How to Automate Facebook Posts (And Why You Should)

Automating Facebook posts can help a brand in avoiding the sheer panic and save a lot of time that can be utilized in other activities by a marketer. Dive in to know more.

Automate Facebook posts:- Social media is possibly one of the most important marketing tools that businesses these days tend to use. And when we talk about social media, there is always a mention of Facebook. Facebook is one of the most vital social media platforms for marketing purposes with billions of active users.

When you are trying to build up your new business, being present on social media goes a long way. It might be a difficult task to undertake, but it surely pays off in the end. 

After all, what more could a new entrepreneur ask for, right? Having his/her business show up on social media’s most trending pages is all you need. However, for that, you need to make sure to put in the effort. 

Social media automation is not limited to fad but is a tool enabling businesses, irrespective of size to regularly create, manage and publish social media content.

But while you might be thinking that you need to work a lot harder to achieve these dreams of yours, we are asking you to work smartly. Automation isn’t just a trend that people follow blindly in social media. It actually gets you the results that you want to have. 

It is very essential that both small and large businesses use it to create content and manage their business on social media. So, when it comes to automating your Facebook posts, we’d say go for it. But how are you supposed to that? Well, here is some help. 

Steps on how to Automate Your Facebook Posts

Automate facebook

After a short introduction to automating your Facebook posts, we are here to help you out with the entire process. Mentioned below are the important steps that you need to follow in order to automate your Facebook posts. Pay attention, people. 

No longer do you have to worry about missing out on posting something on Facebook. When you have to schedule some future posts for the business pages on Facebook, these steps are really important. But before that, make sure you have a Facebook business page already (now that is most important!)

Step 1: Create Your Post

create facebook post

The first thing you need to do is open up the Post window on your Facebook business page. For that, you need to visit the timeline of your business page. There you will find a box that can be used for creating the post.

Now all you have to do is create a post for the followers that you have. Most of the Facebook business posts contain images and other colorful content ideas

Step 2: Select the Schedule

schedule facebook post


Now the next step here is to schedule the Facebook post that you have just created. There is a drop-down option or a button right next to the Publish section on your Facebook page. All you have to do is click that and select the option that says Schedule. This will allow you to enter a particular window where you will be able to select the correct time when you want this post to be online. 

Step 3: Select the Time and Date

Select the Time and Date 

After opening the window for Schedule, you will be able to select the time and the date for the post on Facebook. Different people have different times of posting. However, according to most people’s research, there are certain time periods when the post has the most engagement. Keep those time periods in mind when you are trying to make the schedule for your posts. 

Step 4: Click Schedule

click schedule post

Now, all there is left is to complete the process by clicking on the button that says schedule. You have successfully completed the process of automating your Facebook post. Wasn’t that an easy one to do? Even if you run with some issues, all you have to do is edit the post and reschedule it. 

Not just that but there are several social media automation tools that you can use in order to properly complete the process without any hassle. This might make things even simpler for you. 

Some essential tips on using Facebook Automation Tools

Since you have learned how to automate Facebook posts, let us check how to use automation tools effectively:

Keep the Schedule Flexible

When you are automating the Facebook post, make sure there is room for a timely update. Whether you want to announce your company’s new product or service to your audience or want to share some news, keep a fixed schedule for the same. However, be careful not to do it regularly because it will defeat the purpose of scheduling posts.

On-Time Posting

facebook on time posting

Automation of Facebook posts isn’t just about randomly posting news or updates but is about timely posting. If you are looking to increase your Facebook posts engagement, you need to understand when your audience is active.

Posting content on the right window time will help in increasing engagement. However, you need to consider the demographic information of the audience. A couple of things you should know about on-time posting are-

  • Higher engagement on the Facebook post on Thursday and Fridays
  • The best time to schedule a post is at 1 pm

Using Facebook Analytics

facebook analytics

Some Facebook automation tools come with analytics features to help you know how your posts are doing. Having in-depth knowledge about your post-performance will help you to get an idea and formulate further strategies.

While the growing number of views and likes is a good indicator that your post has a good reach, it is vital to pay attention if these views impact your business sales. 

Analytical tools you use may vary based on the objective of the effort you applied. By using analytics, you will understand what social posts work and what doesn’t for your business.

Why Should One Automate Facebook Posts?

automate facebook

Now that we have dealt with the ‘How’ part of automating Facebook posts, let’s move on to the ‘Why’ part of it. Why do you think it is so important to schedule these Facebook posts? There must be something good about it that all businesses are trying to incorporate this method into their business plans. 

The very obvious answer to this particular question would be to help with their marketing. It is really important to properly promote a business on social media. No matter how daunting the task seems, it is essential for the growth of a business. Also, it is important not to miss out on posting as well. So, what would you do in that case? 

It is not really possible to be on social media or Facebook constantly for 24 hours, reaching out to potential customers and engaging with them. This process seems to be really time-taking, and unless you have a big team to help you out, it seems impossible.

So, what can you do to increase your productivity on Facebook? The answer to that is automating the Facebook posts. It is exactly what we are going to talk about right here. 

Gives You Consistency

If you are starting a new business, it would probably mean that you will be busy all the time. You might understand the importance of social media and Facebook for your business but it necessarily doesn’t mean that you will be able to give it the same time every day.

Fortunately for you, the automation of Facebook posts can help in that case greatly. With certain posts’ scheduling, you can have consistency even when you don’t have the time to be on Facebook constantly. 

Reach Different Time Zones

Reach Different Time Zones

E-commerce businesses often have to deal with many restrictions when it comes to time zones. For any digital business, it is important to reach out to clients and customers from all over the world.

Engagement can be a really tricky thing because of the different time zones. It is where the automating of Facebook posts can be your savior. 

All you have to do is schedule the post when it can reach the different time zones, and you are all set. No longer do you have to worry about missing out on reaching the customers and potential followers from different parts of the world. You can reach the entire audience very easily and that too when they will mostly engage with your posts. 

You Get A Lot Of Free Time

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are created so that you can easily interact with your audience one-on-one. But while you are busy posting on social media and doing so many other things to uplift your business, you might not get the chance to actually interact with them.

Now just posting on social media is not enough; you actually need to interact with people. If you automate your Facebook posts, it leaves you with some time to actually have some interactions with your audience. This way, you can do wonders for the growth and engagement of your business page. 

Get Control over Social Media Strategy

If you are using Facebook automation tools, it will give you more control over your social media strategy. By using the tool of your choice, you can have complete control over the kind of content you need to share. Additionally, tools allow you to monitor the level of engagement you’re receiving and modify your strategy for more likes and shares.

When should you Automate Facebook posts?

Not all tasks needed automation but manually. However, there are some that need automation. For example:

Automating certain Facebook posts will help you to be more organized and concentrate on other business aspects.


In the end, all there is left to say is that automation of Facebook posts can actually save a lot of time for you and let you pursue some other things that can bring success to your business. Facebook automation is a good idea if you are handling different areas of your business.

It helps you achieve consistency in online marketing and keep your business alive in the eyes of the audience. Thanks to the availability of automation tools, online marketers are able to do posting strategically. So, what are you waiting for, people? Go ahead and get started now.  

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