8 Font Hacks for Instagram Stories You Should Know

Text Fonts play a significant role in making Instagram stories more interesting. Here, in this blog, we’ll tell you some exciting font hacks for Instagram stories. From creating a solid background on the stories to using fonts and effects, we discuss everything in this blog. Ready to read? Dive in.

Font Hacks for Instagram Stories: Instagram is one of the wonderful social media sites and that Instagram stories are an awesome feature! Can you imagine Instagram without Stories?? No! Instagram Stories has 400 million users sharing them every single day. This is great!

Now you want your Instagram story to be different, unique, and indeed stand out of the crowd. For this, you need to learn some font design-related hacks which will help you out in getting your Stories more visibility.

Instagram Stories are classic, modern and can become amazing if you design it differently. There are many ways to customize them in ways of the font. I just need to apply your creativity out there.

Interesting Font Hacks for Instagram Stories

Create a Solid Background For Your Text

You have sequences of Stories to be posted and also you want to apply a call to action at the end. Now for this, you can create a solid background based on the color palette which is used in previous Stories. This will make your text pop.

Easily Implemented

Simple Steps for Solid Background

  • Select a picture from your Photo library.
  • Click on the drawing pencil icon.
  • Hover over your color choice.
  • The background will change to solid and monochrome colors.
  • Write a call to action below.

Choose Extra Colors From the Color Selection

There is a 27 color palette in Instagram stories, but you can also have other color ranges to apply. This will make your Instagram Stories different and unique. This color wheel trick can also change the background behind fonts.

Colors From the Color Selection

Simple Steps for Color Selection

  • Click on the drawing pen icon.
  • Touch on any color. You will get a bigger palette in front of you.
  • Move it side to side for picking the color you like.

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Picture’s Color Palette Can Be Used For a Fun Letter Background

It will be attractive and appealing by creating unique backgrounds for your fonts that are being posted. This can be done through the color palette of the photos. This is also a combination of the first two steps for the same technique.

Fun Letter Background

Simple Steps for a Fun Letter Background

  • Select the picture you want to post and choose the word.
  • Click on the text icon – ‘Aa’
  • The fonts that are labeled strong, classic allowed for the background. For this, type the first letter of the chosen word.
  • Add the background to the letter by clicking on the icon.
  • Click on the drawing pen icon.
  • Move the tool around the photo and see the change in the background of the letter.
  • After selecting the background color for the first letter, move it to the next and see that the word is complete.

It looks cool and visually matches the photo, creating a great feeling for the content.

Three-dimensional Effect

Instagram Stories do not have any three-dimensional effect, but it can be created. It is very easy and does not take time.

Three-dimensional Effect instagram

Simple Steps for Three-dimensional Effect

  • Click on the drawing pen icon.
  • Tap on the word or the sentence in the offered fonts.
  • Select the color and place the text on the image.
  • Write the same word or the sentence in the same font in a different color.
  • Place it on top of the first word so the original text is visible.

Use Different Fonts

Use Different Fonts

Instagram offers its users five fonts for their stories- classic, neon, typewriter, strong, and modern. You can also exceed your font limitations and add more fun fonts to your content.

Simple Steps to Use Different Fonts

  • Open Instagram Stories.
  • Select the photo to share.
  • Select the ‘Fancy Text’ option and then type your text. This will automatically transform into multiple fonts.
  • Scroll down to select.
  • To save the text to your clipboard, click ‘copy’
  • Later, you will find the Stories draft.
  • Select the text icon – Aa, tap and click ‘paste’

Animated Fonts Also Can be Used in Stories

The different fonts used for your Instagram Stories can also be made animated. Download ‘Hyper Type‘ and is free with a watermark. You can also subscribe by paying $20 per year and publish without the watermark.

Fonts Also Can be Used on Stories

Simple Steps to Animated Fonts

  • The first is to download Hyper type.
  • Then select the picture from your photo library.
  • For editing, double-tap the animated piece.
  • Type your text and reposition it around the screen.
  • Click on the icon showing ‘Done’ in the top right corner.
  • To add other fonts, click the ‘T’ icon.
  • Click ‘Save’ and select to download the image.
  • Open Instagram. Click on Stories to upload your animated content.

Create the Rainbow Text Effect

There are Stories with text overlay with a beautiful effect, which makes you wonder about its making process. This is called the rainbow text effect.

Create the Rainbow Text Effect

Simple Steps for Rainbow Text Effect

  • Write your text.
  • Select all the written text.
  • Hold on to one on a color in the palette.
  • Hold on to the other one on the text cursor.
  • Then slide both the fingers together to the left and the letters will change colors.

Make Your Stories Hashtags Invisible

Make Your Stories Hashtags Invisible

Many prefer not to use hashtags in Instagram Stories. But now it can be made invisible.

Simple Steps to Add Hashtags

  • Select the photo.
  • Type a hashtag.
  • Scroll it on a corner with a solid background.
  • Then highlight the hashtag as text.
  • Tap on the drawing pen icon.
  • Drag the pen close to the background of the hashtag, until the hashtag matches that background.

Here, your hashtag has become invisible!!

Adding hashtags to your Instagram Stories increases the chance of being featured on the Stories page, but making them invisible is your choice and optional.


It was mention earlier that Instagram is upgrading and in demand due to its Stories section. Taking your content to the next level, upgrading your fonts will surely attract your followers before your competitors do. The above Instagram story hacks will feature your Stories differently!

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