How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page to Promote Your Business?

Over time LinkedIn has become the most liked social media platform by professionals. They use it to share numerous pieces of information related to the happenings of the industries. Many businesses are taking advantage of this platform to grow their audience, by creating their company pages. Read on to know how you can create a company page for your brand and get benefited from it.

If you are a business owner and looking for the perfect way to boost your audience base and enjoy constant growth, then it’s time to use LinkedIn.

In this article, we’ve listed a few effective tips to create a professional-looking yet appealing LinkedIn Company Page and explore ways to use it for business promotion. Let’s dive in.  

LinkedIn- An Emerging Marketing Platform for Business


When it comes to marketing your company, which social media platforms come to your mind first? Well, you would definitely say Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. But what about LinkedIn? 

Most businesses ignore this platform even though it has more than 690 million members, of which over 40 percent visit the platform regularly. However, you shouldn’t commit such a mistake. 

As per the marketing experts, business owners must leverage LinkedIn to boost their sales. These social networking platforms allow businesses to target specific individuals and groups and when used correctly, can open doors for business expansion and growth.

Do you know? LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies compared to Twitter and Facebook. Around 51 percent of companies have managed to acquire B2C customers through LinkedIn. 

linkedin statistics


More than 50 million companies are now using LinkedIn for business. So, you should also embrace this platform to grow your business. But how can you do that? Well, all that’s required is to create a LinkedIn Company Page. 

With a massive presence in 200 countries worldwide, you would obviously not want to lose your potential customers by not using this platform. Regardless of the size of your business, a LinkedIn Company Page can offer you substantial business opportunities. 

What Do You Mean By A LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn Company Page

While a personal LinkedIn account is good to boost your brand image and search for new jobs, a LinkedIn Company Page promotes your company, products, services, and more. 

Your LinkedIn Company Page is where you get the chance to define and show your brand’s capabilities, voice, identity, and purpose.

The users will know about your business, commercial services, job opportunities, and brand through this page. Besides, it will also help your brand become more visible on the internet.

Should You Make a LinkedIn Company Page?

Are you still wondering whether you should make a LinkedIn Company Page or not? To help clear the confusion, we’ve listed some significant benefits you can enjoy by creating a LinkedIn Company Page. 

An effective way to promote your brand, products, and services

brand promotion on Linkedin

Do you know why most people follow their most-loved brands on various social media platforms? It’s mainly to know about the discounts, customer services, latest product information, and share their opinion. 

Similarly, a LinkedIn Company Page can help in business promotion. Here, you can introduce your products/services, explain their benefits to your followers/connections and share a link to direct them to your business site. 

You can also create a LinkedIn Showcase Page, an extension of the business page. This page is generally used to highlight a particular initiative, business unit, or brand. 

Helps differentiate your brand from others

You can utilize the company description feature on the LinkedIn Business page to tell people how you are different from other companies. Besides, here you can share information about your company’s work culture to hire new people. 

What’s more? You can utilize photos, infographics, and stories while posting anything on your LinkedIn Company Page to offer your audience a positive and transparent impression. 

As per a study, about 59 percent of senior executives believe that if both text and video are listed on a particular topic, they are more likely to play the video. 

linkedin video statistics


So, use visual content and post videos related to your products and services for witnessing increased business growth. 

Let’s you effectively increase your company’s visibility

To make your business successful, you should make sure that the consumers can find your brand online. A perfectly developed and optimized LinkedIn page can be an ideal gateway for the users to locate your business online. 

Meanwhile, you can also add your business website to your Business Page to boost your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. 

A great way to build a community

build a community

Every social media platform lets you build a community of your own, and LinkedIn isn’t an exception. Using the business page, you can create a community of LinkedIn members who want to know more about and stay in touch with your business.

It helps them to connect and share their interests easily. However, make sure to keep your audience engaged by posting unique updates, exciting questions, and more.  

Stay connected with your target audience

Stay connected with your target audience

If you operate in the B2B industry, the Business Page can help you connect with your target audience. You can easily connect with hundreds and thousands of professionals and business owners on LinkedIn using sponsored posts, posts, messages, comments, and more. 

Besides, you can also leverage the LinkedIn InMail feature. Some studies have proved that LinkedIn InMail witnessed a massive 300% higher response rate than other emails.

These benefits showcase that a well-developed LinkedIn Company Page can significantly contribute towards the growth of your business. Moving forward, let’s discuss how to make a LinkedIn Company Page. 

How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Company Page?

First, you need to visit the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page, where you’ll see the LinkedIn Pages option. Click on it and choose the ‘Create a LinkedIn Page’ option.

create linkedin page

After that, follow the below-mentioned steps to create the business page. 

1. Log into your LinkedIn account. From your Home Page, click on the Work option located in the screen’s upper right corner. A list will pop open. Choose the ‘Create a Company Page’ option. 

Create a Company Page

2. Now, you will land on a page where you’ll need to choose your company type and size, i.e., small, medium, or large business, educational institution, and more. 

company type and size

3. After choosing the company type, you’ll need to fill out all the details of your business. Even though you can create the page by filling up a few fields, it’s recommended to complete all the fields for a better result. 

4. Next, you need to click on the Create Page option. And voila! You have successfully created a LinkedIn Company Page. However, don’t think that you are done just yet. If you want to enjoy benefits from your LinkedIn Company Page, consider the factors listed below.

Completing Your LinkedIn Company Page

After you click on the Create Page option, the screen will display a few options that you’ll have to work on to unlock some valuable features. 


Here you’ll need to create an About Us section, describing your company and its nature. Insert relevant phrases and keywords to help people discover your business page on LinkedIn. This section supports up to 2,000 characters. So, write wisely.   



You need to upload your company logo here. Just click on the Upload Logo option and choose the logo file to upload it. LinkedIn recommends going for a logo size of 800 x 800 pixels for better visibility of the logo. 


You can add multiple locations or just one location of your company. However, it’s recommended that you include the location of your business headquarters. 


Cover photo

Create a cover photo that can attract visitors to check out your LinkedIn Company Page. The photo size must be 1584 x 396 px. 



Relevant hashtags can help you get connected with your followers and receive better engagements from your posts. It will be better for you to add at least three hashtags relevant to your industry and brand.  

And that’s it. You have finally created a well-optimized LinkedIn Company Page. 

Useful Tips to Enhance the Impact of your LinkedIn Company Page

Always complete all the page details

fill out all the details

According to LinkedIn, a business page with all relevant fields filled up can get over 30 percent more views. So, while creating a page, make sure to complete every page detail.

By offering every detail about your business, you are making it easier for people to find your company and get the required information about your business. 

Don’t forget to add page admins

If your team is already handling different accounts and social media networks, maintaining your business page could be a daunting task for them. Hence, after creating the business page, try and add more Page admins to manage it better.

To do this, click on the ‘Admin Tools’ option and then select the ‘Page Admins’ option. 

add page admins

Share posts with attractive visuals

Don’t just post texts. You must add at least 3 to 4 images in every post to get better engagements. Besides, you can use PowerPoints, PDFs, Infographics, or SlideShare to support your LinkedIn posts. 

Remember that text-only content will not engage all the audience or members of your company LinkedIn page. Make sure that around 50 percent of your posts have engaging visuals.

Use quote graphics, GIFs, illustrated statistics, and more. You can also go for short videos. Use them and keep folks engaged. 

Promote the LinkedIn Company Page

You’ll need to market your LinkedIn Company Page if you want it to get noticed by others and obtain more followers. Initially, you can ask some of your former employees to add the company name to their LinkedIn profile as their previous organization. That will increase your LinkedIn Company Page credibility. 

Add LinkedIn buttons

LinkedIn buttons

Remember to add the social media icons to the footer and header of your company website. It’ll help make it easy for the users to locate your LinkedIn Company Page. Search for the latest logo of LinkedIn and upload it on your site. On the other hand, you can also use different LinkedIn plugins. 

Optimize your posts for maximum impact and reach

There are a few effective practices you need to keep in mind when posting from your LinkedIn. As per experts, the algorithm of LinkedIn ranks a post considering factors like the post’s engagement probability, personal connection, and interest relevance. 

It can be said that the platform aims to display content that will interest the users. Share relevant content. Don’t forget to call out essential quotes, points, and stats. 

For better engagement, you can also tag pages and people. Some companies use the latest LinkedIn polls feature to get engagement and feedback. Moreover, try to respond to the comments on your posts within a couple of minutes. The extra step makes you more relatable and genuine.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

Live video has proved to be more effective than normal video. As per some studies, live broadcasts witness around 25 times more engagement compared to pre-recorded video. 

Businesses have discovered different means of doing live videos, from webinars to fireside chats and live interviews. Well, some companies, especially electronics companies, are now hosting virtual events as well. Such formats can create a healthy instant connection with the audience. 

Try to learn from the LinkedIn Analytics

It would help if you studied LinkedIn Analytics regularly to enhance your LinkedIn Company Page’s marketing strategy.

Analyze different metrics to understand what people watched the most, what is the factor that drove the highest action, what is not working properly, and more.  

Based on that, you can adjust the content calendar. You can also know how the viewers find your company page and what section they checked from the data. Keep checking the data and improvise accordingly. 

LinkedIn Analytics

Target the right audience

Using LinkedIn marketing tools, you can try out organic audience targeting. For instance, if you are your LinkedIn Company Page admin, you can target your posts considering the industry, organization size, seniority, language, job, and geography. If you have an adequate budget, then you can opt for LinkedIn ads. 

Use LinkedIn Showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase pages

Use LinkedIn Showcase pages to effectively highlight your business, brand, products, and services. With this, you will be able to highlight a certain part of your company and share rich content with your target audience. Using this page, you can even build separate follower communities. 

Why wait? Create your LinkedIn Company Page now!

Studies have proved that around 80 percent of consumers prefer social media over traditional advertising channels like television, radio, and more. So, build a LinkedIn Company Page and get ready to engage with new followers, customers, investors, and employees. 

The Company Page will significantly help in your business growth and reach a new audience base.  

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