Five reasons NOT to create a Facebook Business Page

We know that promoting a business online has become the need of time, nowadays almost every business is creating its Facebook business page. But if we tell you not to create a Facebook business page. Here in this blog, we have discussed five reasons for not creating a Facebook page, want to know more, dive in!

NOT to create a Facebook Business Page: Are you new in the web business and trying to promote your business in the digital world? Promoting a business in this competitive digital era is daunting yet inevitable. With boundless possibilities and potentialities of E-business- you can bet on the success rate. But, is promoting your business an easy task to do by yourself? 

Unfortunately, when you promote your brand awareness in the digital world- it is not a cakewalk. There are several ways to reach your customer base and promote your brand.

You can choose your convenient option like different online advertisements, making videos on your products and services, and many more! 

Are you thinking of using Facebook to promote your business? Then you must drop this plan as soon as possible. Having a Facebook business page sounds cool and quirky- but is it result-driven and safe? Because, presently, Facebook is one of the largest growing social network sites in this world.  

There are various reasons why you should not land on a Facebook page to promote your business. In this write-up, we will discuss some amazing facts which will be your biggest turn-off for Facebook marketing, and you will never invest your money in promoting your business on Facebook. 

Let’s dig out the truth:

Flexible Facebook community is a myth

Business page: Facebook community

You should keep in your mind before making your Facebook community if you have an active offline community or area of business or not! 

So, what is the true meaning of having an active offline community?

Facebook is one of the largest social networks, and users log in on this social networking site to keep in touch with their distant and local friends, their families, colleagues. The community vibes come from within. You don’t want to be a part of an unknown community where people don’t know you. Right?  

But, making this happen overnight is next to impossible. As a beginner- you must work from the grassroots level, which will cost you a lot of energy, time, and hardened money. Without having an in-built community- it is not possible to reach your organization.

So before heading with Facebook marketing, you must know and measure the position of your online existence. 

Facebook marketing

Do you have a Facebook community already? If you haven’t created any community offline- then, it is not always possible to crack your business profit through Facebook. 

Offline marketing is the basic level of making local consumers. These customers build trust and invest in your business locally.    

Before starting with Facebook marketing, you must evaluate if you already have a community that you can unite online. If you don’t have such a community of loyal clients and active brand ambassadors, invest in creating and strengthening it offline first.

Take any old brand- they all started from a retail store or an offline business and then came to social media to advertise their brand successfully. So, you need to deliver some clues to your inline clients and create some interest to do business with you!  

A virtual world without a human face

A virtual world without a human face

Communities are all about people who are Facebook users. The active business community or group gives special attention to their community people and does not focus on their products on social media platforms like Facebook. 

That’s why Facebook community pages are all about the people. 

To make them realize how important they are to you and your company, you must hire some professionals. You can choose your team members to showcase their reviews on your products or services, share their images with their studies.

Besides, answer their queries through a reply to their comments. These tactics will be great turn-ons for your Facebook community. 

If you don’t have a B2C company- then the Facebook marketing struggle is real. Because B2C companies have already earned a large mass of consumers. It is better to make a page for your client base, rather than not for selling your products only! 

Minimizing human resource

Minimizing human resource

Social marketing, especially in Facebook, costs a real professional team to develop communication with consumers. As an entrepreneur, you may be confused about hiring an expert for your social media handles, which is relatable. But the problem occurs when your company is at the initial level and can’t afford a professional for online campaigning or sales management. 

You can hire an intern, but that won’t result-driven for you. Instead of that, you need to hire experienced persons. 

Like a CEO- there are lots of things to manage except handling Facebook pages or communities. 

There is nothing more important than scheduling meetings with clients, making the company’s marketing strategy, meeting with team members, recruiting experts, and looking to make a client base and investments.   

Non-allocating promotional charge

 Another myth about Facebook is that it is absolutely free. Informally, it was never free and if you think opening a Facebook page for your business is free- then hold on! It is just an excellent beginning of this story! You need to pay careful attention to it.

To get your required results- you need to put effort and time into developing and managing your business page or community page, and it takes days, months, and years to make it successful, attractive, and dynamic.   

It hardly matters whether you are working for your company or not- you have to talk to your employees, spend some quality time on the contents, prepare those content delivery, publish the posts with hashtags  and attractive caption, making responding comments, and analyzing the page view and results, etc. 

It’s all about money

It’s all about money

When you are looking for high-quality content- money and time go hand in hand here. High-quality content with an online marketing strategy costs a wade of money. You must know the strategies too for Facebook marketing. So, this social media platform costs you time, money, and energy.     

Though you have managed to have an offline community- you will have to make a page for getting more likes for your campaigns where you can post about new product launches or new promotions. You can also showcase your products here. 

But, to show them in an excellent presentation- you need to hire a professional photographer to click high-quality images of each product. Bad images will create negative impressions on your clients, and you will eventually lose them.    

So, if you think Facebook doesn’t cost- think twice.  Because you can’t allow any charges for your Facebook promotions- without experts, this promotional stage will be challenging to manage for any young businessman

Contents are the key

Contents are the key

You may wonder why content is being called the key element in the digital marketing world? Your business content should be unique from others so that you find your client base. Your content can be anything related to your company, business products, or services. 

Moreover, maintaining relationships with clients or other people is crucial while making connections with the digital world business. 

When users spend their leisure time on Facebook, they are actually expecting good content: your business or product-related. Except for memes and jokes- there are many things to explore on Facebook that will be profitable for your business.

Secondly, A large portion of users gets attracted to meaningful and valuable information. For them, internet marketing is all about stock prices and international news.

While speaking of the user’s mind- the main reason for scrolling Facebook is all about the mental satisfaction of a user.

Being a businessman- you should be aware of your business content, and for this, you may have to spend a hefty amount of money on the content management team. 

Does your company write articles answering the deepest desires and biggest worries of your clients?

If you don’t have the slightest idea about managing your content or announcing launching or breaking news, then Facebook marketing will be difficult for you.     

High demand for your products

High demand for your products  

Digging the truth- you need to answer some questions first- Suppose your company is dealing with food products and want to make some ads on Facebook. Sounds great?

But- here are the questions to review- 

What is the main trigger of your sales?

Suppose you communicate with your clients for many days on your Facebook page, but if your clients don’t find any legal services issue, your services will go all in vain!  

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are doing- it can be a roof manufacturing company or decal printing- whatever the purpose of your services- you have to think out of the box because no one is really interested if you create unattractive or irrelevant content for your service. The solution will be unsatisfying. 

The second example is coffee- coffee lovers love to drink coffee and they are addicted to coffee which is why you can beautifully portray their news feed with attractive posts and images with coffee making videos, dalgona coffee recipe, latte art designs, articles about coffee drinking habits, new coffee store in the town and many more.  

coffee making videosAnd even if you decide to advertise, the same rules still apply.

This is not worthy of launching or advertising products or services you promote once in a blue moon. Inconsistent Facebook marketing won’t give you any fruitful results. If you want to make your social media presence stronger and powerful- you have to fix your target audience on Facebook. 

Otherwise, you must hire a professional team of SEO or SMO who will help you make content according to your service.   

Unclear vision for strategies

Online marketing strategy is another key element for which your business will grow efficiently. To make it outcome-oriented- you must sort out your online strategy to pursue your business goals.  

Before heading on the Facebook banner page and make it more attractive with lots of designing and styles- let’s face some fundamental questions-

Who is your target audience? Are they are all men or women? If you think all people are your target audience- then you have taken the wrong path.

Who is your target audience

All 10-60 aged people can’t be your target audience. 

Have you fixed your monthly growth? If the answer is NO- then, you should start now! It can be increasing sales and audience count or enhancing your website visitor.   

Lastly- what is your actual target for your Facebook marketing? Do you want to communicate with your users and get reviews? If not, then why are you hooking on it?

These valid questions will lead you on your path. 

Final thoughts

Most new business people think- Facebook is an easy option to start a campaign or new venture. It sounds strange, but the truth is Facebook marketing is not that easy option to take or bet on when you are new with your services. 

Before moving forward to Facebook networking- you must adopt the new digital marketing strategy and research well on its technical tools and techniques. Apart from Facebook at the initial stage- you have plenty of new options to choose like making your website and launching it.   

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