5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

Instagram is the fifth most used social site. So there is no doubt that this tool is great for online marketers. When marketing on Instagram it is important to get audience demographics and other insights. Here, in this blog, we enlisted some of the ebay instaram analytics tools which are free and effective.

Instagram Analytics Tools: When it comes to Instagram, we can say that it is really popular for sure. We are also sure about this fact that you will agree to what we have to say. Launched in the year 2010, Instagram didn’t have many followers for sure. I mean there were so many other options for people to try out.

We bet you didn’t know this. After its launch, Instagram had just 30 million followers.

There is no doubt that Instagram rose to face. Nowadays, people are crazy about this platform. There isn’t a photo that is not uploaded on Instagram. There are amazing stories, statuses, posts and so much more on Instagram these days. Hence, you will not be able to deny the fact that Instagram is particularly useful for people.


Did you know? Instagram is the second most popular social media platform for users, just a little bit behind Facebook. About 60% of the active users tend to log in daily on this platform.

Not just that but currently the platform of Instagram has about 1 billion active users in total.

Now that is definitely a very large number and it is particularly close to Facebook as well. So, we can say this with absolute certainty. When you are using Instagram for your business, there is no doubt that you are going to have many benefits for sure.

Yes, people, you heard it absolutely right? Gone are the days when Instagram was just a platform for celebrities. You can be a part of Instagram to promote your business in the best way.

Here is a fact for you. There are about 25 million business accounts in total on Instagram and the number is growing for sure.  About 80% of users follow at least one of the brands.

So, you can make sure that one of those brands is yours right now. All you have to do is Create your Instagram business profile and start promoting it. But after you start, there are some things that you need to know about.

How do you think you are going to analyze the performance of your posts and profiles on Instagram? Well, obviously it will be with the help of Instagram Analytics for sure.

Know About Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Analytics Tools

We are going to talk about Instagram Analytics which is definitely going to be the best help for you and that is for sure. Well, Instagram Analytics is something that can help when you need to see the performance of your posts.

There are different analytics offerings in the platform of Instagram and you need to have a look at it for sure. So, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary details in hand. Well, Instagram is definitely expanding the marketing options that it has.

Fun Fact: The number of brands that are marketing on Instagram has experienced a growth from 11.5% in 2013 to 32.3% in 2015.

Also, advertising on Instagram can be a great thing for sure. So, you need to ensure that you are able to use the power of Instagram analytics in the best way. We are going to help you out in the best way that we can.

Instagram ads

Here we have a list of all the amazing Instagram analytics tools that you can use. One of the best things about the tools is that they are absolutely free of cost.

So, why don’t you just go ahead and try some of them to see which one you like? We are sure that every single one of them is going to meet all the requirements that you have.

With the help of these amazing analytics tools, you can get better results. You will be able to know what your audience on Instagram wants. Also, you can easily optimize the content in the best way. Now, who wouldn’t want to use it, right? Well, go ahead and so that right now.

Some Instagram Analytics Tools To Use For Free

Here is the list of the free Instagram analytics tools that we mentioned. Make sure that you are using it in the best way. This will help you in getting all the results that you want with your Instagram analytics.

So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let us get started with it.

1. Instagram Insights


When you have Instagram Insights, you don’t have to worry about anything for sure. You need to set up the business account in the best way. There is some pretty good analytics that you can use absolutely free. I found the application very interesting and amazing for sure. With the help of this app, you can get all the stats that you want.

This will definitely be a great help when it comes to increasing the marketing efforts of yours. We are pretty sure that you can find all that you want about your followers. Now doesn’t that sound amazing? Not just that but there is so much more than you can get from this app.

For example: When I used the application, it also showed me some of the most popular posts that I had.

So, with that kind of information, you can choose the content in the best way to appease and resonate with the customers. That is something which is going to benefit you a lot. So, why wouldn’t you want to use this tool, right?

2. Socialbakers


When we are talking about Instagram Analytics tools, this is one name that often comes to mind for sure. Socialbakers is one of the best names that we have to date. There is simply not a single speck of doubt that you will have all the benefits when you choose this amazing application.

With the help of Social Bakers, you will be able to get some reports on different posts. Whether it is your posts, photos, statuses, or stories, you can get all the results. Now doesn’t that seem to be amazing in the best way, people?

With Socialbakers, you can make use of sections and find out the posts which have had most comments. Now that is something you wouldn’t want to miss out for sure.

3. Simply Measured

simply measured

If you have been on Instagram, then you might have heard about simply measured tool for sure. This is something that you can use in order to create a perfect report on Instagram. We are pretty sure that you are going to like what the tool has to offer to you in the first place.

Did you know this? Simply Measured has up to 25000 followers.

Now that is quite a lot for sure. This is because of the insights and the stats that you get to see in here. When it comes to creating a proper Instagram posting technique, this can be a great help for sure. You will be able to see the areas that you need to work on for your Instagram marketing.

Try it out right now and see the amazing results.

4. Union Metrics


When you are in the need of the best Instagram analytics tools, this is the best. You will get the amazing Instagram account checking option right here. So, you need to get this tool for sure.

Now you might find that the report is not really that comprehensive. However, it is definitely worth it for sure. You have to make sure that you understand what we have to say in here. Well, you will be able to know the different hashtags to use with this tool.

Also, you can easily see the performance of your posts in the best way. Now doesn’t that seem like something that you would want to do in the first place? Well, that is why you need to try out this amazing thing called the Union Metrics.

All you have to do is sign up to the account and you are definitely all done. Make sure that you use it to know what exactly we are talking about.

5. Squarelovin


When you have Squarelovin, you don’t need anything else. This is truly one of the best options that we have for sure. You can get all the insights as well as the reports for your posting. Now doesn’t that seem to be an amazing thing, people? We are pretty sure that it is.

With the help of this tool, you can see the amazing and high-level statistics about your posts. Also, there are some additional analytics present on the screen. Wouldn’t you just love to use the app to know about your performance?

That is one of the main reasons why it is so popular amongst the people these days.


So, there you go people. These are some of the most amazing and useful but free Instagram analytics tools for you. Make sure to use them carefully to have the best results.

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