How to Check Messages on Instagram (Updated – 2024)

Check Messages on Instagram:- The concept of messaging has gone through massive updates with the introduction of social media networking. Instagram, one of the most popular social networking platforms, makes it a lot more convenient to handle the messaging as well as the live chatting process. 

Instagram has its chatting interface perfectly integrated into the main app. There is no need to download anything extra to manage the messaging and chatting process. Just download the Instagram app, and you are ready to chat and send messages. 

Unlike Facebook, where you have to download an additional Messenger to do the honor, Instagram offers a more convenient and compact way to manage proceedings. Checking messages on Instagram is easier than one may think. 

However, for those who are not much accustomed to this social media platform, here are some easy steps to learn the process.  

How to know whether there is a message in the IG message box?

How to know whether there is a message in the IG message box?

Once you open the Instagram app, focus on the top right corner. Can you see a pointed arrow in there? This pointed arrow is the icon used for representing the IG message box. If you notice a red mark on this icon, it represents that a message has arrived.  

Ways to check messages on Instagram?

check messages on Instagram

There is a notification alert that needs to be turned on. This will enable notification on your mobile home screen as soon a new message arrives in IG. 

Once you receive the notification, you can check messages on Instagram by sliding to the left of the main page. On the other hand, if the notification setting is turned off, it will not be showing an alert on the home screen. 

You have to open the IG app to see whether there are any message notifications. It is recommended to keep the notification alert settings turned on to be in communication touch with the followers constantly. 

How to open or close the IG message notification?

IG message notification

Don’t you want to receive the message notifications? If such is the case, you simply can disable it from the setting sections. 

To open/close message notification on the IG, you just need to follow the steps: 

  • Open your IG profile
  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap on the Notifications
  • Click on the Direct Messages
  • Open/close the DM Notifications 

Note: There is also the option to edit different notification settings.  

How to Send Messages on Instagram?


How to Send Messages on Instagram

It is not difficult to send messages from IG to anyone in the followers or following list. There are basically two ways to manage the proceedings. 

You can simply enter the person’s profile and then click on SEND MESSAGE option. You will find this option available at the top of the window. This option is located at the top of the window. Click it, and the message window will open. There, you can write your message and then send it. Once the receiver opens this message, you will get a notification. 

Then, there is the other method. Visit the message box and then click on the + located in the upper right corner section. From there, you need to select the contacts or the person to whom you are planning to send the message. Click on the send arrow to send the message.  

How to send direct messages to IG website?

ways to send direct messages to at IG website

As already discussed, you need to turn on the notifications on the IG to check the messages. Instagram refers to this messaging service as Direct.  The messaging service available inside IG is referred to as Direct. 

If you want to see the message on IG Direct from the Smartphone, first of all, you need to open IG on your mobile and then tap on the airplane icon. You will find it at the top right side of the screen. 

tap on the icon

Once tapped, the screen will open, and you will witness the entire list of conversations conversions with every other user in the message section. If you want to open any of your interests or view some messages, simply search and tap on the reference’s reference user’s name. You will be redirected to a new section to view the message. That’s it. You are done.  

Wait, there is more to this one. For every new message you receive, IG will send a notification. This notification can be viewed at the top side of the app screen. Whatever may it be, as long you keep the message unopened, the airplane icon at the top right of the IG home page will show blue color along with the total number of messages left unread. 

Say, you don’t want notification from a specific account, you can deactivate them accordingly. This is easy to manage. You simply need to press that particular account’s user name. You will notice it at the top of the conversation. Now, you just need to TURN ON the switch located next to the DISABLE notifications for the messages.  

Checking Instagram messages from the computer

Checking Instagram messages from the computer

Is it possible to check the IG messages from the computer? Yes, it’s much possible. 

At first, open the IG app available for Windows 10. You will notice the airplane icon located at the top right side of the page. 

Click on the icon and you will be redirected to the message section. Observe the conversations you had with different users. You can now open any of these messages by clicking on the reference user’s name. 

It is very simple a process. Just bear in mind, for every message received, IG will be sending a notification that will remain visible at top of the IG app window. 

If you click on the notification, you will be able to view the message received. IG will keep notifying about the arrival of a new message at the paper plane icon as long you take time to open and view the messages.  

Disabling the notifications

Disabling the notifications

Once you are accessing IG from the Windows 10 platform, disabling the message notification is not difficult. 

Simply locate the “i”. It is located right side of the user name at top of conversation. 

Now, TURN ON the switch located just next to DISABLE notifications. On the screen, you will notice the option that reads REQUESTS for MESSAGES RECEIVED from those you don’t follow. There are options available to take consent from the people you don’t follow.  

Is it possible to send direct message from a Windows 10 IG platform?

Well, I may just dishearten you with the fact that presently this option to send direct message from Windows 10 is not available with IG. 

There is no option presently available on the IG website. However, it may be just a matter of days before this feature is integrated into the platform. 

There are some third party apps that can help with the message sending process. But then again, the trustworthiness of these apps is a big issue.   

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