Top 15 Hashtag Tools to Win on Social Media for 2021

Hashtags are used on every social media platform, and if used correctly, they can provide tremendous reach to the posts. Here, in this blog, we have curated a list of some very interesting Hashtag tools that can be used to get the right hashtag for your posts and increase engagements.

“The problem is, we’re all using social networks as distribution instead of native platforms to actually tell stories.”- Gary (Vee) Vaynerchuk.

Hashtag Tools:- In the modern era, we have witnessed the influx of social media and the rise of digital entrepreneurs to become visionaries, and their brainchildren have become full-blown conglomerates. 

With that in mind, the most significant trend in town to get famous is to try and become an “influencer,” i.e., a social media personality with a dedicated audience. And what do influencers do best? Market themselves and their products using the right hashtags. 

Hashtags! The silent hero has taken the front stage now and is one of the biggest keys to achieving influencer status. And like the social media entrepreneurs, other hashtag tool businesses are helping people fast track their route to the coveted social media personality status. 

Hence, it is only natural to learn how to leverage it in the right way.

How do hashtags help on social media?

hashtags on social media

Earlier, the crawlers on social media had to go through every post and picture to understand the content. However, with the introduction of hashtags, the crawlers found a way to understand each piece of content’s relevance and catalogue it into various categories via hashtags (which is in millions).

With this also came the opportunity for marketing. One post can be catalogued under several categories using hashtags. Hence, this gave a great chance to enlist the crawlers’ help to come up in front of the audience in various categories. So, how exactly is that helpful?

  • Simplification: Through hashtags, reaching your target audience and discoverability becomes easier. 
  • Action Centric: If the post is engaging enough for the user that they are interacting with, there is a chance that the intended action of the post might get fulfilled.
  • Evolution: As AI and ML algorithms are growing, the reliance on hashtags is growing too. It means that the algorithms are learning about which posts are better and which posts are worse.
  • Distinctive: With the vast pool of hashtags, a way of growth hacking is to award a specific or unique hashtag by making it stand out. It helps it to get more traction with the intended audience. 

While these may sound like trivial things, in reality, these are the very things that make the social media post sing. 

Top Hashtag Tools to generate the most relevant social media hashtags?

As hashtags are your sure-fire way of achieving social media success, it has become more important to use the right ones for your post. But then again, not all internet tools are made equal. 

So to solve that problem, a lot of hashtag generator software, tools, and platforms have cropped up over the internet. Here, we tell you the top 15 tools to use for social media success in 2021:


Ingramer - hashtag tools

In the world of AI and ML growth, Ingramer leverages this very tool by automating your social media account’s development. It can generate hashtags that are filtered out based on category, popularity, activity, photo, URL, and target keyword.

It features many functions and almost mimics a CRM system with features like a direct chat module, post scheduler, profile analyser, and an Instagram downloader for posts, photos, videos, and stories.

You can choose a payment schedule from $37/2 week, $57/month, and $144/3 months to get on board. The price may sound steep, but you can gain up to 40 followers per week organically, which is massive by today’s standards. 

Display Purposes

Display Purposes

While the UI of Display Purposes looks old school, the technology behind it is certainly not. When you search a keyword or hashtag, it automatically generates a list of 30 hashtags that are often used along with your target hashtags. Furthermore, its filters exclude all banned hashtags.

When you click on any hashtag, you automatically reach the gallery to see what posts are trending in it. The number of hashtags you use is directly proportional to the number of galleries you show up in. 

Furthermore, you can keep your caption clean and post the tags in the first comment. There is also a provision to have region-specific hashtags that are filtered according to relevance and popularity. The icing on the cake is that Display Purposes is a free tool across the board.



Like a well-defined tool, Flick also helps you define your social media growth via a well-targeted strategy for hashtags. After typing your keyword, it generates hashtags that are getting the most traffic and are trending the most in that particular category. 

Instead of just generic suggestions, Flick offers unique hashtags centred around your niche and location for maximum growth. There is also performance tracking, banned hashtag filters, irrelevant hashtag filters, and support for multiple languages.

To get on board, you will have to choose between 4 plans. These are $8.34/month for Solo plan, $14.29/month for a Growth plan, $22.62/month for Pro plan, and $47.63/month for Agency plan. Hence, depending on your choice, choose a requisite plan.



It doesn’t matter if your content is repetitive or how similar it is to what many other accounts have posted, or if your hashtags are one of the most common ones in the business, Tailwind has you covered

Tailwind can come up with custom suggestions for almost every kind of post sorted based on competition, niche, categories, and virality with its search generator. 

It offers a post scheduler that can post your content; however, here is what it does differently. Instead of adding tags to the post captions, it adds them to the first comment of your post. The scheduler also notifies you what the best time to post is. 

Another thing it does is merge generic hashtags with niche hashtags to help you make the best of both worlds. You can even add CTA buttons on your posts and create a custom landing page for your website/blog.

Furthermore, it generates many reports for drawing insights and even micromanaging your posts or promoting your content via multi-image stories. All of this at a relatively low price of $9.99/month which will be billed once yearly. 



Sistrix boasts of a repository of over 7.7 million hashtags which are available in over 1 billion combinations. At its core, Sistrix is an SEO business and the prices vary on the plans and options you choose. 

You get an option to search up to 25 queries a day, post which you will have to sign up to use the tool. The price for using Sistrix is usually around $120 per month. However, you do get the chance to use the device 100% free for 14 days. 


If discoverability is the challenge you are struggling with, then Ritetag is the way to go. The platform offers hashtags and keywords that are trending, concerning a keyword. While it is marketed for all platforms, the best performance is for Instagram and Twitter. 

There is a whole repository of trending posts under each hashtag, and you will be able to get the best ones to cater to your particular niche, category, interest, and keyword. Priced at $54/year, the hashtags suggestions are always on point.

However, the downfall is that the platform still uses the frequency and the adoption of a particular hashtag rather than diving into accurate analytics to generate data-driven insights. Hence, as we said, it is the go-to tool for discoverability.

Big Bangram

Big Bangram

Big Bangram is another tool that caters to automating the growth of the account. All you have to do is generate hashtags based on keywords, URL, photos. It then uses features like auto-liking bot, auto-following bot, auto DMs, auto commenting to grow your account. 

Other features like post-scheduling, daily limits, and the availability to work on multiple accounts simultaneously without any hassles. Instead of catering to one account meticulously, it uses a more broad spectrum targeting approach to go about its job. 

Instead of setting a price for their services, Big Bangram offers two plans to its users, a basic Pro-Direct Messaging plan and a more feature-packed High-Speed mode. These are then discussed with each client and provided with customised pricing plans.



Instavast is one of the best in the business when it comes to bot-based platforms for Instagram growth. Like many others, it generates hashtags based on photos, posts, URL, and keywords. Like an automation tool, it automates your posting, liking, commenting, follow/unfollow, and direct messaging on Instagram.

Once you specify the target audience, the Smart Targeting feature automatically generates the most relevant and related accounts that can help your account to grow. It is backed by analytics that generates report insights based on the activity in your account. 

The best part is that you can simultaneously operate multiple and unlimited accounts that can then be targeted via various campaigns through this same dashboard itself. You can send DMs to all the accounts or just a few of them. 

Instavast provides a lot of services, and each one is chargeable separately. However, the silver lining is that none of them is over $15/month per account. Furthermore, it provides a 3-day trial period for all users to test your Instagram growth. 



If you don’t want to go the organic route of building the audience and establishing a rapport, you might look at purchasing followers and likes. Kicksta is the best alternative for a buying approach. 

It uses liking on posts to promote and grow your account. It does this by curating a repository of accounts interacting with your niche and offering your content in front of them subtly. 

The platform works by analyzing the competition through its posts, competition, and audience base. It then comes up with a list of target accounts that like at least two posts or more of your competition and creates your target audience. 

It then baits them into checking out your account by sending them a notification that your account has liked a post of theirs. If they come onto your account and like the posts, they will become your new followers. 

In terms of pricing, be prepared to shell out a little more as you will pay $49/month with the limited capability Standard Plan. For the feature-packed Premium Plan, you will have to pay $99/month.

Tags Finder

tags finder

As the name suggests, Tags Finder is a free tool that is versatile and straightforward for finding hashtags for any niche and any location. You can search up to 10 hashtags for each post also for which you will find the requisite tags.

If you want similar and related hashtags, you can use the Combined Hashtags feature. In many cases, some hashtags are banned. And hence, the platform packs the capability to filter out these kinds of hashtags.



Another tool that utilizes AI and ML to generate hashtags is Photerloo. It understands the essence of your posts and then automatically generates hashtags that can be used in your post or photos for the best result. It can then narrow down and suggest hashtags based on the intent as you click on each separate hashtags from the preliminary suggestions.

The hashtag repository is constantly refreshed, and it allows you to generate anything between 1 and 50 hashtags per post. The best part? The tool is entirely free, and you can use it multiple times for the best results in your social media growth journey.

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes

If you are also trying to become the influencer of choice on Twitter or Instagram, which most people are, then you’re going to like this. The Hashtag for Likes is probably the best tool at your disposal for this purpose precisely.

The interface is well catered with back-end analytics, intelligent hashtags algorithms, a customer success management system, and a growth-centric engine. The platform is catered to understand the trending feeds for various hashtags and helps you rank your content as close as it.

Due to this very factor, it offers many customizable features that are designed for maximizing follower count. Hashtags for Likes can configure and calculate your posts to be preferable by your audience and conduct an audit of your pre-existing hashtags. 

The database gets updated very regularly, and you get only the best ones for the best growth. Coming to the price, with the Regular basic plan, you will have to shell out $19/weekly or $59/monthly. With the pro, the prices climb to $25/weekly or $89/monthly.

All Hashtag

All Hashtag

A completely free tool, it is still managing to be one of the best out there due to the well-catered algorithm it uses to generate relevant hashtags. The hashtags are developed amongst four categories broadly- Top, Random, Live, and Similar.

Based on the target keyword, All Hashtags generates a list of hashtags that can be used for the post. Furthermore, clicking on each specific keyword generates a planted list of alternatives that you can use.

It uses a well-defined analysis strategy which comes in handy while devising a marketing strategy. Additionally, there are also hashtag suggestions available that you can use for CTA and other actions like follow or like. 



We all want a tool that almost functions like a suite and is free. Well, the folks at Hashatit heard you, and it is precisely that kind of tool. What Hashatit does is understand your keyword and show you examples of the top posts in that keyword. 

Through this, you can get an idea about the captions and the hashtags being used for a particular post and maybe even interact with those accounts later. Furthermore, you can track mentions, URLs, and keywords as well.

Using the approach of understanding your competition automatically allows you to insert yourself into the field and even gain some traction and exposure by trending at the top posts for some time.

Mr. Insta

Do you want to get one follower every 2 hours every day? Sounds too good to be true? Well, we aren’t kidding because using Mr. Insta can help you do just that. 25 followers every 48 hours are added for free after registering for an account on Mr. Insta.

You can either use Free Followers or Free Likes. Plus, the service can be availed as many times as you want after the cycle is over. If that is not enough, you can buy a plan for anything between $15 to $20 per month for daily likes and followers.


With the above-listed tools, you can choose which one suits you best. While the free tools offer relatively limited capability, a couple offers a freemium plan that can help you. Furthermore, most of them understand what hashtags are all about and can fully support your social media growth exponentially! Happy Tagging!

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