How To Create a Facebook Location Page?

If you want to create a Facebook Location page then, look out at our article where we explain step by step guide to creating a Facebook location page. Even get familiarize yourself with it’s features and benefits.

Having multiple physical locations for your brand is great, but without accurate specifications about these locations will not serve you well. You need to create a Facebook location page. Setting up location pages for your shops/ stores will give you control over your brand and thus help customers to find and interact with your business.

How To Create a Facebook Location Page

You will get brand page notifications when people leave messages, ratings, reviews, likes, posts on your location page which is visible on Facebook.

Steps to Create Facebook Location page

Now, let’s get into how to create a Facebook Location page, which gives the right to link to the brand and the related advantages with it:

1 – Sign up For Facebook Page

Sign up For Facebook Page

In Facebook, you need to create a page. There will be several business type options including local business, brand or product, and cause or community. Select the type of business according to your brand or nature of work. Keep in mind your customers while creating the Facebook public figure page.

Among the above categories, you will see sub-types, then you can choose accordingly and fill all the needed details. Most important is to check the Facebook terms and conditions, then click Get Started, when you are ready!

2 – Add Pictures

add profile images in your facebook business page


Upload your profile image, cover images for the Facebook business page. This will create the first impression among your targeted customers. Then choose pictures or images relating to your brand or business. It can be a logo of your brand or some decent picture.

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3 – Explore the New Page

Now you can do some browsing through some features. Always have a look, about your Facebook business page and its upcoming reviews and improvements. You will have a clear idea just to know where everything is. To target your audience you need to work hard.

4 – Describe Shortly About Your Business

facebook business description


Write a short description of your business or brand, so your customers can know about it. Then you can add a longer description later on.

5 – Username is Important


You need to create a Username for your customers so they can easily find you on Facebook. It can be your brand’s name or anything unique, but it must be easy to type and easy to remember. There will be links where people can connect with your business on Facebook Messenger.

6 – About Section Must Be Completed

Facebook Page’s About section is the important section of all. The details must be filled accordingly as the customer goes to get information about you and your business. Here, you can add all the important related details which will be helpful to the customers in deciding and selecting.

You can also give a longer description of your business and also what your business offers and why they should like or follow your page. This is a great place to interact with your customers, fans for business purposes to keep them engaged online.

7 – First Post To Be Created

After filling all the needed details, start inviting people to like the Facebook business Page for you. But before this, make sure to share some valuable content. You can create your posts like an event or product offer. Your posts must be important for your visitors when they arrive at your Facebook page.

8 – Start Engaging

After completing all the above procedures, start inviting family and friends to like your page. Add- Follow Us logo to your page for more engaging visitors. You can also ask your customers for their reviews which will be helpful.

create a page

Advantages To Grow Your Brand

There are Certain Advantages Which Will Grow Your Brand:

1 – Brand control and structure.

2 – Location-specific content.

3 – Posting once and then sending it out to other location pages.

4 – The customers can check the location on the Facebook page.


Facebook Business Page helps in getting you more and more business. Therefore for your brand/ business, it’s important to have a really attractive, impressive Facebook page. You can add CTA (call to action) button, add a pinned post, like other pages as well, and also review your settings.

Along with these functions you can also learn from Page Insights and link your Facebook page to other web pages to get a clear idea about the page’s performance.

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