A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining a Twitter Chat

Twitter chat is a very great way of gaining some spotlights for your brand. This blog is a step by step guide that will explain the procedure of joining a Twitter chat. After reading this blog, you will be able to join a Twitter chat and gain some exposure for your brand.

Twitter Chat is the public conversations that will provide you an opportunity to create a network or community around your brand and enlarge your circle with interest.

Twitter is the most popular social platform, with over 336 million active users. Among all, 46% of people use Twitter every day. By using twitter chat, you can grow your business and generate a ton of social engagement.

So, we are here to share lots of information with you to become a master of the twitter chat.

How to Successfully Join Twitter Chat?

 Create an account

Create an account

To start a twitter chat.  First, you have to create an account by adding your credentials. Then you can follow some inspirational educators or businesses. This process will help you to grow with new ideas, creativity, and innovations.

Understand about the twitter chat

twitter chat


Twitter chat is a platform where you can have a conversation on social topics or the trending topics by using the unique hashtags.

 Learn how to use chatting option

You can search for a hashtag of your interest and start chatting on the group. There is also an option where twitter chat has a page with a schedule by which you can see the upcoming chat topics and which one you like to attend.

 Find a resource of twitter chat that suits you

First, you have to choose two or three types of twitter chats as per your interest and to develop confidence. Through this, it will also help you in understanding and knowledge of how it works. There are multiple ways on twitter to find conversations of your interest.

 Select a third party application to tweet on

Various tools are used as a third party application to tweet on, such as TweetChat, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and Participate. These apps are highly popular because they provide great features like live chat options and manage your account by hashtags so that you can easily follow or maintain your chat processes.

 Use hashtags and follow the rules

twitter hashtags



Twitter chat is simple, so the basics of joining a twitter chat are

  • As hashtag is called as the search tool. So you have to put the same hashtag to every tweet so that others can follow along.
  • It is good to introduce yourself to every chat. You can add something like who you are, what are you working for, where are you from. Also, it will be helpful to say hello to everyone else.
  • There is a way in which twitter chat starts with Q/A rounds where the moderator tweets the questions as Q1, Q2, Q3, whereas the participants will answer the questions with A1, A2, A3. This is a great way to indicate your problems and get good responses.
  • It is necessary to respond smartly with the right answer. Always think positive, and if there is any challenge or you disagree with something, then answer wisely. Don’t panic!
  • Always remember to thank moderators. It is a sign of courtesy. Moderators spent a lot of time managing the show, so it is good to say thank you.

Twitter Marketing Toolkit

If you want to use twitter more than doing chat, these tools will help you to upgrade your engagement on this social network.

There are some most liked tools by the people on the internet:



Hashtagify.me is a tool that allows a brand to analyze and select hashtags. It will give you the trending list of hashtags. If you want to expand your social media presence in quite a short time, then you can use this fantastic tool.



Hootsuite is an excellent application that will provide you a function on which you can use a single window for multiple social media platforms. It makes your task easy to not to open multiple windows at the same time to make your job difficult.



Tweetchat will allow you to create spaces to monitor your twitter chat and manage the functions where it will find who is saying what in the conversation.



Hashtracking will notify you which campaign is working good. This tool is similar to the Hashtagify.me as it is a more analytic focused site. It will monitor your time spent on the process.



Canva is a tool used to make professional-looking images. If you are using twitter for your business. Then it is the right time to use this tool to make your pictures professional and creative.



Skype is a platform where you can connect with a person and do facetime. If You are partnering with other people during a twitter chat, you can share your skype id for future communication as it is a medium that provides an excellent value to your connectivity.

10 Tips for Twitter Chat as a Reminder to Ease Your Journey

Connect with chat groups before starting your own

Before starting your chat group, you have to participate in other chats of your interests. Find the actions of how a moderator conveys things, how the process is going on, and other things.

Select the right topic for your audience

Get some exciting and trending topics that the audience likes. It is essential to know the taste of your audience, what they like, which item they are interested in, what are the things they want to know about a specific topic, product, or service.

Pick the right time for a Twitter chat

Take a look at the Twitter analytics to know at what time the audience will be more active. The key to a successful conversation is the maximum participation of the audience in the chat group.

Choose the right hashtags

right hashtags

Selecting the correct hashtag will improve your engagement, and it is an essential part of planning the process. Research currently using hashtags. Make a list of four to five hashtags and see the responses on other platforms.

You can use easy and simple hashtags so that your audience will remember it for a long time, and you can use it comfortably for other tweets also. You can register your unique hashtag by using Hashtag on Twubs and let everybody know it is the past of your brand.

Select the active moderator

For starting a chat, you need a moderator. You can be a moderator yourself, or you can choose a guest moderator from your industry to feed questions in the conversation and help the audience by guiding them.

Moderators use their twitter handle rather than using the brand’s official handles. It will facilitate them with more connectivity with the people.

Invite your audience to participate

Without the audience, you cannot even start your twitter chat. So the engagement of the audience is really important. You can invite people by using hashtags, sending invites.

Create a chat description

Before starting a chat, you have to create a small description of what the topic is, for whom it is about, and how is it beneficial. You have to create a list of questions for the chat process.

Get Insights

Adding visual elements to your promotional tweets can help you increase audience engagement. You have to insert date, time, and hashtag with your promotional image. It not only allows people to remember important information but also makes it shareable.

Twitter insights

Use exclusive tools to manage things

Various smart tools help you with feeding questions, respond to queries, and retweet great responses. It will make your task easy and comfortable.

Promote the insights

Create a recap of your Twitter chat for the most quotable tweets in the blogpost. It will promote the highlights of your Twitter chat.

The Last Note

Twitter is one of the most favored social media platforms, it has a pool of almost every kind of target audience. Be it youth, actors, politicians, or the middle-old age group of people. Thus, it leverages good opportunities for almost every kind of business to reach out to mass audiences and engage with them.

So do let us know how you started your journey of joining Twitter Chats and which Twitter Tactic worked well for you?

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