How To be Successful on Instagram in 5 Steps?

The success of your Instagram business accounts do not solely rely on the number of followers you have. Here in this blog we will be taking you through five most required things you need to make your business a successful on Instagram platform.

Instagram is one of the social platforms where you can be immensely successful. But how?

You do not need to be famous or have a great follower count. Though follower count is important other factors like engaged audiences, and great content also contribute a lot to being successful on Instagram. Here, the Instagram marketing strategy works out really well if proper planning is done.

5 Effective Steps To be Successful on Instagram

5 Effective Steps To be Successful on Instagram

They will certainly be helpful in your social media marketing strategy.

Your Content Strategy must be well-planned

Posting photos or videos are fine but they alone will not get audiences to your Instagram account. You need to plan out a content strategy like other marketing campaigns.

Here are some guidelines for Instagram

  • Survey the posts that are relating to your brand or business. Find your competitors and look out for their top famous posts in these recent months. It must relate to your product, content matter, the same type of people, and other themes. This will help you to know what is being popular and trending in your niche.
  • Build a list of contents around a similar theme or idea. This will give you great consistency and you can plan more posts accordingly so that you can provide the content every month. For this, you can schedule them in your social media calendar and be regular in posting.
  • You can get plenty of reliable ways for inspiration for Instagram post ideas. But you need to be creative with them and try to be as unique as possible. For e.g. Themes do work and you can use your creativity in this direction.
  • Beautiful, lovely and interesting photography gets your viewer’s attention. It can be adobe Photoshop or any best photo editing apps, your content must be amazing to grab your audience’s eyes.

Initially, it is a lot of work that involves content building, but when you get more engagements, the hard work is worth it. When followers enjoy and look forward to what you are posting, your chances increase of getting them as customers. It is indeed a fine reward and worth your hard work which is involved.

Use Branded Hashtags

Use Branded Hashtags

Every brand on social media needs some marketability. There is some difference between being promotional and resourceful. Surveys show that many users unfollow brands on social media because they are too promotional.

Consider branded Instagram hashtags, so that you can market your brand without being over promotional. Your hashtag must be unique, memorable and also engaging. There are hashtags that work as a source of interaction between the brand and users. In this way, you are highlighting your users instead of promoting them.

The main point to remember – Carefully choose your hashtag, as it may be associated with something else. Be thorough with your hashtag campaign to avoid any embarrassment.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

It is important to know how your hashtags have performed, so you can make amendments accordingly to improve its performance.

You can easily gain insights into your most engaged hashtags and also see if your keywords are sticking with your audience on Instagram, with the help of a hashtag Instagram analytics tool. Analyze your further results or compare hashtags to know what people have to say about your brand.

Call to Action

Call to Action


Instagram strategy drives users to follow and engage with your brand or business. Your audience must also know about the further step if you provide an appropriate call to action.

Instagram captions give your audience context for your products and services to essential calls to action. This makes Instagram account successful. These captions provide great opportunities to use branded hashtags and spread awareness.

Do not forget your Link

Link in Instagram


Instagram is different because it allows only one single link in the user’s bio. Your captions lead your viewers to the link in your actionable Instagram bio or profile. That is why it is important that your link should be fresh and relevant.

Your marketing channel will run effectively if you ensure users to have access to highly relevant content that is seen frequently in your posts.

It will also be beneficial to link to a custom landing page on Instagram, which features easy-to-find links to content, products or services mentioned in your feed.

Engage with Instagram Users

engage with instagram

For the start, it is essential to concentrate on engagement building. Smaller brands can start following their target audience or viewers.

Engage with your users, if they produce great content relevant to your industry or product. In this way, you will come to know how they collaborate with your brand as well for themselves.

Avoid Interactions that are Robotic

Avoid an automated message feature that replies like a robot. No one prefers it. Brands must find time to respond back to followers with informative and fun responses. Replying does wonder to your Instagram engagement.

Your user will definitely go to your competitor if they are ignored on social media. They are extremely important to you and for your brand/business.

That is why always make a point to answer their doubts and questions. Instagram is a source of information and connectivity, so use it for recommendations and good reviews.

Connect with Influencers

Connect with Influencers

Many brands prefer user-generated content to connect with users, and promote one another’s Instagram account. Brands do not have to be famous to perform this, instead, they have to find social media influencers to increase engagement and the related discussion.

  • Find your industry leaders and follow them. They can be lesser-known influencers in your specific industry.
  • Start small and build your way to those who have a massive following.
  • Engage with influencers. Comment on their content, ask questions related to your industry and then, later on, ask for collaborations.


There are many ways to connect with your connections. So, nurture and value them. Try to build real relationships by meeting at industry events or host joint webinars. The Instagram account will be successful and a source of entertainment and information, if handled it in the right way.

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