13+ Best Places to Find Background Music for Your Video Content

Video content have a good potential of grabbing people’s attention and bringing more engagements, Here in this article we have curated a list of some useful platforms from where you can get music for your video content, Dive in to know more!

Best Places to Find Background Music:- Video Content is the gem of online social media platforms that every marketer looks for getting a good reach and leads. To make a good marketing video you need two essential things: one is good content and the other is alluring sound. 

We are sure you must have a plan for the content but, what about the music? For that, we have your back. In this blog, you will find the 13+ best places to find music for your video content. 

Our list consists of sites and tools that offer free music and websites that have royalty-free music. It may sound pretty same but there are major differences between these categories. 

Websites offering free music let you download tracks for free but cannot be used for free. There is a high chance you will end up facing copyright issues. While websites that offer copyright-free music will let you use the audio for your content. 

You might have to purchase the music once or use any other resource to get it for free. You can use the music in your video without worrying about copyright issues.

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library(Find Background Music)

YouTube has been a quintessential platform for video creators. But that’s not all it offers, Youtube even consists of an Audio Library with an extensive audio track collection. YouTube Audio Library features nearly 150,000 audio tracks out of which 150 are completely free. 

Finding the right track for a video is not a big deal in the app, thanks to the search functionality that lets users find the track for a specific genre, instrument, duration, mood, and more. When not sure what to choose, you can simply go for the popularity category, which shows you the list of most downloaded tracks. 

You can easily access the Audio Library of YouTube following the given steps:



ccMixter provides a good medium for an artist to showcase their craft. There are many musicians, singers, and artists who like to put their content for others to use. This music can be used in a video background. 

You can find a decent list of songs that are absolutely free to use. To check the free list, you need to go to the editor’s pick category or choose the highly-rated track playlist.

Once you are used to the application and have some favorites, you can easily search songs for specific artists or genres.

If any of the artist’s work intrigues you,  you can actually learn more about them through the “People” section and choose their profile. Ccmixter is one of the excellent platforms for creators who look for original background music without any additional price. 



Incompetech is an ocean of royalty-free music. For someone who is a Kevin MacLeod fan, this website will work a treat for you as it features over 2000 tracks of the artist. The best part is that the music can be downloaded for free, you just need to credit the artist as well as the website.

There are tons of music categories, for instance, there is an option called ‘Film Scoring Moods’ which opens up to interesting music genres like Rock classic, Disco, etc. Apart from that, you can choose from popular beats from different countries like India, Brazil, and more. 

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive(Best Places to Find Background Music)

The free Music Archive site is run by a U.S radio station called WFMU. There is a specific category called Music for videos where you will find numerous tracks with varied licenses. For instance, some music requires attribution, some are for non-commercial use, the most of the time it is creative commons licenses. 

To know about the license in detail, go through their FAQ section, which will resolve all your queries related to licensing as well as their website. The music is free basically and decent to use with a background video.



Are you not sure what kind of music will suit your marketing platform? No worries, Jamendo will take care of that. It is one of the exceptional tools that lets creators find relevancy for their niche and medium. The tool helps you find suitable tracks for specific social media handles like YouTube, Facebook, and more. 

Jamendo is an excellent medium for artists to be, where they can leverage the app’s special program for business chains looking for a decent radio station for all their stores.



Another excellent medium to get free music is Musopen, a non-profit music-changing company. The platform provides beginning artists educational music material, sheet music, and music editing options. 

Users can find a huge collection of orchestral music in the public domain as well as in creative commons licenses. 

If you enjoy the music of historical artists this tool has a lot to offer. You can download the free music of some famous veteran musicians like Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Sebastian Bach, and more. You will also come across famous music crafts like The Barber of Seville and Carmen.

Find your favorite music by searching any filter like composer, orchestra, period, mood, and more.



SoundCloud is a popular name in music niches. From beginner to professional, all kinds of musicians and DJs upload their music on this platform. Sometimes this may lead you to find a few low-quality tunes. 

However, when you need music for your marketing videos, SoundCloud has a good collection for you. There are so many licensed tracks available for resumes here. You can directly search background music in the search tab and find appealing music.

SoundCloud is a sort of social media for music enthusiasts, so you will know how engaging a music track is on the basis of the likes it gets. 

One catchy thing about picking SoundCloud for your background music is that it sounds realistic than made-up tunes we often hear in marketing videos.



On Bensound, you will find music for various online content like websites, animations, videos, and more. Earlier the platform only featured songs of Benjamin Tissot composer but now you will find the work of many other artists. 

On the app, you will find many music categories to choose from. However, a vast collection of tracks can be seen in attribution no-derivatives CC license. Use any music for your video background without paying anything just make sure to credit the artists.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music has a huge music track collection with 56 thousand tracks available for free.

 Any track can be easily used as your background music. What makes this application unique is its attractive user interface. The design makes everything look organized and easy to pick a particular categorized track.



AudioNautix is a tool created by Jason Shaw for artists and music enthusiasts. He has created this website to help music enthusiasts create their own projects with the help of his music. His tracks can be used as background music for videos without any copyright issues. 

However, when you use music tracks from this site remember to credit the artist, whether it’s Jason music or somebody else’s.

The platform’s music library can be browsed by genre, tempo, and keywords. Furthermore, you’ll be able to select diverse moods to ensure that the results are as close to your vision as possible. 



If we talk about the number of music tracks, Audioblocks tops our list. The site consists of more than 1,00,000 music tracks. Though the music is not free, they have a decent subscription plan for users. You can have unlimited downloads for a year for just $149.

The app not only offers your massive playlist but has a really good filter option that lets you search music in various categories. One of the interesting options to find music is by feeling emotions like Happy, Thriller, Dark, and more.  

This is a great way to find music as it helps in conveying your message to your audience accurately. 

Audio jungle

Audio jungle

Audio Jungle is a medium where you can find premium stock music at cost-efficient rates. It has an extensive collection of tracks that aligns with different types of video. 

The website offers hot audio tracks and charts. Stock library at audio jungle is always growing. Along with a thriving library, the site has many other things to offer like sound effects, music kits, and music codes.

The audio jungle can be trusted with quality music, some of the music featured are hard to find on any other mediums. The website is also great for people looking for a platform to sell stock music. 

Audio Network

Audio Network

Audio Network is a music medium that some high-profile brands trust. Production giants like MTC and HBO have to take stock of music from this medium.

If you are diligent to provide fresh and top-notch music to your audience, this tool will help you fulfill your goal. This application has an extensive library of real music, whereas there are hardly any computer-generated tracks. 



HookSound is a place where you can find original tracks from artists all over the world. If you are more into modern trendy music this is the place for you to be. Music tracks may be limited in number but are well made and perfectly categorized on the site.

The one thing that makes HookSound unique is that it aims to offer non-generic and distinct music content to users.


You now know some great places to find music for your video content, you can grab the attention of your users and make them stay on your page for longer. Take your video marketing to the next level by adding a delightful sound to your video. 

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