How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? A Guide to Getting More Views

Wish to gain high reach for your YouTube videos? The first step is to understand The algorithm. In these guidelines we will be talking about the importance of YouTube Algorithm, how it functions and how it can help you to evaluate your content.

A fascinating and amazing substitute for television is YouTube these days. YouTube has made millions of people learn how to make income by creating thrilling YouTube videos.

The income is not the primary concern. YouTube has come up with so many series, videos and events these days that people have ditched television. 

Digging in the concept, are you aware of increasing your YouTube video views? Yes, I know many people still think that the number of likes or subscribers determine their views and income. But, people aren’t you fooling yourself?

The YouTube algorithm is something everyone must be aware of. Do you know it works? Here is the detailed information about the entire concept of the YouTube algorithm and how to get more views. 

What is the concept of the YouTube Algorithm?

If you are a constant YouTube user then you might be aware of it. Even if you are not then you must know that YouTube always recommends its users some videos. YouTube has 5 proposals for its users which include home, trending, subscriptions, search and suggested videos.

these platforms are designed to keep users entertained and stay on YouTube for a longer period of time. YouTube also suggests its users the most relevant and pertinent videos to its users based on their interests. This is something very unique. 

YouTube Algorithm

Are you thinking that YouTube is the God who knows every interest, likes, and dislikes of yours? Well, yes you can consider it close to god. YouTube usually tracks its user’s interests on a daily basis.

YouTube keeps an eye on what you are watching, for how long, your likes and dislikes and also your engagement on any video. With every information of you, YouTube is likely to suggest the best of videos that you should watch daily. This is how the algorithm works. 

YouTube algorithm is based only and only on the engagement of its user in a particular video. The old twisted thoughts and dilemmas of people which stated that more views mean more money is totally wrong.

YouTube encourages and provides money to creators who create entertaining and useful videos that users usually enjoy watching. 

YouTube algorithm has so many points which people aren’t aware of. Some of them are totally new to some people.

So, without exaggerating any further let us know jump directly on to the 5 platforms of YouTube. YouTube algorithm takes into consideration these platforms while serving its audience. 


Everyone must be aware of the search features, right? But, do you know how YouTube analyses your video in regards to this feature? You have to be very good with your keywords to come across the search button.

YouTube analyses your video title, keywords, descriptions, and tags. YouTube has a long history of how many people watch your videos and videos that are related to your topic. 

  • Suggested videos and home page 

My YouTube home page is entirely different from what you look like. It is only because mine is related to my relevance and video preference and the same goes you.

So, YouTube usually suggests their users the videos which they are looking for and are relevant to them as per their interests. User’s history and preferences are first analyzed by YouTube and then it is YouTube’s duty to serve its users with the video which has the highest engagement.

  • Trending page 

Trending page as we all know is filled with big celebrity YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam, Mostly Sane, Mumbaiker Nikhil and many more.

For this page, YouTube usually considers the popularity of a video by its views. It ranks the one which has the highest views followed by others. A point to be noted here is that this platform is country-specific. 

  • Subscriptions page

Many of us are already aware of what this page has to do with users. This platform on YouTube usually notifies you whenever a channel you have subscribed to uploads a video. This is one benefit YouTubers always get with the subscription page.

But, this isn’t enough because YouTubers need higher ranking as well. YouTube has a function of view velocity. It determines the rate of view velocity and thereafter ranks the video.

The view velocity refers to the accommodation of a number of people who have watched your video just after it was published. Considering this fact YouTube ranks a video. 

Organic searches are very difficult nowadays. With consideration coming at YouTube’s end you have to increase your search volume on YouTube if you rely only on this source. So, here are some tips and tricks which you must follow by hook or crook to increase your reach. 

  • Keywords are the key

If you want your video to reach people organically then make sure to use relevant keywords.

Keywords have a very special place in YouTube’s algorithm and one must consider it. For all the metadata which includes a caption, tags and video descriptions must have the appropriate and apposite keywords. 

  • Focus on search reports

Every YouTuber has a search report where they can find the search terms people use to watch their videos. These keywords or terms are indeed very beneficial for higher rankings. It is advised to use these keywords and terms in your video title and description. Make sure to make it look authentic and genuine. 

  • Subtitles are helpful 

Most of the times viewers sound off the video due to so many reasons being there. But, do you want to make it a sole reason for people not watching your video just because you are talking and they can’t listen? Do not do that.

It is better to provide subtitles of what you’re speaking in the video to make it watchable by your audience even if they are not in the position to watch and listen. 

  • Eye-catching thumbnails have the most exquisite power

The Internet is a pro and it can generate anything for you. But, never go for thumbnails that are auto-created. Thumbnail picture is something that is really engaging, eye-catching, and speaks your vibes out.

So, create your own custom thumbnail which justifies the title of your video and is obviously very catchy. Make people click your videos the moment they see your thumbnail and even not the title. 

Make them watch your entire video

If you are someone who can excite or surprise people then you know what I am talking about. Excite your audience so that they watch your entire video without getting bored or clingy.

Your video should have that surprising feature that comes in the second half of the video as it will make the audience watch it for a longer time. However, make sure to make that surprising element a good one and not just for the sake of the video. 

watch your entire video

Your entire knowledge regarding the YouTube algorithm was listed above. But, it definitely is not enough to cope up with the YouTube algorithms especially if you are a YouTuber. So, here’s a guide on how you can upgrade and enhance your videos in regard to algorithms placed by YouTube. 

Being a YouTuber, you might be aware of certain points that are followed while making a video considering the algorithm by YouTube. But, to rank your video it is important to use keywords and titles which are catchy and are always in the search queries of the maximum amount of people.

Place the most relevant keywords everywhere in title, descriptions tags, thumbnails, and files. 

Another way of ranking videos is by making sure to create and edit videos according to what public demands. Check the most searched queries in YouTube’s Search Report and it will show the maximum searches related to a particular topic.

If your topic is slightly different from reports then try modifying it to an acceptable level. But, if there is a major gap between search queries and your video then it is best to make a new one and publish it. 

The next factor that judges whether your video is appropriate to rank on YouTube or not is the engagement in your video. Now, keep this in mind that users do not engage immediately after watching you.

You have to be creative, artistic and ingenious enough to catch viewers’ attention. For this prepare enticing and a mind-boggling thumbnail which speaks your heart out and sways your vibe. 

Also, make sure to include small snapshots and clickable in your thumbnail to make it attractive and catchy. Consider yourself as a viewer and then create your YouTube video and its thumbnail. Think like a viewer that if you get to see this video will you watch it without any heads or tails?

Or will you notice the tantalizing and appealing thumbnail, video title and many more things? Viewers’ mindset always goeses for visually appealing things rather than the inner core of anything. 

Include a talking head in your thumbnail which justifies and specifies your emotions. Your emotions are something viewers get attracted to in a minute. So, make it appealing and mesmerizing for users and make sure to color contrast your image to pop it up. 

YouTube isn’t an old-fashioned platform that people don’t appreciate. Studies have revealed that currently, YouTube has an audience of over one billion on its platform.

YouTube was not a player between 2013-2015. But, with changing times and viewpoint YouTube has created a wide platform in itself with more than a million users. 

If you are a creator then it might be your only wish to grow your channel and get major views on your videos. It ain’t that easy but it is definitely not impossible. Every YouTuber/content creator wants to rank his videos and create a fan base that is unexpected and extraordinary.

But, daydreaming won’t help this side. So, make sure to understand the YouTube algorithm to its inner core the get the maximum benefit out of it. 

The above points were to make sure that you understand the YouTube, its platforms and tits and bits of YouTube’s algorithm. But, here is a deep and insightful knowledge of YouTube algorithm especially for creators and YouTubers.

With tons of examples and know-how, the below mentioned points which help you increase your subscriber count on YouTube, reach, and engagement. 

One-stop junction for YouTube Algorithm

YouTube algorithm works in a very simple yet minimalistic manner. In a platform where a video releases every millisecond, YouTube searches for a way to provide its users with the best of information that is available online.

For example, if you opened YouTube to watch funny and entertaining videos then you might be looking for BeYouNick, Bhuvan Bam, Harsh Beniwal, and Ashish Chanchalani’s video.

But, if you can see only makeup, beauty, and fashion-related videos then it is totally unfair. This can hurt the user’s emotion and he will skip watching any of the YouTube videos. 

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One-stop junction for YouTube

So, YouTube was kind enough to introduce the algorithm which has two aspects in the manual. It says that viewers must be satiated by watching the videos they prefer and not watching anything drastic.

The other aspect says that viewer’s long-term engagement and satisfaction is indeed a blissful point for YouTube as well as creators. 

Long story short, YouTube wants to satisfy its users by referring them to the most relevant videos according to their preferences. 

The dilemma between views and ranking

Many people think that YouTube ranks video according to the views. But, the reality is entirely different from what you think. YouTube always ranks videos on the watch time because it ultimately previews the engagement of a user in your video.

So, this metric is considered to rank videos so make sure to make a good and enticing one. Visual appearance matters a lot but more than that the watch time must be high for your videos. 

Analytics matter a lot

Aren’t you aware of what analytics are? Analytics of your YouTube channel is visible to you if you are a creator. Make sure to eliminate those videos which are reducing the visibility of your channel.

Don’t fret to remove it because one video can talk a lot about you and your channel. It might have not performed well and is now affecting your channel severely. So, make sure to pay close attention to your YouTube analytics


The entire post speaks a well-thought mind behind YouTube’s Algorithm and some tips and tricks. But, don’t underestimate the goal of YouTube. With the change in time and platform being more compiled with creators the goal still remains the same. Make sure to make videos that are engaging and increase your watch time velocity.  

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