How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story?

Want to change the background colour of your Instagram Stories? But don't know from where to start, well you have landed on the right page, here in this blog we are going to discuss in detail about the changing the background colour along with the some very interesting and effective tips and trick. Let's start!

Change Background Color on Instagram Story:- Are you new on Instagram? You have seen Instagram stories that look too virtuous and surely wondered, “How can I do that too on my Instagram handle?”. 

Don’t worry now anymore! There are just a few steps that you need to do to make your Instagram stories look colorful and attractive. 

Whether you’re sharing a hilarious post or a later-gram repost from someone else, or you using it to alert your followers for a new post that you recently shared, we would recommend interacting directly with the followers, share a photo or quote of significance. Instagram stories are an important tool for your business. 

And, you can always customize your stories according to your individual and personal style. 

So, when did all these start?

Change Background Color of Instagram Story

It is since 2016, that Instagram stories decided to compete with Snapchat stories. And, it is since then that the Instagram stories have improved by introducing various features within it.

This blog will give an in-depth look at how Instagram stories have been improvised against numerous social behemoths.

If you are using Instagram for business purposes, you must be familiar with the whole Instagram story thing. But, there are many out there who are not aware of the fact that the backgrounds of Instagram stories can be changed. 

Most of the users tend to stick to the default background which Instagram chooses, depending on the color of the image because the methods to change the background are not clear at first glance. 

And yes, sometimes the default color which Instagram chooses works fine for your story. But, if you know the tricks and the easy hacks, it would probably be a little more creative. 

Undoubtedly, Instagram is an integral part of our life. Is it only a social media platform to share pictures? No! It is also a marketing tool for various brands to engage with a large audience by using Instagram stories. Stories are a great tool to engage with the audience and promote business.

It is a perfect way to elevate the visual content strategy to create a perfect connection with the audience, in a far better appealing and effective way. As the tools allow you to connect with the audience more than 10x. 

Here, we have brought to you easy and simple tricks of how to change the background color of the story to make it more engaging. 

So, are you ready to increase your visibility level on Instagram Story by using customized backgrounds? Let’s go!

customized background

How to switch the background color of your Instagram Story when sharing or reposting other Instagram post

Scrolling through the feed and finding useful content that you think needs to be shared with the public? It is just as simple as you think. To share a post from another feed on your Instagram story you just have to click the paper airplane button and select the option which you like to share to your story. 

Instagram then automatically sets a default background color to your story by matching it with the combination of the color of the story that you post. 

It is usually a solid or a gradient color from the list of default colors of Instagram. This is the part where few people think that the color set by Instagram is just okay and thus, they post it just the way it is. 

But, if you are different and you did not just want to share the picture but also make it look attractive for people to notice then you can always choose your color.

  1. Once the story or the post which you want to share comes in the story editor, click the Scribble icon which is present on the top of the menu. 
  2. Then select a marker tool present from the palette. If you click on the first option, then solid backgrounds appear, while the third is used in creating a transparent effect. 
  3. Next, select a particular color that you think will look attractive for the background. You can use any of the preloaded options of color that are available or can click the dropper tool to pull the color from the story or post that you are sharing as a story. 
  4. After selecting the color that you like, press on your mobile screen and hold the finger downwards for some time in order to apply your chosen background color. 
  5. Wait and watch the wonder unfolding! You can also use other shades for your background unless you find the perfect match for your story. 

Hooray! Your story is finally customized according to your style.

customized stories on instagram

How do you change the background color on Instagram when sharing images from gallery?

You click plenty of pictures for your gram and miss out to post some of the perfect ones until later- does that happen to you? Then what about the other perfect shots? 

Of course, you can use your Instagram Story option here and post the rest of the pictures via your story. 

Here’s where you can make your stories magnificent by using a few tricks like giving a colorful background to them. Or maybe you have just completed editing your latest Snapseed picture and now want it to show to your Instagram followers. 

Here too you can share your stories by customizing them in a way you like. 

  1. Tap on your camera icon in the Instagram application in order to open the story editor. 
  2. Then select the picture that you like to share from your gallery, here, you can resize the picture by using your finger and pinching it. 
  3. Instagram then automatically shows the picture that you select. 
  4. Now, you can resize your selected image in order to show your default background color. 
  5. Once the image is resized, you will be able to hold as well as drag the picture on any part of the story screen that you like. 

The process for changing the background color is almost the same. 

A few tricks and tips!

Once you have long pressed on the screen to apply the color you desired, you will notice that the entire screen is filled with the color that your select including the image which you are sharing. It will create a certain impression. 

eraser tool

Don’t you worry as you have done nothing wrong here! These are some Instagram hacks that you need to know to avoid problems. The eraser tool is here at your service! Wondering where to find it? It is there just under the Scribble icon. Now, do the following:

  • Select it, to paint the parts of the screen which you want to reveal to others. 
  • You can uncover all the parts of the image, or you can even try to be creative here and draw certain designs and shapes that reveal only some part of the picture. 

This is a fun way to draw focus particularly on certain parts of the image you are sharing in your story. Your Instagram story is your Oyster. 

Do you want an easier way to customize the background color without using an Eraser tool? Here’s how you can.

  1. On your mobile’s camera roll, click on the image that you want to use as your story. Copy the image to the clipboard.
  2. Next, open the Instagram application and create a story.

Use the text feature, and hold down, selecting Paste. Here, the image you copied from the gallery will appear. 

  1. Follow the steps which are mentioned above in order to change the background color. As the image was added using the text feature, it will remain visible even after you long-press on it to change the color of the background. 
  2. Voila! You now know the proper Instagram Story Hack!

Is there any other option? Oh yes! Want background color to change the way your pictures look when you share images from the camera roll? Or, to create a colored overlay? 

This is much easier to do if you click on the transparent marker. The lighter the color of the background, the more visible your photo will be. 

This is an amazing way to tease your image on the first story and then reveal it fully on the next one. 

You can also use this method to spark a sense of interest among your followers, driving them to watch your feed in order to discover the full image or the invisible part. 

It gives way to a great canvas for adding emojis, hashtags, and texts that you share. You can use numerous options to be creative. 

change background colour

How to convert the Background color of the Instagram story when sharing a video from your gallery?

If you have already changed the background color of your stories when you shared images from your phone, then at this time you would feel like having a déjà vu.

If you want to change the background color of your story while sharing a video from the phone’s gallery the procedure is the same as mentioned above and it is super easy. 

  1. Select the video which you want to share from your gallery 
  2. In the Instagram Story Editor, click on the effect that you want to use for the background 
  3. Click on the Scribble icon 
  4. Then select the color which you want to use from the numerous options that Instagram has, or you can also use the preset options available on Instagram or make use of the Dropper tool to choose your own. 
  5. Select the color of your choice and long-press over it on the screen for applying. You can then make use of the Eraser tool to reveal the video. 

You have it just there. The custom-colored background compliments your video. You can also make it more awesome by using various features of the Picsart Video Editor. 

Other Simple Tricks

How to make a transparent background color on the Instagram story? 

Suppose, you don’t want to have any background color, instead want a transparent one for the story. Here are some simple steps.

  1. Upload the background image you want. 
  2. Click on the “Pen” button.
  3. Choose the pen option which is present in the third place. 
  4. Choose the color you want from the bottom of the phone screen. 
  5. Hold the finger on the screen. 

Just follow these simple steps and you are good to go. Easy isn’t it? 

transparent colour

How to change the background color by not covering the image?

If you do not want to cover the image, then you only have to upload a background color first. It will take you less than 30 seconds to do this. 

  1. Open the Instagram Story
  2. Click a random picture
  3. Then add background color to it
  4. Press the arrow button present at the top of the screen for saving the picture
  5. Press “x” to delete the story 
  6. Swipe up the screen and press the “Camera Roll” option in order to load the colored picture to the story
  7. Press the “Sticker” button. 
  8. Click on the “Photo” sticker
  9. Now choose a photo of your choice 

Was it helpful? Do let us know your feedback. 

Have fun! 

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