7 Guaranteed Steps to Get More Followers on Facebook 

Getting popular on social platform, like Facebook is not an easy task. It demands lots of effort, and nowadays people are coming up with new ideas and inventions to boost their social media account. This blog talks about some very interesting and guaranteed steps that a brand can use to get more followers on Facebook. Let's begin!

The race for garnering more and more likes, followers, reposts, and what not has turned the world of social media into a warzone. People are coming with new ideas and inventions to boost their numbers on social media platforms. 

There might be very few people who aren’t aware of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.   Having a considerable follower base has become one of the prominent standards for measuring social media websites’ popularity and acceptability.

How to Get More Followers on Facebook?

Followers on Facebook

Besides giving you happiness, having a lot of followers carries meaning on social media. So let’s dive into the technicalities of social media and see how having lots of organic followers can help you. The term organic reach implies the unpaid promotion of your posts. 

In other words, it is the number of profiles that have viewed your content on social media platforms. Therefore, if you have a large number of followers, you have a fair share of organic reach. 

But it seems that now the graph of organic reach has somewhat declined. Since for every 1000 followers, only 600 people would be able to see your content. Likewise, for every 10000 followers, 6000 would be able to view your posts.

Social Media can either be a journey for your entrepreneurship or you might use it as an effective business tool or you might be just trying to leave an impact on social media. No matter what your motive is to use social media, here are some definite tips and suggestions that will increase your follower count on social media especially Facebook.

Quality content is a must

Quality content on Facebook


As simple as it sounds, posting great content is required to boost up the follower count. If you do some prior research into what you should post and create engaging content, it will be like icing on the cake. 

Social media users are broadly categorized into two categories. One that posts informational content and the second that posts content related to themselves. The recent trend has proved that posts or content which imparts some knowledge to the user is more appreciated than posts related to you and your activities. 

So, if gaining a good amount of followers is your target, make sure you check what you post on your profile. Sharing good quality content which is creative, engaging, and is informative will surely fetch you a reasonable amount of followers for your account.

Timing of your posts matters

The time of your post on Facebook plays an essential role in determining the number of followers that you will have. According to Sproutsocial, the best time and day to post on Facebook is Wednesday, between 11 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m. 

Best times to post on Facebook

 Therefore ideally, it is said that afternoon is the most appropriate time to post on Facebook. Another way to find out when the target audience is most active is through the analytics tool. Facebook comes with its analytics tool, and apart from it, you can also use Google Analytics and other free or paid tools available in the market.

These tools will give you details about your target audience as to what they are clicking and reading in your posted content. It also collects data about what type of posts are being liked more and, most importantly, when they are the users most active on Facebook. Hence, it is an excellent way to strategize and schedule your content.

Videos fetch more attention

A well-structured article, with good grammar and style, is good to catch the users’ attention, but this is an old-school method. The present time calls for creative and capturing content in the form of shots or videos that are appreciated more by users on Facebook. 

facebook videos gives more attention

As per Hootsuite, the average rate of audience engagement for Facebook video posts is 0.26%. It is quite a huge number because the average engagement rate overall is just 0.18%.

Offering customer support 

Communicating with customers and replying and answering their messages, queries, general comments, or feedback is a good option to increase Facebook followers. 

Facebook customer feedback

When you interact, it leaves an excellent impression on other visitors who read your page and comments. It shows them that you relate with your users and are willing to help. It also indicates that you are active on Facebook and genuinely utilize social media to connect with your customers. 

Customers who had a good experience with your products and services will further recommend and promote your brand. You never know, as they might even go the extra mile and persuade others to support and probably like your page.

Facebook contests are Must

It is one of the easy methods to draw the attention and interest of the users. You can further increase their curiosity and interest by putting a big prize and eventually get them to like and comment on your page and become your follower.

Facebook contests

A contest tries to hold the interest of users, informs them of your page and your business. If they are willing to take in the effort to fill out form details, this means they’re here to engage with you and build a valuable bond.

 If users are taking their time and investing it in your page, that is a good sign of moving in a positive direction. You can even add a gentle reminder every time anyone visits your content or page to like it. This way, you can increase your fan base and your follower count.

Make the most of Facebook groups

Facebook groups are excellent means to give a voice to your thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people. Every group has its own set of goals, themes, and enthusiasts. They can prove to be an excellent opportunity for getting more followers. 

Facebook groups

You have two options when it comes to utilizing Facebook groups for adding your followers. The first option is to join groups that are related to your interests and area of expertise. This is a straightforward approach since you join an already popular group that has made a space for itself. 

Such groups have a lot of followers, which will indirectly help you in gaining that follower count. Make sure you communicate with the group consistently. Though it is a time-consuming process, it can fetch you good results.

As simple as that,  the second option is to create your own group. This requires a lot of creative effort and time from your side. Getting people like and following you initially could be very difficult, but the returns are worth the effort. 

Being the admin of your group gives you a lot of power and control. Building a Facebook group that captures the audience’s interest will go a long way in increasing your acceptance.

Keep a watch on your competitors

Keep a watch on your competitors

It is another great way to increase your follower base without putting strain on your resources. If you plan well then can also try to win over your opponent’s follower base and make them interested in your social media profile. Analyze and observe their moves and how they pitch their products and offers. 

Be watchful of how the consumers react and what type of feedback they receive. You can utilize this information to shape and plan your strategy and can gain more followers. By learning through their mistakes and wins, you can frame a more advanced technique to turn things in your favor. 

Benefit from topics that are trending

When you share, publish, or repost engaging content that exploits the latest trending topics, it gives the audience instant attention and interest.  This is proving to be an excellent way to build your followers and get people’s attention. 

trending topics on facebook

Publishing posts that are relevant to the latest news is more likely to be shared and appreciated. It is natural for people to show a keen interest in topics that carry meaning and are buzzing the internet.

Please ensure that the posts you share are related to the brand or your company beforehand. This way, you will not only engage the users but will also promote your brand.

Share Offers and discounts

Share Offers and discounts

Other than Facebook ads, you can also use social media platforms to share your promotional offers and discounts. The creative technique to do this is by publishing a post with a catchy image or posting short videos. 

You can even use CTA (call to action). CTA encourages users to like your page and directs them to your latest offers and promotions.

Collaborate with influencers

Social media influencers can play an essential role in giving your brand that boost, reflecting your follower count. Influencer marketing is trending in the world of social media. 

Collaborate with influencers

Connecting with influential users will enhance your reach to tap into additional sections of the remaining target audience left untapped. When social media influencers share or repost your content, many people on the platform notice your presence. 

This will also help in building authenticity and acceptance in social media platforms if influencers support your business. 

Hashtags Play an Important Role

They are pretty underrated for the potential they hold in building a loyal follower base. They might seem trivial, especially when you see them being attached to petty things like daily products and stuff. 

But the truth is they are a potent marketing tool to enhance your followers. Whether you want to acquire good visibility, establish your brand, or club relevant information together, hashtags help in achieving them all. 

facebook Hashtags

Whenever people search your Facebook page, they will automatically view relevant hashtags that you are using. In the case of any particular category, they might see your specific brand posts or contents in the results. 

It eventually leads to getting more followers and, in turn, probable consumers. When you have made a mark in the business world, you can even build your unique hashtag. It will act as a trademark or a symbol for your product or service.  

It will lead people to be encouraged to become your followers. They will start using the hashtags every time they make a purchase or use any product.  Creating your hashtag is an opportunity to promote your company and overpower the hashtag with your brand. 

When you consistently use hashtags in your every post or content, it increases your visibility. It also helps in associating users with your business.

And so

There are many success stories of many ventures that got overnight fame and recognition on Facebook. But not every business receives such a response from the social media community. 

Most businesses have to spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing, and promotions to reach their customers. Still, they don’t manage to get the desired results. Leaving a lasting impact on your users takes a lot of time and effort. 

Using the tips mentioned above, you can achieve those targets and increase your follower base considerably. The key is keeping a positive attitude and calmly planning your next move according to the tips mentioned in this article.

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