How to Get Verified on All Social Networks in 2022

Getting social media accounts verified is a crucial factor for brands as it adds scores of credibility. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the ways to get your social media accounts verified for each and every social media platform, separately. Isn’t that interesting? Let’s start.

Get Verified on Social Networks: With the advent of so many parody accounts that led to fake news and huge media distrust, social media verification will be more essential in 2021 than ever.

When you search for your favorite brands, you need to check for that “blue” mark beside their name to ascertain their originality. Most social networks presently verify big influencers and brands.

social media verification

The steps are quite easy in most of them; all social media sites will ask for some of your info to verify your authenticity, and in exchange will place a small ‘official’ badge beside your name.

The function of the badge is to give your audience trust in your account thereby developing interaction and aiding you to build your following.

It is, however, discovered that over the years some platforms have changed their approach about social media verification and those special check mark badges due to one reason or the other.

The unplanned effect is that some users have a perception that a verified account is endorsed by the platform.

In the course of this article, you will understand how different platforms attempt to tackle the verification process and evade completely endorsing every individual or brand.

How To Get Verified on Social Networks?

Get Verified on Social Networks

Just imagine getting a small blue check next to your name on social media? It will surely boost your ego. It communicates to your potential followers that you’re known as being effective in your area of specialization., it aids you to stand out from the crowd, and finally, it will make people envy you.

Apart from that, you will gain access to special features you likely didn’t even know about when you get verified. Listed below are how to get yourself verified on social media platforms so you can discover it!

In this article, we’ll take you through the process of getting verified on every major social network that exists and discuss the eligibility requirements. These social networks include:

1. YouTube


Most people don’t know that YouTube has a verification process. We must admit, it’s not quite popular. The process is distinct from the standard email verification process YouTube needs if you want to upload a video with over 15 minutes duration.

We’re discussing the gray checkmark that official channels of creators, artists, companies, or public figures verified by YouTube to aid; “differentiate official channels from other channels with comparable names on YouTube.”

You can ordinarily apply for verification the moment you’ve amassed over 100,000 subscribers, but the program is presently off until the winter. This occurs shortly after proposed changes to the verification process that upset creators and fans to the extent that the changes were quickly revoked.

The future of the verification process is presently not certain. You can learn more about that on their page but until they announce the fresh program, you can’t apply for verification. We will keep you updated!

2. TikTok


Deemed as the successor to the extinct video platform Vine, TikTok emerged among the younger set due it’s fun and bite-sized video. But it also pulled A-list stars, which necessitated a verification program.

Presently, the two types of verification on TikTok are; verified users and popular users. To become a verified user, you need to be an important personality or a real celebrity, so it’s likely to be unrealistic for you presently.

To become a popular user is hassle-free but more mysterious. The TikTok support team must choose you as someone who regularly makes great content on the platform. There isn’t a page where you apply for verification, it just happens to you.

Thus, your best option is to make exciting content that people love and talk about. Or, reach Beyonce-level stardom. Whichever works for you.

3. Instagram


Instagram started its verification program in the middle of 2018. The moment you’re verified, a little blue checkbox will show beside your name on both the Instagram website and mobile app, just as Twitter and Facebook own.

So, who can apply to get verified on Instagram app? Anyone can do so but, you need to be a public figure, celebrity, or big brand to be approved.

The application process is very easy too, so you can try your luck. Listed below are steps to take:

  • Ensure you log in to the account you want to verify.
  • Click your profile and pick the hamburger icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the settings button and choose request verification.
  • Fill your full name and upload a means of identification (normally an ID card or driver’s license).

4. Google My Business

Google My Business

As a business owner, being verified on Google My Business is so essential.

After getting verified, your customers will see a checkbox in it on your listing in Search and Maps. This is essential as the customers will trust the hours, address, and other essential information you updated.

This will probably entice them to come by and check out your business.

The following are steps to take to verify your account:

  • Log in to Google My Business and select the business you want to verify.
  • Tap Verify now and follow the on-screen directive to request your verification postcard.
  • After the card arrives, log in back and input the verification code printed on the postcard, at last, you’re verified!

5. Snapchat

Snapchat verification

As at this moment, Snapchat does not have a public verified program.

Nonetheless, it does have a verification program for A-list celebrities with large Snapchat reach. Some users in the program entail social media legends DJ Khaled, Ryan Seacrest, and Casey Neistat.

These users are summoned to an invite-only verification program. After getting verified, these accounts will have a little emoji put beside their name in the app.

The timing is now right to get verified!

That’s all about how to get verified on every major social network. If you discover that you’re eligible, we strongly advise getting verified on as many social networks as possible. This will increase your audience’s trust and bring in fresh followers and more engagement.

6. Facebook

Facebook Page Verification

Facebook verification can be categorized into three namely; a profile, a personal page, and a business page. Listed below is a step-by-step guide to get verified on the Facebook page.

Facebook Page Verification

This is a very easy process, but there are some other unofficial steps you are required to take to aid ensure your request is approved.

Part of the step to take is to make sure your page is accurately filled out, especially most of the section under the “About” tab. You are required to have a profile and cover photo, and you must select ones that make your page have this official look.

Your page must have proof of usage, including consistent posts and engagement from your audience. It’s also advisable to spend a small amount of money on the advertising campaign for your page. Facebook is probably going to take your requirement for verification seriously if you’ve invested money into your page.

It’s equally essential to note that not all types of pages are approved. On their social media verification page, it was stated: “Exceptional people, sports, media, entertainment, and government Pages may be eligible for verification if they can prove their genuineness and meet Facebook’s necessities for having a Verified Badge.”

If you’re not suitable for any of these choices, set the page category to “Public Figure”, as that’s the only option for verification.

After the aforementioned is performed, follow the process below.

Request a Verified Badge

  • Look for Facebook’s “Request a Verified Badge” form.
  • Choose the page you intend to verify.
  • Get your official government ready, as you’ll need to upload a scanned copy for Facebook to verify your identity.
  • Input a link to your official website in your form.
  • Tap ‘send’ and wait patiently for a reply. Facebook can take numerous weeks to process these requests.
  • If your request is fruitful, you will receive a blue checkbox.

Facebook Profile Verification

Facebook Profile Verification

This process is very comparable to applying for page verification. You must fill out every information listed above. You can’t pick a category for your profile, definitely, but the same rules apply as to who is eligible.

The only thing distinct from the page process for verification is that you must use this form instead.

Business Page

Receiving a verified checkbox for a business is almost assured if you follow the correct steps.

First and foremost, you need to make sure your page has a profile and cover photo. And surely, you must be an admin for the page to request the badge.

Listed below are steps Facebook has given:

  • Hit Settings at the top of your page
  • From General, hit page verification
  • Hit Verify this page, then hit Get Started
  • Input a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country, and language.
  • Hit Call Me Now to permit Facebook to call you with a verification code.
  • Input the 4-digit verification code and hit continue.

Aside from that, you can verify your Facebook business page by uploading an official business document. If this is the case, you should follow the aforementioned steps, but then hit “Verify this Page with documents instead” at the bottom left of the window that shows.

The document you upload must contain information such as; the name of your business, as well as the address, your company’s phone or utility bill, a certificate of formation, articles of incorporation, and tax or tax exemption documents belonging to your company.

Apart from that, Facebook states that “the document must have an official seal or watermark for us to verify the authenticity of your organization.”

After this, Facebook will review your request, and they will say that they’ll get back to you within a few days.

7. Twitter Account Verification

Twitter Account Verification

Get Verified on Twitter has never been straightforward, with blue checkboxes appearing out of nowhere. Not too long ago, nonetheless, Twitter introduced a form to have your profile verified, implying everyone can apply.

Twitter released a press release that; “We verify account types managed by personnel’s in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other main interest fields.”

If you believe your account suits these requirements, listed below are the next steps:

  • Ensure you have a verified phone number and email address linked with your account.
  • Make sure your profile has a bio, a profile and header photo, a birthday, and a linked website.
  • Set your tweets to public, it’s important.
  • Go through Twitter’s “Request to verify an account” article for additional particular tips on how to tailor your profile to aid grow your chances of verification.
  • After doing this, navigate to the form, where you’ll make the request.
  • Follow the steps listed in the form, giving additional consideration to whichever links you select to include, as well as how to utilize the 500 characters given to you where you’ll make your case for a blue checkmark.
  • Wait patiently for Twitter to respond. The duration for response is within a week.

8. Soundcloud Verification

Soundcloud Verification

The process for SoundCloud verification is hassle-free but also costly. All you are required to have is an account. After which you will upgrade it to Pro or Pro Unlimited.

The cost implication for this range from $55 to $145 per year. However, it also means you’ll quickly get a star next to your name. It also offers numerous other benefits such as; unlimited uploads, more information on who listens to your files, and the ability to pin tracks and playlists to the top of your profile.

9. Pinterest Profile Verification

Pinterest only gives checkmarks to “certain notable names such as celebrities, brands, or media.” The Pinterest “verified accounts” page announced: “currently, we’re not opening verified accounts up to everyone on Pinterest.

If you would like to assist people to know you’re a trustworthy source, add your logo as your profile picture and confirm you’ve confirmed your website”.

So, currently, it’s not possible to manually apply for verification. At this moment, you can confirm your website, thus your profile picture is added to any pin coming from your site, and add a logo; to make it look more official.

Meta Tag

The following are steps to take:

  • Hit your name at the top of the Pinterest page
  • Hit the gear menu
  • Find the account settings
  • Hit on the Website field
  • Then hit confirm website
  • You will receive meta tag, just copy them.
  • Visit your website, and add the meta tag code into the <top> section of the index.html file of your website before the <body> section.
  • Navigate back to Pinterest, and hit Finish

10. Google+


There are two types of Google+ you can presently get verified on; personal pages and brand pages.

Google+ Personal Page Verification

To grow your chances of getting verified, you must ensure you post quality content without any spam, try to be a part of more than 20,000 or so circles, make sure your display name is the same as your other display names across social media, and connect your official website and other social media verification to your Google Plus account.

Perform this, and you grow your chances for social media verification. But, ultimately, the power to contact you rest on Google. Be persevering!

Verifying Google+ Brand Page

Google+ Brand Page

Just like Facebook, you can directly request Google Plus to verify your brand page. This is a very straight-forward process to get you a gray checkmark.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • To start with, you need to verify your website, which Google provides a good explanation for.
  • After which, you need to sign in to Google My Business and make sure you’re using the classic Google+
  • Hit Brand pages at the top of the screen
  • Make sure you’re using card view, not list view. Perform this by clicking the 3 × 2 square icons. In a situation where you can’t see it, you’re already in square view
  • Hit View Page on the Brand Page you want to verify
  • Hit the About tab just below your cover photo
  • Navigate down to Links box and hit link website
  • In a situation where your page already links with the webmaster, as shown in step one, Google will allow you to send a request to link the brand page with the website
  • After which the webmaster will use the search console function to affirm the link

Bottom Line

Well, that’s all to know! Utilize all the aforementioned tips and you’ll be truly on your way to social media verification for making your friends envy and your account more profitable to potential followers. All the best.

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