Facebook Boost Post Button: How to Use it and Get Results

You must have heard about the Facebook Boost Post button. If not, here in this blog, we introduce you to the boost post button and let you know why it is important to boost posts on Facebook. Besides discussing the benefits, we also discuss the step-by-step procedures of boosting a post. The tips and tricks discussed at last is the cherry on the cake for you.

Facebook Boost Post Button: Career is a struggle around social media these days. Whether you are an influencer, business owner or content creator you have invested all your energy in creating a post. Now, all you deserve is endless likes, comments and reach on your post.

But, is that possible? Do you think it’s that easy to get in the picture of the audience? Well, it is indeed a job. Facebook has taken the feature of organic reach to a very low level. You cannot expect enough organic reaches anymore. This is where you need a support system and that is Facebook Boost Feature

What is Facebook Boost Post Button?

Facebook Boost Post Button

Your only expectation can now be fulfilled by this feature. Just make a point to create the best content and boost it via Facebook boost feature.

Since the organic reach function has gone down tremendously it is important to hike your likes with a little investment. And of course, this investment doesn’t hurt. You can develop amazing benefits and wider reach to your type of audience with this feature by Facebook.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business, creator, artist or an influencer the boost feature works for all in a brilliant manner.

The audience that you want to target is what boost feature is all about. Here is a detailed post about Facebook Boost Feature, how it works, the flawless benefits and some hidden tips and tricks. So, stay tuned.

Is it Really Important to Boost a Facebook Post? Know Why?

Boost a Facebook Post

The harsh and sad reality of Facebook terms reveals that the organic reach has finally lowered to a great extent. Now, if you open your home page of Facebook you will only see posts and stories by your closed ones and friends.

There are no more attractive ads, call-to-action functions, and buy now clicks. Everything is restricted to their own selves and it hurts. However, paying a little amount to Facebook can flood your feed with everything that was missing.

You might be unsure about this feature because you are going to invest pinch of your hard-earned money. But, friends do not worry as Facebook promises to make your content fly and reach the desired audiences.

Facebook post

A large group of people can now view your content because of this feature. Are you worrying if your bold ass picture will be observed by a 60-year-old uncle? Well, fret not as you have the right to set your preferences among the population.

My first experience with this feature was a bit bloodcurdling as I was very new to these features of boosting a post. But, now when I see the astounding advantages of this feature it feels like how stupid I was and how marvelous this feature is.

All you have to do is a click on “Boost Post” and your content goes viral like a piece of controversial news. You know what’s the most interesting and attractive thing about this feature? It lets you boost anything be it be images, videos, links and websites.

Once you are done with boosting your image now the remote control is in your hand. You can check the insights of your image which appears under “Posts”. Each and every detail is available here and you just don’t have to worry about anything.

Every action taken from your post is mentioned in the insights tab. You can check as to how many people have liked, commented, shared, reacted and clicked on your post.

Make Your Brand Popular Amongst the Public

In the world where the Internet is the necessity, you must know that there are more than 2.20 billion active users on Facebook. Shocked? Surprised? Or is it an eye-opener? Well, whatever you consider I am sure you are convinced about the fact that Facebook boost is a must now.

This function will become a tool to reach a million people and will eventually benefit your business. Believe it or not but what is Social Media marketing? It is an asset that very fewer people know about. It is something that will grow your business from the road to a luxurious bungalow.

The only thing which is needed to maintain it is the consistency of the plan and how effectively it is carried out.

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An Introduction to New Facebook Boost Feature

Many people are entirely new to this concept of boosting posts to reach wider audiences. But, it is always better late than never. So, here is a detailed description that will make you aware of the features of a Facebook post.

You have the freedom to boost anything that is posted in your feed. It can be images, videos, websites, links, call-to-action or even an announcement. But, now is the time when the deal actually arrives. Now you will deal with 3 main components of this feature.

Component 1: Audience

As stated earlier everything is in your hand, you can set whatever parameters you want. So, it is totally your call to select who can see your boosted image.

You can set everything including age, sex, gender, and interests. You can also determine which country’s people should see your post. This function gives you the liberty to decide so many points that you wanted to customize.

facebook Audience

Component 2: Time duration

Don’t worry about the time because of it again in your hand. Whether you want to run your promotion for one day or for a week is totally dependent on you. Just select the time according to your intentions.

Component 3: Overall cost

Investment is something we all tend to think about once before doing. Are you in a dilemma of investing more and getting back very less? Well, you don’t have to worry because whatever you want to pay is in your hands. You can pay as low as $1 or as high as $50.

Planning to Boost Your Facebook Post? First, Know the Benefits

Organic Reach is not enough these days

Facebook has officially stated that organic reaches are not in trend these days. You cannot expect to have a thousand reach of your post even if you have 900 subscribers. This is because Facebook has just taken this feature aback and no new people can now visit you naturally.

So, to cover up the gap boosted post are your option. You can boost your posts and reach a number of people in just one day. So, what are you waiting for? Catch some more benefits of this feature and step up on a call to action for boosting your post.

Minimal Feature

Do you think it’s a task? Well, definitely not. This feature is the easiest of any and I bet you it will give you a clear picture of where your business will reach in upcoming months. Just after you are done with boosting your picture, Facebook reviews it in a few minutes and approves it thereon.

Once your content goes live it reaches a huge number of audiences which you are totally unaware of. You can boost any of your posts be it an image, video, short message or links or website.

Your Audience Will Eventually Come Up to You

People who have already subscribed to you will see you. But, after running the boost feature on a particular picture you can reach people outside, inside your country, city and place. Does this make you feel like daydreaming? It is not the one because the fact is correct.

You can reach a huge number of audience and the best part is you can also decide the specific considerations. For example, if you are a company selling toys for kids then it is better to promote it within your country or outside it for the age group of 30-40-year-old women.

You have the Remote Control of your Boosted Post

This situation is more like you are playing with a toy whose remote control is always with you. You can press any button to modify your post. Boost other posts once you’re already boosted post goes live. You can also cut down the days for the previous boosted post in case you want (however, nobody does that because this investment is worth it).

After Effects of this Feature

Any overhead expenses on for Facebook boost? Here are the after-effects of this feature:

It is so obvious that like any other social media advertising Facebook also charges money. But, everyone thinks about the results that it will give you back. Your worry is natural. So, I will now let you know exactly how much will you benefit from this feature and what’s so good about it.

So, you have the remote control and you can decide on what you have to spend per day or per week. You can set a budget as low as $1. So, if $1 is the minimum cost for 1 day of running an ad then you can promote it for 10 days for just $10. Your budget and your reach are directly proportional to each other. The more your budget is the more reach you will eventually get.

If your budget is $3 for 3 days then Facebook has this feature of telling you the approx. number of people who will reach your post. The estimated reach feature is indeed a very helpful one because you get to know how many people (approx.) will visit you after boosting an image.

Step by Step Procedure to Boost Your Post on Facebook

After knowing all the good things about the boost feature it is important to consider the steps of using this feature. It is very easy but one needs to be careful with their settings. So, below are the steps to boost your post on Facebook assiduously.

1. Select Your Post

To boost your favorite image, it is important to first select the one. if you want to boost a post which already exists on your feed then click on the boost post button which is highlighted with blue. It appears at the bottom in the right corner of your post. However, if you are trying to boost a post which you will upload then click on boost post which is highlighted with grey.

2. The Main Part is – Audience

As you know that the reason behind boosting a post is the audience who observe it. Make it a point to reach in their search options and feed to grow your business. So, when you will boost a post a menu will apparently appear where you can choose your audience.

Everything depends on you. You can go manually with Facebook to boost your post within your friends, family and their friends. Or you can take a chance to aim at certain gender, sex, location age group and interests.

If you want to be general and simple then Facebook manually decides. However, it is better to click on “create new audience” to set your preferences and interests.

3. Decide on How Much Will You Invest

You are almost there but this is one of the crucial steps. Now you have to decide your budget. You have to decide the investment for boosting our post. After your target is set you will be able to see a realistic picture of your forthcoming days.

You will get an estimate of the approx. a number of people who will reach you after boosting a particular post. The minimum you can spend is $1 and the maximum is always in your hand. Decide on how many days you want to run the ad and invest it accordingly.

4. How Long the Ad Will Run

The budget was in your hands and you decided on it. Now, is the time to think about the time period you want to boost your post. It can be 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. You can also mention a specific date until you have to boost a post.

5. Cross-Checking

One of the most important steps includes this one as well. You have to ensure that the post you are boosting is free of errors, looks good, links work well and is grammatically error-free.

This is your last chance and after this nothing can be changed. So, to make sure everything is in place you should double or cross-check your post by previewing it.

6. Pay for Boost

The last-second step has finally arrived and now you have to make the payment to Facebook for boosting your post. Don’t worry about the payment options as Facebook accepts every mode of payment. Even the one you might have not thought of. Fill in with all your details and you are set to boost your post.

7. Finally, “Boost Your Post”

Boosted Post


The last and the final step of the entire scenario is finally here. Click on the boost button and your post will be boosted by Facebook in a few minutes. It may take a while because Facebook gets boost request every second so wait for your turn.

You can check the status of your boosted post by clicking on Ads Manager. The delivery column is filled with all the details and it is finally done.

Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Post Successfully

The story of Facebook connecting two old friends, or two separated family members was in trend a few years back. Facebook took it very seriously and now your feed is all about your family and friends.

It is indeed an amazing way to stay connected to your loved ones. But, the drawback that it came with was not analyzed by everyone until businesses came in the picture.

Boost your post successfully

Businesses felt a huge loss in their fan following and especially in their visibility. This hit them real hard and they decided to study the Facebook revised algorithm.

Obviously, the organic reach has declined to a great extent but a business cannot survive like that. So, Facebook now offers promotions through ads for a very obvious price.

I am going to share some crucial tips and tricks for Facebook’s Boost Post feature. The entire concept looks easy and minimal as you need a post and just boost it. That’s it. But, wait. This doesn’t conclude everything. There is much more than this which is listed below so understand it carefully.

Right Post at the Right Time

This point is important for everyone to get the best results after boosting their post. Always select a high-quality post to boost. If it is an image then make sure the quality is HD or premium.

If the image is not worthy of paying attention then all your money is going to be a waste. People who are unaware of your brand and its value must see a picture that is engaging, attractive and speaks out your brand aesthetics.

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The right time to boost a post is also something everyone should pay attention to. Businesses who are active on Facebook religiously are already aware of the best time to boost a post. However, if you are new to all this then it might take moment in time to figure out the best time to boost your post.

Experienced companies are already aware of the time of the day, week or month when their users are active and participate in their posts. So, the right post at the right time matters a lot.


Boosting a post on Facebook may seem like everyone’s cup of tea. But, do not take it for granted at all. It is more than just clicking the boost button. When everything is set and you have considered all the points, we have discussed earlier then you’re ready to boost a post.

Set your points accordingly after knowing what your target audience wants from you. Make sure to clear and straightforward your firm’s goals while boosting a post. Since, the time when Facebook declined the organic reach, the boost feature has become an important aspect in everyone’s business.

You can reach your audience, increase your fan following and expand your business with a click on the boost button. Once you are assured of the mind-boggling benefits of this feature you cannot resist yourself from doing this frequently. Make sure to get the right guidance and you will rock this feature.

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