebook page, the platform asks multiple questions to understand your business’s working structure and mostly allows your target audience to know what your brand does.

This information is extremely vital that needs to be updated on your Facebook page. It will better your Facebook search ranking and make your page available for local Google search.

The most important of all is the about section and the brand’s contact information. In the About tab, you can write details regarding your brand performance, history, and the benefits their clients receive while working with them. 

It is an appropriate time to integrate suitable niche-specific keywords to ensure that it reaches your target audience. On the contrary, you must also include all the contact details that will encourage visitors to dial up your number if they want any other information.

4. Optimally utilize Facebook notes

Facebook notes

Facebook notes is a tab where you can upload information that educates viewers regarding any specific topic or inform them about your latest launch. It is incredibly crucial that you use appropriate SEO tactics to ensure that it reaches a large audience.

 A recent report published by Google claims that search crawlers look for relevant information on every platform, including social media handles.

 Integrating topic-specific keywords can boost audience reach and catch the search engine’s attention. You can include photos and videos to add keywords to its caption. 

High-quality content receives higher interaction, where people can like, comment, share your post, and make it viral. Legitimate shares will eventually improve the content’s authority and offer a much higher ranking.

5. Post relevant content

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your page to update with new posts regularly. Content is your page’s soul; people follow it to gather information regarding your niche.  understand your audience’s need

The first step could be to understand your audience’s needs, what does your page visitors want to hear from your side.  You can easily do it by posting different content types on your page and analyzing your insights’ engagement rate. It will give you a clear view of your audience and whatnot.

Posting content that resonates with your audience will increase the chance of interaction and position you as an expert. Ensure you add relevant keywords to reach a much higher audience range. 

Facebook offers you 18 characters to write a meta description for your post; this column must be used to integrate keywords without overstuffing them. 

6. Leverage Backlinks

Leverage Backlinks

Posting relevant content and gaining authoritative backlinks will immensely boost your Facebook page rank. If you are unaware of the term “Backlink,” it can be defined as links to a page on another website.

 For instance, if a website wants to offer detailed information on a topic that you have already posted, then they can insert a link to your page in their content. It will allow visitors to access the backlinked content easily and eventually boost website traffic.

Facebook follows precisely the same format for pages to receive backlinks. However, this will only work if a legitimate, high-quality website has generated it. Getting backlinks from popular pages is difficult, but you can analyze your competitors and target their sources. 

The primary motive of focusing on backlinks is to generate traffic, so your page needs to optimize all relevant information to ensure that your target audience knows about your brand and can quickly contact you.

7. Add compelling CTAs

compelling CTAs on facebook

CTA or Call to Action is among the most underrated SEO tactics which people fail to understand. Writing a CTA at the bottom of your Facebook post will guide the reader about the next step. Your goal is to make them feel important and ask them about their views. A good CTA must be extremely compelling, forcing the reader to perform the following actions.

Researches have shown that adding CTA on your Facebook page can increase the Click-through rate by over 285%. You can ask your viewers to like, comment, or share your content; or ask them if they would be ready to join your mailing list in exchange for the value you will be offering. Your CTA would identify customers’ pain points and tells them how your business can offer them a solution. 

A post without CTA will just act as a means to gather information but offer you nothing. Compelling CTAs leads to higher engagement which eventually boosts page likes and audience reach.

8. Upload high-quality visuals

high-quality visuals

 Most marketers prefer visuals to increase engagement with their audience. These are higher to grasp and remain more prolonged than texts. You must put a high-quality visual as your Facebook page’s cover photo. It will help you build a strong brand image and allow your audience to identify your business’s overall look.

 Along with this, add captions on every visual you upload. Identify keywords and strategically use them in the captions. It will help your page rank better whenever a potential customer is looking for your services.

Stats have shown that Facebook posts with images receive 2.3x more engagement than those with none. Your post must also include photos and videos, making it easier for visitors to understand what you are trying to portray in a fraction of seconds without reading such long paragraphs.

9. Gather customer reviews

Gather customer reviews

Word of mouth plays a significant role in reaching the utmost brand awareness. We often forget its importance and question if anybody even cares to read customer reviews.

 Then let us introduce you to some significant Facebook stats

  • Facebook is accountable for over 50% of total customer reviews.
  • A study conducted on 12,000 UK and US buyers claims that their buying decision is influenced by posts and word of mouth.
  • 78% of people say their purchasing decision has influenced the businesses they follow online.  
  • 85% of people trust online reviews as much they trust their friends and families.
  • Facebook solely influences the purchasing decision of 52%.
  • 28% of people check social media reviews before making any buying decisions.  

And the list goes on. We can offer hundreds of more stats that might make you realize the importance of customer reviews on your business page. Engage with your customers and ask them to share their thoughts on your services.

 Most customers are shy to call up and ask about your product directly. These social proofs will help you gain their trust, generating many profits.

10. Interact with your page visitors

To increase your page engagement, it’s crucial that you actively respond to your messages and comments. It makes your visitors feel important and encourage them to interact more with your post.AI inbuilt chatbots

Facebook messenger is a great platform to reply to people’s queries. You can use AI inbuilt chatbots, which saves a lot of time answering basic questions. They can even generate sales without the need for any human interaction. These chatbots are available 24*7 to serve your potential customers and offer an extreme human conversational experience. 


Facebook is one of the biggest platforms to interact with your customers and make them aware of your offers. However, with such a vast platform comes high-end competitors that are ready to snatch away your place in the market. To combat this, you need to adopt advanced SEO tactics that help you reach your potential customers and create an engaging relationship. 

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