How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

Taking your business online without having a social media presence is incomplete. This blog will exclusively focus on creating a business page on the much-talked-about social media, Facebook. Right from signing up for a business page to adding cover and profile photos to editing page info, this blog gives a detailed insight into all the processes.

Facebook Business Page: Being a business, you need to come up with new ideas and methodologies for the marketing and promotion of your brand. Traditional marketing techniques are no longer work as effectively as they used to do in the past.

Hence, you need to introduce new, highly effective, efficient, and accurate social media marketing strategies to ensure that you are being noticed by your target audience and your message is conveyed perfectly. 

Should I make a Facebook page for my business?

Facebook Business Page

Social media platforms are in trend now as they offer you a medium to market and promote your business and that too in a very cost-effective manner.

Millennials, nowadays, are present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others and they make decisions based on the activities done by the businesses there.

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms that have more than 2 billion monthly active users and if you have a business, you simply cannot ignore Facebook as a potential business promotion platform.

facebook business

With a Facebook business page, you can connect and interact with your target audience and new potential users who might be interested in your offerings. However, first of all, you need to come up with a new Facebook business page that superiority represents your business.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a promising Facebook business page and how to manage it to earn huge returns out of it. Stay tuned with us and let’s dive!

How to Sign Up for a Facebook Business Page

The first and foremost thing is to sign up for a business page. Visit and click on a tab called Create a Page

facebook create

You will be redirected to the page creation where you will find two major categories. Business or Brand and Community or Facebook Public Figure page. Choose Business or Brand and click on a tab called Get Started. 

Add your page name first. It is recommended that you type your business name as the page name so that your target audience can easily identify you and don’t get misled by the name. 

Then add a category. Here, you need to type one or two words that best describe your business and you will see a list of category suggestions. Choose one that best represents your business. 

Once you add the page name and category, you now need to add the address and phone number. Though adding a phone number is optional, but it is recommended to add so that the users can call you anytime for assistance or queries. 

If you don’t want to show your address to the users, mark it. Then, click on Continue. 

Add a Profile Picture

Add a Profile Picture

Now, you need to add a profile picture. Use your company logo as a profile picture for best identification. Use high definition photo for the profile picture. If you are a small brand, you can also add a photo that has your business name, in case, your logo is not so popular amongst your audience.

Also, you need to understand that the photo will be cropped from the corner and hence, if there are some significant details included in the corners of the photo, you need to adjust your photo a bit. Once you have selected a photo, click on Upload a Profile Picture. 

Add a Cover Photo

Add a cover photo to your business page. Your cover photo on Facebook should perfectly match your business personality and brand. The image will display at 820×312 pixels on a desktop and 640×360 pixels on mobile. Select the best image and click on Upload a Cover Photo.


Congratulations! Your page is alive and breathing. You have just created your business page, but you are not done yet. You need to do some work before you start telling everyone about the business page. 

Add a Short Description

Don’t you want your audience to know what you actually offer or do? Adding a short business description will help your new users to know about your brand and offerings. Also, you need to realize that it is an opportunity for you to let people know about your business. Facebook offers you 155 characters to use for a small description.


Ask your content writer to come up with the best copy he/she can produce. Click on Add a Short Description and write down it. Once you are done, click on Save

Create a username

Create a username

To find you on Facebook, your users will use the username, and hence, it is of utmost significance. Your business name is the ideal username as people will easily remember it. Though the character limit is of 50, you don’t need to add extra characters. 

Click Create Username and you will see a box popping up with all the details about your page and messenger. Click OK to continue.

About Section

The About section is very crucial to tempt your users when they actually try to find you on Facebook. If you have not filled the details, your user might simply switch to your rival. You obviously don’t want it to happen, do you? 

Click on About in the left menu of your Facebook page.

You will find a list of specific details users always want to know. You will find details such as your start date, contact information, email, website URL, and other accounts if you have any and others. 

Edit Story

compelete instagram account

Also, you will find a section on the right side of the page called Edit Story. If you were not satisfied with a short business description, you can here add detailed information about your business including offerings, advantages and other crucial details that might tempt your users to visit your page and take appropriate actions.

Edit Page Info

You will find Edit Page Info on the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to add your business hours, location and other details.

Once you are done, click on Save Changes.

Write your First Post

Now you are all set to write and share your first post. Also, it is essential to write a post first before you start inviting people to your page. You can make your own post here or you can share relevant content from the internet.

The best way to share the first post is to offer something to the users. If you are offering some discounts or promotional coupons, it will be the best first post. Also, you can add an event or product offer too.

First post

No matter what your first post is about, it should offer some value to the users. It is the only thing that users want when they come to your page. If they don’t find any value or gratification, they will not be interested to like or follow your page.

Your Facebook Business page is now ready to use and you can now start engaging users to like and follow your page.

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