Detailed Guide on How to Add and Pin Restaurant Menu on Facebook

If you are a restaurant owner or someone who wants to add a restaurant's menu on the Facebook page, then you have landed on the right page. Here, in this blog, we'll be reading about the steps of adding a menu to a Facebook page with 6 Facebook marketing ideas that are surely going to help you.

Restaurant Menu on Facebook: With the ever-increasing number of users, Facebook is still the top social media platform to promote your business. Thanks to social media that makes your clients feel connected and unique about your business. 

With the growing popularity, even a restaurant owner can use Facebook to promote their store in many ways, including live video streaming, Facebook ads, photos, etc. 

What is Restaurant Feature on Facebook?



There are so many features on Facebook that have rolled in the last few years. All these features are devised in a way to increase your traffic, engagement, and clientele.

Live video streaming, photo editing is one among such features that help to build a robust online presence and attract customers leading to increased sales. 

You can also add a link of your Restaurant to the Facebook page that will drive traffic to the official restaurant website where customers can make reservations or learn about the services that restaurant offers, such as home delivery, catering, etc.

Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms for your restaurant due to its low cost and broad reach. If your restaurant isn’t on Facebook yet, it’s time to plunge it due to several advantages and marketing hacks.

Read further to know how to add your restaurant’s menu of Facebook easily. Also, find some of the remarkable ways in which you can market your restaurant on Facebook and take maximum advantage of this platform.

Easy Steps To Add Your Restaurant Menu On Facebook

Add Your Restaurant Menu On Facebook

Adding the restaurant menu to the Facebook page is one of the most effective social media strategies. This will help the customers to have a fair idea about the services you offer at your restaurant.

Have you uploaded ad pinned your menu to your Facebook page? If not, read our guidelines for some Easy Steps to Add Your Restaurant Menu to Facebook Page:

Set Your Page Category

If you have a Facebook page for your restaurant, make sure that your page’s category is set as Restaurant/Cafe. This will make it easy for the customers to view your areas of operation.

At the same time, your restaurant will be the first to appear if anyone searches for Restaurants or cafes, particularly in your city, area, or nearby areas.

Set Your Page Category

Add Menu

To add a menu, click on the left side of your Facebook page and scroll down to ‘See Menu’ Option. 

facebook menu

Upload Photo or PDF

Once you click the ‘See Menu’ option, you will get two options, i.e. you can either upload a photo or upload a PDF file for your menu.

add menu

Name Each Category

Once you upload all the menus for your restaurant, you can bifurcate them. For this, you can name each file; for example, you can upload beverages, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, and bar menu separately.

Facebook at this stage can review your menu and suggest if any changes are required thereof.

Make Your Menu Live in Settings

For this, you need to jump to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Edit Page’ option. Scroll down and click on ‘Add a Tab.’  Many options will be displayed, such as events, notes, menu, etc. click on the ‘Menu’ option to add your list.

You will have a well-displayed, attractive looking, and easy to read the menu on your page after this. You can edit the same whenever you want. 

Use the ‘Pin To Top’ feature on Facebook

It is a compelling way to promote your business on Facebook. This will allow you to keep your restaurant menu at the top of your Facebook page. With this, visitors can view the menu whenever they visit your Facebook page. 

For this, you need to have a status update on your Facebook page with images of all the menus. Once you upload the status, click on the Pencil icon that appears on the upper right corner of the post. Click on the ‘Pin To Top’ option. 

With this, the restaurant menu will always show up at the top of the page with a little orange icon.

Pro Tip – Whenever there is a change in the menu of the restaurant, make sure to edit the pinned post with the new restaurant menu.

How to Edit Your Restaurant Menu on Facebook?


It is essential to keep the followers updated with all the latest information about the restaurant. That is why you should edit the menu on Facebook as well whenever there is any change. This will ensure that customers receive what they expect while visiting your restaurant. 

These are the steps that will help you to Edit your Menu on Facebook:

1. Click ‘About’ on the left side of your page.

2. Click on the ‘Add Menu’ option.

3. Upload the updated PDF File that contains your updated restaurant menu. 

4. Click ‘Confirm’ once you have finished uploading the same.

How to Remove Menu from Facebook Page?

Follow these simple steps to remove the menu from your Facebook page:

1. Click ‘About’ on the left side of your page.

2. Scroll down and click on the ‘See Menu’ option.

3. Click on the ‘Edit’ option.

4. Click ‘Do Not Show the Menu’ option.

5. Click ‘Confirm.’

How To Promote Your Restaurant Menu on Facebook?

Adding a restaurant menu is one step for business marketing. After this, you need to make sure that your customers actually visit your page and view what you have to offer. For this, various techniques can be used for effective marketing of your menu on Facebook. 

Tell Your Customers About Your New Facebook Page

Sharing updates about your new effort may seem like an obvious step, but this is one of the essential ones. Your existing customers, who are also loyal to your store, should be aware of your Facebook menu.

Even today, it is not easy for every customer to know about how to get your restaurant’s menu. One of the reasons for this could be that many customers find it challenging to locate your menu on the website.

You can consider putting a status update with your menu to let your followers know where they can find the restaurant’s menu. Don’t forget to tell the customers who visit your restaurant that your menu is available on the Facebook page. 

It will help to drive more people to your page and grow your audience base. This will ultimately widen your online presence as well, and you can fetch more orders for home delivery. 

Call-to-Action buttons

The call to action button is one of the most prominent features that will help you to market your menu on Facebook. It is specifically designed to bring an essential objective of the business to the forefront of its Facebook presence. These buttons will link your menu to your Facebook page. 

For this, you need to make sure that your menu is available digitally or on your website.

How to Create a Call-to-Action Button for Restaurant Menu

  • Visit your page and click the ‘Create Call – to – action’ button.

Facebook Live

  • Select the most appropriate call-to-action and enter the link that you want your followers to visit. 

Facebook Live

  • Click ‘Next’ Button 
  • Click ‘Create’

Note: Simply creating Call – to – Action button will not increase traffic on your page, you will have to take other marketing tips to ensure users are prompted to click on the button and view your menu.

Facebook Landing Page Tab

Call to action buttons will pull your customers, but where they will land is a million-dollar question. Hence you need a Landing page to help your customers redirecting on the right and relevant page.

In this case, there are multiple tools that will let you create a Facebook Landing Page Tab or a website landing page that you can use to display and promote the restaurant menu on Facebook. Each landing page can be linked to your Facebook page to increase traffic and customer engagement. 

Note: Once you add your menu to the Facebook page, do not forget to tell your followers about it and how they can find it.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has recently rolled out a video ad feature that will help you to promote your restaurant menu.

Although Facebook Ads are not free, but they are among one of the most effective ways which will help you to target the audience and share customized content with the right audience.

For example, you can target the followers who follow other restaurant pages and also further refine your targeting for specific locations and so on.

Interesting Read: How To Create a Facebook Location Page

Use Pin to Top Feature

pin to stop

You can keep your restaurant menu on top of your page using Pin to Top feature. This will make your menu eye-catching and help the customers to view your menu whenever they visit your page. 

6 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Your Restaurant

Apart from marketing your menu on Facebook, there are several Marketing Ideas that you should use to promote your page as a whole. We have enlisted some of them that will help you to increase traffic on your Facebook page and at the same time, increase your client engagement.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Inspired by Periscope, Facebook live allows streaming live videos on the Facebook page. It is a savvy marketing tool, particularly for small restaurant owners. They can display their cooking demonstrations, give a virtual tour of the dining room, live stream various events and promotions. 

So go live to show your bartender making a perfect martini, live stream your new year’s eve. Performing all such activities will help users to get a virtual idea about the restaurant and at the same time, attract more and more audience.

Encourage Customers to Talk About You

People love to feel included in a conversation, and they love it more when you ask for their opinions and feedback. This strategy is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement.

You should ask your restaurant customers to talk about your restaurant and their experience of dining with your staff.

It will also help you to create more user-generated content and reviews, which today is a highly appreciated way of increasing restaurant promotion, branding, marketing, online visibility, and popularity. 

Facebook Image Editor

Photos are the best visual treats that can be utilized for Facebook marketing. People do not read the posts that have no photographs attached to them. Ensure that your every facebook post must have a good photo or a video attached to it.

Make frequent use of filters, stickers, text, etc. to edit good quality pictures on your wall. Doing this is an easy way to keep your audience engaged. 

Add Your Restaurant Website

Add Your Restaurant Website

A website is the best way to let the customers know about your restaurant and the lovely mouth-licking dishes it has to offer. Thus, you should put efforts to lure your customers so that they click on your site’s link on Facebook and jump on the restaurant’s website directly. 

Once they visit the website, they can view the dining room, upcoming events, reservation schedule, opening hours, etc.

Apart from this, they can make reservations, buy gift cards online from this website. The website is more than a contact place as it helps you upsell and cross-sell by providing all the opportunities so that your customers can easily explore more about your restaurant and hotels. 

Offer Something Valuable

Offering value pumps in more loyal customers, and it is one of the best ways to increase audience engagement. You can provide some tasty recipes or cooking tips or some other valuable tips for your audience.

This will make them feel important and include them as a part of the club where they can have access to your recipes.

Obviously, you don’t need to share recipes of your signature dishes, but your followers will appreciate something coming from you frequently. 

Add Restaurant Menu to Your Facebook Page


Even if your customers can view the menu on your website, it is essential to add the same on your Facebook page. This will make it convenient for the customers to check out your menu.

Final Words

Adding the restaurant menu to the Facebook page requires you to follow a few easy steps and can be completed in a couple of minutes. If properly utilized, this can be an effective technique to market your restaurant.

It will also help you to add value for your Facebook fans, and they can know in advance what are your restaurant’s signature dishes and popular drinks.

It is essential to be consistent in the case of Facebook marketing. Consistency and interaction are the keys to make marketing techniques work for your restaurant. With all these things combined, you will be successful in achieving huge followers with good engagement for your restaurant.

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