Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics 2024

Analytics is an inevitable part of marketing, irrespective of the platform you use. This blog will exclusively discuss about the Instagram analytics with respect to profile, audiences, posts, and stories. The blog also discusses some Instagram Analytics tools that will help you in formulating marketing strategies.

 Every brand aspires to use Instagram for their business since it has 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million people daily watch Instagram stories and at least 200 million Instagram users visit one business profile every day. 

Also, these business owners are always interested in Instagram ads because they know that advertising on Instagram reaches over 849.3 million users. 

But, when asked how do you keep an eye on Instagram ROI, only a few can answer this question because a majority of businesses don’t have a clear understanding of Instagram Analytics.

The success of your Instagram marketing campaign often depends on how deep is your understanding of Instagram Analytics.

What is Instagram Analytics?

It might not be wrong to say that using the right metrics to analyze the success of your Instagram campaign is a must. It offers you the correct information, which can actually help you in defining actionable Instagram marketing goals.

But, effective use of Instagram analytics plays a key role in determining the success of your account and building a potential audience community.

Instagram analytics is a feature that provides you the data about your profile, your followers, and your profile’s actions. It also notifies you about the content-related data like reach, clicks, engagement, performance, results, etc. 

Do you know the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing campaign?

The answer to this question depends on your understanding of Instagram analytics.

The data from Instagram analytics should be the reflection of your marketing strategy, only then you will spark up new ideas, strategic plans, and accelerate creative content.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics

To understand and implement the right Instagram analytics, you need to dig into the below-mentioned channels: 

1. Instagram Profile Analytics

It gives a comprehensive view of your profile, which includes an increased number of followers, clicks on website links, profile view, and so on.

Increased number of Followers

Increased number of Followers

The followers of your Instagram profile play a prominent role in Instagram analytics. If anyone visits your profile, he/she first takes a look at your followers. It is the first impression of your profile. The growth in the total number of followers depicts the success of the marketing campaign.

Clicks on Websites

This metric of Instagram analytics provides you the data about the number of times visitors have clicked on your website link from your Instagram account or post. Your target audience can easily navigate to your website by putting your specific website URL of your profile.

Viewers on Profile

How many people view your profile in a week? If you want an answer to this question, you need to go through the metric of Instagram analytics. You will then be able to track the number of viewers on your account and compare it with the data of the last few weeks.


With this metric of Instagram analytics, you will be able to track the actions taken by your account, and become more sorted about further steps that will be beneficial for your profile.


This metric provides you the data about how many people are talking about your account and mentioning you in their posts. 

2. Instagram Audience Analytics

Instagram Audience Analytics

Reaching out to the target audience is the most critical and essential part of Instagram Analytics to analyze. You can bifurcate the viewers based on different demographic factors like age, gender, active hours, active days, etc.

So the better you know about your target audience, the more relevant leads will drop in for your business resulting in higher returns at low cost.

Age factor

The age of your audience plays a vital role in the success of your marketing campaign. It will lead you towards the cost reduction by targeting them according to their ages.

For example: If you have an anti-aging product, you need to focus on the audience that falls between the age group of 40 to 60 years. This metric of Instagram analytics provides you the data about the exact age of your followers.


The gender metric of analytics depicts the male and female composition of your followers. This entirely depends upon the type of product you are offering, for example the products could be for men, women, or are unisex products.

Active Hours

The success of your post depends on your creative content, as well as the right time of your post. This Instagram analytic metric provides you the data about most preferential active hours of followers to schedule your post accordingly.

Active Days

Similarly, with active hours, this metric also shows the most active days in a week when your followers are more productive. You must know well in advance which days will result in better engagement. Accordingly, you must schedule or share your post.

Location of users/ Demography

This metric of Instagram analytic notifies you about the city, country, and the exact location of your followers. 

3. Instagram Post Analytics

After establishing your profile in action with the appropriate audience, the next step is to dive into the post analytics, which reveals the performance of your content/post with its crucial factors such as likes, comments, save, reach, engagement, and so on. 


It is the easiest way to measure and collect data about the number of likes gained by each post. The number of likes depicts the success rate of the post. 

With these metrics, you get to know about what kind of content your audience prefers, and you can post the content accordingly.


Comments on your post are the best way to get feedback from the followers. A comment may be positive or negative as per the audience’s perspective. This metric gives you information about comments on an individual post.

You can engage your audience by replying to comments, and it is the best way to facilitate two-way communication with the followers.


Reach is the metric that notifies you about the number of accounts reached by your post, and the number of new users that have visited your profile by post.


Reach, and Impression metric is often considered the same, but there is a thin line of difference between them. Impression provides you the data on how many times your posts were viewed and how much time the viewer stays on your post.


This metric gives you a compact image of factors like reach, likes, and comments on your post. The more engagement of posts leads you to more followers.


It tracks how many people save your post from Instagram. This is an advanced feature of Instagram where you can save other’s posts to see it after a while.

Top Posts

You can get the information about which Instagram post earned the highest range of reach, likes, comments, and so on with these Instagram analytics metrics. Tracking such critical data will help you figure out the best-optimized post and facilitate further posts accordingly.

4. Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram introduces Instagram stories for its users to share intra day activities. These stories will appear for 24 hours, and then they disappear. It is the best way in which users can go through your brand daily and create an impression on the followers.

Instagram stories should be analyzed based on these below-mentioned metrics:


Reach metric gives you the information about the number of new accounts viewed in your whole story.


Impression gives you a clear image of how many users view your stories and gives you a precise number of how many times they watch your story.

For example: If two persons viewed your stories three times, it would be two reaches with three impressions.


If your post is impressive and engaging or you are asking any questions in your Instagram story, you will surely get a response from your Instagram followers. This Instagram analytic matric provides you the data about responses, valuable replies, etc. 


How many people exit from your story in mid-way? The answer to this question is given by this matric. It shows the number of followers that exit your story mid-way. It may be because of unknowingly clicking on the exit icon on top of your Instagram story.

What are Instagram Analytics Tools?

As a manager of social media, it is really impossible to collect all the detailed information about your profile, your target audience, and other metrics described above, manually. To get rid of this problem, there are lots of Instagram analytics tools that are flourishing in the market. You need to make a decision about which one is suitable for your profile.

1. Instagram Insights

instagram insights

Instagram insights are the analytical tool of Instagram itself. You will easily find it inside your Instagram app. This tool provides you the data about follower’s activity on your profile. It also notifies you about the performance of your content with your target audience.

If you want to see the insights of your profile, you need to convert your account into a business account or professional account.

It provides you with all the necessary measurements of your profile, but it does not give you in-depth knowledge about your Instagram marketing campaign.

It is absolutely free for Instagram users.

2. SocialBakers

SocialBakers is one of the best analytic tools for Instagram. It gives you a visual report of top posts, impressions, reach, and all other metrics of Instagram analytics. You can build your own dashboard, which is easy to navigate and  understand for the users. 


It provides in-depth analysis for its users and has the most inclusive design, which enables you to create productive posts and gives you insights on when is the right time to post it correctly.

Plan: It is free up to a certain period after that; you need to pay $20 per month for each profile.

3. Hootsuite

Initially, when Instagram was not introduced, this tool was used as a social media scheduler, but now it has a wide range of social media analytical services, including Instagram analytics.


Hootsuite enables you to find the top posts on Instagram, schedule your posts as per your prime time or prime day, efficiently manage your Instagram profile, and creates the most detailed but concise report of the success of your campaign.

Plan: It gives 30 days free trial after which you need to choose among various available plans specified by Hootsuite as per your requirements.

4. Union Metrics

Union Metrics

Union Metrics provides you the data about your impressive posts. It gives you a clear vision of the most qualitative content that must be included in your post like appropriate and trending Hashtags.

It provides you a graph view of your activities over a month. You can refresh your reports every 24 hours.

Plan: It is free up to a certain period after which the basic plan starts from $49 per month. 

5. Squarelovin


With the use of the Squarelovin Instagram analytics tool, you will be able to get the most exciting results for your Instagram account. It provides you in-depth analytics for your various Instagram metrics.

You can easily access the growth of followers, monthly post analysis, active hours, history of your post, your target audience analytics, and so on.

It will lead you to drive more Instagram engagement with highly qualified and optimized content/posts.

Plan: It is free up to a specific time period.

6. Later

later tool

Last but not least, Later is one of the best Instagram analytics tools which provides you a visual content calendar. You can create the most beautiful feed with its drag and drop feature and schedule it as per your specifications.


So, summing up all the above-mentioned Instagram analytics metrics and Instagram analytics tools gives you a clear image of how effectively you can use those metrics and tools to get the most out of your Instagram profile. All these factors are correlated; it’s up to you and your marketing team to choose the most effective tool that suits your business.

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